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Big Dicks

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission. ©2016-2021 Kewl Dad.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
Looking back, looking forward

Chapter 46


“A,” Jaden said as his brother started for the door.

“What”s up?”

“Hurry, okay?…I”m lonely,” his twin said grinning.

“Trust me, you don”t want my company till I shower. I got quite a workout today trying to keep up with the twins.”

“Yeah, those two are full of it,” Jaden chuckled, “remind you of anyone else?”

“Yeah, mom and dad say we were just like that. Hard to remember that far back, but I do remember all the fun we had later.”

When Aidan was behind the bathroom door, Jaden lay on his bed thinking about the childhood he was leaving behind. He and Aidan had always been close, but after they”d discovered sex, they had become even closer.

Jaden remembered the first time they”d fooled and smiled, the clumsy fumbling, the awkwardness of it afterwards, but that hadn”t stopped them from doing it again, and again. They were just kids then, 8 or 9, and it had started simply enough, comparing dicks. Of course Jaden”s was different, he was uncut, and Aidan was just the opposite, but they both knew that already. What they were interested in that night was: who”s was longer, who”s was fatter.

It had been a draw that first time, though Jaden”s appeared to be a little fatter, they appeared to be about the same size once they figured out how to properly measure them. That had been accomplished by getting on their knees and scooting together till their dick touched the other boy”s smooth pubis. In the process though they”d discovered something else, rubbing their dicks together felt good.

It didn”t take long to move to the next level, mutual masturbation, and from there to masturbating each other. Next came frottage, although they had no idea what it was called, they simply knew that rubbing around on each other resulted in a very intense orgasm, much more intense in fact than masturbation.

Oral came next, and for a while they were obsessed with it. When they discovered how to please each other at the same time, a 69, they practiced it nightly till they were experts.

Looking back, Jaden realized it was only logical that they move on to the most intimate of all boy sex acts, anal, nor was he surprised that it was Aidan who first initiated it.

In fact, for the longest time it was a one way thing, Aidan on bottom and Jaden on top. Jaden was still struggling with his sexuality at this point, and would for some time to come, and being on bottom seemed too…feminine for him. Not that he considered his twin to be feminine, even though he did seem more subservient than aggressive at times. 

Aidan loved getting fucked and Jaden was happy to oblige him anytime the opportunity arose. Jaden thought back to that first time, and his cock throbbed as the story played out in his head.

They were 11 then, but they”d both started puberty early, and at that point had a few pubic hairs and could shoot a tiny bit of watery cum when they orgasmed. At first when they”d begun to come wet, Jaden hadn”t been sure about whether he wanted to swallow his brother”s load, but once he”d tasted it, he couldn”t get enough. It was so like his own flavor, which he”d sampled several times, and as they”d grown and matured and were able to produce more spunk, he”d learned to savor the changing flavor.

That night, that first time Jaden had planted his dick in his brother”s tight hole, had begun just like so many others. They”d come home from school, did their homework, had dinner and TV time with the folks, then gone off to shower before bed. 

They”d been bathing together all their lives, tub baths when they were younger, and more recently showers. They thought nothing of being naked around each other, and neither boy had an ounce of modesty when it came to their bodies. They were both beautiful boys, golden skinned, blond, blue-eyed hotties, and looking at one another was pleasant, almost like looking in a mirror.

That night, the two had stripped down in the room they shared, tossed their dirty clothes in the hamper, and headed to the shower with nothing more on their minds than getting clean. Taking the lead as always, Jaden turned on the water and adjusted the temp till it was just right before stepping inside. 

Aidan followed his lead, and soon they were soaping up. They took turns washing each other”s back, and when it was Jaden”s time he got a little frisky and let his fingers drift down Aidan”s crack and eventually graze  his hole.

“Oooo…do that again,” Aidan moaned with pleasure.

“You like that,” Jaden chuckled, as he began massaging the tight little starfish.

“Mmm…yeah, uh…you can stick your finger inside if you want to.”

“Okay, but I hope you”re clean,” Jaden chuckled, but he was excited at the prospect. He”d fingered  his own butt a few times and found it oddly pleasurable, but he”d really never thought about doing it to anyone else…till now.

“Mmm, yeah…use some shampoo to make your fingers slick,” Aidan cooed.

“Yeah, okay…” Jaden said using the wall dispenser to get a little shampoo on his fingers. 

This time he was able to go much deeper, touching something inside Aidan that caused him to stiffen and moan with pleasure again, “OH, OH, what was that?” he gasped, “I feel like I”m gonna cum.”

“I dunno, I guess you just like it, that”s all,” Jaden suggested. Neither boy had heard of a prostate gland or the pleasure it could bring, all they knew was that they had discovered something interesting, something to be explored further.

“Try two fingers,” Aidan moaned.

“Okay, but if it hurts, tell me, okay?”

“It won”t, do it…” Aidan begged.

Jaden didn”t speak as he slicked up his fingers again, and this time he slowly worked two of them inside his brother”s tight hole. He was amazed at how hot it felt inside his brother”s rectum, hot, tight, and silky smooth.

His dick jumped at the thought of what he was doing, and at first he didn”t understand why. When Aidan asked him to insert a third finger however, he began to put two and two together. If three fingers would fit up there, what else would fit? Maybe something like a dick, his dick?

“J…” Aidan suddenly said in a low sultry voice, “I know we haven”t talked about this, but I been thinking about it. I read about it in a story on Nifty. Do you want to…you know? Do it to me?”

Jaden almost laughed at the way Aidan had asked, but his mind filled in any blanks his brother might have left in the question.

“Are you sure? I”m pretty big.”

“I can handle it, I been…practicing. Please just try it, okay?”

“Okay, what do I do?” Jaden asked, his heart beating nearly out of his chest as his cock throbbed in anticipation. 

“Use more shampoo, that works good. Work some into my hole, then put some on your…um, penis.”

With trembling hands, Jaden did as his brother asked, and when he was ready to attempt their first act of anal love ever, he found himself breathlessly waiting for Aidan to tell him to continue.

“Just take it slow,” Aidan whispered.

“Okay…here goes,” Jaden said, grabbing his cock and positioning it at Aidan”s hot slick hole.

Again he was amazed at how much heat was coming off that little brown button, and he couldn”t wait to see how much hotter it would be inside it. His first attempt at entry resulted in his dick missing the mark and sliding up Aidan”s crack, but even that felt great to Jaden. Why hadn”t they thought of that before? he wondered, we could just rub up and down each other”s crack till we blasted. But why settle for that when Aidan had given him the go ahead to do the real thing? 

Sure, he knew boys did this stuff, he”d read those stories on Nifty too, but some of them were down right unbelievable. Like 9 year old boys taking 7 inch cocks and liking it. No way, Jaden thought, it would be like getting a ball bat rammed up your ass, and who would enjoy that? But he and Aidan were equally matched, they fit together well in so many ways, so why not this one? He just had to be patient and take his time. Yeah, he could do this.

“Try again, and I”ll push like I have to poop,” Aidan said, “I read that that works.”

“Okay, just don”t poop on me,” Jaden teased.

“I won”t, I promise, try it now,” he said straining. 

When Jaden pushed the slick head of his cock against Aidan”s tight hole this time, a little of the head made it”s way inside his anal ring, just a little, but it was enough to make both boys hopeful that they could do this.

It took several more tries before Jaden finally got his head to pop through, and when it did Aidan drew in a deep breath and asked Jaden to stop and wait till he got adjusted. Jaden was torn between pulling out and not hurting his brother, or toughing it out and maybe getting the ultimate prize. It was a battle easily won by his little head, especially with Aidan encouraging him to continue.

This time he sank a inch or so inside the hot tight hole before Aidan asked him to pause once more. Slowly inch by inch Jaden advanced, stopping in between each effort, until at last he was planted fully in is brother”s hot, tight, wet love tunnel.

“How is it” Jaden gasped.

“Feels so good,” Aidan cooed, “like you”re a part of me, I love it. Go ahead, umm…you know…fuck me,” Aidan said, sounding shy for once.

“Okay, but if I hurt you, just tell me.”

However, once Jaden got started he wondered if anything could make him stop. He had never felt anything so good, so right, so perfect in all his life. Aidan was right, with his dick deep inside Aidan, they were like one person. He could almost read Aidan”s mind, feel his pleasure, and it only heightened his own experience. 

Aidan as bent over now, his hands against the shower wall and the warm water continued to cascade over them. Soon it would turn cold, but at the rate Jaden was going, Aidan was confident that he wouldn”t last much longer.

Looking down at his brother”s fine firm ass, Jaden saw the most erotic sight of his life, his dick going in and out of his brother”s tight hot hole and it only served to speed up his impending orgasm.

“I”m close,” Jaden gasped, “should I pull out?”

“NOO! Aidan almost shouted, “I want your cum inside me. I want a part of you to stay inside even when you”re done.”

Encouraged by Aidan”s words, Jaden sped up, and soon he was moaning and shaking as he neared orgasm. It was then that another first occurred, Aidan”s first hands free orgasm from having Jaden stimulate his prostate with his cock.

“Ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…I”m coming…” Jaden gasped as Aidan”s orgasm hit him causing his hole to tighten around Jaden”s cock and pushing him over the edge.

“Yesss…” Aidan gasped, “stay in me…please,” he begged, “just for a few more minutes.”

Jaden relaxed and leaned down istanbul travesti to rest his head on his brother”s smooth wet skin, “That was great, but I”m not sure I want to let you do that to me…at least not right now.”

“That”s okay, I think I mostly just want you to do it to me anyway. And guess what? I came just from you doing it,” Aidan said grinning.

“You did? How does that work?”

“I”m not sure exactly, we”ll have to look it up later,” Aidan suggested, “but it happened, and it was really intense.”

“Cool, can I…um pull out now so we can get washed up before we run out of hot water?”

“Oh, sure, that”s fine,” Aidan agreed, and soon they were clean and rinsed off and just in time.

“What you thinking about?” Aidan said as he emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel.

“Huh, oh…about the first time we made love. It was in the shower, remember?”

“How could I forget? Wishing we”d done it there tonight?”

“Nah, I want us to be comfy in bed. Doing it in the shower is nice, but I want to be able to take our time tonight.”

“Okay,” Aidan said, looking serious now, “Is something wrong?”

“No, just thinking about how much I”m going to miss this room and our time together.”

“We”ll still be together,” Aidan reminded him, “just not sleeping in the same room.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jaden sighed, “you know what I mean. I”ll be with Jimmy and you”ll be with Zak.”

“And our rooms are next door to each other. Look, I know this is a big adjustment, for both of us, but it will be fine, you”ll see.”

“I know, I”m being silly. Get over here, let me see what”s behind that towel,” Jaden said sitting up and motioning his brother to him.

Pulling the towel open, Jaden latched onto Aidan”s dick and pulled him even closer.

“Careful, don”t pull it off,” Aidan teased.

“Oh don”t worry, I”ll get it off, but not pull it off,” Jaden joked, “lay down beside me,” he said, moving over a little to make room.

When Aidan was settled, Jaden rolled into him, throwing a leg over his, and kissing him deeply, “I”ve missed this, it”s been a while.”

“Well, it”s not like we”re deprived, we have our boyfriends.”

“Yeah, but there is something very special about my little bro,” Jaden said kissing his nose.

“I feel the same way, we”ve had some fun times over the years.”

“Fun, yeah, but it”s more than that. There was a time when I thought you were obsessed with me,” Jaden chuckled, “and I was a little worried, but now I see that was silly.”

“I was obsessed, a little, still am,” Aidan chuckled, “I”m just so happy that our boyfriends are cool with our relationship.”

“Of all the boys I”ve been with, you”re still my favorite,” Jaden confessed, looking into his twin”s eyes, “but, enough talk…right now I want to make mad passionate love to you,” he added, a twinkle in his eyes as he kissed Aidan once again.

Scooting to the end of the bed, Jaden picked up one of Aidan”s smooth well formed feet and kissed it. His feet had grown over the years, but to Jaden they were still just as perfect and sexy as they had been when Aidan was a boy. Now, at 18, they were both technically men, but their childlike love of life and each other had never lessened. Their bodies might be harder, hairier, and stronger, but inside beat the heart of a child.

“I love your feet so much,” Jaden said between kissing and licking those feet, “your toes are so perfect,” he said, taking them into his mouth one at a time, then trying to cram Aidan”s whole foot in his mouth, causing them both to laugh.

“What are you doing silly, my foot is too big for that.”

“I know,” Jaden sighed, “but it”s still the most beautiful foot I”ve ever had in my mouth,” he added with a chuckle.

“I love it when you worship my feet. It makes me feel so special.”

“You are special little bro,” Jaden said picking up the other foot and licking the bottom from heel to toe.

“Mmm,” that makes my dick so hard,” Aidan moaned.

“Mine too,” Jaden growled, “you have sexy feet, how about a foot job?” he added grinning.

“That would be so hot, do it, come on my feet,” Aidan said in a sultry voice.

“Toss me the lube bro,” Jaden said, and once he had it he greased up Jaden”s feet, then his cock, which was already wet with precum. 

Then grabbing a foot in each hand, Jaden wrapped them around his aching cock and began to masturbate using Aidan”s soft slick feet. He moaned in pleasure, trying not to be too loud, but it just felt so good. It was kinky and it was different, and though he”d done it before many times, this time it seemed especially pleasurable. He was panting as he neared orgasm, and with one final thrust, he pulled back and began to unload on Aidan”s feet for the most part. 

The blasts were so powerful however, that some of his jizz shot onto Aidan”s ankles and legs, but Jaden made sure that most of it coated his brother”s feet. When he was spent, he carefully removed his cock and wiped it on the top of his brother”s foot, then lifted his feet and began to lick them clean.

Aidan moaned, his own cock throbbing and in need of release, but he wanted to save his first orgasm to see what Jaden would do next. When Jaden had his brother”s feet relatively clean, he crawled up on the bed and began to kiss Aidan deeply and wetly.

“Mmm,” Aidan said between kisses, “I love the taste of your cum.”

“Yeah, well…I”m still leaking, why not clean me up?” he said, straddling Aidan”s chest and rubbing his wet cock on his brother”s lips.

A pink wet tongue darted out to taste Jaden”s cock, then Aidan raised his head and took his brother”s cock into his mouth. Aidan felt as if he could come again in his brother”s warm wet mouth, but there was another warm wet hole that he wanted to explore.

“Okay, I”m clean,” Jaden said pulling away, “now it”s your turn to feel good.”

Leaning down to kiss Aidan one last time, Jaden next moved to his neck, working his way down, then sucking and licking his erect nipples, then downward to his flat stomach. 

Rimming his belly button and tasting his saltiness, he smacked his lips then moved even lower. As were Jaden”s, Aidan”s pubes were neatly trimmed and the shaft of his cock as well as his balls was completely smooth. 

Jaden buried his face in Aidan”s pubes and sniffed deeply, drinking in his delicious teenage fragrance that was so much like his own. He turned his head and licked the base of Aidan”s shaft and then worked his way up to the head.

A drop of precum appeared at the slit and ran down the shaft before Jaden was able to lick it off, causing Aidan to moan. Encouraged by Aidan”s reaction, he took hold of his brother”s cock and began licking it up and down, paying special attention to that area under the cock head. Flicking his tongue against it, over and over, like a kid licking a lollipop,  he continued until Aidan was thrashing about and grabbing the bed sheets in his hands.

“God…so good,” Aidan gasped, “I”m getting…close.”

Without answering, Jaden stopped his assault on that sensitive area and began licking up and down the shaft again to slow things down. With his other hand, he began fondling his brother”s beautiful perfect balls, which felt full and heavy.

Lowering his head, Jaden began licking those perfect balls, taking first one, then the other into his warm wet mouth. Aidan moaned lowly as he reached down to run his fingers through his brother”s hair, eventually guiding him back to his cock.

This time Jaden took Aidan fully in his mouth, swallowing the entire 7 inches easily.  His gag reflex was long gone, and he knew how to sneak a breath in so as not to pass out. He was an expert at oral lovemaking, and his brother”s cock was his favorite object of affection. He loved the effect he had on his twin, and would have been content to service him for an hour if that were possible. However, Aidan seldom ever lasted more than ten minutes when receiving Jaden”s oral love, and this time was no exception.

Grabbing the bottle of lube on the bed beside them, Jaden greased up his middle finger and inserted it in Aidan”s hot tight hole as he went back to his sucking. Soon Aidan was pushing onto his finger, then thrusting into Jaden”s mouth, and it didn”t take long for him to reach the edge. Suddenly, Jaden added a second finger to Aidan”s rectum, and with a little yelp, Aidan began to unload into Jaden”s waiting mouth. Gobbling his brother”s jizz down greedily, he saved enough to share in a kiss. Afterwards he piled down beside his brother as they rested.

“What”s next?” Aidan said, knowing full well they weren”t done yet, not that he wanted them to be. He loved long slow love-making sessions with his brother, and lately those had been few and far between.

“Rest, then I”m going to eat that cute ass of yours and plug it with my hard cock.”

“How romantic,” Aidan teased, “do I get to return the favor?”

“Oh yeah, I want this in my butt for sure,” Jaden said grabbing his brother”s semi erect cock playfully.

“I”m thirsty, do you think mom and dad are in bed yet?”

“Probably, I”ll go get us something, Gatorade okay?”

“Sunny D if we have any, if not G-ade is okay.”

“K, be right back,” Jaden said jumping up and slipping on sweat pants before heading out the door.

He was gone only a few minutes, and when he returned he had two bottles of Sunny D. After handing one to his brother, he stripped off his sweat pants and climbed back in bed.

“All quiet in the house, mom and dad are probably asleep by now, and I know the twins are cause I snuck a peak,” Jaden said smiling.

“Aww…they”re so sweet when they”re asleep.”

“Yeah, and real hellions when they”re awake, just like we were.”

“Uh, excuse me…I was an angel, you were the hellion,” Aidan laughed.

“Yeah, but it was sooo easy to get you to go along with any of my plans.”

“True,” Aidan sighed, “I would have done anything for you, still will.”

“And you know I feel the same. I mean, at first I didn”t want to go along with this thing with the band, but…now I”m glad you talked me into it.”

“I”m glad too. It took a while for you to realize just how talented you really are. Your raps are sick bro.”

“Yeah, who woulda thought this white boy could rap?” he laughed.

“Umm…you”re good at more than rapping,” Aidan said reaching over to stroke his brother”s chest, “how you feeling now big boy?”

“Kind of horny,” Jaden said raising an eyebrow, “you ready for the fun to begin again?”

“Yeah,” Aidan said draining his bottle of juice, “I”m all yours bro.”

Jaden sat his bottle on the nightstand and moved on top of Aidan, leaning down to kiss him deeply as his hands roamed his body. After a bit he moved down and suckled his nipples before coaxing him onto his stomach.

“Raise your butt,” Jaden said placing a pillow under his middle when he did so.

Jaden straddled his brother, then spreading his cheeks with his hands, he dived in and began rimming him deeply and wetly.

“Oh….shit,” Aidan gasped, “you do that so well…”

Jaden didn”t bother to reply, instead he drilled in even deeper with his tongue, tasting his brother”s bitter sweet flavor and breathing in his sexy scent. Intoxicated with the taste feel and scent of his brother, Jaden was in a frenzy as he continued eating out his brother”s fine ass. His cock throbbed in anticipation and was leaking copious kadıköy travesti amounts of precum as he anticipated what came next.

But he loved eating Aidan”s ass almost as much as fucking it, and he wasn”t about to cut this feast short. He rimmed the boy beneath him for at least thirty minutes, injecting his spit into his hole and loosening him up for the main event.

Finally however, Jaden could wait no longer, and after placing a wet kiss on each butt cheek, he gave them a light slap and moved into position. No extra lube was necessary, what with all the precum and spit, and when Jaden place his cock head at Aidan”s back door he slid in easily.

“Oh…yessss,” Aidan moaned, “fuck me bro, fuck me deep. Feels so good,” he added in a voice thick with emotion.

“Oh…shit, you feel so hot inside, so tight,” Jaden hissed.

Jaden began to move then, slowly at first, then faster as the heat in him built up. After about ten minutes of this, Jaden pulled out, flipped his brother over, and re-entered him so that now they were face to face. Grabbing a foot in each hand he began to move, pausing occasionally to lean down and kiss his brother deeply.

The feeling was amazing, and suddenly he had a flash back to when they were younger and this way of expressing their love was new. After all they”d gone through, after all the sharing they”d done with others, this still remained for them, the ultimate act of love making. Two brothers sharing their bodies, their minds and souls, two becoming one as they came together.

Jaden loved Jimmy, and what they had was special, but nothing or no one could ever compare to what he and Aidan shared when they were joined this way. It was more of a religious experience than an act of sex, and he never failed to become emotional almost to the state of tears when they made love.

“Oh bro, I love you so much,” Jaden said softly.

“Me too,” Aidan said, tears filling his eyes, “no one can make me feel as good as you.”

“Ditto,” Jaden said, “I”m close bro, but I don”t want it to end. Let”s swap positions again, doggie-style this time.”

Jaden pulled out and Aidan quickly moved to the end of the bed and slid to the floor. Then bending over on the bed, he wiggled his ass at Jaden, who slapped it smartly before plunging back inside.

“Oh yeah, I love it this way,” Jaden hissed, “I can get so fucking deep. Do you feel me in your throat?” he joked.

“Don”t” make me laugh,” Aidan chuckled. “get serious J, fuck me like you mean it.”

Grabbing Aidan”s hips, Jaden began to move hard and fast against his body, the sound of his ball slapping against his ass filling the room with a familiar sound. The smell of teenage boys, and male sex permeated the air, further adding to the sense of excitement and eroticism, and of course both boys were super charged with testosterone.

“Oh shit, that feels so good,” Jaden said under his breath. Not gonna last much longer though.”

“It”s okay, come…fill me with your baby makers, knock me up,” Aidan said in a lust filled voice.

“Okay…here…,” Jaden grunted as he thrust inside deep, then began to unload. 

Gyrating his hips as he continued to paint his brother”s insides with his spunk, he rode his orgasm like a 40 foot wave on the ocean, nearly passing out before it ended.

“Wow, that was intense,”  Jaden said as he pulled out and fell down on the bed.

Aidan crawled up beside him and they lay there resting for a few minutes. When they”d recovered, Jaden pulled Aidan on top of him and kissed him deeply as he fondled his ass.

“Eww, you”re all sticky back there,” Jaden teased.

“I wonder why, maybe I should return the favor.”

“Anytime you”re ready little bro, my ass is yours.”

“Mmm,” Aidan moaned as he kissed his twin one last time, “get those legs up mister, I”m gonna breed you deep.”

Jaden chuckled, “Wow, aren”t you aggressive tonight?”

“I can be, when the mood strikes me. I”m pretty aggressive with Zak, and he loves it.”

“Well, I”m all yours, bend me anyway you want.”

Aidan moved into position as Jaden raised his legs almost to his shoulders and exposed his winking brown eye. Aidan felt his excitement building as he tongue dived into that tight hot hole, and soon Jaden was moaning with pleasure.

“Oh yeah, bro…eat that ass,” Jaden coaxed lustily.

Aidan moaned with pleasure of his own as he drilled Jaden”s hole with his tongue, tasting his delicious cinnamony flavor. Both twins had impeccable hygiene, but beneath the smell of body wash, Aidan could detect his brother”s musky scent and it was driving him crazy with lust. He was ravenous for his brother”s ass, and felt like he couldn”t get enough of it.

But in the end, his throbbing cock demanded attention and he gave Jaden”s pucker one last tonguing before pulling away, his face wet with his spit.

“God, that was good.”

“You can call me Aidan in bed,” Aidan teased, “ready for some dick big bro?”

“Oh yesss, stick that thing in me, fuck me hard, I want to feel that hot sticky goo flying around inside me.”

Grabbing the lube, Aidan greased up his fingers, but it didn”t take much to get Jaden loosened up. They fit together perfectly in this way, and after a few minutes of fingering Jaden”s ass, Aidan slipped in easily.

“Yeah….” Jaden moaned, pulling his knees even higher in an attempt to get more of Aidan inside him, “oh man, that feel so good.”

“Mmm,” Aidan moaned, “I love your hot tight hole, do you love my big dick?”

“Big?” Jaden chuckled, “yeah bro, it”s huge and I love it up my ass. Make me like it more, fuck me harder.”

“No problem,” Aidan said speeding up, his hips pistoning in and out of Jaden”s hot tight hole.

“Oh shit, you”re hitting my love button on each stroke,” Jaden gasped, “I might come again hands free.”

“That”s wicked,” Aidan said, “I love when I come from getting fucked.”

“Uh…uh…yeah, fuck that feels good.”

Grabbing Jaden”s feet in his hands, he practically rolled his brother into a ball as he thrust deeper still, his entire being suspended in the seven inches joining them. It was about more than sex at this point, bit was a truly spiritual experience as the joined mind, soul, and body in the ultimate act of male love.

“Fuck…kiss me,” Jaden said pulling Aidan”s head down and hungrily attacking his lips.

Then reaching up, he grabbed his brothers slender hips and pulled him into him and guided him through the last few strokes. Both boys cried out almost at once, and seconds later Jaden”s cock began to squirt, coating both of their chests and stomachs with sticky love juice.

At almost the same instant, Jaden could feel Aidan”s cock contract and expand as he pumped out a decent load of swimmers into his brother”s hot tight guts. They road their orgasms out together, clinging to each other like drowning victims and when they”d pumped out the last of their jizz, they collapsed into each other and just lay their unmoving, unspeaking, unthinking.

Aidan recovered first, giving Jaden a kiss on the lips before rolling off to lay beside him. Jaden lowered his tired aching legs and sighed, but despite the aches he felt great. He felt sated and happy now. All his worries about the move, about their new life, seemed to melt away now that he and Aidan had made love. He yawned widely and found he could barely keep his eyes open all of a sudden.

“Come on J, let”s go take another shower before we crash, we smell like a male whore house.”

“What”s wrong with that?” Jaden groused, “I love how we smell.”

“So do I, but I don”t think the rents would appreciate walking into this mess. Come on, I”ll wash your back and butt and then I”ll dry you and put you to bed.”

“Oh, okay meanie,” Jaden said sitting up and then swinging his legs to the side of the bed.

He yawned again as he followed Aidan to the bathroom and took a much needed piss before joining his brother in the shower. They showered quickly this time, both too exhausted and spent to do anything sexual, and soon they were dried off and in bed. 

They”d managed to keep most of the mess off their bed sheets, but there was a little spot here and there, which Aidan rubbed down with a towel before they claimed the space. They snuggled into each other immediately, and after sharing a goodnight kiss, they soon fell into a deep sleep.

“Are you sure you have everything?” Mrs. Reynolds said as they exchanged hugs and kisses one last time.

“Mom, don”t worry so much. If we forgot anything we can get it next weekend when we come back. It”s not like we”re moving away for good,” Jaden chuckled.

“I know, I just want you to be comfortable in your new place. What about food? Are you going to go grocery shopping when you get there?”

“Mom, Isaac took care of that, he”s been there a week already,  I”m sure he hasn”t been eating out all that time. If we need anything else though, A and I can go shopping tomorrow.”

“Okay, oh…I just wish your father was here,” she said sounding distraught, “I can”t believe his convention was this weekend, what rotten luck.”

“Mom, again…we”re not moving to Siberia, and we”ll see you both next weekend, but…if you get lonely for us, you can call us or do a video chat. I have the app downloaded on your phone and your laptop.”

“All right, but it won”t be the same,” she pouted.

Aidan joined them then, carrying a guitar case, and a briefcase that held sheet music and some flash drives.

“What”s up? Mom, are you okay?” he said seeing his mother”s tears.

“I”m fine,” she sniffed, “but I am going to miss my boys sooo much.”

“Aww mom, don”t cry,” Aidan said, sitting his burdens down and hugging her, “we”ll be home next weekend for sure and we”ll take you and dad and the twins out for dinner. How does that sound?”

“Fine, just fine,” she said, finally composing her self, “I said I wasn”t going to do this, and here I am falling apart.”

“I know it”s rough with dad out of town, but we”re just a phone call away. It”s not like it”s the other side of the country, it”s a two hour drive.”

“I”m fine,” she said then, “here, let me help you get these to your car.”

In the driveway, they said their goodbyes once again, and the boys hugged their mom and the younger twins.

Chrissy cried, while Chris seemed indifferent to his big brothers leaving. He was used to them coming and going, and though he enjoyed his time with them, he wasn”t stuck to them like glue.

Mrs. Reynolds finally peeled Chrissy off Jaden and she buried her head in her momma”s shoulder and sniffled. The boys finally headed to their cars, identical white Ford Mustang convertibles, and climbed in. They felt a lump in their throat as they looked out at their childhood home one last time, then with a wave and a toot of the horn, they backed out of the drive, with Jaden in the lead as always.

Their mom stood in the driveway for a long time staring up the street, mentally willing them to come back, but after a while she gathered up the twins and took them inside. The house seemed deadly quiet now and she sighed. Thank God she had her babies to love and take care of, but she still felt a sense of emptiness and despair. Was this what they called empty nester syndrome? But no, she still had two children to raise, so her nest was still occupied,  and she decided right then and there to stop dwelling in the past, and bakırköy travesti move forward with her life. 


The twins drove to Jimmy”s house next, and Zak was already there waiting for them. Although Jimmy had a car, they”d decided to leave it at his folk”s house for now since he rode with Jaden most of the time anyway. Zak however, loved his Mini-Cooper and had insisted on taking it, citing it”s roomy interior and ease of parking as features they”d appreciate in the long run.

The drive was a pleasant one, although Aidan wasn”t too happy about making it alone. He sang along with the radio and thought about what lay ahead, but those thoughts were mixed with those of what lay behind. Like most kids when they reach a certain age, they tend to look back at their childhood, though hopefully in a fond way. 

Although most boys can”t wait to grow up, to become an adult, Aidan had never really been in that big of a hurry. He loved his family, especially his brother and loved the life they led. He had his music, his family, and his friends, and although he didn”t dread the change, nonetheless he would miss his old life. 

He was fortunate that he was taking along most of his friends, and of course his beloved brother, but the new circumstances of his life would still take some getting used to. It wasn”t that he didn”t look forward to this new chapter in his life, it was that like most boys his age, he still felt that vulnerability that leaving home provoked.

They stopped about halfway to grab a soda and snack and they gathered together and visited while they enjoyed their refreshments. Aidan, who had been missing Zak even more than he thought, pulled him into a hug and planted a kiss on his lips just as a burly trucker came out the front door of the small C-store.

“Fucking faggots,” he muttered when he saw them, “you should be castrated so your kind can”t breed.”

“What the fuck did you say?” Jaden said, advancing quickly on the guy.

“You heard what I said faggot, what are you going to do about it?”

“I”ll tell you what I”m going to do about it,” he said whipping out his phone and punching in a number.

Before the trucker could reply, Jaden was explaining to whoever was on the other end of the call that a hate crime was being committed and gave the location.

“What the fuck you do that for?” the trucker said angrily, “I gotta right to my opinion.”

“Yeah, well…maybe the company you work for won”t think that”s the case,” he said, taking a photo of the huge rig sitting at the pumps which had an 800 number painted on the back.  He assumed this was the guy”s truck since there were only the two vehicles there at the moment.

“I own my own truck,” the guy groused.

“Yeah, but you drive for  someone and they might not like it plastered all over the news that one of their drivers was spitting hateful homophobic chatter. Aidan, you getting all this on your phone,” he asked, looking over at his twin who was holding up his phone and recording the entire incident.

“I got stuff to do,” the guy said looking scared now, “you faggots can go fuck yourselves for all I care.”

“Thanks, we appreciate your support,” Jaden said sarcastically, “you drive safely now, and look for your ugly face on our FB and Twitter accounts.”

The guy looked shaken as he scampered to his truck, and a few minutes later the big rig pulled onto the highway.

“Are you really going to post this video?” Aidan asked chuckling.

“Nah, I just wanted to give the asshole something to think about and worry about. I”m not wasting one more minute on that chump.”

“But what about the cops…” Jimmy asked, “you called them, right?”

“Nah, I faked it,” he chuckled, “I had my phone off the whole time. I don”t need the cops to handle a dope like that, after all, he was outnumbered 6 to one, right guys?”

Everyone laughed now, relieved the encounter had turned out as well as it had, but deep down inside it still hurt a little to know that there were people like that in the world. People who believed anything that deviated from their own narrow minded beliefs were evil and immoral. 

One had to wonder, just how moral those people were, especially those that stood behind the pulpit and spewed hateful rhetoric. The same people who cheated on their wives, viewed child porn, and perhaps even engaged in sexual relations with children,  then accused all gay men of being pedophiles.

The rest of the trip was without incident and as the boys pulled into the driveway of the rental, they were filled with excitement once more. A new adventure, a new chapter of their lives was about to unfold, and this was only the beginning.

Isaac greeted them at the door and even helped them carry in their belongings. Once that was accomplished, they settled into the living room to visit. Isaac was outraged to hear about the incident at the truck stop, but told Jaden that he thought he”d handled it well. 

“I would have probably punched the guy,” Isaac admitted, “you did good bro, you gave him something to think about. I bet he thinks twice next time before he spouts off his mouth.”

“It just happened so fast,” Aidan said, “one minute I was kissing Zak and the next Bluto was calling for our neutering,” he added chuckling, “then J cut him off at the knees, it was epic.”

“Yes, the boys handled it well,” Dee said, “but if they hadn”t I was about to give him a piece of my mind.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes, “That would have fixed him good,” he laughed, earning him a punch in the arm.

“Ow, you hit hard,” Jeremy said making a face, and everyone laughed.

After they”d rested a bit the gang went outside to check out the back yard, and they were surprised to see a net stretched across the yard.

“Volley ball?” Jaden asked.

“Nah, badminton,  me and a few of my buddies are hooked on it, it”s good exercise. We used to play at the college, but I bought a nice set and set it up hoping with all you guys here I”d have some new opponents.

“Heck yeah,” Jaden said, how many racquets you got?”

“Four, anyone want to play?”

It was brothers against brothers at first, with Isaac and Jeremy narrowly pulling off a win, then Dee and Jimmy replaced Aidan and Isaac. That match resulted in a win for Jaden and Dee. Afterwards, Dee stepped out to let Zak play, then they rotated in and out as the matches continued.

When it started to get dark, Isaac suggested they go out for pizza since it was too late to cook, and they all agreed. Of course Isaac knew all the best food places and where the college crowd hung out, and he took them to a place called The Den. It was a cozy place with two stories and private booths that made it easy to carry on a conversation despite the place being packed. 

Like most things in a college town, the food was a little pricey, but very good, and the atmosphere made it worth the money. Besides, the gang had plenty of money banked from their record and download sales, and the tips they left were proof that they weren”t hurting. 

Afterwards, Isaac took them on a quick tour of the college night-life spots, but everyone was too tired to do more than look that night. There would be plenty of opportunities to delve into the college scene later, right now what they needed most was some alone time with their better halves, and some sleep. 

Tomorrow was Saturday, and they had the whole weekend to explore and prepare for classes starting Monday. It was an exciting but scary time for the six newcomers, but it helped to know that Isaac and Greg had been there, done that, and would help them adjust.

With lustful thoughts the six retired to their rooms, leaving Isaac to his own thoughts. He wished Greg was there, but he was still in California visiting his family. He had wanted to go with his lover, but felt it was more important to be here when The twins and the others showed up. Anyway, he reasoned, absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder. He”d be back late Sunday and they would be together then, but their first class didn”t begin till Tuesday. They”d have the whole day Monday alone to get reconnected, and Isaac was looking forward to it.

That night, the three couples made loud passionate love, knowing that there were no restraints on their love at long last. No sneaking around, no keeping the noise level down, no hiding their feelings. They were surrounded by those they loved most in this world, and together they would begin this new life together, sharing the love, the music, and whatever else came their way.


End Chapter 46

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