The Price of Lust

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“What’s going with Julie these days?”

“Going on? What are you talking about Matt?”

“Our daughter, Julie? Ring a bell, Doreen?” I replied back sarcastically.

“You know Matt, some days you can be a real ass. I know who you’re talking about. I just don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I gave the response some time to sink in. Doreen was right. I couldn’t pin point why but, something was bothering me and it came out badly, at times. I lit a cigarette and sat back in the kitchen chair, blowing out a ring before going on.

“You’re right – sorry. I’m worried is all. I mean the way she’s dressing lately, the make-up and the small, tight, clothes. I hate to say it but, she’s dressing and acting like a little bimbo, Doreen. What’s going on?”

“God Matt, if I didn’t know better I’d say you were jealous! Old age getting to you dear?” Doreen quipped, as she turned to look at me and went on,

“She’s growing up Matt, or haven’t you noticed?”

“Noticed – who hasn’t! I mean, Christ Doreen, she runs around with her ass and tits hanging out everywhere she goes!”

“Matt Benson, shame on you! Do you hear yourself? It’s just a phase Matt…she’ll grow out of it. Haven’t you noticed her friends? My God, they all dress alike and call it being a rebel!”

I grumbled under my breath, taking an arm over arm crossed position on my chest. Doreen gave me a weak smile and turned back around to finish what she was doing. I was going to respond but, Doreen beat me to the punch.

“I don’t want you saying anything to her either Matt. Just let this thing go and you’ll see – it’ll be fine. You start harping on her and she really will rebel. Find something to do while you have this time off, start a project or something. I’m sorry I have to work but, I can’t afford to take time off after just starting…okay honey?”

“Yeah, yeah sure, I guess you’re right – again.”

I didn’t really believe what I said and, I suppose, I somehow transmitted the feeling to Doreen. She turned, giving me final “warning” type of look and shook her head. I shrugged and made a mental note to talk with her later about how she always seemed to know those kinds of things. I finished my cigarette and ambled out to the back yard, taking Doreen’s advice, looking for some yard project to start.

An hour, or so, later Doreen hollered out the patio door she was leaving for work.

“Alright babe, see you tonight, have a good day okay?” I yelled back and waved to her.

By eleven the sun was blazing and I stopped the gardening. Sweat poured out me in buckets and I was thirsty. A cold beer sounded like just the ticket. ‘A little early’ I thought but, grinned knowing it was “Five O’ Clock” somewhere, as the song went.

Moments later I was reclining in the lounge chair, tipping a cold one and thinking about the conversation with Doreen. The garden was starting to look good, which made me happy. This thing with Julie didn’t. It was still nagging on me, as I finished the beer and closed my eyes. ‘A little nap is all I need’ I mumbled and drifted off.

Daddy…DADDY! Wake up. Becky and I want to go to the gym. Can I use the car?”

Julie’s voice came from far away and then suddenly I popped open my eyes, regretting it. They immediately watered and I quickly raised my arm, shielding my eyes from the bright day.

“Humph…huh? What, what Julie?” I muttered, trying to fully wake.

“The gym daddy…Becky and I. Can I use the car?” Her voice, and question, started sounding clearer to me.

My daughter’s diminutive frame towered over me. When my eyes finally accepted the bright sunlit afternoon, I was focused in on her crotch. Julie was athletically built. Her strong muscular legs protruded from the tight workout short, like twin pillars of bronze. What bothered me the most were the twin mounds, plainly visible, and high lighted by the shorts extremely tight fit. The seam of her shorts split her pussy in half and appeared almost painted on.

I swallowed hard and started to sit up, ready to stop a public appearance in the shorts when she asked,

“Daddy my butt isn’t too big is it?” as she whirled and bent over in front of my face.

Quickly I dropped back down, mouth gaping, looking at my daughter’s tight little ass. I was speechless, staring at her muscular rear end and the way her inner thighs framed her tightly wrapped pussy.

“Jesus Julie! No – no you don’t have a big butt! Who said that?” I finally managed to croak out, as she persistently wiggled her bottom for inspection.

“Margo. She a pain. She told me I had a big butt and laughed at me.” Julie commented, as she straightened up and turned back around to go on.

“Good! I knew you wouldn’t lie to me and I don’t want to get like mom!” Julie added in, as I started to sit up.

“What? Hey now wait a min…”

“The keys daddy? Where are they?” Julie quickly asked, not letting me finish the protest.

“Keys? Oh yeah, there on the kitchen counter. Julie are you going to the gym dressed like that?”

“Of course silly. gaziantep bayan eskort It is a WORKOUT outfit isn’t it?”

I couldn’t answer. I felt a swelling where I shouldn’t and sat, fully, upright to hide the fact. My head was now eye level with my daughter’s perky tits. Tits that were covered by a thin material I didn’t recognize. Her up-turned nipples stood out proudly against the material, erect for whatever reason, and I closed my eyes, trying to clear the vision away.

“Julie I really think…”

“Bye daddy and thanks, be back in a couple of hours!”

In one five minute conversation my daughter had shaken me to the core, giving me an erection to boot. ‘Jesus what was that?’ I thought, trying to will the erection away. I reached for my cigarette package with shaking fingers, wondering if I should bring this up to Doreen and quickly dismissed the idea. I’d find some other way to die quickly.

‘Jesus I hope there’s another beer in the fridge.’ The thought flashed through my head, as I lit a cigarette. I walked off slowly towards the house, shaking my head. Julie and friend Becky were standing at the front door, preparing to leave when I walked into the kitchen and saw them.

“Thanks again dad!” Julie called out and waved to me.

Her friend Becky tarried a bit, before closing the door. Dressed like Julie, at least in the skin tightness of her clothing, Becky turned and gave me a coy little smile and expressed her thanks too. She added a kiss, blown from her finger tips, and a wink before sauntering out the door.

The vision lasted for several minutes. A bright orange thong strap ran up through the crack of her ass and Becky’s bosom was barely contained in the top half of her suit. Slowly, I eased into a kitchen chair, still staring at the front door. After a time I couldn’t decide if I was staring, hoping they would walk back in; or staring because I was in shock.

I finally cleared my head, taking in a long shuddering breathe, and sipped on the beer I’d opened. I had to do something. Doreen’s admonishment ran through my mind but, she didn’t understand. There was no way she could, I decided. For the next hour I strained to come up with an idea. I gave up when all I managed to do was develop a headache. My half full beer was warm and I was disgusted, not only with myself but, I wasn’t all that happy with Julie and Becky for that matter. They were living on the edge.

Tossing the beer, I returned to the backyard to finish what I’d started – nothing like a little work to clear the mind. I had an at least an hour to go before the girls would return and knew from experience that being on time wasn’t a real concern for Julie. Nearly two hours later, I eased into the warm, bath tub, water and closed the doors. The only light in the room was from the skylight and I welcomed the quiet solitude. Thoughts of a new project came to me just as Julie and Becky burst into the room, snapping on the light.

“God that Allen is so full of himself! Did you see him leering at me?” Julie remarked, as the bathroom door slammed against the wall and I jumped.

“Well yeah! Did you see Mark helping me on the weight bench? He was getting a boner looking down my top!” Becky replied, trying top Julie and then giggled. The door clicked shut shortly after.

“Beck! God you’re such a little slut!”

I couldn’t believe my ears and fought the urge to call out. My heart rate slowed, as I sat there, barely breathing. I wondered what else they would reveal.

“Says you! And just what were you doing on the stretch machine? Seems like you were enjoying Adam’s close attention then – right Julie? I saw you so don’t deny it girlfriend. You’re just as big a slut as I am!”

“Fuck off Beck.”

With a sudden whoosh, the toilet flushed and as the sound died down I heard a second rush of piss hitting the bowl water. I breathed in, making it long and slow and started to feel very guilty for listening. Expelling the breath, I heard the last “tinkles” hit the water and another flush followed.

“Fine, I will but, you tell me what that little act outside was before we left? I mean, just how close did you need to be to ask your dad for keys? And that little ass display? What was that Julie?” I heard Becky remark in a sneering tone, followed by a snapping sound.

I cringed when Julie replied back, berating Becky for accusing her of cock teasing. ‘My God these two are off the charts!’ I thought desperately trying to control my breathing. Julie’s anger seemed obvious, as she went on, and I jumped for the second time when I heard a loud slap on the counter.

“You’re fucking nuts Becky! I am NOT cock teasing my dad, you bitch! And just what was that little act by you? Blowing him a kiss! Jesus could you be any more obvious?”

There was a brief silence and then the giggles started in. I couldn’t believe my ears! I sat nude in a bath tub listening to two eighteen year girls discussing erections, being sluts, cock teasing and more than a little gaziantep eskort bayan of it being directed towards me! I covered my face and nearly groaned out. How, or why, I didn’t groan out escaped me, for the moment. I eased back listening as I the girls prepared to leave the room.

“Oh my God Beck, he was getting a “stiffy” – didn’t I tell you?”

“What? Who was?”

“My dad! He was looking right at my…”

“Your twat slut, I know, I was watching! He got a boner?”

“God yeah!” Julie replied back and giggled, just as the lights went out.

“Wow! Hey Julie do you think he’d get a boner if…”

They were out of range and I cursed silently. I wanted to know just what Becky had said. Moreover, I needed to know if she was planning anything. I was nearing desperation when I got out of the tub and quickly dried off. If Julie’s little slut friend was planning to entrap me, I needed to know! The full reasoning never really dawned on me. That is, until much later.

Sneaking across the hall, like a rabbit avoiding the fox, I jetted into my room and got dressed. I prayed they were still in the house. It was a prayer of folly. I cursed silently, knowing if I didn’t keep my wits about me I’d be divorced and most likely in jail. My search came to an end, with an uncomfortable tightness in my jeans. My excitement scared me to the point I actually looked around, afraid someone was still in the house watching my crazy antics. ‘Why are you even considering something so bizarre?’ I questioned myself, shaking my head. “Jesus man, get a grip!’

The final thought ended, just as the phone rang. I jumped straight up in the air, my heart pounding, and cried out. The third ring found my hand poised at the wall phone, while I allowed my racing heart to, once again, calm down.

“Benson residence.”

“Oh – hi honey! Nah, finished up a while ago. How’s your day?”

“Really? No kidding, wow. A double huh? So when…”

Doreen cut me off and explained the reasoning behind her double shift and when she would be home. She sounded tired already but, I knew from experience she’d get a second wind and make it through her second shift.

“No, Julie went out with Becky. Huh? Not sure really. Yeah, no problem I’ll let her know.”

I replaced the receiver on the wall and stood there hanging on to the phone, thinking. A second call came in, causing me to jerk my hand away as if I just touched something hot. Following a brief stare, at the phone, I picked it up.

“Yeah Doreen, what’d you forget?”

It wasn’t Doreen. Becky was on the other end, giggling softly over my mistake. I waited, feeling embarrassed for some reason, as Becky explained her call. In a soft, little girl, voice she explained where she and Julie were and assured me they’d be back around 9 or so.

“I see, and why didn’t Julie call?”

There was a bit of hesitation before Becky purred out that Julie was using the bathroom.

“Oh – I guess I’ll see you two later. Tell Julie that her mother wants her to start the laundry. Yes Becky, tell her tonight. Thank you.”

A lump had grown in my jeans during our phone conversation. Becky’s voice did something to me; or was it anticipation over the unknown, I couldn’t be sure. Either way, I felt on dangerous ground. I checked the clock and seeing I had at least an hour and a half, I went into the living room. ‘Perhaps TV will take my mind off this thing.’ I thought, plopping into my chair.

I couldn’t have more wrong. Scanning rapidly for something to watch, I ran across the sex channels. Doreen and I enjoyed them, as late night entertainment and preludes to our dwindling sex romps.

The surfing slowed, as I worked my way through the titles. It was kismet, I guessed. Since over hearing the conversation, everything seemed to point towards young women and sex.

The last channel was airing “Neighborhood Girls”, one mans exciting adventure with neighborhood teenage daughters. I groaned out with my finger held above the selector button, quivering, as the intro finished. Following a minor fade in, a young, well built, girl jiggled and bounced her breasts as she waved to her neighbor. The lucky SOB I imagined.

Time passed quickly, without my noticing, as I sat near drooling over the man’s adventures. When I heard Becky’s lusty little voice behind me, I was hard as hell and staring intently at the screen, watching the “neighbor” banging his latest conquest, from behind.

“Ooooh wow, Neighborhood Girls! I loved that movie, wait till you see what he does to the next one!” Becky purred out, standing directly behind me.

Sooo, it went like this… I screamed out in surprise and tossed the remote. The remote hit a lamp, which promptly tipped and broke on the floor. Becky screamed over my screaming and I screamed out again, jumping up and whirling around. Becky jumped away, feeling I was going to attack her, or something, and tripped. She clutched at thin air as she fell backward and finally managed to grab an eskort gaziantep bayan end table, taking it with her on the journey to the floor. She landed hard on her ass and sent the table flying, breaking another lamp.

“JESUS, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD BECKY! WHAT…what are you doing here? You scared the hell out of me! For God’s sake are you alright?” I yelled out, as calm wasn’t in the equation.

Becky looked shocked, embarrassed even, and righteously she should. She eased up on her elbows, shaking her head. It had all happened so fast that neither of us realized Becky’s landing had shifted her short skirt up. With splayed legs, slightly raised off the floor in knock knee fashion, Becky lied in front of me with her crotch exposed. The vision did nothing to ease my condition.

Her shocked look faded away but, her eyes remained wide, as she stared up at me. Well, not at me – exactly. The excitement had died away and that’s when it dawned on me, as I stood staring at Becky’s crotch, that her eyes were focused on the large bulge in my pants. It was too late and embarrassment began to register across my face.

Becky’s lips curled into a little girl smile, as she followed me with her eyes, never veering from what held her attention. Even as I reached for the arm she only absently held out, she kept her focus on my bulge.

“Becky? Becky, what are you doing here? Hello, are you with me? Are you okay?” I asked, beginning to be concerned.

“What? Oh, yeah – yeah I’m fine. That was wild huh?” She replied, as I eased her up from the floor.

“And?” I asked as she tried to compose herself and for the first time realized her skirt was folded up, exposing a great deal.

I was wondering if she even heard me, when she finally looked up, batting her eyes and giving me a coy little smile.

“Guess you liked the movie too.” She remarked and looked down, refocusing on my crotch.

“Young lady I asked you a question. What are you doing here?”

“Oh yeah – that. The laundry. Julie asked if I would come over and start it for her. She’s almost finished with her school project. She said you wouldn’t mind.” Her words came out softly and almost apologetic.

I rolled my eyes over my daughter’s audacity but, the anger was draining from me and the shock. Becky started to giggle and I couldn’t help but join her.

“So you’re not mad then?” She finally asked as our laughter died down.

“I guess not but, you can’t do things like that! You know where the laundry room is, I’ve got a mess to straighten up. Julie’s coming soon right?”

Becky stood with her arms behind her, trying her best to push her breasts out farther than they were, as she turned gently side to side listening to me. With green eyes sparkling, Becky’s pert lips curled up into a smile, melting any resolve I may have had. I knew then wanted to unveil her.

I wanted to remove the middie top and squeeze her young full melons. I desperately wanted to slide my hands under her short skirt and pull her thong down to gaze on her fresh, sweet pussy.

I wanted to know if she was wet; what her clit looked like; was it hard – protruding ready to be tasted and lusted after. I grew harder, as if that was possible, standing there with sex filled thoughts in my mind. I started to laugh again, a nervous and giddy sort of laugh.

I felt the heat growing on my face, as Becky continued to stare into my eyes. Suddenly, I realized the movie was still playing. I jerked, snapping my head around, and caught the action on the screen. I left Becky standing there as I frantically searched for the flying remote.

“Oh hey, you don’t have to turn it off on my account! I love this next girl! She’s a real anal slut!”

I froze in mid-search and slowly turned around to stare at Becky, not believing what I’d just heard. Becky misunderstood, apparently, and raised her hand turning the back of it towards her mouth, as she whispered,

“That means she likes it in the butt.” and gave me wink, before she walked off.

The wetness grew in my jeans watching her walk away and I swallowed hard. ‘Jesus an eighteen year old just gave me a sexual anatomy lesson!’ I thought as I renewed my search, for the remote. She was right about the girl in the movie, however. When I finally located the remote and pointed it, the movie neighbor girl was bent over with the lucky SOB’s prick just going into her ass. I sat down and watched.

The movie ended with the usual – a showing of male ejaculate. The bastard in the movie was standing behind the girl slapping his prick on the girl’s ass, shaking the last of his cum on her, when I heard Becky holler out. I got up, stiffly, and walked towards the laundry room on shaky legs. ‘No ones that fucking lucky.’ I thought but, smiled recalling the conversation earlier today.

Becky called out once more before I arrived. Asking what I could do for her, I rounded the door corner and damn near had a heart attack! Becky had her back to me stretching for all she was worth, trying to reach the additional box of soap on the top shelf.

That in it’s self was nothing. My reaction was to Becky’s naked body, except for the thong displayed earlier. All I knew for sure was that her creamy white ass was quivering, even though the muscles were scrunched taunt and small dimple pockets had formed on either side of her crack. Her large breasts were bare and swaying side to side, offering me brief glimpses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32