The Reunion

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It was a cool Saturday evening in June when everyone began to arrive at the resort for the reception. Orlando that time of year was normally quite warm, but that evening was quite comfortable. The resort hotel was huge, large enough to hold several events. Joseph was there for a conference, and as he walked from his hotel room down to the main corridor, he was wowed by how large the building was. He went to the ballroom where the reception was being held. Several executives were there, with drinks already in hand.

Joseph went to the bar and asked for Coke and whiskey. He perused throughout the room, shaking hands with some of the executives and other acquaintances that were there. He had recently been named president of a small bank, the first black person, and at 30, the youngest ever to hold that office in this particular bank, and was receiving congratulations and well-wishes from the attendees. He got bored after a while, so he decided to step escort bayan ankara out of the room for a bit and wander around the resort.

There was a bar down at the other end of the resort with a television, so he decided to head down there to catch the score on the Mets-Braves game. As he walked, he saw a group of people outside a room, several of whom were dressed in tuxes and formal wear. It was probably a wedding reception, he thought to himself. As he strolled toward the bar, there was a woman coming toward him. He casually glanced at her. He didn’t want to stare, but she was very attractive. He smiled at her, and she returned the smile. He said hello, and walked on by, when it hit him that she looked familiar. He turned around at the same time she did.

“Angela?” he asked.


“It really IS you! What are you doing here? How are you?” He was absolutely shocked to see her; so shocked, he kızılay escort stood there and stared.

She walked toward him and hugged him for a good 20 seconds. She too was speechless. She hadn’t seen him since they graduated from college.

“What are YOU doing here?” she asked.

“I’m in town for a conference. We’re down in Ballroom A. WOW! It’s so good to see you! What are you doing here?”

“I live here now, and I’m here tonight to attend my boss’s wedding. His first wife died a few years ago, and he’s getting married again. It’s so good to see you too! I can’t believe it!” She rubbed his arm as she talked.

“What are the odds of us running into each other like this? This is amazing!” he said.

“Pretty small, eh? How’s your conference going?”

“It’s just started. There is a reception tonight, and workshops tomorrow and Monday. Then I head back to Virginia.”

“It escort bayan is so good to see you! I’d love to talk to you some more. I’m bored with the wedding reception.”

“Well, I was bored too. I was just heading to the bar to check the score on a baseball game. Would you like to come up to my room? It’d be quieter than the bar.”


They went up to his room, where he hung up her sweater, and offered her a seat. He took off his suit coat and tie, and hung them in the close too. She sat in one chair, and he sat in the other chair. She was beautiful, more so than he remembered during college days. Angela had dirty blonde hair that complimented her hazel eyes. It was in a French twist, and she had tendrils coming down on either side that beautifully framed her face. She was dressed in a simple outfit: a black skirt that hung a couple inches above her knees, a tight white shirt, and black after all, she had not seen him in years. They were just friends, though she had always had a little thing for him, and she suspected that he had a thing for her too. The spontaneity of the evening, however, did wonders for her. She loved being this close to him, sharing his warmth, wrapped in his firm but gentle embrace, and basking in the afterglow of a wonderful night.

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