The Outdoor Life Pt. 14

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The Outdoor Life Pt14

It was cold, chilly, Saturday afternoon in October, and I sat at a table in the dining room, eating my lunch alone.


Well, you see, there wasn’t many groups in that day, most of us had the day off, which should have been great, but, Benny, my roommate, and Chloe, his girlfriend, had decided to head into town, to do some shopping, which I didn’t feel like doing, and my girlfriend, Heidi, was stuck in her bed with a cold, so, I found myself with no one to hang around with, and nothing to do.

Anyway, as I sat there eating by myself, wondering what I was going to do that afternoon, Kerry and Joe sat down at the table, and joined me for lunch.

Now, Kerry and Joe, were a really nice young couple, who worked with us at the centre.

He was tall, slim, with short brown hair and glasses, and she was short, chubby, with a shoulder length brown hair and glasses.

They had been together a while, and were also senior instructors, because as well as being very qualified, and experienced in the outdoor activities we did, they were also, very nice, and often took the time to check up on us new instructors, and make sure we were coping alright, with everything.

Anyway, as we sat together eating, they asked why I was sat alone, and once I had told them why, and that, I really had nothing to do that afternoon, Kerry then asked cheerily “Well, would you like to join us for a film then? Joe’s got a few new DVDs he hasn’t watched yet, so, we thought we would have a movie afternoon, if you’re interested?”

I thought about it for just a few seconds, before quickly replying “Yeah okay!” because it seemed better than doing nothing at all by myself, and then we agreed to meet, at their hut, in half an hour, after we finished our lunches.

Anyway, half an hour later after our lunch, I strolled eagerly to their accommodation, and knocking on the door, Kerry opened it, and let me in.

As I stepped into their hut, I noticed it looked very much like all the other senior instructors rooms, with a big double bed at the far end of the room, up against one of the walls, an old looking sofa against the left wall, and a small chest of draws against the other, with Joe’s television on top of that.

Kerry then said to me, to take a seat on the sofa, and once we all got comfy on it, with me sat at one end of it, Joe sat at the other, and Kerry sat between us, we started the film.

Then for a while, we sat quietly just watching the film, and laughing at the funny bits, before Kerry, curled up on the middle of the sofa, and now sat, leaning on her boyfriend.

They looked like a happy, loving couple, and I kind of hoped Heidi and me, might be like that too, in a few years.

Then as the film continued, Kerry adjusted her position, and to my surprise, leant against me.

I instantly sat, a little awkward, but tried not to make a deal about it, before casually glancing down at her, as her chubby frame, in a plaid red shirt and jeans, rested against me, while her little brunette head, with her little round glasses on her cute little face, rested on my shoulder.

Then, as I tried to just concentrate on the film and nothing else, I felt something move onto my leg, and glanced down to see her hand, now lying onto my thigh, and I instantly tensed up again, feeling very nervous and awkward again.

I then glanced down at her, and she was just gazed blankly at the television, almost oblivious as to where her hand was now resting, before I glanced nervously over at Joe, and he too was just casually staring at the television, clearly oblivious to what his girlfriend was doing.

I now had a very awkward situation to deal with, but I couldn’t decide if I should I say something, and possibly upset them both, or just say nothing, and hope in a moment, Kerry would realise what she’s doing, and immediately move her hand and everything would be alright again.

Well, for a few minutes, we sat just like that, watching the film like nothing was odd about this situation, and I continued in my head, wondering whether to say something or not, until the problem finally resolved itself, when her hand moved, and it slid up my jean covered thigh, and then rested on my crotch.

I immediately tensed completely up, and now felt even more awkward and nervous than before.

Then I glanced down to see, her little chubby hand, now cupping my crotch, and all I could think of right then, was, I wondered if she realised, what she was doing? Or what Joe might say if he saw this? Or what might happen, if I did?!

However, all those thoughts soon disappeared from my mind, because, I was soon distracted by her hand again, as it began to squeeze and massage my bulge, and I had to fight the urge to moan out loud, as she did that.

I really couldn’t believe this was happening, the most nice, cheerful, young woman, I thought I knew, was now happily fondling my genitals through my jeans, while her long time, loving boyfriend, sat just a few feet from us, clearly unaware what Escort Avrupa yakası was going on.

For a good minute or more, Kerry continued to squeeze and fondle my trouser bulge, and it pretty quickly grew in size, until it was pressuring the taut material around it, to get out.

I then glanced nervously over at Joe again, and he still seemed completely oblivious to what was happening, which was probably good thing, because he was a nice guy, and I really didn’t want to upset him.

But then, Kerry, caught my attention again, as I heard a familiar sound, and looking down I couldn’t believe what I saw, as I watched her, as gently as she could, trying not to make too much noise, pulling down the zipper on my jeans, until she had it fully down, and then her soft little hand, slipped inside the hole.

I immediately had to bite my lip, to stop myself from moaning out loud, as her chubby fingers took a hold of my hard, thick, erect cock, and once her hand was wrapped around it, she started to stroke it.

I immediately glanced down at her in disbelief that this was really happening, and as her hand continued to stroke my hard length, inside my jeans, she glanced up at me with a mischievous smile.

For a good minute or more, she continued to stroke my length, inside my jeans, while I had to fight the urge, to moan happily in pleasure.

Then to my amazement again, I watched her other hand reach over, unbutton the top button on my jeans, and they fell open, and she pulled my hard cock out completely.

Now, I really stared in disbelief, as she held my hard cock up, where her boyfriend could now probably see it if he looked over, and then as if nothing was out of place about this, she just continued to openly stroke it, without a care in the world.

Her little chubby hand, moved up and down my member with long firm strokes, eagerly rubbing almost my entire, hard, thick length, and as it did, I once again, had to fight the urge to moan out loud.

Then as she continued to jerk my cock, like it was just something she did for everyone who just stopped by, her little brunette head moved off my shoulder, and to my amazement and disbelief again, leant over, and without hesitation, sunk onto my cockhead.

That was too much for me, I couldn’t hold it in any longer, so, as her lovely wet little mouth, engulfed my hard dick, and I felt her little moist lips slide down my thick, hard shaft, I let out a happy, pleasurable moan, loud enough I’m sure, even people outside might have heard.

“Oh god yeah!” I exclaimed excitedly, as Kerry’s wet greedy mouth, smothered my dick.

I then instantly looked over at Joe, terrified what he would do, but to my amazement, he just stared back at me with a smile, while his loving long-time girlfriend, sucked on my cock.

Then, as her brunette little head, continued to bob up and down in my lap, he said “It’s okay Steve. She’s had a little crush on you, since you arrived, and once she put you on her, three exemption list, I knew it would be only a matter of time, before this happened. And, after the other night at Annabelle’s birthday, she’s been dying to get a taste of your cock, too!”

“Oh.” I replied back, amazed Joe was so cool about this, but I did understand, the three exemption list was there for a reason, and I have to say, right then, I was loving that list.

So, I then relaxed a little, as that short, chubby brunette, eagerly continued to suck on my dick, while her boyfriend, sat just a few feet away from us, clearly okay with it.

Then for several wonderful minutes, Kerry happily sucked and licked my hard member, and even my balls too, and happily, I sat there enjoying it, as she drooled all over my genitals, until they were completely wet, and glistening with her saliva.

Then, after giving my length a few more deep sucks, she pulled her mouth right off my dick, sat up right, and then with an eager smile, hopped up off the sofa.

I then watched excitedly, as she then started to take off her clothes, and rather seductively, she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, one button at a time, with a naughty smile on her face, as she did.

Then when she had all the buttons undone, she flicked the shirt completely off, and as it fell to the floor, it revealed her plump, round pale breasts, probably D-cups I think, in a little white bra.

Kerry then started to undo her jeans, and I watched excitedly again, as she undid the buttons, until they were all undone, and then letting go of them, they hit the floor, and as she stepped out of them, I could see her little hairy plump mound, through her white little panties.

“What do you think?” she then asked teasingly, giving me a little jiggle and a pose.

“Nice! Very nice!” I replied back excitedly.

Kerry then grinned, before she started to play with her bra, undoing it around the back, before teasing it off and on again, until she finally pulled it off completely, and threw it to one side.

I could now see her big white plump Ataköy escort boobs, and they looked pretty good with their big white round fleshy pillows, and large pink nipples just hanging there in front of me.

Then Kerry took a hold of her knickers, and began playfully, dropping and lifting one side and then the other, before all at once, she pushed them down fully, and then stepped out of them, and now stood completely naked in front of me.

I stared amazed at her hot, short, chubby naked frame, and could now see, that her brown pubic hair was just a large triangle, above her pussy, and her actual mound, was bald and pale, just the way I liked it.

Then with a smile on her face, that cute, short brunette, moved towards me again, before she climbed onto the sofa, and straddled my lap.

Then she placed her hands on my shoulders, before slowly, she lowered herself down towards my hard, wet, upright dick, and as she crouched over my waist, her little bald pussy touched down on my cockhead, and then sunk on to it.

We both instantly let out a groan of happy pleasure, as her little pink pussy lips parted, and sunk down onto my member, and there, in front of her loving boyfriend, Kerry now had her little moist cunt, full of my hard cock.

Then for a moment, she just sat on my member, enjoying the feeling of another guy’s hard dick inside of her, before she then smiled at me, and then eased herself up, and then gently dropped herself down again.

“Oh, yeah!” she moaned softly, clearly enjoying what she did.

So, she did it again, and then again, and slowly and steadily, that short, chubby brunette, another one of my senior instructor/supervisors, started to fuck me.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” she then moaned again, as she continued to lift and drop into my lap.

Kerry happily rode my hard member, bouncing steadily up and down on it, and moaning happily as she did, for several enjoyable minutes, and all the while we were fucking, Joe, her boyfriend, just sat beside us watching.

Then, after a while longer, as she was still sliding her wet little pussy, up and down my length, Joe asked “Is he good honey? Is fucking him, all you hoped it would be?”

Kerry glanced his way, and with a smile on her face replied “Oh yes! It’s so good Joe! He’s so big and hard! Just like I hoped he would be!”

“How big is he?” Joe then asked curiously.

“Big! Really big!” she replied back, before adding “I think he might be even bigger, than yours!”

“Yeah?” Joe asked back, amused by her reply.

“Oh yeah! It’s definitely bigger! And thicker!” she then said playfully, before she sunk down on my member again, and let out another pleasurable moan.

Then for the next few minutes, Kerry continued to ride my hard dick, sliding her little wet hole, up and down my hard cock, as her little naked chubby body lifted and dropped on top of me, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Then, finally, she dropped fully into my lap, and let out a louder moan of pleasure, as she took my entire full length, deep up inside of her.

For a moment or two, she just sat on top of me enjoying the moment, before she then smiled, leant towards me, and without hesitation, kissed me excitedly.

I happily kissed that hot, glasses wearing, chubby brunette back, and for a minute or so, we just sat like that, tongue wrestling.

Then, after a while, Kerry pulled her lips from mine, and with another smile on her face, she said “Now, I want you… to fuck me!”

She then lifted up off my hard length, letting it slide right out of her warm wet pussy, before she then stepped over me, and then knelt down on the sofa, right next to her boyfriend.

Eagerly, I then stood up, pulled off my t-shirt, kicked off my trainers, stepped out my jeans, and then moved towards her.

Kerry knelt on all fours, waiting for me, and as I stepped up behind her, she looked back at me and watched, as I lined up my hard cock, up against her little moist pussy, before with a thrust, I slid into her.

“Oh yeah!” she then moaned happily, as my hard member entered her cunt again.

Then I placed my hands on her chubby waist, and eased my hard cock back, before pushing it back into her again, and instantly, she let out another moan again.

Then steadily, I started to fuck her, pushing my hard cock in, and then pulling it out again, before pushing it in again, and every time I thrust into her, she moaned excitedly in pleasure.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me Steve! Fuck me! I want that big hard cock! I want it! I want it bad!” she moaned eagerly.

So, I gave it to her, and as I held onto her, and thrust my hard length into her wet little hole again, and again, she moaned loudly in pleasure, while staring right at her boyfriend, just inches from her flushed red face.

“You like that babe?” Joe asked playfully, with a smile on his lips.

“Yes! Yes!” she moaned eagerly back.

“You want more?” he then asked.

“Yes! Yes!” she replied again.

“Then tell Şirinevler escort bayan Steve! Tell Steve, what you want!” Joe then said keenly, and Kerry quickly moaned at me “Give me more Steve! Give me more! I want to feel your whole length, in my little pussy! Do It! Do it!”

So, I eagerly started to thrust harder, pumping my big hard cock deeper and quicker into her, and as I slid in to her little warm pussy, right up to the balls, she let out louder, more excited moans of pleasure.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she exclaimed loudly, as I fucked her harder from behind.

For the next few minutes, I pounded her little wet pussy, just like she wanted, as she knelt naked on the sofa, right next to her boyfriend, and moaned happily right into his face.

And, I have to admit, it was pretty hot, fucking that short, young, chubby brunette, right there, next to her loving boyfriend, as he watched us happily doing it.

Then, after a good few minutes, of pounding her little wet cunt, and making her moan over and over in pleasure, I finally slowed down, not wanting to finish things to soon, and then stopped, and eased out of her.

Eagerly, Kerry, quickly turned around, grabbed hold of my glistening hard member, and without hesitation, lowered her head down, and began sucking on my length.

Her little wet mouth, bobbed excitedly back and forth along my hard dick, as she tried to suck on as much of it as she could, and as she did that, I glanced over at Joe again, and he smiled and said “Wow! She certainly doesn’t do that to me, when we’re having sex!”

“Oh.” I replied, not too sure whether to feel sorry for him, or to feel super proud, I made her so horny, she would do something with me, that she didn’t normally do with her boyfriend.

“It’s okay. As long as she’s happy, that’s all I care about!” he then said with a smile again.

Then, after giving my length a good eager sucking for a minute or so, Kerry lifted her head up from my cock, and with a grin on her face, said “I want that big cock of yours, back inside of me!”

Then that happy, little brunette, sat down on the sofa, laid back, lifted her little chubby legs to her chest, and spread them open for me.

Her little wet, pink pussy, was now stretched open, giving me the perfect view of her warm wet hole inside, and as she smiled up at me, through her round glasses, I moved towards her, knelt on the edge of the sofa, and lined my hard dick up at her, gaping entrance.

Then I leant forwards, and my hard length, slipped between her spread little pink lips, and I sunk into her warm moist little cunt.

Kerry instantly let out another happy moan of pleasure, as I filled her pussy again with my hard firm member, before I leant over her, placed my hands on the seat cushions, either side of her head, and started to move inside of her.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” she moaned happily, as my cock moved back and forth inside of her.

That cute, little brunette, then continued to moan and groan, over and over, as I happily leant over her little naked body, and thrust in and out of her.

“Oh Steve! Oh yes! Oh yes!” she moaned, as I pumped her pussy with my big hard dick.

Then, for the next few minutes, we happily fucked like that, on that sofa, right next to her boyfriend again, and I have to admit, I was now completely passed worrying about Joe, and was just enjoying fucking Kerry, as much as I could.

So, I kept going, and just pumped my hard cock, in and out of her warm wet hole over and over, making it slide back and forth between her little pink pussy lips, stretching them out as I did, and as we continued to fuck, she lifted her chubby little legs higher, until they were resting on my shoulders, and she was almost folded over in half.

Then Kerry moaned “Harder Steve! Harder! Please, fuck me harder! I want it harder again!”

So, I eagerly obliged, and began moving my hips up and down quicker, and as I did, my hard cock plunged into her warm wet cunt, faster and deeper than it had been before, and instantly, Kerry let out a louder, more excited moan of pleasure again.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Give me that cock! Give me that cock! Give me that cock!” she cried eagerly.

Happily I did, and for the next few minutes, I pumped Kerry’s little wet hole as hard and as fast as I could, giving her the fucking she really wanted, and judging by her loud, pleasurable moans, I was doing it just right.

Then as we continued to fuck excitedly, she turned her head towards her boyfriend, and they kissed, as I kept pounding her sweet little cunt.

For another few minutes, I happily plunged in and out of her moist little pussy as hard and as fast as I could, while she continued to share a moment with her loving boyfriend, until finally, she pulled her lips from his, and moaned out loud again.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she cried loudly, as I kept pounding her little hole.

Then, as I started to feel my excitement grow, I quickly slowed down again, before sliding fully into her pussy, until my balls bounced off her little chubby arse, making her moan even louder, and then I stopped.

Kerry then looked up at me through her little glasses again, breathing heavily as she did, before she reached up, placed her hand on the back of my neck, and pulled me towards her, and then we kissed.

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