The Reunion

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My eyes followed her every movement as she let her fingers slip beneath the waistband of her lacy teal panties, the lone article of clothing still clinging to her body. I took things one step further as I let my boxer briefs fall to the floor. Gripping my aroused cock loosely, I watched her glide her fingers behind the soaked fabric. I could only imagine how drenched her pussy must have been as she parted her legs and let her fingers dance along her body. I let out a low, deep moan. The sensation of pleasuring myself in front of her as she did the same on the bed across from me was potent. Reaching a self-induced conclusion while seated across from her was not appealing, so I reduced my pace and allowed the events that brought us here to replay in my mind.

She was not someone I had thought of ahead of our 15th high school reunion. The weekend’s activities had included a campus tour and an afternoon bar crawl. We were wrapping up with Saturday night’s marquee event, a hotel ballroom gala. Since my parents had sold our childhood home and moved to Florida, the hotel was also my base for the weekend. Dark suits and cocktail dresses were the order of the night. The event went as expected, with enthusiastic connections and snarky talk of whose stock had risen and fallen since we graduated. As the formal festivities concluded, the hotel bar became a logical destination. Once there, I saw her for the first time. Her scarlet red dress was pure class and though she stood alone, her self confidence was apparent.

Standing next to her at the bar as I ordered a Manhattan, her reaction to my voice signaled that her memories of me were fond, though likely limited. Our paths rarely crossed in high school; she was a swim team captain and I edited the campus newspaper. We ran into each other quite literally our senior year, but I assumed she had long forgotten the incident. We exchanged a few pleasant words before my cocktail arrived.

As the bar crowd thinned, the remaining alumni gathered around a circular table. Sitting across from her, I asked if she was still a swimmer. She said yes, although not competitively. “And I always remember my goggles,” she added with a wry smile.

The comment triggered a flashback to our senior year. I was cutting through the gymnasium when she came sprinting around a blind corner. Her toned, wet body in a snug Speedo swimsuit collided with mine and I instinctively wrapped my arm around her to stop us from falling. Our eye contact was brief. She steadied herself and apologized, shouting, “I have to get my goggles,” as she dashed away. The thrill of her breasts briefly pressed against my body and my hand clutching her bare, damp thigh dashed through my mind as I stroked myself silly that night. But I rarely saw her during Ağrı Escort the remainder of high school and subsequently knew of her only through alumni updates.

Back at the hotel, we became the last two at the table shortly after midnight. Despite little in common from years ago, our conversation was lively. We shared talk of professional accomplishments and personal travels. Eye contact increased and her movements towards me were slight yet apparent. Her body wasn’t as tight as that of a teenage swimmer, but with soft, tan skin shining behind an elegant dress there was plenty to like. Her shoulder-length brown hair and eyes of a matching color hadn’t lost their shine. She ran the lime from her second gin and tonic along the rim of the glass with a casualness that was just as appealing as her physical features. She didn’t have a ring on her finger, and the longer she went without mentioning a boyfriend back home, the more I hoped I’d secure an invitation to explore her body.

As the one o’clock hour approached, our waitress informed us we’d need to take our conversation elsewhere. Without hesitation I said, “I’m staying here. We could head to my room.” She was quick to accept the offer.

We walked to the elevator with an unspoken understanding of where a hotel room invitation would lead. As eager as I was to press my body against hers, I savored the growing sexual tension. Rather than tear off her clothes as soon as we entered my room, I invited her to peruse the mini bar. Her selection of a light wine spritzer signaled she was approaching her drink limit, yet she maintained perfect poise as she sauntered across the room. We each flopped down on one of the room’s matching queen beds. I tossed my jacket and already-loosened tie aside and we both slipped off our shoes.

The conversation picked back up, and while the topics were light, her language was increasingly vulgar. Her obvious indifference to censoring herself made the discussion that much more enjoyable. I decided to overtly express my appreciation for her company. “Too bad we never spent this much time together in high school. I guess you sexy swimmers were a bit out of my league.” The word “sexy” had the intended impact. She leaned back on the pillows, spreading her legs slightly and smiling broadly. “Maybe we were then,” came her reply. “But certainly not now.”

I inched off the bed but she raised her hand, not to deter me, but to encourage me to savor her next move. In one fluid motion she lifted her dress up over her head. The bright hue of her matching bra and panties commanded my attention. Just as effortlessly she slipped off her bra, the spring of her natural breasts leaving me momentarily hypnotized. Her flawlessly-proportioned dark nipples stood Ağrı Escort Bayan erect as she leaned back on the pillows. She looked incredibly pleased with herself and ready to be taken.

A playful nod was my encouragement to disrobe. My stripping was far less eloquent than hers, but in seconds I was down to a pair of black boxer briefs. My cock rose beneath the fabric and again I moved towards her. But a wag of her finger told me she wasn’t finished teasing me. She brought her fingers to her moist lips then slowly dragged them along her body. She let out an aroused whimper as her hand reached her waist. I couldn’t decide between looking her in the eye or watching her roaming fingers.

I had never watched a woman masturbate in front of me, nor had I ever jerked off for the viewing pleasure of another. She looked me up and down and I was thrilled that the view of my body seemed to fuel her forward. Now with my briefs off and my cock pulsating, I slowed down, not wanting this erotic experience come to a sudden halt. She did not share those concerns, and with her panties down around her ankles she fingered herself to a clearly satisfying orgasm.

Admiring her efforts, I said “I can do you better than that.” She sounded skeptical, and aggressively asked me to “Prove it.” I leaped from my bed to hers, moving in for a deep kiss. I wrapped my arm around her steamy body and fell on top of her. Our tongues became fast friends as they splashed and slithered around one another. Hands moved in a variety of directions as we enjoyed the touch of one another for the first time.

Our kiss had staying power, and when our lips separated, I began a trail of slow soft kisses along her neck. Moving lower, her pillowy breasts glided across my face. Appealing as they were, my final destination was lower. My tongue skated along her inviting stomach. Her skin was smooth and soft, her belly rolling with the motion of a low tide. I lingered there longer than I expected, drawing increasingly smaller circles around her navel. She let out a delighted giggle, for a moment sounding far younger than 33 years old.

I traced further down towards her pussy. Her ample hair was intoxicating; thick but well maintained. I inhaled the musky scent of her sweat-soaked body. She twitched as I arrived at her pussy and pressed against her clit. I dragged my tongue back and forth, maintaining a firm push as her sticky juices glazed my lips. My hands moved along her thighs and I brought her legs together, completely losing myself in the deliciousness of her squirming body. If I didn’t have other items on my agenda, I could have spent the entire night in that position.

Squirming led to moaning; moaning led to shouting. She let loose with a torrent of words Escort Ağrı that would embarrass a porn star. With stunningly filthy dialogue flying from her mouth, she arched her back, jamming her clit into my face. One final push from my tongue pushed her over the edge and her body quaked.

She needed just a few seconds before she was ready to reverse positions. Unlike my exaggerated journey down her body, she plunged her face immediately in my crotch. She dragged her lips along the head of my cock, quickly slurping up a thick layer of precum. My cock head remained her focus as she circled her tongue and brought her soft fingers around my shaft. “Fuck yes!” I cried out, surprising myself with the volume and intensity of my words. I had no doubt that she could guzzle the length of my cock if she so desired, but the flick of her tongue against my head was far more creative. She varied the rhythm of both her fingers and tongue.

Gazing up at me with devious intent she said “I fucking want this inside me.” She flopped her leg over my waist, preparing to lower her body down on mine. With my hands gripping her hips, she let out a surprised grunt as my cock head penetrated; apparently I was thicker than she expected. She bent her back slightly with her breasts flopping in all directions. I reached up to grab them but they slipped through my hands like slick water balloons as she bounced on my pulsating cock. Sweat cascaded down her forehead as she bucked her hips and slammed her body into mine. The sentences were incomplete as she screamed “I’m gonna fuckin’…I’m gonnna…,” before her body trembled uncontrollably once more. She wiped her damp hair away from her face. If she needed a pause to recover, I was not about to let her have one.

“I want to fucking drill this gorgeous body,” I said, a line bolder than any I had ever uttered. I flipped her around, grabbed her by the ankles, and hoisted her feet up on my shoulders. The look on her face went from assured to naive as she pondered how much more her body could take. With her body spread, my cock sunk effortlessly inside her, an exaggerated “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” slipping from her lips. My hand slid between her and I began rubbing her clit. My fingers initially moved at the same speed as my hips, then I altered my pace, pairing slow, deep thrusts with rapid fingers pulsing on her clit. My eyes were focused on hers the entire time. With my release pending, I arched all the way back, my cock as deep inside her as possible. I groaned loudly as hot blasts splashed inside her. My fingers did not miss their mark and seconds later they pushed her over the edge for a third time.

We both flopped on the bed, completely drenched and exhausted. Our overheated bodies lightly pressed together with the elevated temperature of the other still apparent. When the ability to speak returned, she looked over at me and said “I better see you at the 20th reunion,” with a chuckle. Not willing to wait five years for another round I replied “I better see you sooner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32