The Picnic

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One weekend my boyfriend and I decide to go on a picnic. Right off I ask him where we’re going, but he tells me it’s a surprise, he won’t even let me look in the basket. So I don’t even have any idea what we’re going to have to eat. He drives for about an hour, until we’re out in the middle of nowhere, he turns on to a deserted road, he stops the car when we reach a run down old shack. I sarcastically ask if this is where we’re going to have our picnic. With a smile on his face he says that we’re not quite there yet, that we have to hike for a bit. We get out of the car and head for the forest behind the shack, with him in the lead. We walk for about a ½ hour – 45 mins. For a moment the trees seemed to get thicker, then we come into a beautiful meadow, perfect for a picnic. We look around and find the perfect spot; we sit down under a beautiful tree.

I go for the basket to start taking out some food, but before I can reach the basket my boyfriend grabs the basket and puts it on his other side out of my reach. He looks at me and tells me I’m not allowed to see what’s in the basket just yet. He takes our lunch out, and we have a pleasant lunch, talking and relaxing. When we’re finished eating my boyfriend suggests that we go for a walk and check out the area. It seems to be a very secluded area; we go back to where we left our blanket and basket. We sit back down; he turns to me and asks if I’d like something to drink. I nod my head, and he brings out 2 glasses and a bottle of champagne. When we’ve finished drinking the champagne, he tells me that it’s time I got to see what else he has in the basket.

He pulls out a bottle of lube and a big dildo. I laugh nervously at this point asking him if he’s joking, he gives me a wicked looking smile and tells me that I’m going to remember this picnic for a long time. He tells me he’s glad that I wore a simple sundress that will be easy to dispose of. I was so shocked at what he had planned for our outing that I don’t even think to say anything or move out of his reach. He forces me to lie back, he hovers over me, just watching and looking at me. He brings his face close to mine without actually touching me. He moves his head towards my ear as if he’s about to say something to me, but he just seems to be breathing my scent in, I turn my head to try and get some contact, but he moves before we touch. He moves down to the valley between my tits, he notices that already my breathing is getting heavier.

He smiles Ankara escort knowing I’ll give him a very passionate afternoon. Even though he hasn’t touched me it feels like he has, my nipples are rock hard. Which he finds out when he covers one of my tits with his hand? He pulls the front of my dress down so that he can see my tits. He tells me how glad he is that I didn’t wear a bra. He lowers his body onto mine to make sure that I can go nowhere, but not covering me completely. He holds my tits in his hands, and brings his mouth down to suck on one nipple, then the other. In no time at all he has me gasping for breath. He switches to his fingers; every so often my back arches up off the ground, letting him know that I’m desperate for more. This is the part he’s been looking forward to, since he saw what I decided to wear and not wear today.

Wasting no more time he grabs the bottom of my dress and slowly start sliding it up my body. He places kisses on the areas he just uncovered. He stops for a bit when he reaches my pussy, at first he just places kisses; I want much more flesh contact than I’m getting. He finds that he has to put his hands on my hips to hold me still, I’m squirming so much. Quickly now he takes my dress off the rest of the way. Once he has it off, he gets up on his knees and looks down at me and sees that I’m ready for all that he wants to do to and with me. He leans down again; only placing light kisses along my inner thighs. He can feel that it’s driving me crazy.

He puts his hands on the inside of my ankles and slowly run his hands up the inside of my legs, parting them as he goes. He spreads them as wide as he can. He tells me that I have to keep my legs like this until he says otherwise. I nod my understanding still t dazed to speak. He positions himself so that he has easy access to every part of me. He leans downs and gives me a deep lingering kiss. He raises his head and softly tells me that he’s going to fuck me with the dildo until I can’t stand, at which point I have to suck him off without letting him cum for as long you tell me. That I must not stop no matter what. Before he even finishes telling me all of this, I’m moaning and nodding my head yes to let him know that I’ve understood all he has said.

He starts by opening my pussy so that he can devour it with his eyes. He can see that even this is having an effect on me. He moves his fingers closer, so that he can slide them inside, he slides one finger in, pushing it Ankara escort bayan deep very quickly, he loves seeing me arch my back, and moaning that way. He takes his finger out, before I can catch my breath he thrusts two fingers inside me deep, again he takes them out. I whimper when they leave me. This time I feel something different at my pussy. I feel him push the head of the dildo into me. He doesn’t push it in any further, then I feel something cool drip onto my pussy, I realize then that it’s the lube. He tells me to rub the lube all over my pussy and the dildo as if it was a real cock about to be plunged into me. Excited by his words I show him how I would do it if it were his. By the time I’m finished his own cock is very hard and anxious for a hot wet pussy to wrap round it.

He takes the dildo from me and rotates it in small circles, making my pussy ache for much more of the dildo. Watching my face closely he pushes the dildo all the way in, I can’t help but cry out, I startle a flock of birds nearby. He says to me that he hopes I’m comfortable because he’s going to fuck me like this for a long time. Over and over again he rams the dildo into my pussy, almost lifting me off the ground with the force of the thrusts. Finally I tell him that I can’t keep my legs in position any longer, he tells me fine, but that I must now get on all fours, I roll over and get on all fours.

He again spreads my pussy lips, so he can see my pussy, all wet and dripping with my own cum. He rubs his hand all over my pussy getting it everywhere. He takes the dildo and pushes it deep. He leans over and tells me to keep my hands above my head unless it’s to help or else; he pushes the dildo even deeper to stress his point. I can feel him put more lube on my pussy, but I notice that this time he’s covering a larger area. He sees that I’ve noticed because I’ve started to squirm, and push my ass towards him. He uses his free hand to rub the lube around and the other to fuck me with the dildo. I realize that he’s stopped rubbing, before I even finish the thought he’s back. Except it doesn’t feel like him. By the time it registers what it is, he’s already started pushing a second dildo into my ass. He goes very slowly; meanwhile he’s still fucking my pussy with the other dildo. Before long he has the second dildo as far in my ass as it can go. He slides it out and then back in a little to make sure it slides well. He can feel me pushing back at him letting him know that I am Escort Ankara very ready to have my ass fucked.

He makes sure that he has a good grip on both of the dildos, then he starts pushing them into me at the same time, making sure each time to push deeper than before. He pulls them almost all the way out, then changes tactics and pulls one out while pushing the other in. he fucks me like this until I have no choice but to collapse. He gives me a few moments to rest and get ready for the next round. When he notices that my breathing has gone back to normal, he tells me to lay back. He brings out a cloth from the basket. He uses the cloth to wipe my pussy clean a little. When he’s done he tells me to roll onto my side. Then he sheds his clothes and lies down so that his cock is right in front of my face. He looks at me and reminds me to do as I was told. I start by wrapping my hand the base of his cock, holding it firmly. I lightly run my tongue over his cock as if it was a lollipop, every once in a while stopping to suck on the head. He’s not sure if this was such a good idea; he almost wants to tell me to finish him off now. It takes all of his will power to keep from saying so.

Still sucking on his cock I notice that it seems to be getting harder with every stroke. I feel him part my legs, his tongue touch my pussy. I start sucking his cock deeper into my mouth, making sure that he doesn’t cum. When he realizes that he just can’t take any more he tells me to stop and get on all fours. Almost before I can get on all fours he thrusts his cock into my pussy. Pushing as hard as he can. He pounds into me so hard that he has to grab my hips, to keep us from losing our balance. He fucks me relentlessly never giving me a moment’s respite. He pulls his cock out and tells me that he wants to fuck me up against a tree; we stand and move over to the trunk of the tree we were sitting and fucking under.

At first I face him, but he tells me that’s not the way he wants it. I turn around, he tells me to find a good handhold cause he’s going fuck me hard and deep. Luckily for me there are two branches nearby for m to grab onto. Once I have a good hold on the branches he starts fucking me. He stays true to his word and fucks me as hard as he can. He doesn’t fuck in this position for very long. When he stops, he tells me that he wants me to ride him. I smile at him to show him that I’m going to enjoy riding him. Once he’s lying down I straddle him and slowly slide his cock into my pussy. I ride him as hard and as fast as I can, after what seems an eternity I collapse on him unable to go on anymore. I lift my head and tell him that we should go on picnics more often. He chuckles and agrees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32