The Past Catches Up

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This story is complete, all three chapters are posted.

Chapter 1, Jerrod Tells About His Past

When I was growing up I was often told to watch the things I say and do, our past has a tendency to come back and bite us in the ass. I never paid a lot of attention to it and enjoyed my life. According to my parents I was somewhat of a wild child and didn’t heed their warnings often enough.

In high school I would pull pranks, skip school and my parents were often called in to see the Principal. They warned me to straighten up before it was too late. In my senior year I buckled down and studied so I could get into to college. It was surprising to most people that even with all my antics I was an intelligent kid and got really good grades.

I partied a lot my first two years of college. I was an underage drinker that had a phony ID. It didn’t make much difference since most of the parties I went to were private parties. There were always a lot of booze and women, with most women being rather loose and intoxicated. The sex was free for the taking and I took a lot.

A week didn’t go by without a party and lots of sex. I was still able to do well in my studies and keep up my grades. I had a position waiting for me when and if I graduated from college.

My dad was the president of the bank in our town in Ohio. He told me that if I graduated from college and kept my nose clean that he would make me a vice-president of the bank within three years of graduating from college. Till then I would learn all the aspects of the banking profession and be groomed for the vice-presidential position.

This was an opportunity that not many people were offered and I was smart enough to know it. I just liked having fun and sowing my oats while I was young. I practiced safe sex and most always used a condom. I had sex with a lot of different women and most more than once. Many of them told me that they weren’t looking for a husband but just having a good time.

I was in my junior year at college when Nicole, one of my bed buddies told me she was pregnant. I was shocked and not sure what to do. It shook me up pretty bad and I knew I had to tell my parents. I told them I didn’t love her and I doubt she loved me. She was a total party girl and slept with as many guys as I did girls.

My dad told me that I ate the steak and now had to pay for it. He often used phrases like that. I told him I didn’t want to marry Nicole and she said she wasn’t going to have an abortion. Hell, I wasn’t even sure it was mine; I told my dad that I always used condoms with Nicole. It didn’t impress him and he told me I couldn’t buy my way out of this one. All I could do was wait for the baby to be born and get a DNA test done.

When my mom heard that I might have gotten a woman pregnant she shook her head, but told me there was a new test for checking DNA of a fetus. It didn’t hurt the baby or the expectant mother. Dad said to tell Nicole that I would be willing to pay for the early DNA test and if it is my child that I would take responsibility as the father.

I told Nicole about the test and at first she said she wouldn’t do it. I figured she just picked me because she knew I came from a wealthy family. I told her that my parents would pay for the test and pay for her pregnancy if I was the father. I let her know that I would care for the child, if it was mine but we wouldn’t be getting married.

She finally agreed to the test and it came back that I was not the father. It was a big relief to me but I felt sorry for Nicole. She told me at least she had the baby’s DNA and could find out who the father was. It ended up being my friend Joe and he told Nicole that he would marry her.

Months later she had the baby and she and Joe moved into an apartment. They said they would wait awhile before getting married. Time will tell if it works out for them.

My dad told me I was lucky this time and I might want to think twice about where I put my cock; that’s exactly what he said. It was a wakeup call for me and I cut way back on going to parties and spent more time studying. Instead of having a bunch of one night stands I actually started going on regular dates. Before sleeping with anyone I asked if they were on the pill and I used a condom as well. I wasn’t about to take any chances.

I dated some nice women but we didn’t click. I wasn’t really looking for a steady girlfriend or future wife. My dates were all nice women and I did have sex with a few of them but I just didn’t see myself spending the rest of my life with them.

I guess I did what my dad suggested I do, “Grow up and be responsible for your actions.” That’s what I was doing.

I graduated from college and my dad did get me a position at the bank like he promised. Everyone knew I was being groomed to move up the ladder. I thought back on how lucky I was to have good parents and live through a stage of my life where, “I came through the college fire a little singed but not burned.” It was another of my dad’s statements.

Life for Afyon Escort me was good and I had no problems finding dates. Fine looking women came in the bank everyday. I guess I was beginning to look for that special woman. My mom always smiled at me when I talked about dating. She told me that there was a special woman out there for me and I would know when I saw her.

Mom and Dad dated in college and got married shortly after graduation. Mom told me it was love at first sight and dad agreed with her. It seemed they were meant for each other and I have rarely seen them raise their voice to each other let alone argue.

Dad told me one time that they each accepted each others faults and worked on having a good marriage. My younger sister recently graduated from college and married her boyfriend of two years. She said she knew he was the one when they met in the college library. It must be nice to know you had found the right person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

They are both licensed to sell real estate and work for my mom who has her own real estate and insurance agency. It made my mom very happy to be able to help them out and give them jobs, sort of like my dad did for me. Julie, my sister and her husband Ted are both studying to also sell insurance.


I’ve been out of college for three years now and dad was talking to me about moving me up to vice-president. Roger, our current vice-president was ready to retire. Dad said he was going to post an ad in the paper for a new loan officer to replace me. He told me he wanted me to do the initial interviews and narrow it down to a few applicants and together we would select the most qualified applicant.

We must have had fifty applicants, but most of them didn’t have near the qualifications we were seeking. I narrowed it down to ten applicants and brought each one in for an interview. There were five men and five women, but one woman stood out from all the rest.

Her name was Elisabeth Marie Anderson. She had this beautiful smile that showcased her dimples and white, even teeth and blue eyes. She was dressed in a business pants suit but it didn’t hide the killer curves she had. I have to admit I was taken back when I first saw her.

She introduced herself and I asked her to sit down. I already had her resume and was going over it with her. I noticed she was from Akron Ohio and graduated from a college in Michigan. I had often wondered why people went to Michigan for college when Ohio had so many schools.

She told me she did go to a university in Ohio for one year and then transferred to Michigan for the last three years. She had family in Michigan and stayed with them while attending college. She didn’t seem to want to embellish it any more than that.

I noticed she was in the honor society and on the dean’s list the entire time she was in college graduating with honors. During the summer months she worked in a credit union doing a number of accounting and reception jobs. I had to admit that her resume was very impressive as was her looks.

After the interview I asked her if she could return in a couple of days for another interview with the bank president (my father). He and I together would be making the final decision on our new associate. I thanked her for coming and assured her that she was one of our final three choices.


I had a meeting with my dad and told him I narrowed it down to who I thought were the three best candidates. There were two men and one woman, all with some accounting and banking backgrounds and were college graduates. The woman was the top of her class and my first choice.

My dad looked at me and said, “I can see from your enthusiasm that you prefer the woman. I take it she’s a looker?” my dad smiled.

I tried to cover and made a fool of myself, “No … ah … I mean … um, yes she is a beautiful woman but I believe she seems to have the best qualifications.” My dad laughed lightly as I told him that all three would be back to meet with him in a couple of days.


I introduced each of the interviewees to my dad and he talked to them one at a time. Even though I favored Beth, my father would be making the decision. When I interviewed her she told me I could call her Beth, that everyone did except her mother who would call her Elisabeth Marie when she did something wrong. It made us both laugh.

The new employee would be working in our main office and I would be running one of our branch offices a few miles away. After the interviews my dad called me in and told me to call Miss Anderson in and to apologize to the two gentlemen and send them home.

A big smile crossed my face. My dad said he chose her because of her intellect not just her looks. I had to get the smile off my face as I had to go tell two people that they didn’t get the position.

She smiled at me when I told her the bank president wanted to speak with her. I turned to the two men and thanked them for applying for the position but it Afyon Escort Bayan has now been filled but we would keep their resumes on file for any possible future positions.

Beth would be starting the following Monday and I would be explaining her duties to her. I would be dividing my time between helping her get situated and getting myself situated and updated on the duties of the vice-president at the branch office. I explained to her that my present secretary Sally would help her if she needed anything if I wasn’t available.

She learned so quickly that even my dad was proud of her. He told me that she was doing an excellent job and that Sally had said that the clients really like dealing with her; she was so personable. Even my mom said she liked her from the minute she talked to her. She even went as far to say I should find a woman like her.

What mom and dad didn’t know was that I had asked Beth out a few times and got turned down politely. She told me she didn’t think dating her boss was a good idea. She did say that after she has been there for awhile that maybe we could have dinner together.

I believe it’s true when they say that most men want what they can’t have. I knew I wanted to at least date Beth. She seemed so intriguing to me. She was a very beautiful woman, but almost living a secret life. I guess not really a secret, it’s just no one knew much about her seeing she wasn’t from around here.

I read over her resume and even did the background check for security purposes. She was squeaky clean as well as intelligent. Her parents came down to visit her and she introduced them to me, my dad and Sally. They talked about how proud they were of their daughter.

On weekends Beth would often go home to see her family so I don’t know if she dated anyone. Sally told me a number of men that came in the bank had asked her out but she nicely rebuffed their advances. One day she came in wearing an engagement ring. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I really felt bad, I was really falling for this woman. Later that day Sally saw me moping around and said she had something to tell me. She said that Beth told her that she wasn’t really engaged but that it might stop some of the advances she was getting.

Beth and Sally were quickly becoming good friends, but whenever I asked Sally questions about Beth she wouldn’t say anything to me that wasn’t business related. I remember Sally saying, “You want her because you can’t have her, right Jerrod?” She went on to say, “She’s a wonderful person and I’m not telling you anything about her other then business related. If you want to know something, ask her yourself. Oh, just so you know, she considers you a hunk,” she smiled and walked away.

Sally has worked at the bank for a number of years. She’s married with two kids. She was offered the loan position before we filled it but said she enjoys being the secretary and it works best for her family. Her husband was a supervisor in a local factory and they seemed to have a good marriage.

Beth often went with Sally to the local exercise gym and bought a membership. They usually go after work a few days a week but always when it was women only. They were both good looking women even though they were ten years different in age. They seemed almost like sisters.

I didn’t have a lot of free time since I was working, running the branch office and overseeing Beth’s training at the main office. At least twice a week we would have a business meeting going over banking procedures and updating records. Dad was always at the head of the table and I did my best to sit next to Beth.

Usually after the meeting we would all have lunch which Dad picked up the tab. He told Beth she was doing a good job and that I wouldn’t need to oversee her work anymore. It was a good thing for Beth but it meant I couldn’t be with her as often.

A couple of months went by and my dad said he was having a nice dinner for my mother’s birthday and it was for our family at a swank restaurant. Since I was single he told me I could invite a guest. I didn’t hesitate to stop in to see and ask Beth to go.

At first she wasn’t sure what to say. I told her it was just family and I had a plus one and I wanted it to be her. She accepted and I was all smiles. I told her when it was and that I would be picking her up. She knew it was a dress up affair and I wondered how she would look.


I picked Beth up the day of the dinner and she looked sexy as hell. She wore a blue sequence dress that showed her curves and came a few inches above the knees and a V-shaped neckline which showed her ample breasts. There ended up being more guests since my mother’s siblings were all there. She had three sisters and two brothers and they all flew in with their spouses from different states for mom’s birthday party.

It was great to see all my aunts and uncles. We rarely all got together except for funerals. I introduced Beth as my date and my uncles told me what a lucky guy Escort Afyon I was and not to let her get away. They all kept calling her my girlfriend and after correcting them a number of times, Beth just laughed and said to let it go. “They don’t believe you anyway.” God, I was falling for her head over heels.

After dinner we all went to the lounge and had drinks and listened to the music. Dad asked Mom to dance and I asked Beth and we danced to the slow numbers. I held her close and could smell her perfume. She was intoxicating and I couldn’t get enough of her. I told her that she was the perfect woman and she said not to say that, no one was perfect.

I must have upset her and didn’t know why but she went to the ladies room. Upon her return I apologized for anything I might have said to upset her, that was the last thing I wanted to do.

She said she was fine and things seem to be ok. A couple of my uncles as well as my dad danced with Beth and said when they talked with her that she told them she really liked me. I wasn’t sure if they were kidding with me or not, so the next time I danced with her I asked her.

“Did they really say I said that?” asked Beth.

“Yes, were they kidding with me?” I replied.

She smiles and said, “No, they asked me what I thought of you and I told them I liked you from the first time I saw you but that you were my boss and I didn’t feel we should date.”

I stopped dead on the dance floor and pulled her to me and kissed her softly for a few seconds. I pulled back and said, “I had to do that. I’m not sorry.”

Her mouth fell slightly open and she stared at me not saying anything. I took her back in my arms and we continued our dance. I knew my dad and uncles saw us kiss but no one said anything.

It was near the end of the evening when the party started to break up. Some of my relatives had rooms in the hotel and I wished I had booked one even though it was driving distance from my home. I thought, ‘Who knows, I might have gotten lucky,’ but again I knew Beth wasn’t a pushover.

All the guests said goodnight to my mother and also to Beth saying they hope to see her again. My uncles told me to hold on to her, she was a good catch. I know she overheard them but just smiled. We got in my car and I headed for her home. We had a little small talk and she told me how much she liked my family. I pulled up to her condo (which she was leasing) and I went around and opened her car door. I walked her to the door and I could see her thinking. I wanted her to invite me in but I wasn’t about to push her. Things so far have been going great.

She turned to me at the door and I kissed her for the second time that night. This time she kissed me back and I wrapped my arms around her. “I really like you a lot Beth. I think of you all the time.”

She stared at me for a few seconds as though she was reading my mind. “Do you want to come in for a nightcap? I have a chilled bottle of wine in the fridge.”

I smiled as she opened the door and I took her wrap and placed it over a chair. Her place was immaculate just like she was. She asked me to sit down while she went and got us some glasses. I chose the couch hoping she would sit next to me. She came in with two glasses of wine, handed me one and sat down on the couch next to me.

I took a sip of wine and so did she. She again said what a wonderful time she had and I stopped her by kissing her again. We began to make out like two horny teenagers for the first time. I had my hand on her thigh and slid it up her leg; she didn’t stop me. I felt her panties and they were damp.

“Beth, I want to make love to you. I don’t want to push you into anything you don’t want to do and promise to be gentle. I just want to be with you so much.”

I had no idea what type of a sexual background she had but most people knew mine was pretty wild even though I settled down in the last few years. I had true feeling for Beth and didn’t want to push it. I couldn’t remember the last time I cared for a woman this much.

Since she was good friends with Sally, our secretary and office manager, I’m sure Sally told her about my past. Other than her college and working transcripts I didn’t know a lot about Beth.

“Jerrod, I care for you; I really do. I don’t want this to be a one time thing. If you want to be in a relationship then I’m yours. I trust you enough that I believe you will be honest with me.”

She stood up and reached for my hand, I took hers and got up. She looked at me and leaned forward and kissed me. She turned her back to me and asked me to undo her zipper on her dress. I pulled it down and she let the dress fall at her feet leaving her in only her bra and panties.

She took my hand and we walked to her bedroom. I had already slipped off my sports coat and tie earlier when we were making out. She unbuttoned my shirt slowly and still was staring at my eyes. I slipped off my shirt as she undid my belt buckle.

We kissed and I put my hands on her ass and pulled her tight against me. I dropped to my knees and kissed her belly. She was so soft and warm. I lowered my face to the fuzzy area below her belly button. As I kissed her there she pulled my head tight against her. I literally licked and kissed my way down to the top of her trimmed muff.

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