The Perfect Cocktale

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Dahlia and William had yet to be intimate. They had been out with mutual friends several times and clearly liked each other. This evening they both attended a friend’s party. They had sat in a corner, talking to each other, both bewildered by the feelings welling up inside of them. William excused himself at one point to go use the restroom. Dahlia was tempted to follow him in but decided against it. She didn’t want to give him the wrong impression. They left their mutual friend’s house that night, exchanging numbers and with promises to call each other.

When she got back to her apartment, Dahlia was glad to see that her roommate, Michael, was out for the night. Though they got along famously, she needed time to process the evening. Dahlia had known Michael since high school. During those years she had a fierce crush on him but he had always had a girlfriend. She would never have interfered, it just wasn’t her style and eventually she ended up in her own romance, which filled her up.

After college, they ended up working for the same company for a short time and since both of them were struggling financially and wanted to live close to where they worked, they decided to take an apartment together. Both of them, until recently had been in happy relationships. A few months ago, Dahlia had broken up with her long time lover and Michael had cut off his engagement to his fiancé when he found out she had been cheating on him. Both of them were thankful to have a solid friendship to fall back on and someplace familiar to come home to every night.

Dahlia undressed and stepped into the shower. She let the ofise gelen escort warm water pour over her and tried to empty her mind but it was too difficult. After drying herself off briskly with a towel, she wandered naked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine, replaying the evening in her head as she gazed out at the darkness of the night through her kitchen window. She eventually made her way back to her bedroom. She slid beneath the sheets and closed her eyes. Sleep was evasive. Her body was aching. She slipped her hands between her legs and masturbated until she came hard with William’s name on her tongue.

The next afternoon William called. A shiver ran down her spine. Her senses immediately alert. Would she care to join him for dinner? Yes, she would.

At 7:00 on the dot he arrived at her door. He wasn’t carrying a bouquet of flowers or chocolates but rather a well-worn book. She opened the door to greet him. “Hi”, he said shyly as he stepped across the threshold. “I brought this for you.” He handed her the book. She took it in both hands, removing her eyes from him with effort, to read the title. “After our conversation last night, I though you really might enjoy this.”

Dahlia didn’t know what possessed her but she walked behind William and closed and locked the door. Before she could even censor herself she heard her voice saying, “And I thought you might really enjoy this.” She kissed his mouth softly again and again and again. The kisses became passionate very quickly, their breathing escalating, their hands beginning to roam . . . She otele gelen escort felt his cock become rigid underneath his jeans. She took his hand and led him to her bedroom. They quickly shed their clothes, kissing and touching each other as they fell onto the bed. She kissed his neck and throat and then ran her tongue down the length of his torso until it reached his hard erect penis.

She ran her tongue along the shaft, getting a feel for the landscape. Circling the tip of his cock several times before letting it slip between her moist lips into the warmth of her mouth. She worked his cock deep into her throat and then brought it to the forefront, back and forth in a nice slow rhythm timed to his breath. As his breathing came faster so did her sucking, she could feel he was getting ready to come.

She circled the tip of his cock with her tongue again and then said in a nearly breathless voice, “jack off into my mouth.” He seemed surprised at the request but could see the desire in her face and took his hand and deftly worked it over his cock. She loved watching a man touch himself, it made her so hot she could barely keep herself from screaming for him to take her. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum” he said. Her jaw dropped open ready to receive his creamy offering. With a final few strokes his hot creamy cum spurted into her mouth. A luscious warmth filled her. She swallowed and opened quickly again. When she was sure he was done she ran her tongue one last time around the tip of his cock to lap up any remaining cum and took him deep into her mouth to polish him rus escort off.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was her roommate, Michael. He entered slowly and said in a low voice, “I heard a noise and wanted to make sure everyone was ok.” Dahlia glanced up at him then stood to meet him fully undressed. She could see his cock was hard beneath his pants. She went up and rubbed her hand over the hard mound. “Actually,” she said unzipping his pants, “things aren’t alright. I want you in my mouth.” Without a second of hesitation, he pulled himself out of his pants, eager with anticipation.

She pushed him down into a nearby chair and knelt down on all fours in front of him, lapping at his sex with vigor. With one hand stabilizing her, the other hand reached underneath herself to rub her clitoris while she inhaled the scent of his sex, tasted it with her mouth, felt its hardness with her tongue . . . She felt almost as if she were high, her senses where so heightened. How could she have ignored him for so long, living in the same apartment?

A pair of strong hands slipped around her hips. She looked back. There was William, cock rigid with excitement again. He got on his knees, adjusting her slightly as he slipped his hard cock into her dripping pussy. She gasped with pleasure and then returned to sucking Michael’s cock with fervor again. It was a little awkward at first as they all got into a rhythm with each other; William’s cock pounding her from behind and Dahlia’s mouth and tongue working Michael’s cock. Dahlia could feel an orgasm building within her. It was going to be an 8.0 on the Richter scale. A cock in each orifice was beyond anything she could imagine. As if in a hallucinogenic state, her body exploded with pleasure precisely at the time that Michael’s cock exploded in her mouth, the hot cum dripping down her chin and neck and William’s cock exploded in her pussy. It was the perfect cocktail.

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