The Pleasure of Business Ch. 02

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Although they had started their affair weeks before, Diana and Melanie had managed to keep it a secret from their co-workers. After all, Melanie had just been given the plum DeRossi account and there were those who would cry favoritism if they knew of Mel’s relationship with one of the managing partners at Keegan & Brand. Still, it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain their professional façade at the office. In staff meetings, Melanie would catch Diana gazing at her with a tiny smile playing about her mouth. Mel would feel her face flush as she remembered that just a few hours before, in Diana’s bed, Diana had fucked her senseless with a huge strap-on dildo, making Mel come over and over again. It would make Mel’s pussy wet just to think of it and she would clench her thighs together, coming in a soundless orgasm as she thought of their love play. And Diana would watch every second, knowing exactly what was happening and thrilling to the power she had to make Mel come just by looking at her.

And so came a rainy Friday afternoon when the majority of the office decided to take off early. Mel was working on a client presentation and was frustrated with a bit of advertisers block – she just couldn’t come up with a catchy tag line for the campaign. Picking up her laptop, she wandered to Diana’s office to bounce some ideas off of her. Diana was shoeless, her stockinged feet propped up on the desk, as she spoke into the wireless headset.

“Richard, I think you’re missing the point here. We have a golden opportunity to snatch away a ten million account from Clive and Associates and you’re giving me this bullshit about “goodwill”? There is no honor among thieves, Richard. They’ve stolen accounts from us; now we need to get some of our own back. Take your balls out of the vault and strap them on, because I want the contracts signed, sealed and delivered by end of day Monday. Yes, Richard – Monday. Well then, you’d better get to it hadn’t you? Ciao, Richard.”

Diana disconnected the phone and pulled off her headset.

“What a spineless schmuck. If he wasn’t the nephew of the CEO of our biggest account, he’d be out on his ass in a minute! So what’s up, gorgeous?”

“Diana!” Melanie glanced quickly at the open door, nervous that someone had heard. She was constantly worried that they would be indiscreet and someone would find out – and she’d be the one out on her ass. She closed the office door and sat down. Diana laughed at her.

“Would you stop worrying? No one around here suspects a thing! And I call everybody “Gorgeous”!”

Melanie relaxed a little.

“I know…you’re right. But now that the door’s closed, I’ve got to tell you…do you know how hot it makes me when I hear you talking in your “I’m the fucking bad-ass boss” voice.” Melanie sat back and crossed her legs.

Diana laughed.

“Really? I never knew that!”

“Oh, yeah! It totally plays into my favorite fantasy!”

“And what’s that?”

“Well, I’m the meek little secretary and you’re the dominant uber-bitch Boss Lady. And I have to do whatever you want, because I can’t lose my job.”

“Hmmmm…” Diana hummed thoughtfully, “I think we can make that fantasy a reality!”

She stood up and walked over to the picture windows facing out to the Bycasino office. She began pulling the blinds closed.

Melanie looked a bit panicked.

“No way, Di – not in the office! What if someone comes in?”

Diana clicked the door lock and turned around. “Now, Miss Johnson, it’s time for your Performance Review. I’m afraid your work hasn’t been quite up to my expectations. I think we may have to let you go” She walked over and stood leaning against the desk directly in front of Mel, her arms crossed and looking quite stern.

Melanie glanced once at the closed and locked door, but then decided what the hell. She was already so hot, trying to anticipate where this was leading. She cast her eyes down and bit her lip.

“I’m so sorry I’m not meeting your expectations, Ms. Davenport. I’ve tried so hard to please you. Isn’t there anything I can do to keep from being fired? I really need this job and I’d do anything to keep it.”

Diana raised an eyebrow.


“Oh yes! Just tell me what I can do!”

Diana looked at her consideringly.

“All right. Stand up.” Her tone was brisk and business-like. Melanie stood with her hands crossed demurely in front of her.

“Now, I want you to take off your panties and pull up your skirt so that I can see your pussy.”

“Wh…what? Oh Ms. Davenport! I can’t do that!!” Melanie looked down in embarrassment.

“I thought you said you would do anything. Was that not a true statement?” Diana crossed her arms.

“Well….all right…I suppose”. Melanie slipped off her panties and pulled her skirt up around her waist, exposing her smoothly waxed pussy. Diana circled her slowly, appraising her with a critical eye. Melanie could feel the congestion start in her cunt, the heavy ache of desire. She kept her eyes straight ahead as Diana continued her scrutiny. Finally, Diana sat down in the chair that Mel had vacated, directly in front of her.

“Very well. Now I want you to sit on the edge of the desk and spread your legs as far apart as you can.” Diana crossed her legs and rested her chin on her fingertips, gazing steadily at Melanie.

Not taking her eyes from Diana’s face, Melanie backed up until her ass hit the desk. She spread her legs far apart, her skirt riding up to expose her pussy. The moist lips were slightly parted and her plump clit protuded from them like a succulent little morsel. Diana licked her own lips, trying not to squirm in her seat as her own cunt flooded her panties. Melanie was leaning slightly back, resting her hands behind her on the desk.

“Is this the way you meant, Ms. Davenport? Is this all right?”

“Very good, Miss Johnson. I see you’re learning how to take directions. Let’s see if you can follow the next set of instructions. Now I want you to use one finger to start to caress your clitoris.”

“Oh, but Ms. Davenport! I couldn’t!” Melanie put her hand to her mouth in mock distress.

“You can if you want to continue working here!” Diana snapped. “Do it or put your panties on and get out!” She waved her hand toward the door.

Bracing herself with one hand, Melanie slowly put the forefinger of her other hand into her mouth. Watching Diana every second, she sucked briefly on her finger before Bycasino giriş moving it down between her legs. She began to slowly glide her finger over her hot, slippery clit. Her head fell back and she closed her eyes as hot licks of pleasure began coursing through her. Diana caught her breath as Melanie began to rub faster, using her fingers to push aside the lips of her pussy. She could see the pink tip of Melanie’s clit, appearing and disappearing as Mel stroked it. The sight of her lover pleasuring herself was almost too much for Diana. Melanie had begun to moan and pant. She was now alternating with caressing her hard clit and slipping her finger deep inside her cunt. Diana could tell that she was almost ready to climax and she quickly dropped to her knees in front of Mel.

Pushing aside Mel’s fingers, Diana buried her tongue into Mel’s drenched pussy. Mel gasped with pleaure as Diana’s tongue found her throbbing clit and she began to suck and lick the tender flesh. Mel braced her self with both hands and began to slowly grind her hips, pushing her cunt rythmically against Diana’s flicking tongue. Her orgasm was a wave, building and building until it finally took her over the edge. She cried out as her body went rigid, riding the tide of sensations. Diana continued to suck greedily on Mel’s pussy, avid for the taste of her pouring into her mouth. Weak from the force of her coming, Melanie lay back on the desk, panting to catch her breath. Diana stood slowly up and looked down at Mel.

“Your performance in this task was adequate, Miss Johnson. However, you still haven’t convinced me of your desire to meet my needs. I’m afraid I have another task for you.”

Mel lifted herself on her elbows and eyed Diana, looking for signs that Di was ready to stop playing. But by the stern look in Diana’s eyes, she knew that the game was going to continue. She scrambled off the table and pulled down her skirt, suddenly feeling vulnerable. It excited her.

“What do you want me to do now, Ms. Davenport?”

“Hmmm…what would be a suitable task for you?” Diana went back to her desk and pulled open one of the drawers. Reaching in she removed two shiny metal egg-shaped objects, each attached to one small box with wires.

“Do you know what these are, Miss Johnson?” She asked, holding each egg in one hand.

“No, ma’am.” Melanie replied demurely.

“These are Silver Bullets. They vibrate at a various speeds with the flick of a button on the control box.” She turned on the switch and Melanie heard a low buzzing sounds as the eggs began to vibrate. Her eyes widened as she realized what purpose these would serve and she licked her lips in anticipation.

Diana turned them off and strolled back to stand in front of Melanie. Casually she handed Mel the silver bullets before reaching down to unzip her trousers. She stepped out of them, and her panties. Sitting back down in the chair she had vacated earlier, she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, as well as her bra. Now totally naked, Diana spread her legs and hooked her knees over the arms of the chair, exposing her soaking wet cunt. Melanie swallowed hard, not taking her eyes off the glistening lips and plump clit of her lover’s pussy.

Diana used her fingers to spread Bycasino deneme bonusu her pussy open.

“Now, Miss Johnson, I think you can guess what I want you to do now.”

Melanie wasted no time in dropping to her knees and flicking the “on” switch of the controls. She knelt between Diana’s legs and lightly touched the buzzing egg to Diana’s clit. The effect was immediate. Diana’s eyes widened and she gasped at the delicious sensation. Melanie smiled and pressed the egg harder against her clit, moving it slowly up and down. Diana’s eyes closed as she moaned deeply — the vibrations from the egg seemed to radiate from her clit throughout her body. As Melanie moved the egg back and forth, she began to slip it in and out of the opening to Diana’s cunt. Each time she slid it further in, until at one point it disappeared entirely. Diana arched her back and cried out as the egg began to vibrate inside her. Melanie quickly picked up the second bullet and touched that to Diana’s clit. She now had the double sensations of one bullet vibrating against her g-spot and the other buzzing against her clit. She started to buck her hips uncontrollably, gasping and crying out her pleasure. Melanie watched her lover’s face intently, reveling in the fact that she was in complete control of Diana’s pleasure. She reached for the controls and steadily began to increase the speed of the vibrations.

Diana’s body jerked and she placed her hand on Melanie’s head to steady herself.

“C’mon, baby…I want to hear you when you come.” Melanie was now in complete control, their roles as dominant/submissive completely reversed. Diana’s hips were grinding, her ass lifted completely off the chair.

“Oh god Melanie fuck me fuck me fuck me…” She chanted, her head thrown back in extasy. As Melanie increased the vibrating speed of the eggs buried deep in Diana’s cunt and held tight against her aching clit, Diana could feel the onset of a massive orgasm. As waves and waves of pleasure coursed through every nerve ending, Diana came with a scream, her whole body jerking convulsively with each orgasmic shock. The muscles in her cunt contracted around the still-vibrating egg and the orgasm continued to pulse throughout her body. She was panting and gasping for breath as the climax peaked began to ebb. Sinking back into the chair she let her head fall back weakly.

Melanie flicked the switch of the vibrator controls to “off” and slowly eased the egg out of Diana’s still convulsing vagina. She rose and snuggled in the chair next to Diana, placing her arm beneath Diana’s head and kissing her deeply. Without opening her eyes Diana wrapped her arms around Melanie. They sat there for a moment, catching their breath and waiting for their heart rates to return to normal. It was five minutes before Diana regained the use of her voice.

“Holy shit!”

Melanie laughed.

“So then your expectations were met, Ms. Davenport? I won’t lose my job?”

“No way! As a matter of fact, I’m promoting you to Vice President!”

“Well well well…if that’s all it took to make VP, I would have tried it years ago.

Diana and Melanie froze in shock. Standing in the doorway, leaning casually against the jamb, was Richard Adams. The spineless schmuck Diana had reamed on the phone not a half hour before was now standing there watching them, in fact had seen everything from the moment Melanie had knelt between Diana’s legs. He smirked at their shocked expressions.

“Hmmm…now what are we going to do with this little bit of information?”

…To be continued

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