The Party

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Lena and Tim had never been to a costume party before. This Halloween when Lena’s friend Serena asked if she wanted to come to her party Lena’s first instinct was to say no. She and Tim didn’t care much for parties and she hadn’t dressed up for Halloween in years. About eighteen years actually. She thought about it at her desk at work and very reluctantly replied to Serena’s email with; ‘Sure, Tim and I will have a blast!’ Convincing Tim would be easier than Lena had anticipated. She was certain he’d reply with a sarcastic decline but to her surprise he agreed to go. More to her surprise he seemed genuinely excited about it.

“Oh sure hun!” Tim said, “I haven’t dressed up in ages! What are you going as?”

This year had seen a resurgence in super hero movies and ‘The Elite’ had held box office records for three weeks. The Elite were a group of four super heroes; two married couples who were boring every day parents by day and justice seeking crime fighters by night. It was a no brainer if you were going to a costume party this year you’d be going as one of ‘The Elite’.

“I thought I’d go as Hot Mama.” Lena said.

Hot Mama was the sassy red haired woman from the movie who always had sarcastic and smarmy one liners for the bad guys right before she kicked the crap out of them and the police showed up. She wore a thin revealing black and gold spandex suit when she fought crime. Calling it a suit would be generous. In reality it was a small chest plate of armour which was a glorified push up bra and a very short black skirt that barely covered her bikini cut armour bottoms.

“Hmm.. Well, then I think I’ll go as The Judge!” Tim said.

The Judge was Hot Mama’s husband in the movie. He was a county judge who spent his evenings catching dirt bags with his wife and the other two characters only to hand down harsh sentences when they showed up in his courtroom days later. He wore a black suit of lightweight armour with a white helmet that covered his face. His main weapon was a gavel that electro-sonically stunned and incapacitated bad guys.

“Well,” Lena said, “We definitely won’t be the only Hot Mama and Judge at the party, but at least our costumes will be easy to find.”

Tim was excited and had gone ahead and purchased officially licensed movie costumes for them both online. He was lucky to find them. With only two weeks to go until Halloween they were sure to sell out fast. The costumes arrived the day before the party. Lena and Tim had spent the night before freaking out, trying to come up with a back up plan or an excuse that Serena would buy. Friday morning though a box was delivered to Lena at work. The label on the box read ‘Freedom Play’.

That night after dinner she and Tim opened their costumes and tried them on in front of each other. Tim’s costume was the same crummy quality as a lot of costumes. The outfit wasn’t quite as shown in the online pictures. Instead of being made of a flexible rubber material the only rubber on the costume was the cheap shin pads, the cheesy chest plate and the helmet. The rest was simply black leotard that looked sheer when stretched thin by Tim’s legs. Tim wasn’t a skinny man, so he filled it out.

The online picture of a man wearing the costume showed a long black cape hung over his leg and across his front. The reality was that the cape included barely hung to Tim’s waist, leaving his front fully exposed. His bulge stuck out the front of the sheer black leotard leaving the precise shape, right down to the ridge of the head of his cock, visible for all to see.

She giggled when she saw Tim in his costume. He looked excited though and she was happy he agreed to come to Serena’s party. She felt like doing something new and had never expected Tim to agree to come. He was genuinely excited though and had been in a better mood than he’d been in for quite awhile.

He even seemed more sexually interested lately. He’d fucked Lena every night in the last week leading up to the party, a few times pulling his cock out of her right before orgasm to blow his load all over her mound or tits. One night they’d fooled around on the couch for awhile and Lena kept holding out on him. She’d suck his cock until it was dark purple and she could feel it expand as his urethra widened to make room for the huge load he was about to spew only to stop at the last possible moment. Tim eventually became so frustrated he got on top of Lena and held her down with his weight while he vigorously rubbed his cock to orgasm right over top of her. He blew a load of hot thick white cum all over Lena’s face. It burst out of him in intense gushes.

Lena cried out an “Oh my god, Tim!” after the release of the first load only to smile in between heavy breaths as he emptied himself onto her face. Tim slipped his swollen cock into Lena’s mouth as it softened and he wiped the last few beads of cum onto her tongue. She laid there for a moment taking in what had just happened as she caught her breath and licked the sweet cum liseli hikayeleri from her lips. Their sex life had waned for a few years, consisting largely of missionary sex a couple times a month with Tim often too tired to really give Lena a good fucking. Lately though they couldn’t get enough of each other and felt encouraged to try new things.

Lena really loved Tim and was happy their sex life had been improving. Tim had been working out a few times a week and they were both feeling a lot more confident. It really showed in Lena. She had her hair done a few times recently, something she’d never done for herself in the previous 10 years. Her hair was normally sandy blonde and she wore it quite long. She’d recently had it cut to almost half the length, dyed and straightened. It looked sexy and confident. Tim had started lifting weights again in the garage and could see the changes in himself. He liked it. He felt strong and virile.

Lena’s costume was also cheaply made but less embarrassing than Tim’s. Mostly because there wasn’t much to it. There was a latex mask that covered half the face, a black and gold plastic chest piece, a small black bikini bottom and a very short black skirt to go over top of it. Lena tried the skirt on over top of the leggings she was wearing just to make sure it at least fit her waist. The chest piece didn’t leave much to the imagination. The costume was a ‘One Size Fits All’ though they clearly hadn’t taken the chest piece into consideration. Lena’s soft, pale C cups mounded out of the chest piece revealing a lot of cleavage. The round milky sides of her breasts extended out beyond it. She was sporting a good two inches of side boob on both sides.

“Holy shit,” Tim said. “That’s awesome!”

“Ah Tim, you would say that sweetheart,” Lena said as she smiled at him.

She waited until Tim’s eyes left her breasts and returned her gaze back then she flicked her eyes quickly to his growing bulge.

“It sure is awesome.. stud,” she said with a wink.

She was a little irritated the costume didn’t fit her as she would have liked but she was flattered by Tim’s reaction. She also thought her tits looked pretty great in the costume. Getting the courage to actually wear it in front of others would be the difficult part. ‘Who cares. They’re mostly strangers you’ll never see again,’ she thought. She’d never been confident enough to really show off her body but as she got older she found herself less concerned with what other people thought. In fact she appreciated her full fleshy physique more than ever.

That night after dinner Tim settled into his new Lazy Boy with a beer just in time for baseball. Lena decided to have a bath and forget about the day. She was undressing in their bedroom where the costumes lay sitting on the bed. She saw the black bikini bottom and thought she should at least try it on before the party just in case. She slid off the panties she was wearing, put on the bikini bottom and checked herself out in the large stand up mirror on the back of the door.

“One size fits all my ass,” she muttered to herself.

Lena had a great ass. It was on the larger side, didn’t sag at all and was nicely rounded. She’d been doing squats lately with Tim’s old weight bar in the garage and thought to herself they were paying off. The bikini bottom didn’t come close to covering her ass. The cut sat about half way up her ass cheeks leaving them exposed. She turned around to inspect the front. The material that covered the crotch tapered narrowly leaving about a thumbs width of Lena’s hairy mound exposed on either side. She could tell it wasn’t made to fit someone with wide full hips. ‘Dammit’, she thought. ‘Well it’s too late now to return them and I don’t have time to go out and get another costume. Not to mention these weren’t cheap. I’ll just have to make due.’ Lena contemplated the costume for a moment then turned and looked at her ass again. She was proud of it. It still looked fantastic and she was nearing 40. She smiled confidently, stripped naked and drew herself a bath.

She stood in front of the large vanity mirror while the tub filled with hot steaming water. She stared at her breasts. She’d always liked her breasts. They were large and full and sat just right on her. Her soft pink nipples topped them off nicely. She reached up and touched her left nipple, playing with it gently between her thumb and index finger. Her eyes followed the taper of her small narrow waist as it swelled into her wide full hips. ‘No wonder the stupid costume didn’t fit properly,’ she thought. Look at my hips. She was proud of her hips. She was a woman. A full, round, fleshy woman with wondrous wide hips. She smiled to herself as she turned slightly sideways to view her full creamy butt cheeks.

She slid slowly into the tub, sinking as her ass slid down the smooth length of it. She leaned back and closed her eyes. Her body gently rocked in the warm water creating little waves that licked kadın hikayeleri her nipples which sat just slightly above the surface. The sensation reminded Lena of having her nipples sucked and the thought made her go flush. She felt a tiny electric shock somewhere from within the depths of her pussy. She smiled as she slid her hand slowly between her soft thick thighs. She thrust the pad of her middle finger between her meaty pink pussy lips, dragging it along the smooth inside until it pulled back the tiny hood covering her clitoris. She moved her finger tip in slow little circles across her clit as it swelled.

She started daydreaming about a particularly exciting experience she’d had at the gym a couple months ago. Tim was out drinking with his buddies one Saturday night while Lena sat at home with nothing much to do. She’d recently signed up for a gym membership as part of her new plan to get in better shape before she reached 40. It was about 10 at night and she decided to head down to the gym for an hour. It was only 10 minutes away and she thought it might be nice to use their sauna. The gym was pretty quiet at twenty after ten on a Saturday. On her way in she passed a couple who were leaving and there didn’t seem to be anyone else there. She changed into her workout clothes and headed for one of the ellipticals. She hated running on treadmills and didn’t care much for the stationary bikes or rowing machines.

After 30 minutes on the elliptical she decided to have a quick shower then head home. Tim would be home soon and she didn’t feel like sitting around in the sauna. She was warm enough after her workout. As she headed for the change room she saw a young blonde haired man, who looked to be in his early twenties, using a weight machine in the weights room which was separated from the cardio room by a glass wall. He was the only other person in the gym and the only person she’d seen since she got there. She watched him workout as she headed toward the change rooms. He was working his legs and quietly counting his reps.

When Lena got back to the change room there was no one in there. She was irritated to find she’d left her clothes in a bunch on one of the benches and they’d since toppled onto the floor which was wet in a few places. ‘Shit, I can’t wear these sweaty ass clothes home,’ she thought to herself. She stripped off her tight sweaty clothes and walked to the showers at the back of the room. There was a pool of water leading away from one of the showers. She noticed a sign taped to the back wall, ‘Women’s showers out of order, being fixed Monday. We apologize for the inconvenience.’

‘Shit,’ she thought. ‘I can’t go home like this.’

Not wanting to wear her wet clothes nor her sweaty workout clothes she riffled around in her gym bag. In one of the end pockets there was a short little black spandex skirt she’d bought and used only once when she first signed up. They had offered a women’s water aerobics class that Lena wanted to try out and she bought this little waterproof skirt to wear over her bikini bottom. In the other end of her gym bag she found a soft, thin white t shirt she’d stuffed in there at some point.

‘Good enough. It’s not like anyone will see me anyways.’ She thought to herself.

She stepped into the little black skirt and pulled it up over her ass. It was short. In fact she could feel the cool locker room air on her bare ass cheeks but she was confident it would be just fine for the thirty seconds it would take her to get from the gym to her car. She put on the white t shirt, sliding it down over plump breasts. The shirt was a little snug but at this point she could care less. No one would see her.

She stuffed her wet clothes into her bag and walked out into the hallway that led back to the main gym area. Just as she was leaving the change room she heard the squeak of another door. The young blonde haired man from the weight room was leaving the men’s change room. His hair was wet and slicked back, a damp towel hung over his shoulder.

‘The men’s showers are working,’ Lena thought to herself.

The man smiled at her and said hello. Lena smiled back and gave a simple “Hi.” The man was in very good shape and Lena felt a little awkward around him. His eyes darted to her chest for a second as he passed and walked out towards the doors. The glance took Lena a little by surprise. She had great tits but no one ever really looked at her chest, let alone men 15 years younger than her. She felt flattered and a quiet smile came over her face. She looked down and remembered she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her large breasts caused the shirt to become see through as it stretched across her hardened nipples. The man had looked right at her nipples. She felt a warm flush in her pussy. The glance had turned her on and she liked it. She liked being looked at that way.

She walked to the end of the hall and took a peek out into the main gym area. There wasn’t a single person erotik hikaye oku in sight. She headed back down the hall towards the change rooms and as she approached the men’s change room door she paused briefly. If there was someone in there she could quickly apologize and say she’s new and doesn’t know the gym that well. It occurred to her most men probably wouldn’t care if a sexy woman with hard nipples walked in on them anyways. They’d probably find it as exciting as she did. A small part of her secretly hoped there would be a man in there changing. Maybe drying off after a shower, his wet soft cock hanging out in front of him. Lena’s pussy gave a little electric zap. She opened the door to the men’s change room.

She opened it half way then paused for a split second. No one was in there. She walked in and quietly looked around. The wet footprints of the blonde man were still pooled on the floor leading away from one of the showers. Lena put her bag down on the bench and pulled her skirt down. She made sure to place it in her bag this time as she couldn’t afford to get this outfit wet. She pulled off her shirt and put it with the skirt. She grabbed a bar of soap from within her bag, walked to the shower the blonde man had used and turned it on. Hot water rained down over her naked body. She knew she shouldn’t be in the men’s room. At the very least she’d lose her membership if caught.

The glance from the blonde man kept playing through her head. She started to breath heavily and she could feel her heart beating harder. What turned her on more was the idea of a man walking in on her at any second while she was fully nude and exposed in the shower. What would she say? How would she react? How would the man react? Lena had never thought of cheating on Tim and she was happily married. She didn’t want to do sexual things with other men. She was simply excited by the idea of being exposed and being seen nude. She’d never been an exhibitionist in her life. She was far too insecure and shy. She changed in the back of her car once at the beach while Tim held a towel over her. That was as exposed as she got in public.

She was breathing very heavily now and could feel the blood rushing to her pussy causing her lips to open, revealing her soft inner lips. She badly wanted to reach down and furiously rub her engorged clit and cum hard right there in the men’s shower. She knew though that if she was caught it would be a much more serious issue then simply walking into the wrong change room. She rubbed her entire body with soap until it was covered in thick white suds. She rinsed off, watching the globs of soap run over her tits, down her stomach and across her mound. From there it ran down the inside of her thigh and onto the floor. She dried off and put her skimpy little outfit back on and left the change room. On her way out of the gym two men around the age of thirty were heading in for a workout. She smiled at them and gave a “Hi boys.” The two men smiled back and said “Hello,” at almost the exact same time. Both of them glanced at her tits and she pretended not to noticed as she got her keys out of her bag. In the reflection of her windshield she saw them both turn their heads to check out her ass in the little black skirt. Her pussy throbbed and she smiled.

When she got home Tim was passed out in the Lazy Boy. An infomercial for some fantastic juicer was quietly playing on the TV. Lena turned off the TV and went upstairs to their bedroom. She dropped the gym bag on the floor no longer able to contain her sexual frustration now that she was in the comfort of her own home. She stepped out of the black skirt and whipped off the white t-shirt. She pulled out the dildo she kept in the end table on her side of the bed. Her pussy was so wet and ready the dildo slid right in. It’s large soft head parted her sticky lips, stretching her aching hole out with it’s girth. She moaned loudly before it was even all the way inside her. She slid it’s entire length slowly into her hot tight canal. The balls of her dildo pumped against the soft patch of skin between her opening and her ass hole.

The juice from her sopping pussy stuck to them and created thick viscous strands every time she pulled the dildo out again. In less than a minute Lena’s entire body heaved and convulsed in the hardest orgasm she’d had in years. Her pussy locked tightly around the thick shaft of her dildo. Gobs of cum spurted out from her canal coating the dildo in heavy fluid. She moaned loudly and unashamedly as she came. A few seconds later when her body relaxed she pulled the big dick out of her sopping pussy, twitching hard as the ridge around it’s head stretched the outside of her throbbing hole.

The ridge around the head of the dildo was filled with Lena’s cum. She threw the dildo back into the drawer and rubbed her clit hard. She heaved and moaned and seconds after the first earth shattering orgasm she came again. She yelped and gave out an “Oooooh,” as she squirted three large gushes onto the comforter. She laid in the ecstasy of post orgasm as her body tingled with pins and needles. Her leg twitched with a few electric jolts. She fell asleep right in the middle of the bed on top of the comforter, legs spread apart with a big wet spot right in between them. She slept like a rock.

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