The Pregnancy Trap Ch. 03

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It was another ten minutes before their kissing slowed down. Dave slipped his soft penis out of Kasey’s full vagina and he got up to go to the washroom, flipping the bedroom light on as he rolled off the bed. After that, he came out and went into the kitchen for some water. He noted the clock. It was after three-thirty! Wow, his night sure took a turn for the unexpected!

He went back into the spare bedroom to find a naked Kasey on her stomach, her head resting on her arms facing the doorway. It was a beautiful sight, clearly seen by the bright lamp on the nightstand. She smiled when he entered, but his eyes were on that beautiful fat bum of hers. His eyes trailed down to the bottoms of her chubby feet, up her plump legs to her gorgeous ass and then up her back. Her eyes were closed.

“I had such a great time tonight.” She said softly. He knelt on the bed, straddling her wide waist. He was conscious of his free-hanging cock touching the crack of her plump ass. He was tired, but wanted to give her a brief back rub — just to do something nice, but also to touch her some more. He had been inside Kasey for the better part of three hours, yet he needed to touch her some more before falling asleep. Putting his hands on the loose flesh of her back he began to gently rub it.

“Mmmmm…” she purred. He moved his hands toward her spine and slowly kneaded his way downward. “Ohhh that feels good hunny…” she sighed in a soft, sexy voice. Just hearing her sweet voice made his cock respond just a little bit. He suddenly became sensitive to the fact that the head of his soft manhood was kind of in between her two big cheeks. He massaged lower down her back, moving down the bed a little and taking his dick away from her naked bum. He kneaded his fingers into the flesh just an inch above that big gorgeous ass of hers.

“Ohhhh yesss right there.” Kasey moaned erotically. Somehow, despite having ejaculated three times (all inside Kasey’s fertile pussy), Dave’s penis began to harden yet again. It was up to semi-hardness at this point and it was all he could do to massage her back and keep his hands away from her butt.

She moaned again. His hands felt so nice on her sore back, but there was something more. She could feel herself getting a little wet — and it wasn’t just from Dave’s semen.

Unable to help himself, he slid his hands down a little further and onto Kasey’s ass. He dug his fingers into her plump cheeks and squeezed them lustfully. She sighed as he squeezed them again, pulling them apart a little. He caught a peek of her little asshole when he spread her cheeks apart. He moved his hands down her bum a little and squeezed her smooth cheeks again, once more giving himself a little glimpse of her asshole. He bent down and softly kissed one cheek and then kissed the other cheek. Kasey chuckled.

He massaged her ass some more, slowly moving his fingers closer together as he did so. His peeks at her tiny anus became longer with each squeeze as he spread her cheeks wider and wider. He stared right at her crack, heart pounding. He opened her cheeks wide again, this time holding them apart for a couple of seconds so he could get an extended look at her little asshole.

Kasey’s little asshole.

His cock was suddenly sticking straight up in the air, not quite fully hard but getting close. That tiny little hole had a few tiny wisps of brown hairs around it. He was snapped out of his trance when Kasey spoke.

“You know what we haven’t done yet?” She blurted. He let go of her cheeks and her asshole disappeared from view. He went back to massaging them.

“What?” Dave asked.

“You haven’t fucked me in the ass.” Kasey proclaimed, casually. He wasn’t shocked at her words — he was used to Kasey by now. But all the same, they turned him on even more.

“Yeah…” he responded, not really knowing what to say to that.

“Do you want to?” she asked.

“Gawd yes.” He replied. His hands spread her cheeks again, exposing her asshole once more. This time he bent down kissed just inside her crack. He held her plump cheeks apart and stuck his face in between them, gently kissing her right on the asshole.

“Ohhhhh…” Kasey sighed.

He stuck out his tongue and slowly trailed it around the rim of her anus. He dipped it inside a little before running it back around her rim again. He circled her asshole over and over again and he could hear her sighing above Anadolu Yakası Escort him. Making his tongue into a point, Dave pushed it inside Kasey’s anal tunnel, getting it as far inside her backdoor as he could. He wiggled it up and down inside her asshole as she started to squirm. He pulled his tongue back out and looked down at it.

Her asshole glistened as the light from the nightstand reflected off his saliva. Her tiny hole had opened up just a tad and his heart pounded lustfully. He kissed both sides of the crack of her ass and then slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up her skin towards her anus. He lapped right overtop of it and then lapped it a second time. He touched the tip of his tongue against the rim of her asshole again and slowly circled around it.

“Ohhhhh that feels so nice…” Kasey purred. Her ass and pussy were both buzzing with desire as she felt her lover’s tongue tease her backdoor.

He teased his tongue around two more times and then wiggled the tip of his tongue over it rapidly, up and down. He eased his tongue back inside and licked the roof of her asshole. He then began fucking her ass with his nimble tongue, sliding it in and out over and over again. He was careful to drool a lot of spit all over it, covering her asshole with his saliva.

“Oh gawd I need you to fuck my ass.” Kasey breathed.

Dave ignored her, burying his face in between her sexy ass cheeks and sliding his tongue deep into her tight hole. He wiggled it up and down before slowly pulling it out. He gave the tiny little hole another kiss before getting up. He got off the bed.

“I’ll go get the K-Y.” He explained before hurrying out of the room. He went into the master bedroom and grabbed the jelly, hustling back quickly. His cock could not get any harder. Kasey was up on her hands and knees, her giant tits hanging low beneath her chest. Her round belly was also hanging down.

He set the tube down beside her chubby foot and bent between her legs again. He kissed each of her ass cheeks, as his hands spread them apart. There was Kasey’s asshole again, beckoning him. He pushed is face between her fleshy cheeks and rubbed his tongue against her anal entrance. Dave eased his tongue back inside her anus. He couldn’t believe that he had not seen this woman in eight years and within hours of finally seeing her he was pushing his tongue into her asshole!

He got his fingers right in there between her plump cheeks, placing the tips on either side of her asshole. This time when he spread her cheeks apart, he opened up her asshole. Heart pounding, he licked his tongue back and forth across the rim of her asshole before slowly dipping it back inside. He managed to get his tongue deeper than ever this time and he wiggled it up and down.

“Ohhhhh…” Kasey moaned, subtly writhing her big ass back against his face.

He pulled his tongue back out of her asshole and grabbed the tube of K-Y, getting up on his knees behind her. He squirted some gel on his rampant hard-on, stroking it so that his dick was completely slick. He positioned himself behind her, placing the fat mushroom head against the entrance to her backdoor.

Kasey’s heart was beating excitedly when she felt the head of his stiff member probing between her ass cheeks. It had been a couple of months she has had anal sex and she missed it like crazy.

Dave pushed forward, watching her anus open up and allow the head of his dick to slip inside.

“Ungh!” Kasey grunted, softly.

The rim of her anus gripped the top of his cock tightly and he forced more of himself forward. His penis was so slick that he was moving easy enough, but he didn’t want to hurt her so he was careful. Half of his manhood disappeared inside Kasey’s bum. He pulled most of the way back out of her ass and then slid half of his penis back in again.

“Ohhhh yessss that feels good.” Kasey moaned. Her hands squeezed the pillow tightly as she tried to relax her ass muscles.

His hands gripped the fleshy skin on either side of her big bum and began fucking her up the ass using half of his cock. He watched her tiny little asshole absorb his penis over and over again.

“Ohhhh yes baby…” Kasey whispered. She began backing her ass back towards him, urging him on.

Dave slid deeper inside her bum and she let out another moan. He pulled back out and then pushed back in — this time sliding his entire Pendik Escort cock up her asshole.

“OHHH FUCK!” Kasey cried, wincing as she felt him penetrate her bum all the way. His groin was pressed against her ass and his dick was entirely inside her asshole.

He held himself against her ass, cherishing the sensation of his entire penis being gripped tightly by Kasey’s asshole. He looked down, taking in the sight of her big bum pressing against his groin. He pulled back a little, watching his penis emerge from the little hole. He then pushed back inside and she gasped. Holding the soft, cushy sides of her ass, he began sliding his cock halfway out of her before jamming it back in gently.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, gritting her teeth. Her ass and pussy were both tingling, although it kind of hurt a little.

His groin gently tapped against her big bum, causing the cheeks to ripple a little. He watched the tight rim of her anus slide along his thick white shaft again and again as he fucked her up the ass. She began pushing back against him a little, encouraging him onward so he began to lengthen his strokes and fuck her a little faster.

‘Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!’ the slapping noises began to emerge as he fucked Kasey up the ass harder. Her plump cheeks were rippling violently with each impact.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Kasey moaned each time he slid inside her. She could feel his balls slapping against her exposed, sensitive slit again and again. Each time they hit her a bolt of pleasure fired up her body and between that and the sensation of a hard cock sliding into her asshole and her orgasm was rising rapidly. Needing to cum badly, she began to ram her ass back against him faster.

Sensing this, Dave began fucking her faster, using long, sure strokes. He was pulling nearly all of his penis out of her anus before drilling it back into her.

‘SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!’ the sounds were so loud now that they could be heard at the other side of the house.

“OH GAWD, BABY!” Kasey moaned, eyebrows raised. “FUCK ME BABY! FUCK MY ASS! HARDER BABY! HARDER!” The tingling in her pussy intensified as her lover fucked her ass even harder, just like she directed. His balls were slapping her slit with more frequency and it was pushing her over the edge. ‘SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!’ Closer…closer…

“OHHHHHH! GAWD!” Kasey cried out, cumming hard. Her face was wincing and her muscles were tense as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her. She almost fell forward on the bed, but Dave had a tight grip on her waist.

His hands squeezed her waist harder, opening her ass cheeks even wider so his view of his cock entering her little asshole was crystal clear. The rim was pulling out a little each time he withdrew. He couldn’t believe he was fucking Kasey up her ass! Her cheeks rippled with each impact. She was hunched right over and falling forward. He knew he was losing her. He got in a few more quick, long strokes, cherishing the final seconds of his penis inside Kasey’s asshole. Then he let her fall forward. He watched his dick emerge from her bum before she collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath.

She was quick to roll onto her back though as he knelt between her legs.

“Wait.” She gasped. Kasey got up into a sitting position, her well-manicured hand grabbing his cock and she leaned forward. He saw that she wanted to take him in her mouth so he jutted his dick out to her. She opened her mouth and eagerly slid her lips down the penis that was just inside her asshole. Her face glistened with sweat as her full lips wrapped around his base. He could feel the top of his manhood touching her throat. She began to bob back and forth, slobbering all over his organ as she cleaned him off. She then pulled him out of her mouth with a ‘pop’. She looked up at him with her beautiful brown eyes.

“Fuck me Dave.” Kasey ordered in her sexy voice, lying back on the bed. Her plump legs were already open, but she spread them a little wider and raised her chubby feet into the air expectantly. Her smooth, plump thighs framed her shaved pussy perfectly. Her crevice was spread open a little and he could see her swollen lips inside, waiting for him.

He placed the head of his penis against the entrance to her vagina and pushed forward. She was sopping wet and he could feel her tightness open up for him and allow him to squeeze inside. Kasey closed her eyes, raising Kurtköy Escort her eyebrows as he slowly entered her heat. He got halfway inside her before her tightness wouldn’t allow him to go further. Intense heat gripped the top half of his manhood. He pulled most of the way out of her and then eased himself back in, this time slipping his entire penis inside her vagina.

“Ohhhhhh…” Kasey moaned. She opened her gorgeous eyes and looked up at him. She smiled, flashing her dimple as her pussy gripped the length of his member. He began to slide in and out of her slowly and he placed both hands on one of her pudgy thighs. He ran his hands down her leg, raising her chubby foot to his face. Without missing a stroke, he kissed the top of her foot. He began kissing her all over the top of her foot. He kissed her instep down to her heel and then back along her instep and up her big toe. He kissed her toe and briefly sucked it into his mouth as he watched his stiff penis disappear between folds of her vagina over and over again. He kissed her big toe again and then kissed each individual toe down to her little one. Raising her foot higher, he began to kiss all over the bottom of it, covering every inch. He kissed back around to her instep and up towards her big toe again. This time he sucked her three biggest toes into his mouth before pulling them back out.

“Ohhhh gawd baby!” Kasey breathed, eyebrows raised as she looked at him sucking her toes. Her big tits were rocking up and down with each of his thrusts and her round belly was shaking as well. He pulled her toes out of his mouth and he began kissing the top of her foot once again.

Finally, Dave released her foot and lay down on top of her, sliding his hands under shoulders and holding the soft flesh there as he looked into her brown eyes.

“I love you.” Kasey breathed, feeling his hardness enter her body over and over again.

“I love you too.” He replied. They kissed, tongues immediately sliding into each other’s mouths. It was their first kiss in a half hour. He had licked her asshole and fucked her ass and pussy, but had not kissed her in a little while. The two were enjoying each other immensely, tongues flailing as he began pistoning into her a little faster. She raised her feet up into the air, increasing the sensation in her cunt as she got fucked.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Kasey moaned into his mouth as he entered her tremendous heat again and again. Dave’s balls were heating up again and he realized that she was about to make him cum for the fourth time. He also realized that this load, too, would be shot inside her no-doubt extremely fertile body. He was helpless.

Dave thrust inside Kasey’s chubby body even faster and he broke the kiss.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Kasey’s cries rang throughout the house and her chubby feet were flailing helplessly behind his thrusting ass. He was so hard!

“I’m going to cum!” He gasped, pounding away at her defenseless pussy as fast as he could. Kasey’s heart soared.


He jammed his dick in and out of her a few more times before sliding it all the way inside her and holding it there. He felt her legs collapse around his waist and squeeze him tight, making sure that he wasn’t going anywhere.

Dave’s penis swelled inside Kasey’s vagina and then jerked violently, shooting a thick rope of his hot cum straight into her fertile womb. He twitched again inside her, spraying more of his semen off the back of her hungry pussy. He moaned, cock spasming over and over, shooting wad after wad of his seed deep inside her welcoming, defenseless cunt. He ground himself against her, his organ still twitching inside her as his sperm poured into her body.

“Oh my gawd you are amazing!” Kasey gasped, still feeling him expand and contract inside her buzzing vagina. She began kissing all over his face as her chubby legs squeezed him even tighter. “I love you baby.” She breathed. He turned and kissed her lips over and over again and they smacked loudly.

He could feel the last of his semen dripping out of him and into her — his fourth load of the night. They smiled at each other, continuing to kiss as they slowly recovered. Both of them were completely exhausted but for the next five minutes they kissed over and over as he softened inside her.

After a couple more minutes, Dave reached above them and shut off the lamp and the room was dark. He remained inside Kasey’s warm, comforting womanhood, as he grew soft. Their kissing slowed and then stopped altogether as the two lovers finally drifted off into sleep. His penis remained in her vagina.

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