The Retreat Ch. 02

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Thursday. Late afternoon.

Indeed, on Thursday, the judge did get more information. It was then that he found out that the retreat was a camping trip, and that almost put a stop to the whole thing. Kelly at first flat out refused to go. She had no desire to go out and lay on the hard ground, but finally relented when he reminded her that it could cost him his job if she didn’t go. One thing she sure didn’t want was for him to not have the means for them to continue their lifestyle. So, she capitulated, and the family prepared to go out into the boondocks and wage war on the bugs. None of them seemed to be looking forward to it, Kelly least of all, but with Amanda having explained to her brother what had happened, there were no other dissenting votes.

Friday. Late afternoon

Friday around five twenty P.M. found the family looking for where they were supposed to be. While the judge was at work, the rest were acquiring the items on the list that was given them. Some of the instructions seemed a bit strange to them, but most of it was quite normal. Flashlights, lanterns, bug spray, sleeping bags, and tents, although they were asked to limit the number of tents to two. Nothing was on the list about swimming gear or cooking equipment, and it asked them to take only one set of clean clothes which was to be used for the drive back home, and to be sure that each person had a towel to sit on. That seemed a little strange, but they had several that Kelly thought they would take with them. Then there were the non-disclosure agreements that they all had to sign. That seemed really strange, but Kelly figured it had to do with Steve’s job as a judge.

They found the sign that announced that the Wilson retreat was down a driveway and turned in. “This looks like a driveway to a house rather than a campground,” Kelly said.

“Yeah. But let’s see where it goes first,” Her husband answered. As they reached the end of the drive, they came around a curve and found themselves looking at quite a few vehicles and people gathered together. “This is the place, alright. That’s Judge Conner over there. See?”

“Yes. There’s Allison. I don’t recognize any of the others, though.”

“I’m sure that we will learn about them.” He pulled the car to a stop by the others and the family got out looking around tentatively. They were greeted by Frank who came up to them smiling and waving.

“Welcome, Judge Roberts. Good to see you. We have one more group that we’re waiting on and then we’ll get started. Do you have those papers I gave you to have signed?”

“I thought that this had to do with judges. Who are all these others?” Kelly asked as Frank collected the non-disclosure agreements.

“Oh, we’re not here just for judges,” the black man answered. “In fact, there will be only two other judges here this weekend. Judge Conner, who you probably know, and Judge Crenshaw from over in Bend. She and her group are the ones we’re still waiting on.”

“I see,” Kelly replied. “Just what kind of retreat is this?” she asked her husband as the big man walked towards the back of a trailer with the words “Monroe Photography” on the sides attached to a large pick-up truck that another man was busy packing with equipment.

“I don’t really know,” he answered.

“Bring your stuff to the back of the trailer,” Frank yelled to them over his shoulder as he reached the end of it. “That way we can get everything to the campsite and you can leave your car parked here.” Brian and Steve started pulling their bags from the trunk of the car and carried it all to the trailer.

“What’s with all the luggage?” asked the unknown man.

“That’s our clothes,” Steve said.

“Clothes?” he said. “You’re not going to need those. You might as well leave them locked in your trunk till we get back out.”

“We got to have something to wear.”

“What for?”

“What do you mean ‘what for?’ It’s not like we’re going to run around naked.”

“Um,” the man said. “That’s kind of a part of this thing. It’s a nudist retreat. Or naturist retreat, if you prefer. There’s a small building about half way to the site where we all shed the clothing. Except for shoes, of course.” The man turned and started putting more gear into the trailer including their luggage that, for the most part, wouldn’t be needed.

Steve’s eyes went wide in shock. He looked over at his wife and daughter who were talking with the Conners. “Not a word to your mother,” he quickly warned his son standing next to him. Brian nodded and just smiled. This was going to be better than he first thought. ‘Who would have imagined that being blackmailed would be so much fun?’ he thought.

As they walked back, a van came up the drive. It seemed the last party of attendees had arrived. There were four people that stepped out of the van, the last one reaching back in and pulling out what was obviously a newborn baby. A brunette in her late teens or early twenties strolled over to the mother holding the child and hugged the two of them before looking at gaziantep escort bayan ilanları the babe but not bothering to play with it. The judge surmised that the child must be asleep and thought how gracious the younger woman was for not trying to wake him or her. Hands were being shook with the new-comers and the judge realized that these people seemed to know each other pretty well, perhaps had friendships of some sort outside of this forced retreat. He wondered just exactly what was going on and what was going to happen.

Finally, the black man, who seemed to be in charge of the event, called for everyone’s attention. “I want to welcome all of you to this month’s retreat,” he began. “We have a new group with us so, I thought it would be wise if we made some introductions. This is Judge Stephan Roberts and his family. When we get to them, he can introduce them to us. I’ll began with myself. I’m Frank Wilson and this is my wife Sarah. We are both on the police force here in Albany. Wish to add anything, love?”

“Welcome, friends. Great to see you all here and have the Bennetts and Crenshaws back with us as well as the Monroes. Just to let you know, this is the last retreat for the year. The weather will start to get too cold further on. We have an idea about building a dome in which we can control things like temperature and bugs, but that’s still a ways off. So, let’s enjoy this weekend, and then we’ll have to let you know when we’ll start up again in the spring.”

“Next?” Frank asked.

The man who had been loading the trailer stepped forward. “I’m James Moore,” he announced. I’m part owner of Baxter and Moore Advertising. This my wife Emily. Most people call me Jim and her Em. We have a connection to most of the people here in some form or another, including being related to some.”

The next person to step up was a pretty redhead. “Rachel Simmons. I’m Jim’s secretary. I’ve been there about four years and we work well together when we’re on the job. Off the job is even better.”

The brunette that Steve had noticed talking with the last of the arrivals stepped forward next, or more properly was prodded to go next by a push from the young man standing with her. “I’m Tabitha Monroe,” she began. “I’m the daughter of Jim and Emily Moore. My husband, D.C Monroe is a photographer. You can call him D.C. or just Charles, which is what the C stands for. He has done a lot of the shots that are used by my dad’s company, and we have just returned from a trip around the northwest to take some pictures for travel brochures. Because of that, we have been absent from these outings and we look forward to getting back into the swing of things. So to speak.”

A man with short blond hair moved forward next. “Bill Edgerton,” he announced. My wife, Susan,” he indicated the woman standing next to him, “is Emily’s sister. I work construction for Danner and Danner.”

“Simon Bennett,” said the younger looking man that went next. I used to date Tabitha and we are still friends. This is my wife, Lisa and our son, Michael, who was just born two months ago. We live in Bend where I attend university and my wife works as a receptionist for her brother.”

Kelly wondered about the couple. She seemed quite a bit older than him. ‘How did they get together,’ she wondered to herself.

“We’re the Conners,” said Judge Triston Conner. My family and I are probably the only ones here that know everyone else here. I’m Triston. My wife, Allison, and my oldest, Logan, and I have been coming here for a while. But this is the first time for Tom. He’s our youngest and just turned eighteen two weeks ago.

“Rosalynn Crenshaw,” said a woman from the last group to come in. I’m a judge over in the city of Bend. This is my husband Paul. We’ve known the Moores for a few years, but we didn’t know that they had a connection to us other than that. As it turns out, Lisa, Paul’s sister, lived not far from them. It was through them that Paul and her were able to reconnect after quite a few years of separation. As Simon said, Lisa now works at Paul’s office. He’s a doctor.”

“I guess that brings us back to you, Judge,” Frank said.

“I’m Stephen Roberts but most people call me Steve. I’m also a judge here in Albany which is how I know Triston. This is my wife, Kelly, and our two kids, Amanda and Brian. We’re really new to all of this and not sure what to expect, but we’ll follow along and learn it all as we go.”

“That’s everyone, gang,” Frank began. “What say we…” He was interrupted by the sound of an engine coming up the drive. Seconds after he stopped talking, a blue pick-up truck that had seen better days came into view. It had only a driver in the cab, a black woman who looked a little ragged when she stopped and got out. Frank turned to Sarah, shrugged his shoulders then walked over to talk to the lady.

“What’s going on, Tasha,” he asked rather alarmed at her appearance. The woman seemed to be distraught and bore the escort bayan gaziantep ilanları marks of having been crying.

“Mateo is divorcing me,” she answered with new tears showing in her eyes as she fell into his arms.

“Good.” Frank growled. “Let the bastard go if he wants. I’d say good riddance anyway. You know I never liked him.”

“He’s suing for custody of the kids, too. He says I’m a bad mother.”

“How can he say that? From what I’ve heard, you’re doing a great job. Don’t worry about it. You’ll easily win them in court with the way he’s treated you over the years.”

“I’m not so sure, Frank,” she said as she pulled away from him. “He has evidence. Or at least he says he does.”

“Evidence of what?”

“My cheating.”

“What?! You mean you’ve been fucking some other guy? Doesn’t really matter. Makes things stronger for the divorce case, but it doesn’t make you a bad mother.”

“No. I haven’t been with another man since before we were married.”

“Then there’s no way he can have any evidence, is there?” The woman just hung her head. “Tasha?”

“He says he has pictures, Frank. He says that we were doing it with the kids in the house and he got pictures of it all.”

“All what?”

“Not a guy, Frank. Another woman. My best friend.”

Frank hung his head and rubbed his temples. “Sis. You were doing it with the kids there to watch?”

“No!” she nearly yelled then lowered her voice. “Damn it Frank. I’d never do something that messed up. They were both sleeping. They’re only two years old, you know. They were taking their nap in their cribs.”

“Okay, sis. Calm down. Nothing can be done now this weekend anyway. Has he already filled papers?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think he has had time. It was only this morning that he took the pictures.”

“Did he get violent with you again?”

“Not like last time. He slapped me once and he grabbed my arms, but he didn’t start hitting me.”

“Okay. Listen. He can’t do anything until Tuesday and neither can you. On Tuesday, we’ll get you a lawyer and have a judge issue a restraining order. He’ll also put a stop to you losing the kids. His record will help you in the court. Where are the kids, now?”

“Cathy’s watching them.”

“Who’s Cathy?”

“My friend.”

“The one you were fucking?”

“Well, I had to have someone watch them while I came here to get your help.

“Will she be willing to watch them all weekend?”

“Probably. Why?”

“I don’t want you to go anywhere near them for now. If he’s following you, he could get a hold of them and disappear. Give her a call and see if she’ll take care of them until we can get the restraining order filed on Tuesday. And you better have her go somewhere where he won’t look for them. Then I suggest you join us and relax a bit.”

“Join you in what?” she asked noticing the people gathered for the first time.

“We have a camp retreat that we do once a month. It’s been turning out to be a lot of fun. But, you should know that it’s not your typical campout. We add a bit of a twist.”

“What kind of a twist?”

“No clothes. Usually a good bit of sex.”

“Really? Frank! I had no idea.”

“Go ahead and make that call. We have a bit of a ways to go into the woods before we all get naked, and we sort of need to get going so that we can get things set up before it gets too dark.” She retrieved her cell from her truck and started looking for her friend’s name in the contact list.

While Frank talked to the woman, the people began to mingle again. Amanda slowly made her way around the group until she was close to D.C. Monroe who was talking to Jim Moore. She came up behind him and in as low a voice as she could talk in, so that only he could hear her, whispered, “I know who you are.” He looked startled for a moment. “I know your real name, David. I recognize you from the mall when you were handing out the flyers to put up when she went missing.”

Charles looked at her but said nothing. By the time she had finished that statement, Frank was ready to address the group again. No more could be discussed, and both looked back at the proprietor of the retreat.

“We’ll talk later,” she said, the words coming out rather ominously before walking away.

“Alright, everybody,” Frank’s voice called out. “We have a last-minute addition to our group. This is my sister Natasha Porter. She will be joining us this month. It’s her first time as well, as most of you will be aware of. As it’s getting late, we better get moving.” He entered the pickup that the trailer was attached to along with Jim and started it up. See you all down there,” he called out just before he drove off.

“This way,” Said Sarah and started walking.

“We gotta walk there?” Kelly asked Allison who was the only person there that she knew other than her own family. They were not well known to each other, but both had recognized each other gaziantep bayan escort ilanları from the different events the justice department their husbands worked for had every once in a while.

“Yeah,” the woman answered as they began to walk. “It helps get us into the right frame of mind. You know. Hiking and all that other shit that goes with being on a campout. There are quite a few hiking trails through the area reachable from the site. One of them encircles the small lake we’ll be next to.”

“The things we women do for our husbands’ jobs,” Kelly murmured. Allison looked confused for a minute. “Is it very far?” the new camper asked.

“It’s about a mile all told. Will that be a problem?”

“No. I run five miles at least three times a week and work out at the gym.” She didn’t bother with telling her that often that workout included fucking her personal trainer as well. “I suppose it will all be worth it in the end.”

“Oh, yeah. Frank and Jim will have most of the campsite set up by the time we get there. Of course, Frank has probably been working on it all this week to get it ready including spraying for bugs to keep them to a minimum. Most likely, he has just about everything done except the tents.”

“That brings up another problem. How will we know whose is whose?”

“We all have our names on them. Didn’t you do that with yours?”

“No. I didn’t think we would need to. I thought we would be setting up our own site. It never occurred to me that we might have to put ours in with a bunch of other people’s where it could get mixed up.”

“That’s okay. Yours will be the only one without a name on it. You can correct that before the next time. Like they said, this is the last one this year, so you’ll have ’til next spring to get your name on it.”

“This isn’t a one-time thing?” Kelly asked still thinking it was for her husband’s job.

“Hell, no. We do this about once a month. It’s been a blast. You haven’t lived ’til you’ve fucked in the natural beauty of the woods.

Kelly’s eyes went wide. She had met Allison at some of the events sponsored by their husbands’ work before, but didn’t really know her. Still she was surprised at the woman’s frankness and language. It wasn’t usual to talk about sex at company outings as she was now, and it surprised her that the woman would be so open about it. This was, after all, something that they were doing because their husband’s jobs required it.

“Okay, gang,” Sarah said as they came upon a small building inside an equally small clearing. “Here we are. Guys to the left, gals to the right. It’s beginning to get late, so we don’t have a lot of time. Let’s get moving, get stripped down, washed up, and sprayed down.”

Kelly looked at the retreating backs of her husband and son as they made their way to the building along with all the other men. “Stripped down?” she asked as she and Amanda made their way with Allison to the women’s side. “What is she talking about? What does all that mean? Sprayed down with what?”

“Did you put on any perfume today?” Allison asked.


“It has to be washed off, then. It draws bugs. Especially mosquitos. Believe me. You don’t want to be bit on the ass by some damn mosquito out after his next big meal. Not fun. We also get sprayed down with a special solution that will help keep bugs away.”

“What’s so special about it?” Amanda asked.

“It’s made from stuff that’s not poisonous when ingested.”

“Why go to all the trouble? Why not just use regular bug repellant on the exposed parts of your skin?” Kelly jumped back in.

Allison once again got a confused look on her face. “You do know that this is a naturist retreat, right. All your skin will be exposed since none of us will be wearing anything.”

“WHAT?” Kelly nearly yelled.

“Well, we do wear shoes, of course, but that’s all. That’s why attendees have to be at least eighteen to come here,” Allison said. “Of course, we’re making an exception for Lisa and Simon’s new baby, but he’ll never know anything about it since he’s not even old enough to be aware of his surroundings much. As for the special repellant, it’s used all over your body so that it will help keep the bugs off. You will still need to use some of the regular shit, too, though. The spray shit isn’t all that great. But it does help. And that way, you don’t have to worry about it when you’re sucking someone’s cock or getting your pussy eaten.”

“Damn,” Amanda intoned with a slight smile.

“What the hell is going on? Steve didn’t say anything about this. He said it had to do with work!”

“Come on, mom,” Amanda pleaded. “It sounds like fun.”

“Yeah. Come on, Mom. It sounds like fun,” Allison parroted smiling. “I don’t know what the deal is with your husband,” she added. “But it is a hell of a lot of fun. You’re here already anyway, so you might as well give it a try.”

“Allison. My kids are here. You can’t expect me to walk out there with nothing on in front of my son.”

“Why not? My kids are here, too. This is Tom’s first time, though. I’m a little worried about how he’s going to react around all these sexy women. Either he’s going to be so self-conscious of it that he is super nervous about coming out of the other side naked, or his cock will be as hard as it’s ever been from the thought of seeing all that female flesh. Don’t say anything about it when we get back out there if it is. He’ll be nervous enough as it is.”

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