The Photo Shop Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 : Linda

The first few month’s business was slow; I sold some cameras and stuff but I didn’t get the opportunity to take anyone’s portrait. I started to dig into my old files and came upon the photos of Catharina I took during our first afternoon walk in Rome.

I contacted her and asked if I could display them in the shop window to advertise my capabilities as a portrait photographer. Of course she agreed; it was years ago I had taken them and nobody knew her in my home country anyway.

So I made a nice display in the window and believe it or not; beauty attracts beauty, just like money attracts money.

I can still remember, like it was yesterday, the moment when my first portrait customer, Linda walked into my shop.

Totally different from Catharina, she was a blonde with long thick wavy hair falling all the way down to her buttocks. She was the embodiment of the Tom Jones song where he sings about hair of gold and lips like cherries. There were also piercing blue eyes and a cute little nose with a slight upturn and just a hint of lovely freckles.

A pretty, flowing summer dress reaching to mid-thigh showed a pair of legs to dream about. The dress was cut low so as to give a pretty good idea of her bosom.

At first look, her slim frame seemed well endowed in the chest area – I guessed a B-cup, but learned later when I got to know her a bit better, it was actually somewhere between a B-and C-cup, sorry for the spoiler.

“I understand from your window display that you do portraits,” she said in a timid voice?

“Yes my dear, I do all kinds of portraits in all kinds of settings. Would it be for yourself, or someone from your family, or a loved one?”

“For myself,” she said with a smile, “I would like some sort of portfolio as I aspire to a career in modeling and beauty pageants.”

“So you are looking for a full portfolio in all kinds of attire and settings, indoor and maybe also outdoor?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I am looking for, but I must say I don’t have a big budget.”

“No worries,” I replied, “I’ve done portfolios for other girls with the same interest as yourself and with low budgets. I have local sponsors who are willing to help someone like you and who are always looking for fresh faces to promote their products.”

“One of them is the perfumery on the corner who will probably do your make-up for free – provided you have no problem seeing your face later in their window display promoting their products or the services of their beauty salon.”

“I have a similar agreement with a clothing store in the main street, so dresses and bathing suits won’t tax your budget, again provided you would be willing to help them out during their fashion shows. Since modeling is one of your goals you could get firsthand experience that way and it would largely pay for your portfolio.”

“Oh, that sounds perfect, and I have no problem returning the favor if the shops would be willing to do all that for me.”

“OK,” I said, “so let’s start by drawing up an agreement whereby you allow me to take photos of you, for an upfront agreed fee.”

“I am glad to see you do it properly,” she said. “I’m a law student and believe the correct paperwork avoids difficult discussions later”..

“Great, I like the way you look at life. So to begin, what’s your name?”

“Linda,” she said.

“OK Linda, and what’s your age, if I may ask?”

“I’m twenty.”

“Great, you’re legal: I don’t want any trouble with the law afterwards. You’ll see the agreement gives you ownership of any photos, so nobody can publish them without your express consent. I get to keep a copy for personal use but am not allowed to publish them or make the images public in any way or via any medium.”

We both signed the agreement and I gave her a copy.

“So when would you like to do this? If you have time, I have some availability now. We could do some quick shots so I can study your face and figure on the photos. Someone can look very good in the flesh, but when you take pictures of them they look awful. Not that I think this will be the case with you as I do have a bit of experience judging people. However it also helps me to find out the best angles when I take your pictures later on”.

“OK,” Linda said, but I look a fright.”

“No, no absolutely not,” I replied, “you have a natural beautiful look just as you are now.”

“So let me close the shop and please join me in the studio.”

My studio was built in a huge extension I had constructed behind the shop.

I was rather proud of it.

Aside from the general studio area where the actual photos were taken, I had included two changing/dressing rooms each with a makeup table and mirror with lighting like in a theatre. Both rooms had a shower and toilet, ample space, with cupboards, a fridge, easy chairs and a sofa bed to relax if required.

Part of the roof of the studio’s main room was made of glass so I could work with natural light if I wanted to, it could also be closed canlı bahis şirketaleri off if artificial lighting was required. The ceiling was at least three meters high with many different backdrops that could be lowered on three of the four sides in all the colors of the rainbow or with antique views to pose models in a 1900s setting.

Under the studio was also a cellar with a three meter high ceiling, but I’ll explain that part later in the story.

After giving Linda the grand tour, except for the cellar, a bit to impress her of course but mainly to show her that I was not a two bit amateur in the business, I asked her to take a seat while I adjusted the lighting and loaded my camera.

I pointed to a high stool in front of a white background and switched on the strobe lights and my light organ, as I like to call it. This control panel allowed me to activate different fixed lights attached to the ceiling and all over the floor in all kinds of colors you can imagine.

The electronics allowed me to point them exactly where I wanted and in what color I wanted it to be, and all of that with low energy LEDs.

First however I opened up the ceiling as I wanted to start with natural light.

After a few moments I was ready; pointing the camera at Linda I started clicking away, moving around her so I could capture her face and fantastic body from all different angles.

After a few minutes I asked Linda to stand and moved the high stool away.

“Turn your back to me and look over your shoulder. OK now look at me as if you want to devour me.”

That elicited a little giggle on her part.

“I am not that hungry,” she said, “and I am definitely not cannibalistic, so how am I going to do that?”

“Well think of me as a nice big ice cream on a hot day after you are hot from soaking and sweating in the sun for a few hours, can you do that?”

The look I got would have melted that ice cream in ten seconds flat, so you can imagine how I felt being subjected to it; my juices started flowing to where I didn’t want them to flow just then.

This girl really had something, she knew how to use her big blue eyes. She could persuade an eighty year old monk to throw his cap over the hedge in a flash.

Her seduction didn’t stop at her eyes, her body was also totally into seducing me.

While clicking away I continued the conversation with her. I wanted to find out what made her tick, what she wanted to do with the photos, and most importantly how far she wanted to take this.

“So Linda, why wait until you were twenty to think about starting a modeling career?”

“That’s quite a story,” she said.

“Well, we have time. I’m not going anywhere and I really would like to know more about you, so shoot.”

“Well, in a nutshell, I wanted to start when I was about sixteen but my father really put his foot down and would not even hear about it. He even grounded me just for talking about it. He was extremely strict and saw rapists in every boy or man that even looked at me”.

“I didn’t even have my first boyfriend until I was nineteen and a half, basically shortly after my father was killed in car accident”.

“So you have a boyfriend now,” I asked.

“No, not anymore, I had one but he turned out to be even worse than my father, he was extremely jealous. Clothing wise I had to dress almost like nun or even worse he would have preferred to see me in a burka. A dress like the one I’m wearing now was totally out of the question”.

“So your father died, but what about your mother,” I asked.

“I never knew my mother, she died during childbirth, so it was strictly my father and me for my complete childhood and teen years”.

“I hate to admit it but I’m still a virgin. While all my friends were boasting about losing their virginity from fifteen to eighteen, due to not being allowed to have a boyfriend I never lost it. Even the boyfriend I briefly refused to touch me outside wedlock”.

“If this keeps up, I’m afraid I will end up being buried a virgin spinster probably at a very old age”.

“I thought finally moving into modelling might be a way to get my body to work for me and to have people look at me”.

I was a little surprised. “Well Linda being a virgin, I guess you wouldn’t want to take the modeling a step up”?

“A step up,” she asked, “what do you mean?”

“With a step up, I mean would you dare to show a little more skin?”

“You mean would I dare to pose with a little less clothing on?”

“That is exactly what I mean; pictures showing a little more could bring you a lot more money in the long run, perhaps as a lingerie or bathing suit model.”

“OK,” she said, “I’m willing to try it. Deep down I feel that I have a suppressed exhibitionist streak.”

That said she started to undo the zipper at the back of her summer dress.

“Hey, slowly,” I said, “take it easy, give me time to take pictures, we must document the unveiling of a virgin.”

That resulted in some giggles on her side, but she complied canlı kaçak iddaa and took it real slow.

She took down the zipper slowly unveiling her beautiful back, all the while looking over her shoulder with those smoldering eyes. When the zipper hit bottom around her lower back she turned to face me and slowly took the shoulder straps of her dress to slip them over her shoulders and down her arms.

She wore a nice lacy cream bra which gave her ample bosom a little lift – not that she needed it.

Letting the dress slowly fall to the ground, I got to admire the matching cream panties she was wearing.

It looked like she had removed her pubic hair as nothing was peeping out of the side of the minuscule garment that was covering her most intimate area and on which I had my eyes glued – very unprofessional.

By now I had a raging hard-on and that didn’t improve when my eyes traveled upwards again taking in the cutest navel adorning her toned stomach through the valley of her gorgeous boobs all the way up to her ice blue smiling eyes and slightly reddish cheeks.

“Oh my God,” I said, “I had already gathered that you were beautiful when you walked into my shop, but I never imagined that you would be perfection.”

“I can’t understand that you don’t have hordes of young men beating down your door.”

“Well that was probably due to my watchdog father and extremely jealous boyfriend later on.”

I needed to snap out of my daze, as we were here to take photos, which I then immediately started to do, dozens and dozens of them.

I asked her to take several different poses, one of my favorites with a big white teddy bear combining the innocent looking bear with the hot vision of her body.

She moved upon my instructions like a pro, like she had done this for years. When I made a remark about her professionalism and how she managed that, she smiled and shared a little secret with me.

“When I was alone in my bedroom I imagined that I was a famous model and I posed in front of the big mirror attached to my closet. I started doing that when I was somewhere between 15 and 16. So doing this now for real is not such a big deal anymore but to be honest a real turn-on, although getting really undressed for the first time in front of a total stranger, and a man at that, is still a bit awkward I must admit.”

“But the more we do this and the longer I am here with you the more confident I am starting to feel and the more my exhibitionist streak is taking the upper hand.”

“How about we take it up another step Lew?”

She quickly reached behind her back, undid the clasp of her bra, took it off and threw it in my direction. Her breasts revealed to me now for the first time were absolutely perfect, and I almost forgot to keep taking pictures as I stared at her nipples which were hard and pink, surrounded by little areolas topping her firm round globes.

She lifted her arms high in the air and started sliding her feet apart, opening her legs as she moved slowly lower and lower until her pubes hit the floor in a perfect split like ballerinas do.

“Good grief girl, how do you do that,” I exclaimed, “look how flexible you are.”

“Well that’s another thing I did on my own in my bedroom but I did have a bit of help from the gym team during many training sessions in High School. They taught me how to do that, and there is a lot more I can do, I am really extremely flexible.”

Upon which, she stood up again on one leg and lifted the other one up to her head doing another splits but this time standing. Her panties stretched taut over the bulge of her pussy, pulling a little between her lips — I gave up trying to persuade my cock to stay down.

“That is extremely sexy,” I said, but you know what would really make it unique…?”

“Yeah,” she replied, lowering her leg and sliding her panties down to the ground. She picked up her leg again and put her ankle again against her forehead exposing herself completely to me and to the lens of my camera. Her pussy lips opened exposing the moisture within. “Will that do it,” she asked with a smile on her face.

This time she really took me by surprise, and I stopped taking pictures to take in the view of her perfect and fully exposed body. I would never have imagined that I would see this girl completely naked so soon after she walked into my store only an hour or so before.

As I had already suspected, her pussy was completely bare of any kind of hair. It looked fabulous, but did not allow me to verify if she was a real blonde.

As she effortlessly held the pose, her outer lips had opened further, exposing her inner labia and the pink gash of her love grotto.

This resulted in a huge boner on my part, which made taking pictures a bit more difficult.

It got better when I had the opportunity to adjust it.

She moved from one pose to the other arching her back all the way to form a backward bridge, this also exposing her cunny to the full and showing how strong and flexible she really was.

However canlı kaçak bahis she kept on surprising me as she laid down on the floor facing me and then moved her legs up vertically, before moving them over her head and then grabbing her feet and crossing them behind her head. This pose gave an unbelievable view of her buttocks, her bunghole, and of course her divine pussy.

“There are other girls who can do this I know, but I can do something more,” she said as she uncrossed her feet and moved them to each side of her head, before bending forward to bring her mouth over her pussy. Extending her tongue, she started to lick and suck on her own snatch right in front of me.

I almost creamed my trousers.

“God girl you’re making me crazy, not to mention extremely horny and desperate to feast on that pussy of yours.”

“Well don’t just stand there, get over here and do it”

I was completely flabbergasted by that remark.

“I thought you told me you were a virgin Linda.”

“Yes,” she replied, “But that doesn’t mean you can’t pleasure me orally, unless you have a huge tongue that could deflower me. I’ve always fantasized about cunnilingus but because of my father and jealous boyfriend I never found the right person to help me with it, that’s why I learned to do it to myself.”

“It took me quite some time and a lot of practice to get there but since I got there I do it regularly, but I think the time is ripe for me to experience somebody else’s tongue and I think you’re the right person to help me with this.”

“But why me Linda, you hardly know me?”

“Well Lew I trust you. I know you’re old enough to be my father, so maybe I’m looking for a father figure that makes me feel good about myself, rather than the feeling my own father gave me.”

“So are you going to make me cum?”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I fell to my knees, put a hand on each of her buttocks and started to lick her with a big flat tongue from her sphincter all the way along her snatch and up to the hood hiding her love button, then back down again.

That enticed a first sigh of pleasure from her lips giving me the hint that I was doing the right thing.

I kept on licking her little slit slowly from bottom to top, then back down again. Her taste was a bit sharp, but with a little hint of flowers. I expected that as she began to lubricate she would become sweet as honey. Licking faster and faster, I began painting her lips with my saliva, warming and wetting her young snatch with both my mouth and with her own secretions as they began to flow.

She began to moan softly. I brought my fingers to the front and carefully pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing the glistening pink inner labia. I continued my tongue bath of her nether regions, working my way from her clitoral hood to her anus, flicking my tongue across the little brown rosebud and drawing a gasp from the now horny girl. I probed her gash with my tongue, plumbing her depths and experiencing all her delicious and rich, sweet musk now flowing richly from her virgin vagina.

I plunged my tongue in and out of her love tunnel, lapping up her sweet nectar and bringing her closer and closer to climax. The coral pink ridges of her vaginal walls rubbing across my tongue felt exquisite, and I took my time exploring her depths.

I then got a little more aggressive with my teeth as I worked my way again toward the sensitive tissues at the top of her cunt, causing her to moan louder and pull my hair unconsciously. I reached her little clit hood, and using my thumbs slid it back revealing her clit jutting out pinkly. It was the size of the last joint on my little finger, and lightly glazed with the sticky discharge from her now dripping cunt.

I gently tickled her little erection with the tip of my tongue, bringing her to heights of arousal I hoped she had never known before. Her moans were now almost barks of pleasure, erupting from her mouth loudly, proving I was touching the right places. I peered up over her pubes to see her now squeezing and pinching her nipples, the firm little cones of her stiff peaks taking a beating as she twisted them savagely.

At last I slurped her entire clitoris into my mouth, savoring the salty treasure by rolling it on my tongue and gently caressing its substantial length with my lips. Applying suction, I pulled more blood into the already swollen tissue, engorging it further and bringing a small scream to her lips. I brought my thumbs in from either side, applying pressure to the deeper, hidden base of her sexual core, while aggressively rubbing the flat of my tongue up and down across the sensitive tissue.

Linda let loose with a howl as she reached orgasm, and her body shook with spasms as spurt after spurt of her juices drenched my face.

She disentangled herself from the awkward position she was in and lowered her legs on either side of my head. My mouth was still resting on her pussy bringing her down from her high.

When I looked up into her face she had a huge smile on her face.

“Thanks Lew,” she said, “I knew I was right to go for your experience, but I didn’t imagine your talented mouth would bring me that much pleasure. Compared to my special personal masturbation technique that was really out of this world.”

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