The Pool Sitter Ch. 03

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It was hard to say I spent that night like a kid before Christmas, because I never remembered asking Santa for two sexy bikini clad young women to come over for a visit.

Throughout the night, I recalled Alyssa in her orange floral bikini, her knowing smile as she walked to the hot tub with me behind her, her moans and gasps as her orgasm shook her and she pushed my face into her sweet pussy, her deft touch as she licked and jerked my cock into explosive jets of cum that coated her cheeks, neck, and petite breasts, and finally, the silky soft feel of her tight pussy as my cock plunged into it. No, I could not recall a night before Christmas of asking for this, but I did recall being a horny 17-year-old, and the way I jerked off that night in anticipation of Alyssa and Diana coming for a visit made me think I was that young again.

I was out by the pool the next morning, trying to rewrite a chapter I had already struggled with before the book tour. Paragraphs blurred on my notebook screen, words jumbled as I read and reread them. Then the phone rang.

“Hey sexy,” said Alyssa. “I’m looking out my window and I can see you poolside. Don’t get all horny Web-surfing, save some for us.”

I looked up and over my wooden fence to the second floor corner room that overlooked my yard. “Do you like watching me?” I asked, although I could not see Alyssa at the window.

“Not as much as I like fucking you. I’m already wet.”

“So come on over now.”

“Well, I feel like sneaking over right now, but Diana wants to do some shopping. So we’ll see you in two hours. OK?”

“Mmmmm, baby, that seems like forever.” “Well horny man, stay in control. Diana really wants to meet you. In the meantime, here’s something to think about,” she said. I looked up again to see her at the window. She smiled, holding the phone in one hand as she slipped a finger into her blue panties with the other. “Can you see the wet spot?”

“Not from here, but I’d love to see you make yourself cum.”

“Ooooooooooh, I’m already thinking about your hard cock. I want to make it spurt all over me again.”

I could not see a wet spot in her sincan escort panties, but it looked like two fingers were moving inside her as she cooed into the phone. Both of us heard a honking horn in front of her house.

“Oh shit, lover, that’s Diana. Gotta go. See you soon.” Alyssa slipped behind the curtain again as the phone clicked.

So much for getting any work done. Like the day before, when I saw Alyssa reclining by the pool, my first instinct was to jerk off just to relieve the pressure. My cock ached in my shorts, I stroked it with two fingertips and knew someone might get drowned the first time I came.

Finally I went back into the house and made a veggie tray and some snacks, figuring a knife in my hands would keep my hands away from my cock. I had just set out the tray with a pitcher of iced tea when I heard giggling at my gate.

“Hey writer man, take a break,” said Alyssa as she came into my yard with a redhead about four inches taller than her.

“Like I was getting anything done anyway,” I said. “You make it too hard to concentrate.”

She leaned down to kiss me, wearing a tight yellow tank top and white skirt that rose to about mid-thigh. “Say hello to Diana,” she said.

“Hello, Diana,” I said, eying her ringlets of red hair and puffy lips. Diana was buxom, a good 36C headed for D all wrapped into a blue sundress that looked painted on.

“Hi, Warren. I’ve heard a lot about you from Alyssa,” said Diana as she stepped forward and held out her hand. She let go slowly, tracing her fingers over my palm and licking her lips.

“All of it good, I hope.”

“Better than good. I think you rocked her world. She sure liked shopping.”

“Stop now, don’t go there,” said Alyssa as she playfully slapped at Diana with a small bag from the surf shop at the mall. “Can we get changed here?” asked Alyssa. “I didn’t want to change at home and have neighbors seeing us both coming over here.” “By all mean, please do. Use the second bedroom to your right,” I said.

“Sounds good, baby,” said Alyssa, taking Diana by the elbow. “No peeking, though.” Diana slung sıhhiye escort her bag over her shoulder and they sauntered into the house.

The wait seemed even longer than waiting for them to arrive, and my hand more than once brushed my cock as I tried to focus my attention on anything but the sliding patio door they would emerge from. I tried to look nonchalant as I hear the door slide in its runners and looked to see their arrival on my patio.

“Well, what do you think?” asked Alyssa. Her lime green string bikini trimmed in pink was accented by a halter top. She spun around for me, showing off the full bottom that hugged her tight ass.

Diana stepped around her in a purple striped tankini that barely held her breasts. She was thicker through her midsection, fuller in her hips and confident of her curves.

“I think heaven just landed in my backyard,” I said.

“I think that means he likes us,” said Diana with a laugh.

“Maybe he should stand up and show us,” Alyssa said.

I stepped around the table to pull out a chair for Diana.

“Thank you, Warren,” she said. Her skin was fair and freckled under her suit, she looked like she had been poured into a finely made mold, then let loose to drive men wild. “Such nice hands,” she said as she sat down, and ran her fingertips up and down my arm.

“Such nice skin,” I said, parting her hair and trailing the tip of my tongue over her neck. Diana turned her face up to my kisses, all the while moving my hand to her breasts that were cuppable without being overwhelming.

“So how was shopping?” I asked as I poured drinks for all. Alyssa and Diana both began giggling. “What?” I asked, afraid I was being a dork.

“Ummmmm, I think the manager of the surf shop had to close up after we left,” said Alyssa.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, I think Diana got him too excited.”

“Hey, I had some help,” protested Diana.

“No, you kept asking him about which bikinis looked hottest, then holding them up.” “Yes, and when you took yours into the dressing room, we could hear you playing with your clit. I even tandoğan escort heard you call out Warren’s name. Although now I know why you did.”

Diana began to caress my thigh, just using the tips of her fingers. She worked from the knee to the edge of my shorts, moving slowly while looking up at me. “So now the manager probably locked himself into the dressing room while we are here with you.” Diana slid her forefinger up and down the length of the bulge in my trunks, then pulled my polo shirt up enough to kiss and lick my stomach, teasing her tongue right to the edge of my trunks.

As if on cue, Alyssa stood from the table and leaned up for a long kiss. As our tongues met, Diana pulled down my trunks. “How do you like my friend?” asked Alyssa, breaking the kiss as she pulled off my shirt.

“Ohhhhhgoddddd, I like her,” I moaned. Diana sucked my cock head into her mouth, probing it with her tongue before those soft pouty lips moved down the shaft. I slid on hand down to Alyssa’s tight ass while Diana licked her way up and down the shaft and hummed on my cock.

“Want some?” Diana asked Alyssa with a smile as she looked up. She stroked my cock between her thumb and forefinger. “He looks like he could blow at anytime.”

With that she leaned forward and licked the spot just below the head of my dick, teasing it with the tip of her tongue before drawing the whole head back into her mouth.

I was on tiptoe now, knees trembling. Diana’s soft lips engulfed my shaft as Alyssa stuck her tongue in my ear, then reached to caress my balls.

I looked down to see those soft lips moving back and forth over the shaft. As her mouth vibrated waves of ecstasy over and under my shaft, Alyssa slid to her knees as well. She kept one hand on her knee, the other rubbed my balls.

“Cum baby, let it out,” said Alyssa.

Then my dick was buried deep in Diana’s throat, with her tongue and lips glued to the shaft. I pitched forward, and erupted, holding the table tight as my cum spurted into her mouth. Dina took the first two blasts in her mouth, they came out like I was a garden hose. She pulled her mouth away and aimed my cock at Alyssa halter top. Two long spurts hit the halter and stretch to Alyssa’s collarbone.

Then Diana sucked me dry and clean. I could barely stand, but smiled as Diana let go of my cock with a last kiss to the head.

“Mmmm, chaser,” said Diana as she sipped tea after my cum.

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