The Panty Teaser

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I think everyone, well, every guy, has a partner in their memory that they just never quite got to have. Not the way they wanted anyway. Mine was Debbie. A beautiful and petite brunette. She had what I would describe as close set eyes which ran in the family. She was so short she seemed to be, like, a little girl to me. Smart as a whip but innocent in a way some girls are. I met her in high school and we got together very quickly. I kissed her on our second date and, on the third, she wouldn’t let me take her home. She wanted to park!

We drove up to the local lovers lane, Top Of Zelzah, and began kissing. She eagerly stuck her tongue into my mouth and we were getting all hot and heavy in my Dad’s Supersport. The doggone stick shift was in the way and bucket seats were just not conducive to making out. I suggested we “Go in the back seat.”

She looked up at me with this worried look on her face and said “It sounds bad!”

I was hoping to do “Bad” stuff anyway so I kept after her and eventually we got out and reentered the car in the back seat. Now we were all over each other and I was quickly feeling up her perfect little tits.

“Don’t touch!” She begged. But I went ahead and got the best feel I could with her bra in the way. Debbie was wagging her tongue in my mouth to beat the band and I began to touch her legs, running my hands all over her nylons. She complained a bit but didn’t stop me. Then I reached the bare flesh at the top of her stockings and my cock was stiff and hoping for release.

I moved my hand just a bit further and touched her panties. I touched her little panties! Nothing between me and her tight young pussy but that little piece of cloth! I could feel the vertical division there but Debbie broke our salacious kiss and asked “Am I just a toy Brad?”

I really didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t expecting that question at that moment. I assume I said something like “Of course not” but the moment had passed. We talked a bit and I told her I loved her which I wasn’t sure was exactly the truth but it seemed like the right thing to say then.

So we continued to date and every time, at the end of the evening, while parked, we would french like crazy and I would get just…so…far…and then, when I touched her panties, she would stop me. It was very frustrating as you might imagine! I finally begged Debbie to give me some kind of release and she confessed that she and a previous boyfriend had “Gone Too Far” one night and it was never the same after that.

Oh Great. She “Goes too far” with someone else and therefore I’m out of luck. The story of my life it seems. Still, I really liked Debbie and I must admit, at least getting to touch her panties was a thrill. It’s been a long time now and I have developed a panty fetish like you wouldn’t believe!

So we dated through our senior year and attended all those special events like the senior picnic, the Vice Versa dance and, of course the senior prom. But it was after a simple Friday night movie date that our relationship moved a step farther.

We’d been out at the local theater and then headed out to the lovers lane for some action afterwards. I eagerly led Debbie into the back seat and we began to kiss and cuddle like we always did. Debbie wasn’t wearing nylons that night and the smooth feel of her shapely legs was driving me wild. I was looking forward to feeling up her panties and she moved her legs apart to give me access.

“Oh Brad that feels real good!” She encouraged. I couldn’t ever remember Debbie speaking when I was feeling her up before and I found it extra exciting. Normally I just got to feel her panties for a few moments before she would move my hand away but that night she allowed me to actually feel her pubic patch beneath the silky fabric of her panties.

“Love you Debbie” I whispered as I touched her between her legs.

“Love you too!” she responded. The school year was almost over and Debbie was going to be moving right after graduation. Our time together was short now. Neither of us knew what would happen after graduation so we valued our time together tremendously.

To my surprise, Debbie reached for the zipper of my pants and actually began to attempt to pull it down! She fumbled for a few moments and finally I grabbed the darn thing and pulled it down myself. I fished out my hard cock and went into a swoon when I felt Debbie’s hand touch me. She looked me right in the eye and began to softly stroke my cock. I found myself remembering how she’d “Gone too far” once before and was hoping that’s where we were going now!

“Can I…Can I touch your panties Deb?” I asked. She looked up at me and seemed to be thinking for a moment.

Then she asked me to “Look out the window.” I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but I did as she asked, and while I was distracted, she reached beneath her dress and took off her panties!

“Here they are.” She said as she simply handed me her little white panties. They were still warm! Her hands returned to my cock and she resumed her hand job while I got to hold her precious Kurtköy Escort little panties. I was excited beyond belief now and her hands felt so good on my penis I was ready to come very quickly. At eighteen, this was as far as I’d ever made it with a girl and, quite honestly, I didn’t expect to get this far with Debbie.

“Do you like my panties Brad?” She asked quietly as she masturbated me. Her hand moving a bit faster now, she brought her hand to her mouth and wet it with spittle before returning it to my come striving penis. Her slippery hand now gripped me tighter as she attempted to make me come. I realized that Debbie’s pussy was now bare beneath her skirt. I was still holding her skimpy white panties and she was thrilling me with her hands.

“Don’t get it on the seat.” She warned. I thought maybe Debbie had a bit more experience than she had let on but I knew she was right. When she reached down with her other hand to tickle my balls I began to erupt. The sperm raced to freedom and I quickly covered my cockhead with Debbie’s soft warm panties! Jolt after jolt of pleasure shot through my youthful loins as I ejaculated. I don’t know that anything could have been more satisfying at that moment. To come like that. So hard. And right into Debbie’s panties. Wow!

I drove my girlfriend home after that and we necked a bit more in the driveway but she had no panties on and wouldn’t let me feel her bare pussy even though I tried pretty hard. When we kissed at the door I let her feel my rejuvenated cock pressing into her belly. “Oh you nasty boy!” She scolded me.

Of all things, her Mother needed to move Debbie’s car the next morning and went through her purse looking for the keys. She found my girlfriend’s come soaked panties and we were forbidden to see each other after that. I tried to stay in touch but it wasn’t easy. The Times They Were A Changin” back then. I saw Debbie as school let out on the final day in 1965. Then she was gone. Out of my life seemingly forever. And Oh how I missed her! I missed her sweet face. The sound of her voice. Her wry sense of humor. And, of course, her panties.

Well the years went by. I got married and divorced and was struggling by in a crumby apartment in Reseda, near the suburban college I’d attended many years before. By now Debbie was just a memory. A memory and a source of many wet dreams! I wondered what had happened to her. I always wanted the best for Debbie. I wished we had met when we were a bit older. Hell, in High School I wasn’t anywhere close to getting real serious with a woman. Even a great girl like Debbie. I used to dream about picking up her petite little body and carrying her over the thresh hold of our first home. Then carrying her into the bedroom where I would finally take off her precious little panties and fuck her bare pussy.

One night at a bowling alley in Ventura, I ran into my best friend from High School. We had a great time reminiscing about the old days and he asked me where I’d been at the ten year reunion. Like I gave a shit. Here I was. Divorced and working at a go nowhere job for the phone company in Oxnard. Who wants to go to a high school reunion and gab with people who are now a lot better off than you? People you used to laugh and point at?

Well Denny pointed out that Debbie had been at the ten year reunion and had, in fact, asked him if he’d seen me! Oh really? I asked if she was married and he said he wasn’t sure but she was at the event alone. Oh Really?!

As you might expect I made plans to attend this upcoming event. Basically it was a dinner dance, but, whatever! I was hoping to see Debbie just one more time. I didn’t care if she was fat and had 6 kids. I just really wanted to see her again.

I did my best to get all gussied up for the reunion. You know. Tried to lose weight. Got a new outfit to wear that night. And, OK, I’ll admit it: Prayed that Debbie wasn’t fat and the mother of six!

The reunion was held at a scenic restaurant in the Hills above Burbank and My eyes scanned the reception area for my one time heart throb. No sign of her. Denny was there and we got a drink and he introduced me to his wife. Yak Yak. Blah Blah. Then…At last. There she was. Oh yeah, it was her all right. And Debbie hadn’t gained an ounce from what I could see. Different hairdo but still flashing that radiant smile. Still so small it looked like you could pick her up and wave her around over your head. Denny saw her too and nudged me like: “Go for it tiger!”

I made my way across the crowded hall and sidled up next to her and, as calmly as I could, said “Hello Stranger!”

Debbie turned and her angelic face brightened. “Aw I was hoping you’d be here!” She said. Well that one martini I’d had just unleashed my mouth and I just jabbered away for twenty minutes or so before I gave her a chance to tell me about what she’d been up to. Turns out that yes, she is married but her husband “Hates these kind of things.” He figured he wouldn’t know a soul and so she came alone. That was fine by me.

We spent the evening as “Dates” in a Maltepe Escort manner of speaking and had a great time together. Some old friends assumed we were married! I should be so lucky. The band played all oldies from our high school years and it seemed so right. Debbie and I danced every dance together and, when they played “My Girl” we held each other tight. It was like all those years hadn’t really passed at all.

At the evenings end neither of us was eager to part company. I had rented a room at a crappy motel over on Glenoaks blvd. and no way were we going there. Debbie actually still lived fairly close and had driven to the reunion. Finally, I suggested we go out and get a hot chocolate or something as a sort of “Nightcap.”

I was driving my clumsy old work truck so we took Debbie’s car, an ’84 Honda Accord. I was giving her a hard time about driving one of those “Foreign Cars” since I was a hard core Chevy man but she was defending her little blue Honda for all she was worth! It was great. Just being with her again after 20 years. We ended up getting Hot chocolate at a McDonalds and sat out in her car sipping it and talking. Both of us not wanting the night to end.

I found myself wishing I could kiss her. Watching her face as she talked in the front seat of that Honda. Thinking about the old days. When she was my girl. Boy! I’d really screwed up letting her go. She eventually saw me staring and and reached over and patted my leg. “I know where we can go.” She said.

Debbie drove back up towards the Hills where the restaurant was. It was right by DeBell golf course somewhere. Anyway she made a few turns and then the road kind of ended. She drove around the “Dead end” sign and up a dirt road until we crested a hill and then the lights of the San Fernando Valley appeared below.

It began to dawn on me. We were going to park! Yeah! Just like Top of Zelzah! She no sooner had turned off the motor and I was all over her. I know she was married but I couldn’t help myself. Even with the 5 speed stick in the way I was kissing her for all I was worth. Then Debbie pulled back and quietly said “There isn’t much room up here.” OK, it was my line now. “Want to get in the back seat?” A naughty little smile came over her face.

“Oh, it sound so nasty!” Debbie said as she took off her seat belt and opened the door. We climbed in the back seat which was small but big enough for two. And then I just gathered her up in my arms and a series of torrid kisses ensued. The scent of her perfume filled my nostrils as I stuck my tongue into her mouth. She moaned in appreciation and kissed me back with passion. It was like all the years just melted away and we were teenagers again! We had the oldies station on, I think it was KRLA on the radio, and I found myself thinking about…About Debbie’s panties!

We were not strangers. No. We had a fairly well developed routine when we were lovers. Oh, I know, it was just a silly little high school thing, but we were lovers nonetheless. We did some more kissing and then I moved my hand to Debbie’s breasts.

“Mmmm…No!” She admonished me. But she made no move to stop me. I got a pretty good feel of Debbie’s still firm tits beneath her bra and wondered how far this would go tonight. After all: She was married. I wasn’t thinking about that too much though. No, I wanted to touch her panties again and maybe a bit more.

So I whispered in her ear how much I’d missed her and what a dolt I was for ever letting her out of my life. She admitted that she could have contacted me too but also expected that there were loads of great guys at her college and wanted to experience everything she could in her youth. But, she’d missed me too. As Debbie spoke, I slipped my hand down to her knee and began to lightly caress it. She absentmindedly moved my hand back to the car seat and continued her narrative. How she’d changed her major and transferred up to San Luis Obispo.

I again touched her knee and this time she just let it rest there. I told her of my failed marriage and attempts to launch a career in Rock and Roll. Great choice there. Very realistic. I continued to make fun of my pathetic life and very lightly began to move my hand up Debbie’s leg. Our faces were almost touching and she was now accepting this bold move on my part.

Now there was a lot less talk and we were holding each other closely. My hand now moving up Deb’s leg until I reached the smooth flesh near the juncture of her thighs. I knew what was just above that and I hesitated only briefly before sliding my hand up further. I touched her panties. My cock was rock hard in my pants and I was again touching little Debbie Davis’s panties after two decades.

“Don’t touch my panties!” She said unconvincingly. She had to say it but her body language said something else.

“Just for a minute Debbie.” I insisted. “Just let me touch your panties for a minute and then we’ll go.” Yeah right. Debbie allowed her legs to move apart a bit and I got an even better feel of her brief panties. “Remember out last night together Deb?” Tuzla Escort I asked, knowing full well she did.

Debbie looked up at me and nodded. “I was bad wasn’t I? I let you feel my panties and then I…” She had a hard time saying it. “I jerked you off. I let you come in my panties. and I got in trouble too!” She considered what she’d just said and admitted she’d done it once before. she then told me of a brief fling she’d had before I met her with a guy she met at a Church camp. He wanted to have sex but when Debbie refused he “Settled” for a hand job.

“Did you take off your panties for him Deb?” I wondered.

“No,” she replied. “I only did that for you! I wanted that night to be special and decided ahead of time to take my panties off for you.” Tears began to form in her eyes. “Then…I got in so much trouble I’ve had a problem taking off my panties ever since.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “So you got grounded for a week or so and forbidden to see me but…”

“It was much more than than Brad.” She interrupted. “My mother just yelled bloody murder at me and kept asking me ‘Did he fuck you? Did he fuck you?’ Like I was the worst whore in the world. Then she told my Dad what I’d done before she left for work. And then I was really in trouble.” I was shocked to say the least to hear this. I had no idea I’d gotten Debbie in such a pickle.

“He dragged me into the his bedroom and I still had on my jammies. He was accusing me of everything you could imagine. Stuff I never even heard of! I was sobbing and apologizing and then he grabbed me and pulled me over his lap. I yelled ‘Daddy no! I’m too big for this!’ But he was hearing none of it. He grabbed the waistband of my P.J.s and pulled them down to my knees. He then spanked me. He kept yelling that I deserved to be punished for being so sinful. I thought it was wrong for him to see me naked like that. After all, I was 18 years old and not some little tot who’d sassed him or something. He just whacked my butt something fierce until it was all red and throbbing. Then he let me up. I was still crying and rubbing my sore behind and he turned me around and, I swear, he just wanted to see my pussy. Then he finally muttered something like how he was ‘Sorry’ but I had it coming. Then he wanted to rub some Bactine on my butt to ease the pain.”

“I said ‘No way’ but he got this angry look on his face again and I knew if I didn’t let him do it he would be ready to spank me again. So I laid face down on the bed and Daddy got the Bactine and sprayed it on my butt cheeks and I admit it did feel good. Then he started rubbing my butt and…And opening it so he could look. He got real quiet. Finally I told Daddy I was sorry that I had been bad and I promised never to take my panties off for a boy again. I think he knew he couldn’t do any more to me after I’d admitted my sins. So he let me up and I went in my room and locked the door.”

I hugged Debbie for a long while when she’d finished. And I was unknowingly a kind of partner in all of this. “I’m so sorry Deb.” I told her truthfully.

“Then, when I went away to college I had trouble in intimate situations with men. Of course most college guys are after only ‘One Thing’ but there were actually good guys that I wanted to have a mature relationship with but, but every time we got close to real intimacy, I balked. I…I couldn’t let them take off my panties! Sometimes they got angry. Sometimes they attempted to rip off my panties but I always managed to stop them. Some times I gave them a hand job and some times I would let them rub their cock on my panties until they came but…But I just couldn’t let them pull down my panties and fuck me!”

“Eventually I became known around school as ‘The Panty Teaser.’ and guys kind of knew what to expect on a date. I can’t tell you how many nights ended with me in the back seat of some boy’s car, my legs spread way apart, only my little panties to protect me and a stiff cock rubbing me on my spot. There were times when I would pull the legband to one side and allow them just a quick look at my bare pussy but I never let them touch me down there with their cocks. They’d get all excited from the experience and, when I squeezed them just right, they’d gasp and let loose a big messy load of sperm. Usually right on my panties.”

Shocked now, I couldn’t help but ask, “So, how did you ever get married? I mean if…”

“My husband Bob is a sex therapist. I met him when I eventually realized I needed help. I tearfully poured out my problems to him at our first session and he listened carefully. He told me the next step in my treatment was a general exam to be sure there were no physical problems. So, at our next session he took me into a medical examination room. I had to dress in one of those hospital gowns but I kept my panties on. Bob lifted the gown and I was blushing as a man saw my little tits for the first time. He inspected me carefully and touched me all over’ up there. Then…Then he placed my feet in the stirrups and I found that I couldn’t close my legs! Oh Brad, I was all spread wide open and only my little white panties prevented him from seeing me all naked! I got a little excited from when he felt up my titties and I know I was starting to get wet. Then Bob stepped right between my widespread thighs and began to touch my panties!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32