The Project_(0)

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This is my first attempt so tell me what you guys think and what needs work!

I’ve never really liked being a high school tutor. At 17, I’ve got better things to do. But it was something that my parents felt looked good on a college report, and therefore I went along with it. Really seemed like a waste of time if you ask me. I mean, I had to

stay after school for an hour and hope that somebody showed up. No one ever did. Big fucking joke if you ask me.

Then one day, I was getting ready to leave. I’d stayed after for a solid 45 minutes or so, and would be leaving soon, when a girl named Courtney came into the library, and said that she needed help with an engineering project. I’d taken a few engineering courses

and was actually pretty good friends with Courtney, and therfore figured she’d probably be comfortable with me. That, and the fact that I thought she was fucking hot made me quick to volunteer to help.

Since the library was closing in 15 minutes, I suggested we work on the project at her house, and she agreed. She lived pretty close, within walking distance actually. But I had a half-decent car and figured there was no reason I shouldn’t try and impress her.

Throughout the short drive I kept getting quick glances at her.

Courtney is a couple inches shorter than me, with long dark brown hair. She sometimes straightened her hair, which I preferred, and today was once of those days. She was not by any means fat, and actually played some sports, but she wasn’t one of those

complete stick girls either; she actually had a cute tummy rather than a plain flat one. Combine that with solid C cups and you had one pretty hot body.

What I really liked about her though was her ass. It was perhaps the best I have ever seen. It wasn’t one of those little butts. This was a true ass, bubbly and ready to be spanked. I remember once I had talked to her and she told me she didn’t like the feel of

jeans, so she frequently wore those black tight spandex legging things. Today was one of those days. As we got out of my car I made sure to walk a little behind her so I could continue to get a good, long look at what could only be described as DAT ASS.

I was surprised to enter an empty house. I knew she had younger siblings but it seemed that none of them were home. That was fine by me, and I felt my manhood perk up as I imagined fucking Courtney up the ass all over her house. In the bed, in the shower,

hell; even on the kitchen table I was leaning against.

“My computer with the engineering software is in my room.” Courtney said, interrupting my thoughts.

She told me where her room was and said she’d be up in a minute. I headed upstairs and walked into her room. I did a quick once-over and turned her computer on. Then I noticed that the bed was unmade. I went over and sat down, and then I noticed it- a

huge pink dildo thrown quickly under a sheet. I was shocked- she always kept up that “innocent girl” look at school, and I knew from her friends that she was indeed a virgin. I imagined her naked on the very bed I was sitting on thrusting the dildo in and out of

her clit, and my cock really stirred.

Suddenly I got an idea. I adjusted the dildo so it was out in the open, and then crouched in front of her bed like I was tying my shoe. Courtney walked in and I stood sex izle up and stared at the dildo with a look of surprise. She quickly ran over and threw it under the


“Sorry about that.” she said.

“It’s fine… didn’t know you were into that.” I said with a wink.

As I said this, I noticed she had taken her shirt off, and was now wearing only a gray cami with little flower designs on it. I could see her bra and the tip of her awesome tits, and tried very hard to avoid looking at them. Not that concentrating on those black

spandex leggings helped the stirring manhood in my pants either.

“I’m not really into it… I’ve just been trying to…” she turned bright red.

“Trying to…?” I finished, half laughing as I did.

An awkward silence came on, which was eventually broken with laughter. We agreed to actually start working.

The computer desk wasn’t all that big and there was only one chair. After looking over my shoulder for about 10 minutes, Courtney walked over and sat right on my lap. Now came the real problem. I did an awkward adjustment with my manhood, which had

softened up during the 10 minutes of engineering work, but wasn’t doing me any favors now. Even while on my lap, she didn’t seem to notice.

I continued to try and work with her on my lap. A few minutes later, while waiting for something to load, I started again thinking about that fine booty sitting on me. I imagined the tightness of that tight 16-year old pussy and ass. Then all of a sudden I got to

thinking that there was only my jeans and that thin layer of black spandex seperating my cock from that wonderful ass of hers. My erection did one of those little twitch jump things that every man has experienced and poked up from under my leg where I had

adjusted it, right in between those two sweet cheeks.

Somehow she again didn’t seem to notice. There was nothing I could do at this point, so I just kept working. Occassionally she would do a little jump and bounce down on my now fully hard-on. The feeling was indescribable and made it very difficult to

concentrate on what we were doing. Eventually I couldn’t help myself anymore. I gently grabbed both of her hips and and adjusted her on top of me, grinding that ass against me. Now though it seemed my luck had run out as she finally addressed my growing


“Little excited down there?” she commented with a half giggle.

Half of me was saying “FUCK!” and thinking up lies. However, I decided to go with the other half of me which figured, since I was already caught, I might as well get as far as I can.

“I can’t help it, no man can with an ass like that grinding against you…. especially in those black spandex leggings.”

After a moment of silence she gave me a little smile and said all the words I needed to hear:

“Well we’re going to have to do something about that..”

An open invitation. Literally.

Without another word I picked her up, putting my hands underneath that ass and, squeezing as I did, carried Courtney over onto her own bed. Then, being a virgin myself, I got a feeling similar to a little kid thrown into a huge arcade. I didn’t know what to play

with first.

Luckily, Courtney helped me out. She grabbed my pants at the general area of my cock, and I immediately got all of my clothes off fransız porno and threw them on the floor. Now, standing full naked in front of her, I realized the problem- she still had clothes on.

First off came that cami, treating me a view of those squished breasts held together with a blue bra. I was surprised, as we removed the bra together, to see that they remained quite firm. Despite my desires to get her pants off, I collapsed on top of her chest in

excitement and started going to town on her tits. Her nipples got hard, and I knew that was a good sign. I don’t know how long I spent sucking on those nipples but it felt like forever… and while I was there and naked….

I climbed on top of her… and between saliva from my own mouth and a bit of pre-cum lubricated her tits up. With solid Cs they were more than large enough for my purposes. I began a rather sloppy, yet effective tit fuck. She began moaning, which turned me

on even more as my raging cock slipped in between those breasts again and again. I felt myself ready to ejaculate all over her face, but I knew that would be too soon… Hell, I realized I hadn’t even gotten her spandex leggings off yet. I really was getting ahead

of myself…

I forced myself to remove my cock from in between those tits of hers and concentrate on her bottoms. The spandex leggings slid right off, treating me to a nice pair of blue panties that probably complemented that blue bra I had already gotten off her. After a

very quick moment of admiration, the panties came off too.

Now being a porn watcher I knew that a lot of the time guys started out with licking the pussy or something along those lines. But I was no porn star… I saw that her vagina was wet and stuck my raging-hard cock inside. I got a few inches in and noticed that

damn Courtney was tight. I assumed though that after using that dildo there was no hymen to worry about, and I was correct.

I had to go slow, but eventually I filled every inch of my manhood inside of her. It didn’t seem to be too pleasurable for her along the way, but she never objected. After I was in, I slowly started pulling out and pushing in. We were in the missionary position and

she started to moan a lot more as my thrusting sped up.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last long, and I was correct. Even while thinking about math or anything to keep the tension of ejaculation at bay, I couldn’t help myself. Courtney was tight and wet, and as I slid in and out of her, those great tits bounced up and

down, filling my penis with excitement.

“I’m.. cumming.” was all I managed to get out as I sped my thrusting up. Then, as I started building it up close, I slowed down and did long, smooth inserts with her. Then all of a sudden I had splooged and it was out of control, the feeling was incredible. Even

as I did though, I knew that things weren’t over. I still had this incredible body in front of me, and I was still horny as fuck. I couldn’t help that my penis wanted to ejaculate long before I was ready. Besides, I still needed to make sure she got her pleasure…

After cumming, I slowly pulled out of her. I fondled one of her breasts and looked into her eyes. She was panting, but I knew she was ready for more at the same time.

I turned Courtney over and propped her up teen porno on her knees, like the doggy style position. Now for the first time I had a complete view of that huge, bare ass. I gave it a smack and my cock, already, twitched as I watched it jiggle. I spanked her even harder, and

my penis screamed for more as it began hardening again. I continued spanking it again and again until it started turning red, her moaning all the way.

It seemed as if she knew exactly what I was going for. She turned around and start licking my cock. Her eyes looking up at me as she sucked turned me on so much and before I knew it I was full on hard again. With enough natural lube after a few minutes, I

turned her around and started penetrating that ass. It was even tighter than her pussy so I went nice and slow. She seemed to be in some serious pain so I made my first few thrusts smooth and slow until she seemed to be more comfortable, at which point I

started pumping in and out of her as fast as I could. It was good I had already came or I wouldn’t have been able to last long at all between the tightness of her ass and the rhythm of my balls slapping across her ass cheeks.

After a few minutes of ass fucking I decided I wanted to make things more interesting. I pulled out of her and picked her up. As I carried her out to her living room I used one hand to fondle her hard nipples and beautiful tits. As soon as I reached her couch she

knew right what to do and bent right over it, exposing that ass again for me to penetrate. It didn’t take me long to get into a rhythm again, and for whatever reason fucking her up the ass in the middle of her living room turned me on so much more. It didn’t seem

like any time had passed at all and I was already cumming again, except in that fine ass this time.

She collapsed forward onto her couch, her body exhausted after the sessions we had just gone through. I sat up next to her, playing with her hair and stroking her tits. It felt like no time had passed but before I knew it I was waking up, her still asleep naked next

to me on her couch. I woke her up in a panic, not knowing when somebody else would get home.

Courtney awoke with a start, took one look at the clock and said “Shit, my parents are gonna get home any minute!” Just then, we heard the garage door open.

We ran up the steps to her room. Even as I worried about Courtney’s parents catching me after fucking the hell out of their daughter I couldn’t help admire those bare ass cheeks shake as she raced up the steps ahead of me. I knew then that this couldn’t be the

sole instance of this happening- I needed more sex out of her.

As we reached the safety of her room and began putting clothes on, she said to me:

“They can know NOTHING about this. We’re just going to pretend we were working up here the whole afternoon.”

This was where I saw my in.

“That’s on one condition…”

She looked over at me and instantly asked what.

“This. You and me. It becomes a weekly thing. And sometimes more than that if we’re feeling it.” I reached over and squeezed her ass, and even through those black spandex leggings she had just put on it still felt firm and nice.

She smiled and said “I think that can be arranged.”

Having settled that, we finished getting dressed and headed down the steps. Personally I found it kind of exciting; getting to meet her parents…

If you guys like it I suppose a sequel is possible… but really I just want feedback, good or bad.

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