The Report

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Anri Okita

Stew got a call to go to Broadmeadow Hall, one of the older dormitories on the northern end of campus. One of the women students had received an annoying phone call wanted to report it just in case there was more to it. There rarely was, but Stew, nor anyone on the department would ever discourage reporting these calls since, well, one just never knew. The dispatcher hadn’t said exactly what category of annoying call it fit, threats, obscene, bizarre; well, he’d find out soon enough.

Stew pulled up in front and parked the car. As he entered the dorm a few kids were sitting watching TV in the ‘common area’. They looked up with little interest and Stew just gave them a little wave. “Community Policing” he thought to himself, “They ADORE me!” He chuckled and proceeded to room 402. He dreaded these old dorms. Though there were renovations going on, as of yet, only three of the nine had an elevator. Broadmeadow was scheduled for two years hence. And it seemed that no call was ever on the first floor. He trudged up the four flights feeling every second of his age and slowing slightly with each step. When he got to the top, he stopped for a moment to catch his breath. Nothing worse that showing up at some kid’s door winded. Especially where this was a female and heavy breathing might be misconstrued, and GOD FORBID this was an obscene phone call report.

He knocked on 402 and a cute 19 year old opened the door. She had short blond hair, very short. She kind of pulled it off but Stew was still a favorer of longer hair. Not that it mattered. He didn’t even really give much thought to the fact that she was only wearing a short robe. Stew had been getting so much action since he and Sherry met Rich and Steph, he was almost becoming numb to everyone else. But that’s not to say he didn’t NOTICE she was wearing a short robe….and nothing else or so it seemed. Her hair was obviously wet, though not soaked.

He introduced himself and she said with a smile, “I’m Cherry.” He looked up and asked if he could see her ID, which she readily produced from the pocket of her robe. He wasn’t sure if she had said Cherry or Sherry. He needed it for her ID number and such anyway, but he found the coincidence funny and told her Ankara escort so. She chuckled at that. Cherry asked Stew to have a seat and motioned to the stool by the desk. He would normally decline, but that four flights of stairs was trying. He sat on the stool and she sat on the bed.

“So, what happened tonight? You got a strange phone call?”

“I did,” replied Cherry. She WAS cute, not too skinny, not too big, about 5’5″. She sat with her legs crossed and it made Stew a tad uncomfortable. He was tempted to stand up fearing that if he continued to sit, his eyes might wander more than if he stood. Plus, if he stood, should anything ‘bad’ happen, it would be obvious, but more incentive to NOT let his eyes wander. He stayed seated. Cherry continued. “So, I answer the phone, this was at midnight exactly. I say, ‘yeah, what’s up’ and there’s silence. Then I can hear a guy whispering something. I wasn’t sure what it was so I asked him to speak up.”

Stew listened. So far, so good; “Ok, and then?” he asked.

“So, he says, ‘How’re you doing? Remember me?’ I said, ‘No, should I?’ At first I thought it was this friend of mine, Jeff. Then he asks me if I’ve taken a shower yet. I just had gotten back from the shower so I says, ‘as a matter of fact, I just got back into my room, why?’ Then he starts asking me if I got dressed yet and I tell him no, but why. Then I ask, ‘is this Jeff?’ He says, ‘sure, yeah, Jeff. Wanna hook up?’ I’ve never hooked up with Jeff and honestly, I think Jeff might be gay, so I says, ‘you’re not Jeff, what do you want?’ He says he wants ME!”

Stew was dutifully keeping notes. So far this was pretty basic stuff and he felt safe. He said to Cherry, “This is pretty standard for these jerks but more often than not, they’re all talk. I’ll….” Cherry cut him off. It wasn’t over.

“So, then he says that his cock is hard and he thinks I’d be impressed. He wanted me to jerk him off and let him cum on my tits. I said I didn’t think that was such a good ide…..” Stew cut HER off.

“Cherry, you don’t have to go into detail if this is uncomfortable for you (it was for HIM) and I’ve got enough that should we be able to locate him, we can throw the book at him. I’ll just go write Ankara escort bayan thi……” cut off again. Cherry seemed determined to tell Stew EVERYTHING. Stew was perspiring a bit and not because he was wearing a jacket in the warm dorm room. He looked at the door which he was sure he had left open to avoid any accusations. It was, but that didn’t seem to matter to Cherry who was out of sight of the hall anyway by virtue of the fact that door hid the bed on which she sat, her legs now uncrossed.

“Hey, no point in telling only half the story,” she retorted only to be answered by Stew who said, “Cherry, I really do have all I need. You really shouldn’t have stayed on the phone by the way. This should be enough.” She continued anyway.

Cherry was determined. Was she doing this on purpose? Was this a turn on for her? It was becoming a huge turn on for Stew but he had to resist showing his ‘growing interest.’

She continued, “He wanted me to taste his cum. He explicitily said he’d cream on my tits and asked if I could run my finger over the end of his cock and then taste him. He said, ‘I bet you have sweet tits. How’s your grip? Do you have a tongue like a cat? Rough?’ I hate to admit it, but I was just a little turned on.”

Stew steered the subject back to ‘police’ stuff. “Can you describe his voice? Any particular accent or speech impediment or anything distinctive?”

“No, nothing like that, he sounded like a local guy maybe, local accent, his voice was soft. He whispered but I could hear it, it was a soft gentle voice. He seemed kinda confident, not shy or nervous at all.” As she related this her legs spread just a bit and she slid on hand onto her thigh. Stew lost 3 pounds as he sweat, trying desperately to focus on the report and steer her away from what she was doing and yet hating himself for not trying harder or excusing himself and getting the hell out of there. Cherry was not done. “He called me kitten and said I should run my fingers over my pussy, I’m guessing like this….” And she did.

Stew was mesmerized and unable to move, especially since how he was as hard as a rock and his heart was racing faster than the stair climb had caused. He prayed heavily that no Escort Ankara one would ‘pop in’ to see what was going on as Cherry slipped her fingers over herself and let the robe fall open a bit revealing her left breast. Stew cleared his throat, coughed, looked at his notebook and shuffled his feet a bit. He tried to interrupt her but she kept going.

“Then he said he’d finger my butt while I played with my pussy.” With this, she stood, turned, bent over and exposed her lovely ass, spread her legs and began to rub her butthole with her fingers. Stew couldn’t move. If he got up his rigid manhood would betray his current aroused state and that was NOT good ‘community policing.’

Stew was no fool, but he was human. As he watched her slowly build to orgasm, he mustered the courage, the will, the insane act of speaking out and as he formed the words, she came like gangbusters. He could see even from behind that she was clenching her jaw, trying to be silent as her knees buckled. Her breathing began to slow down a bit. After a few seconds, as Stew tried hard to speak, Cherry got up almost as if nothing had happened and popped back onto the bed. Though she was clearly still a bit out of breath, she said, “That was when I know I didn’t know this guy and I hung up. Is there anything else you need officer?”

Stew stared in disbelief and muttered, “Just a minute to finish letting this go down….I mean, jotting this down for my report. Um, in the future, when you get the impression you don’t know the person, you should hang up immediately.”

“Then call you guys?”

“Uh….huh, yeah, sure. Good call. Uh, yeah, good call.”

“Overall, I’d have to agree,” whispered Cherry as she giggled a bit.

Stew felt safe enough to leave now even if he DID have to walk a tad hunched over. He got up, put his notebook in his pocket, excused himself and left figuring that most of what had just happened would never make it into the report.

Sherry looked up at Stew. “So, did this really happen?”

“Shit no,” replied Stew, “But it makes a hell of a story, doesn’t it?”

Sherry put the pages she had just read, down on the coffee table and said, “If it HAD happened, you would have to give me more details so I could act it out for you.

“You still can, you know. I wouldn’t mind.” Stew grinned from ear to ear.

Sherry did just that, even spouting Cherry’s dialogue. It was a fun night for the two of them.

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