The Pole

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Tonight I am ready for him; my dearest husband I have missed so much. Why did he have to go for so long; why couldn’t he be here during those cold, lonely nights? He’s working hard for me that’s why; for us, for our future. Things have been tough lately, with not enough money coming in even though both of us work insanely hard. We will be okay though, everything will be good again when the love of my life returns to me, holding me in that safe embrace; hands cradling my face, lips locking onto mine. I want to please him; for this I have been preparing, not only is he coming home today, but it is also his birthday and I aim to make it one he’ll never forget.

Little does he know for the last few months while he’s been away, I have been working hard on something especially for him; my tutor Alicia has been moulding me into a lean pole dancing queen. Every night when I finished work I would leave the office and call Jack to see how his day had been; I would tell him I love him and I was missing him and then head off for my private lesson. My skyscraper heels and my small pink hot pants and vest top would be already waiting in a bag the whole time I was working. As soon as I hung up the phone on Jack I would rush in excitement to Alicia’s studio down town. Once I got there it would be straight down to business, Alicia would hit play on the music system and have me stand in front of her as a mirror image to warm up.

‘Okay Cheryl, eyes on mine at all times. Let’s start with our head, shoulders and arm stretches.’ Of course I would comply, moving my muscles and joints in rotations to work out the kinks. ‘That’s good Cheryl. Remember, sultry eyes; you want your husband to look at you and be completely hooked. Let’s do those hips and legs now.’ My body would sway and rock, releasing all of the days’ tension. I’d look deep into her eyes and hold her gaze, working on that sultry look she was teaching me.

‘Much better Cheryl; that’s exactly the look we’re going for, it’s as much about the eyes as it is your body.’ We would finish our warm up and I’d get my things from my bag to change into. I would come back into the room, my heels making me look taller and my legs leaner; my short pink hot pants would hug my ass and my vest top would pull me in and push me up in all the right places.

‘Hey Cheryl if you look that good in your training gear your husband is in for a right treat when you get your sex on!’

‘I guess I just need you to give me some new moves now then huh?’ We would laugh together before running through the pole routine again.

‘Just always remember to think sexy and you’ll be fine.’

‘Will do babe’ Afyon Escort and I’d give her a wink and a cheeky grin.

‘That’s my girl! Now show me those pins twirl around that pole. Just imagine its Jacks dick!’ I’d laugh and in one swift motion I’d mount the pole as the music began to pump out the large speakers.

And now here I am; any minute now Jack will come home and find me; I’m fully kitted out in black lace after taking Alicia’s advice. My black hair is falling in long, glossy waves to my breasts. My eyes are dramatic and dark with lips blood red. I put my hands on my hips and wait for him to discover me. His transformed wife; now his special birthday slut.


It’s been too long; all I want to do is nuzzle my face into my wife’s neck and inhale her sweet comforting scent. My how I’ve missed her. I push the front door open and call her to let her know I’m home now. ‘Cheryl! Honey where are you?’ No response; if she isn’t here how come the door was unlocked?

I look in the front room — empty; the kitchen — empty. I move up the stairs and hear music, not my wife’s taste at all, it’s fast paced and bouncy with a loud bass. Who the hell is in MY bedroom playing THAT? I fear the worst hoping to god that there isn’t another man in there. I hold onto the door handle and close my eyes for a moment before swinging the door open and barging into our bedroom.

I’m stunned. There is no man in here to my relief; instead a woman, tall, dark with the sexiest lips, plump and being pulled from her teeth in a way that oozes sex appeal. Her eyes are locked onto me, inviting me into her. God I want to make those eyes roll back with the pleasure of my dick fucking her and filling her up.

I look at her some more — she’s wearing those ‘fuck me shoes’ I love so much and dark stockings that travel up to her thighs. My eyes shift to her stomach, smooth and tight made even more gorgeous by the addition of the black suspender belt. Oh how I want to run my hands and tongue all over her skin and further up to those full and firm…Oh My God

How has it taken me this long to realise. No bra; she isn’t bare though; those voluptuous breasts of hers, pert wearing dark sparkling diamonds that surround her nipples. The pattern reminds me of fireworks – she looks so hot.

‘Happy birthday baby.’

My wife, my beautiful, sexy hot wife! I have never seen her this way before; she is normally so shy and would normally only ever have sex in the dark. ‘Don’t drool honey, look in my eyes.’ I’ve just noticed my mouth has been hung open in shock since I walked in. ‘Sit baby.’

She places me on a chair that I Afyon Escort Bayan haven’t seen in here before and closes the door behind us. ‘Put your hands behind you.’ I oblige still in utter awe of this woman; she takes my tie from my shirt and binds my hands together so I can’t touch her. ‘You like our new addition?’ I look around not realising what she means and then I see it — that shining silver pole behind her, hidden in the dim light. I can do nothing other than nod in response. ‘Good. I’m glad you approve. Would you like me to dance for you baby?’

‘I would.’ I almost choke the words out and she bends down taking my hair in her hands and yanking my head back to meet her gaze. Fuck that’s hot.

‘Then a dance you shall have sir.’ She kisses me on the forehead and I can feel her lipstick print remain on me when her lips leave and she walks away from me. Effortlessly she uses her arms and propels herself half way up the pole, entwining her legs around the top, spinning her body so she ends up upside down with her stomach and breasts facing me. It’s an unbelievable sight with those ‘fuck me shoes’ and that lacy underwear. God how I would rip them off with my teeth in seconds. The whole time she spins her body and grinds her pelvis down and then up the pole her eyes are burning into mine with pure seduction.

The way her hips are moving; just the sheer sight makes my cock hard and I can feel the throbbing sensation as it tries to burst free from my pants. ‘Cheryl! Enough; come here to me!’ I cannot sit here with my wrists restrained much longer, I need to touch her.

‘You want me to stop baby?’ Her voice is teasing me.

‘I want, Mrs White, to fuck you. Get over here and release me or I may be inclined to put you over my knee later.’ And with that she slides down from the pole and moves over to me at a frustratingly slow pace. The tie is becoming a real pain in the ass now; I want to grab her and throw her down on our bed and fuck her until her nails dig into my back and I hear that long, loud moan of my name that I’ve missed so much.

‘I don’t think I can release you, but… I can fuck you.’ She never swears; the sound of her emphasising the word ‘fuck’ almost makes me spontaneously combust in my pants. She never fucks ME either; it is ALWAYS me that fucks HER. She drops to her knees and moves her head so her hair flies back behind her — that sultry gaze staring into my soul as she unzips me and pulls down my pants in slow motion while biting her bottom lip.

‘Would you like one of my special kisses before I fuck you sir?’

‘God yes!’ With the excitement in my voice and present in Escort Afyon her eyes, she grabs at my dick clenching a fist around me, holding me tighter before licking from my balls to my tip. She rolls her tongue over me and plunges me deep into her mouth. ‘Arrrgh, god Cheryl!’ I pull on my restraining tie wanting to touch her face and tug on her hair. It’s been so long since my wife has taken me this way, way before I left for work; it makes me feel that pressurised build up already. ‘Untie me Cheryl; I don’t want to come yet’.

She glances up at me and slowly slips my throbbing erection out of her mouth. That red lipstick of hers, staining her imprinted kiss on my pubic bone. She carries on holding my stare as she stands up to straddle me. ‘I don’t want you to come yet either. I want to fuck you first Jack, just hold it back for me.’ God she is sexy when she’s in this mood.

Her hands normally shaking, expertly undo the buttons of my shirt while her plumped lips kiss and caress me from my mouth, down my neck and over my chest. ‘Mmm.’ A low groan escapes my mouth. ‘God Cheryl I’ve missed you.’

‘I’ve missed you too Jack.’ She moves the lacy material of her panties to the side and moves my tip along her length. I can feel her arousal and wetness and I push my hips up to feel her entry. ‘So impatient sir.’ She flashes me a smug and cheeky smile.

‘I want you now.’ Before my words even leave my lips our tongues are rolling around together in a frenzied dance of passion. At that exact moment I feel her walls close in around my shaft and I expect her to move herself up and down but she doesn’t. She rolls her hips instead in long, sensual circles and I can feel her from angles I haven’t had the pleasure of feeling before. Her touch brings me close to the brink but I’m distracted by the sudden change of movement as she moves up and down, pulling herself almost off me completely before allowing me to plunge back in.

One of her hands pulls on my hair as the other moves slowly along her neck, over her breasts and squeezing. She’s doing to herself what she knows I would be doing to her if my hands were freed. Her hand continues lower until I can see her fingers rub her clit while she still pumps me in and out of her.

We rock together and both moan into each other’s mouths in ecstasy. I feel her contract and flutter around my cock when her back arches and her head is thrown back with the scream of her orgasm. The sound of her coming alone sends me over the edge and the pulsation of her pussy makes me explode inside her.

We fall limp together, still wrapped up on this chair. I feel the tie slide off from my wrists and I feel the dull ache of where they’ve dug into my skin. I push my fingers through her hair and move her head so her eyes meet mine. ‘I love you Cheryl.’ I whisper, leaving a trail of soft kisses over her cheek, eye lids and forehead.

‘I love you too Jack. Happy birthday.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32