The Rescue

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The Syral

This is my story. You might find it hard to believe but every word is true. I am a service technician by trade. I am single, 32, and live in Richmond Va. I use to live a very ordinary life. But all this changed on my way to work one morning.

While crossing the James River bridge I observed a young lady, standing on the edge ready to jump. I bolted from my car and got to her just in time to be pulled over the edge with her. Sixty feet later we hit the water and I struggled to the surface. In spite of her efforts to fight me I managed to get both of us to the bank. We struggled briefly but apparently a state police officer observed us and called an ambulance. He helped me subdue her until the ambulance arrived. She was quite hysterical as the ambulance left. I had not noticed until then but she was of Asian blood, either Chinese or Korean. After the officer took my statement I changed clothes and made it to work.

I had pretty much forget about the incident until the following week, when I received a call from the secretary of a Mr. Lum. She explained that Mr. Lum is the father of Carol, the girl whose life I had saved. I was invited to lunch the following Saturday and I accepted the offer. She gave me the address and said to be there by noon.

The week went by slowly and Friday was a welcomed relief. I went out Friday night and partied to the wee hours. I arose the next morning had breakfast and left my apartment at 10:30. I had some trouble finding the house, although I use the word house loosely. It was a huge estate with the mansion towards the rear of the thirty acres. There was a guard at the main gate and he asked me for I.D. I was then directed by the guard to the front door.

There I was met by a huge Asian, who reminded me of the character Oddjob from the movie Goldfinger. He was a pleasant enough fellow who introduced himself as Charles, Mr. Lums bodyguard. As he led me through the door I couldn’t help but be impressed by his six foot six and two hundred and seventy pound frame. He led me into a study about the size of a gym and introduced me to Mr. Lum. Charles turned and left closing the door behind him. Mr. Lum was a slightly built Asian of five six and maybe one hundred and thirty. His age was indeterminable but I guessed he was much older than he looked. He was dressed impeccably in a dinner jacket. When he spoke his voice was deeper than I would have expected.

“Mr. Nelson, may I call you Mike?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Then you may call me Wung. First let me thank you for accepting my invitation, and second can I offer you anything?”

“Perhaps a beer?” I replied. He pushed a button on his desk and as if by magic a lady appeared from behind the curtain on the wall behind his desk.

“Bring Mr. Nelson a beer Sharon.” After a few idle moments of pleasantries he finally came to his reason for asking me there.

“Mike my daughter Carol means every thing to me and I don’t think I could have lived if she had succeeded in her attempted suicide. She has many problems of the heart and this attempt was just a try to escape from her most recent. I would like to bestow upon you a small reward or two for your risking of your life to save hers.” Before he could say another word I interrupted. Sometimes I made quick decisions on people and I decided that I genuinely like Wung. “I mean this from my heart Wung there is no need for any kind of reward. I was glad that I happened by at the right time.”

“Mike,” he said, “You must know that I am very wealthy from the lifestyle I lead and yet you don’t want a reward?”

“No reward Wung. I found out early in life that money does not equate to happiness.”

“I understand what you are saying Mike, but will you please allow an old man his honour, and his saving of face by accepting my rewards.” How could I refuse?

“Well then,” he said, “Lets talk about what your rewards will be.” Some how I expected some money or a new car maybe but not what he was about to tell me.

“I have already taken the liberty of drawing up the needed papers because I was not prepared to take no for an answer. My first gift is one percent of my entire fortune.”

‘Great,’ I thought, he didn’t get carried away.

“What does that come out to in dollars?” I asked.

He smiled and said, “I don’t think you will have to work again.”

“Don’t play games with me Wung just tell me how much before I faint.”

“About one hundred and seventy million.”

“Oh my god!” was my only reply. I did a little quick math in my head and said “you are worth seventeen billion dollars?”

“Afraid so,” he said. He went on to say that there was a second part to my reward and that it would be explained to me on Wednesday, at an address he handed me. He hoped that I would also accept this, as it was his most prized possession.

“How can I accept your most prized possession?” I asked.

“Remember my honour,” he said stone-faced. I stayed for dinner and we chatted through the evening. Ağrı Escort He told me that he had assigned two of his lawyers to handle my money and that they would explain everything about it I would need to know. It was late in the night when I finally left. His parting words were not to forget my second reward on Wednesday.

Well needless to say that the excitement of my new found wealth made the days fly by. I was in touch with the lawyers the next day and found out that every thing he said was true. If I just banked my money I would have twenty million a year for life, and if I choose to invest wisely I could have close to twice that. Well in the excitement of the money I forgot about my second reward. The phone rang on Wednesday, and a lady who introduced herself as Glorina asked if I planned to keep the appointment. After apologizing, I said I would be there in thirty minutes. I drove up to a century old brick house in a very exclusive part of town and parked in the driveway. I was awash with excitement remembering what my first gift had been.

I knocked on the door and several seconds later was greeted by what seem to be the maid. She was middle aged and very much dressed, as you would expect a maid to be. She led me down a hall to a den and asked me to take a seat. Most of the furniture in the room looked like very expensive antiques. She told me that my hosts would be here in just a minute, and asked if I cared for refreshment. I told her a beer would be fine. Just then the two most beautiful women, or should I say girls since neither looked older than twenty came into the room. Both looked the same in that they were incredibly gorgeous but they were both quite different.

“I am Glorina,” said the blond as she extended her hand to me. She was about 5 foot three with an absolutely stunning face and honey blond hair. She was simply dressed in jeans and a sweater that did nothing to hide the most fuckable body I have ever seen. Her tits almost seemed to large for her frame but when you think about it how can that be. She had a very trim waist and what we called in college a bucket ass. She would have been the centrefold of the year in any fuck magazine that I had ever seen. Quite truthfully she the loveliest girl I had ever seen.

“My name is Mary,” I heard the second girl say. I tore my eyes from Glorina and extended my hand to Mary. Mary was five foot eight with jet-black hair and a face that I would term as Eurasian. If anything she was even more lovely than Glorina. She wore a tit hugging white blouse and stretch black shorts that clung to every curve. Just guessing I’d say that her breasts (puppies are not descriptive enough) were the same size or a little larger than Glorina’s but since she was so much taller they didn’t quite seem as large. Her legs and ass could only be described as perfect and her smile melted my heart. Just then as I felt my cock starting to erect in my pants the maid said here is your beer sir.

“That will be all for today Helen,” Mary said.

“Thank you marm,” was Helens reply. The girls asked me to be seated and Mary spoke first.

“Mike Mr.Wung told us that he had not explained what your reward was because of face-to-face embarrassment, so he sent this cassette explaining everything.” Glorina stood up and walked to the tape machine and hit the play button. The voice on the speaker was Wungs.

“Mike,” he said “I told you I was giving you my most prized possession and here they are. I belong to an exclusive club only seven men on the earth belong to. It is called the Syral. It is almost two centuries old, and all of its members are among the super rich. To make a long story short at exactly six p.m. these two young ladies will become your slaves. They have been trained in every imaginable form of sexual pleasure. They are very special in that there are only fourteen of them in the world at the present time. There are several that are now in training and these will be replaced in seven years when they both are twenty-eight. They have many wondrous skills and talents that I could not even begin to explain or understand. The powers of the mind they have are remarkable and almost magical. They are given a budget of ten million dollars a year from the club. You are a paid up member of the club for the next twenty years. They will explain all of your options at six p.m., and answer any questions that you might have. Your only obligation is to not injure. There are a few other rules that will be explained by the girls, and all you need to do is follow these simple rules and your membership will remain in good standing. Well goodbye Mike and enjoy.”

Needless to say I was dumbfounded. Glorina was the first to speak.

“Its five o’clock so this would be a perfect time for question and answers until you become our master at six.”

“Feel free to ask anything on your mind,” Mary added. I was so excited I could hardly talk, and said so.

“Why don’t you two tell me about what a slave does,” was all I Ağrı Escort Bayan could mutter.

“We can do anything your sexual mind can think,” said Glorina.

“That’s a pretty broad statement,” I replied.

“But a true one,” said Mary. “Let us tell you about our training first, we don’t know how we are chosen but we are chosen as teenagers and taken to a mountain retreat. We both come from very poor families, mine in Hong Kong and Glorina in Brazil.”

“You mean your not Americans?” I said. “Your English is perfect.”

“We speak over a dozen languages perfectly,” she said. “At the retreat we are not only taught every art of sex but also all social graces, certain types of hypnotic mind control, and many other types of things to numerous to go into now. We will be in your complete control as long as you don’t hurt us. If we feel that your not living up to the rules on endangering us or abusing drugs then we make one phone call and your membership is terminated.”

“What do you mean abusing drugs?” I asked.

“We have many drugs that are at our disposal and we cannot addict ourselves or you so we have the final decision on their use. This is the only time we can overrule an order from you.”

“Well I’m still not sure what a slave does. What did Wung like?”

“Mr. Wung was a watcher,” said Glorina. “He would have us arrange giant orgies, so that he could watch. This house has many bedrooms with two-way mirrors that go to a central location, where he would set and watch.”

“Well what is this about the mind control?” I asked.

“If you see or know anyone male or female that you would like to involve in a session then in all probability we can secure them.” I looked up at the clock on the wall and it was now six.

“We are now your slaves master anything you order we will do.”

“Both of you strip,” I said rather harshly enjoying my new role as master. They both pulled their clothes off. My cock sprang to attention as I finally gazed on their nude bodies.

“Now the two off you come here and undress me.” In seconds I was nude and ready.

“I want both of you to start at my ears and make love all the way down my body.” Glorina took the right side and Mary the left while I played with the four nicest tits on the planet. Soon they were both at my mouth and then to my neck, then to my nipples with their wet smooth tongues. I also could not believe how turned on they both seemed to be as their moans grew louder. My hands left their tits and went to their cunts. I shoved two fingers up each one and was treated not only to gobs of juice and even louder moans, but also to a milking action on my fingers that I had never felt before. I had the impression that they could take my whole arm up their cunts but they were as tight as virgins. Both of them had now reached my cock and they were licking it in unison.

Suddenly Mary lifted her whole ass in the air and shuddered several times in a row and I knew that she had just come. My hand was soaked with her juices and even though I thought her orgasm was over the shudders started up again even more powerfully than the first time. I was totally engrossed in her orgasms, as they seemed to get more frequent and stronger when suddenly Glorina started to scream with my cock in her mouth. She had a large violent orgasm and seconds later even a larger one. Well this was all I could take. With my cock all the way down Glorinas throat and her lips and mouth feeling like a vacuum cleaner, and Mary alternating between licking my swollen nuts and my tiny puckered asshole, and both of them in one almost continuous orgasm I came. It was the most powerful orgasm (cum, is what comes out, so it doesn’t make sense) in the history of the world and it felt like Glorina was trying to pull my heart out through my cock and Mary through my asshole.

It seemed like a quarter of my cum came out the end of my cock on the first spasm and almost that much on each of the next ten. When I finally laid back I watched as Glorina crawled over to Mary and let copious amounts of my cream drop from her mouth into Mary’s. ‘Well I must be living right,’ I thought to myself as I watched the two beautiful ladies continue to kiss and caress each other. Suddenly they swung into a sixty-nine position with Glorina on top and, her ass facing me. Mary’s blond hair was splayed all over Glorinas legs as three of her fingers and her tongue disappeared into Glorinas pussy. I couldn’t see what Glorina was doing to Mary, but it had the desired effect as spasm after spasm of orgasm racked her body. Glorina was also coming time and time again and Mary’s face was coated with pussy juice and looked like a glazed donut.

While watching all this, my cock had gotten hard again.

I shouted, “Enough!” since I was the master and my swollen cock needed attention. They soon separated and turned to face me.

“We are sorry master if we displeased you,” Mary said.

“No,” I replied, “but I didn’t know how much longer you Escort Ağrı would keep it up and I’m ready for you. If I hadn’t stopped you how long would you have gone on?”

“For most of the day,” Mary said.

“Mr. Wung had a habit of ordering us to abstain from any type of sex for extended periods knowing that this would drive us crazy. To better explain, if we don’t have at least several orgasms each day then our desire almost becomes a sort of delicious pain. So after several days or at times even several weeks of this torture we can go on for hours and hour in frenzy. I guess you could say we have become nymphomaniacs,” said Glorina.

“Once Mr. Wung kept us from sex for six weeks as an experiment. Then he had us arrange for dozens of men to come here and fuck us all through the day and night. He gave each of us a counter to hold in our hand to keep track of our orgasms,” said Mary. “After we had worn out all the men, we went at each other and after almost thirty-six hours of continual sex, our counter said that I had two hundred and thirty six orgasms and Glorina two hundred and seventy three. To further the experiment he made us abstain for three weeks and told us that we could masturbate using any sex toy or vibrator we needed. This time the sex was continual for about eight hours and I had two hundred and two orgasms and Glorina had two hundred and seventeen. Most of Mr. Wung episodes were filmed so we can show you.”

“You mean right now?” I answered.

“Yes,” said Glorina, “It will only take a second.”

“O.k.” I replied.

Glorina got up from the floor and went over to a cabinet that looked like a stereo case, and pushed a few buttons. Seconds latter a huge screen opened up from the large bookcase on the wall. Soon I had a split screen view of both girls jerking off with vibrators. Glorina was on the right side of the screen and in some type of bedroom on a huge bed. She had what seemed to be a long thick vibrator in her ass and two very small one in her hands, working on her pussy. Every half minute or so she would stiffen in what I assumed was an orgasm. On the left half of the screen Mary was on a floor in the same room laying on her stomach, and knees. There was some type of radio looking equipment next to here with a pair of wires going to her cunt. One of these wires was clipped to her clit while the other was hooked to a finger size glass tube that was inserted between her cunt lips. In her right hand she was directing a cock shaped vibrator in and out of her luscious ass. Her orgasms with this set up seemed more intense and more frequent than Glorina’s. There were also dildos, vibrators, and sex toys of every size shape and style imaginable strewn about the floor.

“What is that you are using in the movie?” I asked Mary.

“It is an electric current wave vibrator. It can only be used for short time periods because it is so intense.”

Feeling my cock getting even harder after this and wanting to play the role of master again I ordered both of them to their feet.

“How long had it been until today since you have had sex?” I asked them.

“Two weeks master,” they relied in unison.

“Mr. Wung wanted us ready for you,” said Mary.

“Well then I want the two of you to do something with me right now that you think I may have never experienced before. If you guess right and I haven’t had it before I will allow you to get as much release as you need today anyway you want. If I have had it before then you must wait and try again tomorrow before either of you will be allowed to come.”

They quickly huddled, and Mary walked over to a table and brought back a straight back chair. Glorina said that she was going to adjust the movie screen so that I would be able to see every thing going on. She pushed a few buttons and now I could see the chair on the screen. They told me to set in the chair and started licking my body again. In no time my cock was rock hard and Glorina stood up and set her cunt lips right over the head. She eased herself down and I was treated with an incredible milking sensation. Her cunt felt like a tight glove. This milking action was what I thought she had in mind but boy was I wrong.

She stood back up and said, “That was to lube you so as not to chafe the master’s skin.”

Then she swung around and I glanced at the camera in time to see a close-up of her guiding my swollen cock to her asshole. I have fucked ass before I thought to myself so they will lose today. I lost this thought though as her ass, like her pussy started milking me. I knew I couldn’t handle much of this. I glanced at the screen again in time to see Mary kneel down in front of us and star licking Glorina pussy and my cock. Suddenly she sat back on her haunches and started to insert several fingers in Glorina’s quim. I could feel her fingers through the thin layer of flesh separating cunt and asshole. Glorina had stopped milking my cock with her ass and all I felt were Mary’s fingers. Then suddenly her whole hand disappeared in Glorina’s pussy and grabbed my cock and started jerking me off. Glorina started cumming almost right away and I could see juices running down Mary’s arm. I exploded and felt as if my backbone were about to torn from my body. I came buckets and buckets.

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