The Professor’s Women Ch. 15

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I took a break from this series to write some other stories. I suggest that you read (or reread) the previous chapters before you read this, so that you will understand who the characters are.


Chapter Fifteen, Everything Comes Together

As Jon, Traci, and their new friends were driving to Starved Rock State Park, Jackson and Kathy were just walking down College Avenue on their way home. At the same time, Edward was picking up Rosalynn, to drive her to the Professors’ home to enjoy a weekend filled with sex between the four of them. Coincidentally, just as Jackson unlocked the back door of their home, Edward and Rosalynn pulled up next to the large white Lincoln that was parked in the Powell’s driveway.

As the two ladies prepared dinner, the two men sat in the living room discussing the past week. “So, Ed, I understand that you two are getting along quite well.” Jackson said, after they had exhausted the topic of difficult students and faculty gossip.

The younger man smiled and said, “Jackson, I have to say that Rosalynn is the most passionate woman I have ever shared a bed with. She makes me feel things I had never thought were possible before, and I think I am falling in love with her. No, I am sure of it, and I think she feels the same way about me.”

The older man smiled and said, “I am glad to hear that, Rosalynn is a wonderful woman and deserves some happiness in her life. In the short time we have known her, Kathy and I have seen her start to come out of her shell, but we have seen her really bloom in the last week. I know Kathy is looking forward to enjoying you, and I am sure you will enjoy watching the two of them enjoying each other.”

Ed smiled and said, “I used to really enjoy watching two women dine on each other, and having two women double team me was one of my favorite things.”

As the two men traded stories about their exploits, the two ladies cooked dinner and fantasized about how the weekend ahead of them would go. When they finished preparing the meal, they completely undressed, before they started carrying the platters into the dining room.

When the men smelled the food, they stood and started walking into the next room. The women held up their hands and Kathy said, “You’re wearing too many clothes, no eating until you take care of that.” The two men undressed as fast as humanly possible, and the four of them enjoyed their evening repast, in the nude. When they were finished, the men did the dishes while the ladies put away the leftovers.

When they were finished, Kathy smiled at her husband as she grasped Edward’s cock and said, “I’m going to enjoy this beautiful cock in Traci’s room, Jackson why don’t you two enjoy yourselves in our bed.” As she led the younger man by his hardening manhood, Rosalynn grasped Jackson’s ‘Monster’ and followed the other couple through the dining room and living room, and up the stairway to the second floor of the bungalow.

When Kathy and Ed reached Traci’s bedroom, she knelt in front of him, and took his now completely erect cock in both her hands, and swallowed it as far as she could. She took him to the brink of an orgasm and stopped. Next, she climbed onto Traci’s bed, and spread her legs. Ed climbed between her legs, and started kissing, licking, and nibbling his way from her toes to her vulva. By the time he passed her knees and started up her thighs, he had Kathy on the edge of an orgasm.

He kept her there until she begged him, “OH PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!!” He stopped teasing her, aimed his manhood up with her vulva, held open her swollen, soaked lips with one hand, lined the head up with the other, and drove into her to the hilt, in one powerful stroke.

Kathy let out a blood curdling scream, and wrapped her arms and legs around him. She hung on for dear life, as he pounded his boss relentlessly, not stopping until she experienced two massive orgasms, finally unloading into her as she had her third of the night.

As they lay in each other’s arms later, still connected, Kathy asked, “Wow Ed, that was amazing; you are an incredible fuck. Did you think you had to prove something?”

He smiled and answered her, “I knew I had a high bar to clear, considering I am not as large as your husband or future son-in-law, and after all, you are my boss. I gave it my best shot; I only hope I ‘made the grade’.”

Kathy smiled through her fog, and said, “Edward, it’s not what a man has between his legs, it’s how he uses what he has, and I have to say that you have definitely performed admirably. I think your performance deserves an A plus!”

At the other end of the hall, Rosalynn was energetically riding Jackson’s ‘Monster’ when they both heard Kathy’s scream. They smiled knowingly at each other, and urged each other to a mutual orgasm at almost the same time as Ed and Kathy’s.

A short time later, the men both entered the bathroom, and took turns using the toilet. When they exited the room, they noticed moaning coming from the rear bedroom. escort ataşehir When they walked through the doorway, they saw both women lying across the bed, engaged in a passionate sixty-nine. This erotic sight reawakened their erections, and they moved to where Jackson was standing facing his wife’s ass, who was on top, and Ed was in front of her face.

Jackson started sliding the head of his cock between his wife’s vulva and Rosalyn’s mouth. Jon’s mother grabbed it and aimed it at Kathy’s vagina. Jackson smiled, and pushed it into his wife’s dripping pussy. Kathy moaned, stopped dining on Rosalynn’s vulva, and saw the head of Ed’s cock in front of her face. She grasped it with both hands, and aimed it at Rosalynn’s vulva. Ed responded by driving into his lover’s vagina, and the four of them enjoyed an incredibly sexy four-way, with the women licking each other’s clits while the men fucked them senseless.

Kathy was the first to cum, and her orgasm set of a chain reaction, and when she bit down on Rosalynn’s clit, the redhead exploded. The vaginal contractions of the women caused both men to fill the women’s vaginas with their seed, and when it all ended, the men collapsed on the floor semiconscious. As the two ladies drank each other’s, and their men’s emissions from each other, the men fell asleep. Finally, Kathy and Rosalynn lapsed into slumber themselves, after satisfying each other.

The men woke up first in the morning, and took turns emptying their bladders and showering. When the women awoke, they smelled bacon and eggs cooking downstairs, so they shared the toilet and the shower, playing with each other the whole time, and joined the men after they dried off.

They walked into the dining room just in time to see their men, wearing only aprons, putting a bowl of steaming scrambled eggs, and platters of bacon and toast, to the plates, silverware, cups, glasses, a pitcher of orange juice, and a carafe of coffee. The ladies sat across from each other, and the men served them, before taking off the aprons and sitting down to eat breakfast themselves.

The four of them spent the rest of the weekend exploring their perversions, and trying just about everything that two men and two women could do together. When Kathy asked Jackson and Ed if they had ever wanted to try sex with each other, both men said that they were not interested in doing anything like that and did not want to try. Both women understood, and never brought up that subject again.

Late Sunday afternoon, when Jon and Traci returned from their weekend, they found the main floor of the house empty. When they heard noises coming from upstairs, Traci started undressing, and told Jon to do the same. The young couple snuck up the stairs, and found all four of the adults in a group grope on the bed in Traci’s bedroom.

When they saw the younger couple, they all smiled, and Kathy said, “Come join us kids.”

Traci said, “There really isn’t enough room for us, but there is one thing I would like to do.”

Kathy answered, “What would that be sweetheart?”

Traci answered, “Rosalynn, I would love to have Edward fuck me with his beautiful cock.”

Jon’s mother looked at her lover and said, “Darling, is that something you would like to do?”

He smiled and said, “If that is something you are alright with, then yes, I would really love to experience the only woman in this family I have not yet had the pleasure of copulating with.”

Rosalynn and Kathy smiled at each other, and Kathy said, “Come on guys, let’s let these two have the room. I’m a little hungry anyway, so let’s fix dinner.”

Jon, his mother, Kathy, and her husband all left Tracy and Edward alone in her bedroom, and closed the door behind them. Ed lay back on the bed, and Traci climbed between the older man’s legs and played with his cock until he was completely hard. She started licking and sucking his tumescence, and soon had him moaning.

He stopped her before she pushed him over the edge, and grabbed her around the waist, lifting her onto his face, where he dined on her vulva until he had her on the edge of exploding. He then picked her up and held her over his manhood. When she realized what was happening, she grabbed his throbbing cock and held the head at the entrance of her vagina. He lowered her until she was buried on him to the hilt.

Her eyes got large and she smiled as he let go of her hips and raised his pelvis to put pressure on her cervix. Traci responded by taking over and fucking herself on this cock that, while it was only slightly smaller than daddy’s and Jon’s, was stimulating her vagina just fine.

As she rode this man, she realized what Rosalynn had meant when she described how making love with Edward was like nothing she had experienced before. This man’s cock was touching her in places and ways she had never experienced before. Traci was surprised when she felt her orgasm approaching, and when he exploded inside her, she enjoyed the feeling kadıköy escort of his spurts hitting her. This caused her to have a massive orgasm, and lose consciousness.

When Traci opened her eyes, she saw Edward smiling at her, and felt his semi-hard cock, still inside her. He smiled and asked, “Did you have fun, little girl?”

She smiled and answered, “Oh my god, yes! Now I know what Rosalynn has been talking about. By the way, am I as good a fuck as a porn star?”

He smiled and said, “Sweet little girl, screwing porn stars is usually not all that enjoyable. It’s akin to fucking a dead person. They are so fucked up by performing, there is no emotion left in them. Making love with ‘normal’ women like Jon’s mother and Kathy is much more enjoyable, and you, my dear child, are an incredible lover, perhaps the best I’ve ever experienced. Please don’t tell Rosalynn that, because I am so much in love with her that it hurts.”

Traci grinned and kissed him passionately, and said, “It will be our secret!” then climbed off him, saying, “I’m starved, let’s go eat.”

He followed her out of the bedroom and down the stairs, and when they reached the dining room, the rest of the family was clearing the table. Traci walked up to Kathy and said, “We’re starved, did you save anything for us?”

Kathy smiled and said, “Of course we did sweetheart. Did you have fun, from what we heard down her, it certainly sounded like you did.” Traci just nodded, smiling and blushing the whole time.

Jackson whispered to Rosalynn, “It must have been good, I haven’t seen her blush like that since I ‘popped her cherry’.”

Rosalynn smiled and whispered back, “Ed is an incredible lover, Jackson, but that’s only part of why I love him so much.”

Just then they saw Ed and Jon flipping a coin. Rosalyn asked, “So what was that about boys?”

Jon answered, “Mom, we were just trying to decide who would go home with you, and who would spend the night here.”

Rosalynn looked at the two men with a disgusted expression and said, “And what makes you two have any control over who sleeps where tonight?”

Jon smiled and said, “Look Mom, naturally you and Tracy have the final say in this matter, but we were just trying to decide for ourselves and save you the decision.”

Rosalynn smiled and said, “Well Son, you haven’t shared my bed for a while, so Traci and I have decided that you should take me home, and let Edward decide if he will stay here or go home alone to rest. By the way, what was the outcome of your coin toss?”

Jon smiled and said, “It was the same choice that you just shared with us. Would you like to get dressed so I can take you home now, Mother?”

Jon’s mother smiled, and walked around the room, kissing everyone, as she gathered her clothes and started to dress. Jon collected his clothes, and as he was redressing, Rosalynn said, “Wait a minute, our car is at the house, Edward drove us here.”

Ed found his pants, and after he dug his keys out of the pocket, he tossed them to Jon, saying, “Here, catch. Grab my ‘go bag’ out of the trunk for me, and take your mother home with my car, I’ll catch a ride to work tomorrow with my boss.”

The young man finished dressing, and retrieved Ed’s small duffle bag from the trunk, and brought it back in the house. When he saw Rosalynn looking at him strangely he said, “I bought this bag years ago when I was doing freelance work before I worked with Annie. It has basic toiletries, and two changes of clothes so I could be ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice. It’s an old habit that I never shared with you, sorry.”

She smiled apologetically, and kissed him passionately. She took her son’s arm and said, “O.K. Son, take me home so you can fuck your old mom some more!” and the two of them left.

As soon as the front door closed, Jackson and Ed noticed Kathy and Traci flipping a coin. “I wonder what that’s about?” Ed asked Jackson.

“I think they are trying to decide who gets to fuck you next.” Jackson replied, and the two men shared a hearty laugh.

It appeared that Kathy had won the toss, because she walked over to the men, grasped Edward’s cock, and led him upstairs by it. Traci ran over and jumped into her father’s arms, and he carried her upstairs to the front bedroom. The four of them made love throughout the night, with the women trading places several times. Eventually, Kathy and her husband fell asleep in each other’s arms in their marriage bed. Traci also fell asleep, spooning against this new man in her own bed, while she dreamt about Jon, who, at that moment was asleep with his cock still buried in his mother’s vagina.

The next morning, Jon and his mother had a morning fuck, before they showered together, and ate breakfast in the nude. After that, they dressed, and drove Ed’s car to the east faculty parking lot.

At the Powell house, Kathy woke up in her husband’s arms, and rode his morning wood to their mutual satisfaction. At the same maltepe escort bayan time, Traci was doing the same to Ed, and she held off on her own orgasm before bringing him to his conclusion. When they were all done, they took turns with their morning rituals. The ladies used the upstairs bathroom, and the men used the downstairs ‘powder room’. They all enjoyed breakfast in the nude, and by 7:30, they were all dressed and walking down College Avenue to work and school.

Everyone met in front of Jackson’s office building, and as Jon and Traci walked to class with Rosalynn, Kathy and Ed walked to the Arts building, and Jackson went into the building and up to his office to prepare for the staff meeting scheduled for the next day.

Waiting on his desk with his morning mail, was a large, thick, manila envelope from ‘The Paradise Sun and Fun Club’. Just as he was opening it, Leslie walked in the door.

He looked up and they traded smiles and ‘good mornings’. As he was going through the membership information, he found four membership cards, and four additional free passes. There was also a letter explaining that reservations had been made for the Labor Day weekend. They would be sharing the large ‘Party House’ with the Kauffman family during their stay.

He started counting on his hands, and finally said, “Leslie, do you and Brenda have any plans for Labor Day weekend?”

When she said that they hadn’t, Jackson showed her the package he had just received. He showed her what he had received, and explained that the four memberships were for Him, Kathy, Traci, and Jon. He said that Jon’s mother and her new man, Edward would be using two of the free passes, and that she and Brenda were welcome to use the other two passes.

His secretary and best friend, broke into tears of joy, as she ran over and wrapped her arms around him. When she finally calmed down, he handed her his handkerchief, and she dried her eyes.

When he told her that his cousin Saul and his family would be sharing the ‘Party House’ with them during their stay, Leslie said, “Wow Jackson, that place is amazing, it’s is at the rear of the compound, behind the lake. The weekend we were there, we were invited to a private party there that was hosted by some rich Chicago lawyer. You are so lucky, because there is a year’s waiting list for that place.” When Jackson looked at her and winked, Leslie realized that his cousin Saul was, in fact, the rich Chicago lawyer, and she muttered, “Of course,” under her breath.

Jackson handed her two of the free passes, and said, “Here, take these. You two will have to drive yourselves, because we will have a full car. I’ll arrange for parking passes, so they won’t tow your Honda.”

Jackson and Leslie did their best to pay attention to their jobs that day, and when they met the other members of their families outside the Psychology building, they told everyone about the surprise they had hinted at when Leslie called Brenda, and Jackson called Kathy, earlier in the day.

That week could not pass fast enough for Leslie, Brenda, Edward, the Powell family, and the Baker family. Thursday night, Edward, the Powells, and the Bakers had dinner together, and talked about the weekend ahead. When Jackson filled Ed in on what to expect, he said, “That will definitely be more fun than working on a porn set, because the women will be looking to have fun being fucked, and not wanting to get high or wasted.”

After dinner, Ed took Rosalynn home, and Jon went with Traci to her bedroom, while Jackson and Kathy shared their marriage bed. All three couples made gentle love that night, because they all knew that everyone would have a real workout during the coming weekend.

The next morning, the Powell family and Jon woke up, and got ready for their day, taking care of their morning regimens, and eating breakfast together. Across town, Ed and Rosalynn awoke, got ready, and drove to the Powell home, arriving just as the morning meal was finishing up. The six of them discussed the long weekend ahead of them as the ladies cleaned up the remains of breakfast.

Because they would not have to worry about their wardrobes, they didn’t have any packing to worry about, so they left Ed’s car parked in the Powell’s driveway, and they all walked together across the street to the campus. Everyone had a hard time concentrating on their business, and were not alone, because it seemed that everyone else on campus had plans for the long holiday weekend.

Traci and Jon had no afternoon classes, and neither did Rosalynn. Since there were no afternoon classes in the Arts or Psychology departments, Jackson, Kathy, and Ed saw no need to stay in an empty building. By 12:30 everyone was back at the bungalow on College Avenue, and by 1 PM, the big white Lincoln was on it’s way up Veterans Parkway, on its way to I 55, and Indiana.

A little over two hours later, Jackson pulled up to the iron gate of the Paradise Sun and fun club, and entered the six-digit code that was on the back of his membership card. When the gate swung open, he pulled the white ‘land yacht’ into the lot and parked next to the big black Mercedes with Illinois license plate # LY5494. As they were getting out of the car, an old Accord pulled up next to them.

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