The Portal – Double A

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“You sure you want to do this, Private?”

Private Lucy Jenks nodded. “Yes, sir!”

“Go on, then.”

She leaped through the portal, wondering where she’d end up.



Lucy slowly got to her feet. Her clothing was in shreds and her body was in pain. She looked around and saw… a restaurant? Yep, that’s definitely what it was. She walked over towards it.

A pretty blonde with a very recognizable rifle was standing by the door. “We’re closed today, as far as serving food. But I think my darlin’ would like you. Come on in.”

“Thanks, Aimee. I’m Lucy.”

Aimee Matchlock smiled. She was close to 30, so a couple years older than Lucy, but she still had a stunning figure. Her darlin’ was just a couple years older, and also kept himself in good shape.

“I saw you fall out of the sky. Where’d you come from?”

“Jumped through a swirling energy vortex.”

“Sounds like a wild thing to do. You look battered and bruised.”

“I hurt a bit.”

“Angelo, darlin’, we have a guest.”

Angelo Oscar Vincenzo Olivier Panettone wandered in from the kitchen. “So we do. She looks pretty beat up.”

“I crash landed here,” Lucy explained. “I’m Lucy. Nice to meet you, Angelo.”

“Let me make you a pancake,” Angelo çukurambar escort grinned.

15 minutes later, Lucy had finished the pancake. She was feeling considerably better. “Thanks, Angelo.”

“Glad to help,” he chuckled. “You want to get started, Aimee? If she’s as good as she looks, I’ll join you in half an hour.”

“Sure, darlin’. I’ll test drive her for you.”

Lucy giggled as Aimee led her over to the bedroom. The blonde removed what was left of Lucy’s shredded clothes and set her gun down before stripping. The two women climbed into the bed, and Aimee wrapped Lucy in her arms while they shared a slow kiss.

“You’re a good kisser, Aimee.”

Aimee moved her lips down to Lucy’s small but firm chest. She kissed through the short-haired brunette’s cleavage and then began suckling one of Lucy’s nipples.


Aimee’s hands gently caressed Lucy’s muscular legs. Lucy involuntarily shuddered.

“Your turn.”

The blonde slid her body back upwards. Now Lucy kissed her way through Aimee’s cleavage before taking one of the blonde’s nipples in her mouth. Aimee’s breasts were slightly larger than Lucy’s, but not monstrous.

“My darlin’ likes my feet.”

Aimee lifted herself up and rotated 180 degrees. demetevler escort Lucy ran first her hand, then her lips, along Aimee’s sole. The blonde moaned softly.

Encouraged, Lucy began kissing and sucking Aimee’s toes. That caused the moans to grow a bit louder.

“Not bad, dearie. How are you at eating pussy?”

“I’ve never done it,” Lucy confessed.

“Follow my lead.”

Aimee shifted her body on top of Lucy’s and positioned the two into a 69. She ran her tongue lightly over Lucy’s slit, and the brunette did the same for her. When Aimee spread open Lucy’s lower lips and slipped her tongue inside, she also pressed down more firmly, driving Lucy’s tongue between her own folds.

The two women licked each other to two climaxes each before Angelo walked in naked. “Is she worthy?”

Aimee disengaged her body from Lucy’s. “Yes, darlin’, she is.”

Angelo’s pole had already gotten hard. Presumably the sounds the ladies had been making had turned him on. He lay down in the bed, and Aimee maneuvered Lucy onto his pole. The brunette began sliding up and down.

While Lucy rode Angelo, Aimee presented him with her feet. He gratefully kissed and sucked on her toes for a few minutes while Lucy bounced herself to climax. dikmen escort

After that, Aimee lifted her body upwards and then lowered her box to Angelo’s waiting tongue. The patissier greedily lapped up her juices, then slipped inside to drink them straight from the source. He quickly made the blonde gush onto his face while Lucy continued to ride his rod. The brunette climaxed three more times in five minutes while Aimee and her shared a series of deep kisses.

After the blonde gushed on her boyfriend for a second time, she panted, “Switch.” Lucy and Aimee swapped.

Aimee gleefully pistoned her body up and down, making Angelo’s cock throb with excitement as he tongued Lucy. The blonde squeezed him with her pussy on every downslide. His moans were muffled by Lucy’s box. Both women climaxed several more times until Angelo was right on the edge.

Aimee slipped her body off him and pulled Lucy down with her. “Ready?” The brunette nodded and the women French kissed with Angelo’s twitching, throbbing cock in the middle. Lucy teased his swollen balls with one hand.

Angelo erupted, shooting jets of cum high in the air. They fell back and landed on his belly and chest. Lucy and Aimee, once he had finished, licked him clean and then shared one more kiss, each of them swallowing some of the cum.

After everyone had taken a long moment to recover, Aimee grinned at Lucy. “You can be part of darlin’s harem. You’ll have a roof over your head and can have his delicious pancakes when you get hungry. And every so often do this.”

Lucy smiled. “Deal.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32