The Renaissance of Dave Pt. 01

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I have been a fan of this site for a long time. You write what you know and I travel quite a bit for business. I hope you enjoy these stories about Dave. This one starts slow but there are others coming right after it that are more intense. I am new to this so I welcome your feedback. Enjoy.


Dave was definitely in a funk. After marrying his college sweetheart and five years in the military and two years as a management consultant account representative. He was divorced, overworked and lonely. Frankly, he did not feel like himself.

Dave was a good looking guy. Over six feet tall, athletic build and very fit. His years as a military officer had created a sound mind and body that he still worked out with frequent workouts and long runs to stay fit.

Always a handsome good looking guy, he had settled down early after earning his commission in service. His divorce had not been a good one. After months away on frequent combat deployments and the associated stress, he and his learned that they did not know each other well. It was easiest to tell everyone that they had divorced because they had grown apart. The reality was she had grown into a woman that was sleeping around and left him despite his success in the military and as a management consultant.

During and immediately after his divorce, he was the obligatory man-whore around the happy hour circuit. He had his share of unsatisfying one-night stands. It left him completely unfulfilled and, even more, depressed. And despite months of picking up women and dating intermittently, he had hit a dry spell of epic proportions. He had not had a woman in the office or at happy hour patron look in his direction in months.

Dave was spending more and more hours at work – other than working out and some sleep, he spent his waking hours at the office. He was adding accounts – worldwide, producing quality products for his clients but was getting difficult to work with and more depressed. His boss noticed.

Late one Friday Night, his boss, one of the executive Vice Presidents approached him in the conference room where Dave had files and paperwork strewn all over. “How are you doing, Dave?”

“Fine, but I will doing better once I close finish this Dubai proposal and close this deal,” Dave had snapped back without really knowing who was talking to him.

“Dave, it is me, Robert. I hired you hired. And I know you and you are not fine.” Robert replied seeing the angst in his young protégé.

Dave could not reply and only looked to the floor and sighed. The senior executive put his arm around Dave and walked him out of the conference room to his office, poured him a bourbon and gave it to him. “Sit down, Dave. I have been divorced three times” Robert was with his third trophy wife that was nearly half his age. “I know that it is tough. But I need you to be confident and in a good place for you to keep being successful. Otherwise, you are gonna burn out.”

Dave took a drink of the bourbon and swallowed. “Here is what we are gonna do. That Chicago HR firm you closed last year is having an executive conference in Palm Springs, California next weekend. And you are going to represent us. And that will be your assignment for awhile. Traveling to clients and consulting them in person. It will get you out of the office and on with your life.”

Dave started to object, “But I have three deals working and I need to close the Dubai deal…”

“Never mind that. We’ll work it out and you will work remotely via a laptop, tablet and your cell phone.”

“Look,” Robert said as he sat down next to Dave on the couch. “You’ll get on the road. You’ll travel some. You’ll have fun. You’ll meet women. And you’ll have more fun with no strings attached – no obligations and you’ll get your mojo back.”

Dave could only shake his head. “I guess Palm Springs will be a good place to spend a few days away.”

“Now, that’s the spirit. No take the rest of the weekend off and come back in on Monday and we’ll get you set up for next week.”

Dave already felt better walking thru the airport. He had been only wearing only suits and workout clothes and now he Kartal Escort was business casual in khakis, golf shirt and a blazer. He felt relaxed for the first time in months. He was in the airport on a Wednesday to arrive in Palm Springs to set up on Thursday before the Chicago HR executives arrived late on Thursday for their annual Palm Springs off-site at an exclusive resort.

After checking his bags and while in line at security, he saw her. Tall in four inch heeled sandals, dressed in a skirt that was about an inch too short and just tight enough showing off long, tanned and toned legs, with long dirty blonde hair pulled back. She wore a sheer cream colored blouse under her blazer but Dave could tell that breasts her just about perfect. Her perfectly manicured hands were working a cell phone. She was probably in her late-20’s and strikingly beautiful. Dave caught himself staring for a second too long when they made brief eye contact. Dave thought nothing of it and proceeded thru security to the bar near the gate for his flight to LA.

After having two Old-Fashioned’s after taking his seat in first class, “This travel thing might be not that bad,” Dave thought to himself. And then when the beauty he saw earlier arrived in first class behind him. He immediately thought to Robert’s words of having “no strings attached” fun while traveling on the company expense account.

She took the window seat and crossed her legs showing off her perfect legs and pretty manicured toes in sexy strappy high-heeled sandals. “Business or Pleasure?,” she leaned over and asked.

“Man, she even smells great,” Dave thought himself as he replied the standard business man response, “Hopefully, both.” “Me, too.” She responded.

While the rest of the flight boarded, Dave ordered his third drink, a bourbon and ginger ale. His row mate, said, “sounds, good. I’ll have the same.” Looking to Dave, she introduced herself, “I’m Carla, by the way.” “Pleased to meet you. I’m Dave”

After taking a large gulp of his drink, Dave asked, “What are going to be doing in LA?.” Carla then went on to explain that she was a special assistant to the CEO of an HR firm and a part of her duties was set up and run meetings and she was headed to an off-site in Palm Springs”

“Me, too,” Dave replied excitedly. “I’m a consultant with Hyde Consulting and I will facilitating management training for Hearne.”

“That’s my firm!!” And Carla’s excitement caught Dave off-guard. “I had been working with Suzy to set this up for months and she just told me on Monday that I would think our consultant was handsome but she did not tell me that you would be sexy.”

Dave blushed and said, “yup, that me. At your service” And held up his glass for a toast. “I hope you’ll be pleased with the service that I provide.”

“I think I will and I think we’ll have a good weekend,” and she winked at him while they clinked glasses.

The flight had been boarded and flight attendant explained over the intercom that there would be a delay in departure.

Carla stood up and took off her blazer revealing more of her gorgeous body and a lacy black bra that could be seen thru her sheer blouse. An extra button undone did not leave her ample cleavage to the imagination. “Might as well get comfortable.” After giving her jacket to the flight attendant, she returned with two more drinks. “In addition to our long flight we have this delay. So you might as well tell me your life story while we wait.”

She seemed to linger over him a little too long as she shimmied to her window seat. She crossed her long tan legs and said, “Well? Spill it.”

Dave took a swallow of his fresh drink, “There is not much to tell. From Cincinnati, Notre Dame Grad, 5 years in the military – saw the world. Divorced and been with my firm for four years since discharge from the service. You?”

“Me? From Long Island. Business grad from Cornell. Been with my company since graduation. Worked up from intern, to executive assistant, to special assistant to the Chairman of the Board in six years. My office is based in Chicago but I travel much between all of our offices. Pendik Escort Because of that travel and my work – single and been single for a long time.”

Dave, stared at her, looking her up and down slowly, enjoying the view. “You single. I can’t believe that. You must be beating them off with a stick.”

Carla chuckled. “I wish. I would not say that men are intimidated, and I do not ask for much. But I guess I am old-fashioned.” She paused, placed her manicured hand on his thigh and looked him the eye, “I guess I am a bit…submissive. Maybe, I am too eager to please. And most men do not how to handle that. And most men, don’t deserve it.”

Dave held the stare and took a big swallow of his drink and took the hint and the stirring in his groin took the hint as well. “Well, that’s personal – and I think we need another drink.”

“Sure, I’ll have another but you don’t have to get me drunk, Dave.”

Dave ordered another round and while they waited, Carla fished out her cell phone. “I might as well call the resort and change my spa appointment. Have you ever been to this resort?”

“Nope,” he said as she connected with the spa. “Yes, I will be late. Yes, move my appointment two hours to the right and,” she looked at Dave. “Add a Brazilian bikini wax to my mani-pedi and massage.”

“That sounds like a great idea. A massage sounds great.”

Holding her hand over the receiver, “full body swedish?” “Yes, please,” Dave responded without looking. “Male or female masseuse?” Dave could not remember the last time he got a massage. “I prefer female massage therapist.” Carla looked directly in Dave’s eyes as she said, “yes, a pretty woman masseuse for my friend, please. Yes, he will arrive the same time as me. Perfect. Thanks.”

She disconnected the call and held up her glass for a toast. “To a great weekend.”

Carla leaned over the armrest and got close to Dave’s ear. “I told you something personal. Your turn to share.”

Dave knew some of the rules here like no talk about old girlfriends or wife in his case and of course no bragging but he was out of practice in the art of flirting small talk, so he kicked it back to her. “What do you want to know.”

“What do you think is sexy?”

Dave feigned looking to sky to gather his thoughts. “I think a woman nothing but my shirt is sexy. I think funny, smart women are sexy. I think dirty talk is sexy. I think sexy feet in strappy high heels like you’re wearing right now is sexy” and he leaned into her neck and added, “an orgasmic woman is sexy.”

It was Carla’s turn to blush, “Oh my. I wasn’t prepared for that.” She responded as she fanned herself with her hand with a grin.

The stewardess told them that they were ready to take off and gather their drinks. They continued to chat and talk. They both liked to work out and run in 5K races and they both liked Dave Matthews Band. They talked they laughed. The in-flight meal arrived with wine and the flirting conversation continued with Carla seemingly taking every chance to touch Dave’s arm or leg.

As the lights went down, the bourbon, wine, and food seemed to hit Carla and she got quiet. But she lifted the armrest, closed the window, and snuggled into Dave’s shoulder. “Dave, I think I need some rest before we get to LA” she purred into his ear. She closed her eyes and Dave could feel her breathing on his neck as she wrapped her arms around his arm.

Dave could not help but see her breasts barely held by a lacy black bra. He slowly and gingerly reached his right arm and placed his hand on her thigh. Her skin was so smooth and she did not object or move. After a minute or two, he took it a bit further and softly started to stroke her upper leg. Carla moaned quietly into his neck. Dave could feel his heart beating faster. He wondered whether she could feel his breath getting a little shallower.

After a few moments of softly caressing her upper thigh, he reached higher, moving his fingers over the seam of her panties. He could feel the heat of her nether regions. When he touched the sensitive region covered by a triangle of lace, she opened her legs slightly, opened Göztepe Escort her eyes. While they looked at each other deeply, she said, “You are making me so wet right now.”

Remembering what she had said about being submissive, Dave replied in a whisper, “Prove it. Go to bathroom, take off your panties and give them to me.”

She kissed him on the cheek and obediently got up and went directly to the bathroom at the front of first class. Everyone on the flight was either sleeping, working on a laptop or tablet or watching a movie. Everyone but Dave and Carla had headphones on.

She returned after just a few moments. And she immediately assumed the same position snuggled up against Dave’s right side – pulling an airline blanket over the both of them. She showed Dave the black lace panties and gave them to him, looking him in the eye with a look that she was eager to please him. Dave felt the moist lace, balled them up in his left hand and smelled them. It was intoxicating for him and he felt more brazen and was ready to be forward. She kissed him on the cheek again and closed her eyes.

He reached between her legs and she spread them slightly give him access. He found her warmth and the folds of her labia. Carla squirmed against and he could feel her breathing becoming labored. He inserted one finger and felt her pussy opening for him. Slowly stroking his fingers in and out, he could feel her getting wetter. He inserted another finger and she gasped into his neck and whispered in his “Please, don’t stop. Please”

He fucked her slowly with two fingers. He could feel her pussy walls clenching his fingers as her pussy matched his every stroke. Her breathing was hard into his neck and reached and turned his fingers to reach what should be her g-spot and he was rewarded with a soft bite on his neck and her manicured fingers grabbing his thigh. He pulled his fingers out to stroke her clit and her response let him know that he pushing all of the right proverbial and literal right buttons.

Carla gasped in his ear, “Oh my God. Yes, please. More.” He alternated between fucking her with two fingers and stroking her clit with her own wetness. He found her g-spot again and he felt her moan softly in his ear and her body tense and convulse. Her hands grabbed his arm and his leg as she came his fingers in her.

He slowly pulled his fingers from her wet pussy and held them up to her, “suck them.” She obliged, looking him in the eyes and she eagerly tasted herself on his fingers. And then for the first time, they kissed on the mouth. As their tongues explored each other, he could taste her and he hoped that he would be able to taste her sweetness directly from the source over the weekend.

Dave took his left hand and undid his belt and as quietly as possible unzipped his fly. Carla took the hint and reached into pants to his engorged cock. “Baby, you are so hard.” She smoothly and expertly pushed his pants and his boxes her down to give access to his cock. She stroked his full length while kissing him deeply, telling him that she wanted to make him cum as hard as she did.

Carla reached over and pressed the button for his seat to recline. “Sit back, baby and enjoy.” She stroked slowly and deliberately, gently squeezing the head of his cock. Looking him lustily the entire time, she found his balls and massaged them. Dave was on the edge and somehow, Carla knew. She took her sexy fingernails and teased and tickled his cock. As she began stroking him again, “I’m gonna cum.”

Quickly looking around seeing all of the passengers distracted by TV and laptop screens, Carla put her head into Dave’s lap. And as soon as her warm wet mouth found the head of his cock and Dave’s hand found the back of her head. With his fingers entangled her hair and Dave pushing down, she took his entire six inch length into her mouth and throat. After months of only masturbating, it was all he could take and he exploded into her throat. She swallowed every drop of his juice.

They were both breathing hard when she took her spot snuggle up against him. Dave looked at her, “That was hot.” Carla, responded by kissing Dave deeply. “I am glad you thought so. Let’s get some sleep. Because when we get to Palm Springs, you are going to fuck the shit out of me.”

As Dave settled in to sleep with Carla at his side for the rest of the flight, he thought “Maybe this travel thing will be alright.”

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