The Request: My Wife’s Fantasy

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My wife and I have had an open marriage for the pass 8 or 9 years. We have had groups with other females, males and couples in bed with us. We have tried different experiments with positions, toys and other ways to increase the excitement in our sex life. All of these involved both of us taking part in the action together, sometimes one of us more then the other, but both of us together, until now. Marie, my wife, made a request of me the other night after making love. She told me that she always had a fantasy of have sex with several men at the same time while I watched her being violated over and over again. She knew that it would be hard for me, but she asked me to consider her request. It took me two days to decide to accept her request, knowing that this would possible be the hardest, yet crudest and most exciting, experience I would ever have. When I told her my answer to her request was ‘yes’, she thanked me with a blowjob while we still driving home in the car.

Let me tell you a little about Marie. She is 38 years old, 5′ 8″, with a 36C bust, slender hips, flat stomach and tight butt. Her skin is lightly tanned and smooth. She has shoulder length walnut hair with deep clear green eyes that glisten as they reflect any available light back. Her nipples are dark and large, and when she becomes excited they stiffen and protrude about 1/2 inch. Her pubic area is cleanly shaven except for a small triangle of hair above her vagina that she trims tightly back. Having no children her vagina is tight and secretes enough lubricant to allow any size cock to enter her with pleasure.

Our next problem was where to find the men and set up her gangbang. She didn’t want to have men that either of us knew, but yet she wanted to feel safe with the men we selected. The only answer was to place an ad on line, “Couple seeks small group of men to fulfill wife’s fantasy, a gangbang while husband watches. Men must be discreet and clean.” We got multiple answers and started checking out the men by observing the group from across the bars where we were to meet them. After about the 10th groups we were becoming discouraged, believing that we would never find a clean group of men worthy of Marie’s body.

Three weeks after our search started, our ad appeared to be answered. We were observing a group of six men in their early twenties, from across the bar and decided to follow through on the next step, and introduce ourselves as we had arranged. The guy’s were from a local college fraternity and had decided answer the ad as a possible frat social event. In fact there were more frat brothers who would be interested in a gangbang, if we decided to go with a larger group. Marie decided that for now six would be a good number and she gave her blessing to the group. We made arrangements to meet elvankent escort them at a local bar, across the street from a motel the next evening and then we left so I could fuck Marie in the parking lot of the bar.

The next afternoon at 5PM Marie and I checked into the motel and went across the street to the bar where we were to meet her college students. As we walked in they were sitting at a table with a drinks waiting for us to join them. After a couple of drinks we decide that it was time for us to all retreat to our motel room. Marie’s mood was slightly tense, yet I could tell from behavior that she was looking forward to fulfilling her fantasy. When we got to the room the tension was high, with no one sure of how to make the first move or who would start. Marie and I went into the bathroom and as she peed I told her to pick the student to be her first lover and seduce him. When we came back out she was ready to start and had selected her first lover.

Marie moved in front of her selected lover and started kissing him with a deep passionate kiss. His response was automatic as he returned her kiss and started using his tongue to probe her mouth. It only took a minute before he had his hands up under her blouse and was caressing her breasts while they held to kiss. Marie set the pace; she knelt down unzipped his pants and pulled his 9″ erect cock out. Without hesitation she took the head of his prick into her mouth as she flicked her tongue across the slit at the tip. The sound of her sucking was soon surpassed by the sound on his moaning in shear pleasure.

The other five students were not going to just stand there and watch the seduction of their friend without taking part. Quickly they started removing their clothing as they encircled the adulterous couple. With all the extra hands Marie’s clothing were removed leaving her standing in front of the group of 6 naked, hard cocked men with only her thigh high black stocking on. Her nipples were showing the affects of the attention she was receiving, as they pocked out of her tits like pencil erasers. She turned towards me smiled and mouthed the words, “I love you”, to me; then tuned her attention to the group of cocks pointed at her. I smiled to myself, knowing that I was going to see the crudest and most pornographic seen of my life.

The guys helped my wife step back to the bed and lay down in the middle of it on her back. She placed her feet flat on the bed and pushed her cunt up in the air as an invitation to her lovers that she needed their attention. Her gesture was quickly acknowledged as the one of the students knelt down between her legs and started sucking her labia while the others started sucking her nipples and kissing her arms. The final student of the group was placed emek escort his cock on her cheek and she sucked it into her mouth. As the student continued to orally stimulate Marie’s vagina she started thrusting her hips forward and moaning, around the cock in her mouth.

She was starting to experience the complete pleasure that she had only fantasized about. The slurping noise from her crotch was becoming louder and I realized that it was time for her to be fucked, at the same time the student sucking her crotch started to move himself forward. When his cock was line up at the entrance to Marie’s cunt she reached down, crabbed his erection and slowly slid his cock head up and down between her labia. Then in one swift motion both Marie and lover press themselves together as one, impaling her on his ridged cock. Her lover was still on his knees with Marie’s legs over his shoulders, as he started violently pumping in and out of her. Her tits pulled free from her other lovers’ mouths, as they took on a motion of their own, slamming back and forth in the opposite direction of the cock pounding her cunt. As quickly as the fucking pounding started the student in her vagina held his cock deep inside her and screamed out as he shoot the first load of hot sperm deep within her eager cunt. Simultaneously, the cock in her moth tightened up and shoot its’ oversized load of cum down Marie’s throat, as she swallowed to keep the slimy white fluid from leaking out. When both of the guys were finished they pulled out, with a popping sound, leaving Marie smiling and panting, eager for the next set of cocks to perform their tasks. I took a second before her next lovers move into position and examined Marie’s freshly fucked cunt; it was wet and shiny with sperm dripping out of it onto the bed. This was the first time I had ever studied a newly used cunt and site was overwhelmingly exotic.

Before I could say anything Marie’s next lovers were in place to continue her fantasy. One of the students laid out on his back and guide Marie to straddle his groin, as she reached down to guide his 10″ cock into her dripping pussy. Slowly she lowered herself onto his cock turning to tell me how his huge cock was, and that it was filling her in areas were a cock had never been before. I knew she was going to enjoy her new lovers living sex toy. When he was completely inside her another student lover moved up behind her pressing his hard cock into her ass crack. Marie twitched as he pressed his attack and his cock disappeared inside her bun hole.

From the bottom of the bed I watched the two cocks moving in and out of their respective holes sending Marie into a new set of orgasms. A third cock was on its’ way to her mouth as I looked up from her double penetrated crotch. Within moments eryaman escort Marie was servicing the three fresh cocks and showing the affects of the orgasms she was reaching. The first cock to cum was the one in her mouth. The young student pulled out at the last second and shot 5 ribbon streams of hot white sperm onto the bridge of Marie’s nose, letting it stream down over her mouth and chin and across her eyes. Marie was so caught up in her orgasms that she just stared off into space with the fresh semen lased across her eyebrows. Within seconds the other two cocks pulsed and shot their loads of cum into her cunt and ass, as Marie collapsed onto the bed. When the group had recovered the two students pulled their cocks out of Marie allowing the newly deposited sperm to leak from her ass and cunt, pooling on the bed.

As Marie lay on her left side recovering, the last of the six students laid down behind her in the spoon position. He lifted her leg revealing the sloppiest cunt I had event seen with fresh glistening sex fluids covering her entire crotch and her labia laid open. Slowly he pressed the tip of his cock into the entrance of her vagina and Marie responded with a low moan of intense pleasure. I watched her abdomen contract with new orgasms even before her new lover was completely inside her. She had reached the point of total and complete sexual arousal where her only concern was her next climax.

As her lover cock slowly disappeared inside her, I became completely aroused with the urge to fuck her myself. His cock was entering her at an angle from behind forcing the top part of her vagina to gap open. By the time he was completely in Marie, she was gasping in continues orgasms and my only desire was to be part of the fuck taking place in front me. I quickly ripped my cloth off, climbed onto the bed and inserted my erect cock into Marie’s sloppy cunt along side the cock already inside her. I felt the warmth of her previously used cunt as her other lovers cock slipped past mine.

Feeling the force of two cocks in her cunt, Marie turned her head and smiled up at me revealing the sperm deposited in her mouth and on her teeth. The site of her cum covered face and the feeling of sharing her cunt with a second cock drove me to climax at the same time that the other cock in her was cumming. We both shot our semen against Marie’s cervix forcing it squeezed back out around our cocks. When I pulled out Marie grabbed me and brought my semi-hard cock into her mouth to clean the excess cum off. Her cunt was now wide open and the sperm deposited from all her lovers way oozing out onto the bed. I could tell from her eyes that she appreciated the fulfillment of her fantasy.

For the rest of the evening and into the early morning each of her lovers had the opportunity of enjoying all of Marie’s bodily openings. When her student lovers left, Marie was ready to collapse from exhaustion. She fell asleep covered with sticky white sperm, lying in a pool of vaginal fluid and sperm mix. I fell asleep in the other bed watching Marie as she slept.

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