The Other Sister Ch. 01

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DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this story is real or should be considered as such. This story is a little unusual and is based on a strange fantasy I concocted that brings together some fetishes I’m into. This first chapter introduces the characters, sets up a little bit of where the story will be going, and yes, features sexual acts between consenting adults. I welcome any feedback and I’m always excited to discuss the story and characters, and chatting/bouncing around ideas for future stories. I hope you enjoy delving into my insane mind.

NOTE: This story features characters that appear in my other stories. They do not take place in the same continuity. Each series can be considered its own universe of sorts, with different events, relationships, and couplings.


Tiffany gagged lightly as Eric’s cock pushed at the entrance to her throat. The contracting muscle tightened around his tip and made him involuntarily moan out loud above her. She shot him a warning glance, deep brown eyes glaring up at him from behind her glasses, and he mouthed an apology before she went back to bobbing her head back and forth onto his dick. She really wished he was either just a little bit smaller so as to comfortably fit the length of her mouth or a just a bit bigger so she could take him into her throat. Instead, he was the exact right size that every time she made it to his base, her petite nose pressing into his abdomen, the head of his cock just barely shoved its way past the back of her throat, making her gag. As much as he seemed to like it, it annoyed her to no end.

“Are you close?” Tiffany whispered, popping her mouth off his cock to give her jaw a rest. He rapidly nodded his head as she jerked her fist onto his spit-slick member, beating him off with hard fast strokes for a little while before diving back onto his pole. “Let me know when you’re about to cum.”

Keeping her fist at the base of Eric’s dick to act as a barrier, Tiffany was able to freely piston her face all the way down and back with ease, practically jerking his cock off with her mouth. The sloppy slurps of her blowjob were the only sounds in the room following Eric’s outburst, and the wet noises made him want to cry out again, but he restrained himself as best he could. Tiffany enjoyed watching as he squirmed and twisted, tightly gripping the sink behind him in an attempt to hold off his orgasm, desperately wanting to prolong the sensations of her hot mouth enveloping his cock, the feeling of the tight suction running the length of his shaft over and over again.

“Eric? Are you ready yet?”

The voice of Tiffany’s sister Maddie calling out to him set him off. He quickly tapped Tiffany on the head and she rolled her eyes in response, halting her momentum to hold the tip of his cock just past her lips. Eric’s body rolled and rocked as he came, shooting streams of gooey jizz into Tiffany’s mouth, filling up the hot wet hole until his tank was empty.

“Ung unghon my way!” he called back, hastily stuffing himself back into his pants and running out the bathroom door to join Tiffany’s sister for their date. “Sorry about that. I just really needed to get something out. Uh, a stain out from my pants.”

As Eric’s voice trailed off, Maddie and him heading out the front door, Tiffany stood up from the bathroom mat and spit her sister’s boyfriend’s cum into the sink. She ran the water, washing it down before reaching over to grab her sister’s toothbrush and start scrubbing the taste from her mouth. She told herself that she wasn’t doing it to be malicious. She just didn’t want to have the taste lingering on her own toothbrush. Besides, she thought to herself, Eric was Maddie’s boyfriend and it wasn’t like her sister was going to taste his cum any other way.

Tiffany was two years younger than Maddie and the two had always been very close, if competitive. Although, competitive might have been the wrong word for it. In almost all instances of their lives, Maddie came out on top: in popularity and social standing, in academics and extracurriculars, and much to Tiffany’s long-held secret ire, in the looks department as well.

By any measure, Tiffany was attractive, and without Maddie around it’d be easy to call her cute: with wavy brown hair that hung just past her shoulders, small perky breasts, and long shapely legs. However, when compared to Maddie, for anyone that had seen both sisters, Maddie’s lighter hair, running down to her mid-back, seemed much more voluminous; her lack of glasses made her honey-colored eyes stand out more; her larger breasts made Tiffany’s appear that much smaller; her thicker thighs and wider hips emphasized her sister’s lankier build; and even her face, despite her awkwardly shaped nose, just looked a little more innocent and sweeter.

All throughout high school, Maddie’s effortless beauty had sparked a touch jealousy inside of Tiffany and made her feel the slightest bit inferior. Tiffany was good. Maddie was better.

Her older sister had erotik hikaye oku always gotten way more attention than she did, to the point that Tiffany had even stopped dating regularly because of it. The moment a guy she was seeing met her sister, she could tell he’d be jerking off to her later that night. And with her and Maddie living together, whenever she brought a guy over, she had to endure their blatantly obvious attempts at flirting with her. It was maddening. And the most frustrating part of it all for her was that if they knew how prudish Maddie was, they might not have even bothered wasting their time with her.

Unlike Tiffany, who considered herself more sexually liberated — or rather, she would have been more sexually liberated if guys actually gave her a chance at it — Maddie was selectively chaste. At first it was because she wanted to concentrate on school and decided not to go out with anyone. But now that they were in college, she had finally started dating… but none of them seemed to last for very long. It wasn’t until a few months ago that Tiffany finally found out why. That day, everything changed for her, and she found a way to finally get the type of attention her sister always had… the same type of attention Maddie always stole from her boyfriends.

She was in her room, having retreated there after growing tired of playing third wheel to Maddie and her current boyfriend Dan. They’d only been seeing each other for about two weeks, but his infatuation with Maddie was obvious, and Tiffany got tired of guys basically ignoring her while showering Maddie with attention. So, Tiffany had locked herself away to concentrate on her English assignment. Over an hour later, she emerged needing to use the printer and walked next door to Maddie’s room, assuming Dan had left a while ago.

“Hey, Maddie,” Tiffany said, grabbing the doorknob and pushing the door open, “Can I use your prin — holy fuck!”

“Shit!” Dan exclaimed, scrambling to cover himself up. He stood alone in her sister’s room, in the space between her bed and dresser, stiff cock in his hand, along with a pair of Maddie’s panties that he was clearly using to jerk himself off with. “I can explain!”

Tiffany took in the sight before her, eyes concentrated on Dan’s still exposed prick. It wasn’t the first one she’d seen. She had given a few handjobs in the past, before her dates met her sister, but seeing this one was different. Maybe it was because it was her sister’s boyfriend’s. Maybe it was because he was using her sister’s panties to jerk himself off. Or maybe it was because the semi-flaccid member started to grow hard and stiff again under her interested gaze. Whatever the reason, Tiffany felt herself grow moist because of it.

“Okay. Let’s hear it. Explain why you’re standing in my sister’s room beating your dick off into a pair of her panties.”

At first Dan said nothing, seemingly relieved that Tiffany didn’t scream bloody murder, kick him out, or call the cops. Then he noticed her eyes looking directly at his cock, something Maddie had never experienced or shown any interest in wanting to experience despite his numerous attempts. Having Tiffany staring at his hard member, her legs quivering ever so slightly over what she was witnessing… it suddenly made Maddie’s less attractive sister appear much more sexually appealing.

A wild energy cycled between them, an ouroboros of lust feeding off itself. Dan aroused over Tiffany staring at his cock, Tiffany aroused by Dan’s lust… lust he clearly felt for her. It was a new sensation for Tiffany, having a guy look at her in the way they normally looked at her sister, with a primal desire to toss her on top of the nearby dresser and shove their dick into her, and it turned her on greatly. She stepped further into the room, pulling the door shut behind her.

“I know how this looks, and it’s pretty bad, but… fuck, your sister is just such a prude and… I thought I had some time while she was at class and just needed to… relieve some tension. I didn’t think you’d…”

“Didn’t think I’d what?” The entire time Dan offered his, Tiffany guess she could call it an explanation, she walked closer and closer to him, an unconscious sway to what little hips she had. She was wearing a pair of shorts that left bare the entire length of her legs and much to her delight, Dan’s eyes traveled all the way down and back up their pale expanse. “Catch you jerking your perverted dick off until you soaked Maddie’s panties with your cum?”

“Fuck,” he gasped. She was right in front of him now and as her eyes lowered to watch as a small stream of precum dripped off his tip onto Maddie’s floor, Dan’s gaze lingered on her facial features. The lust behind her eyes made them shine ever so brightly. Her nose really was noticeably so much prettier than Maddie’s. And her mouth, while possessing them same plump lips as he sister’s, was smaller and poutier. “Maddie never talks like that. I’m starting to think I’m with erotik hikaye the wrong sister.”

Tiffany nearly gushed her panties. She let out a little moan. The idea of a guy saying something like that, much less a guy currently dating her sister, it was unheard of to her… and god did she want more.

“I didn’t know my sister was so pure and innocent. Won’t talk dirty, won’t jerk her boyfriend’s poor cock. I guess that explains why her relationships never last.” Tiffany reached down, her fingers briefly grasping Dan’s erect dick, the fleshy member twitching in excitement at her touch, as she slipped Maddie’s panties out of his hand. She unfurled the bunched-up material, revealing a green lacy pair with frills around the waist. “Pretty racy panties for someone so virtuous though.”

“They’re much better suited for someone as sexy as you.”

Tiffany smiled. He was so full of shit, but even still, she was enjoying the attention regardless. Keeping on her fake smile, she lowered Maddie’s panties to her own hips, holding them against herself like she was modeling them. They were at least a size too big. “Mmm… curse those wide, womanly hips of hers. Too bad her ass is kind of flat.”

Tiffany didn’t purposefully mean to put her sister down so much, but Dan’s comments had really set something off inside of her, and the act of mocking her sister while turning on her boyfriend was working her up in ways she never imagined, her own panties damp against her lower lips. Besides, it wasn’t like she was lying, she thought to herself. It was true. Tiffany’s butt was pert and small while Maddie’s ass was wider but overall flatter.

“Another way I’m different from my sister,” Tiffany said while laying out Maddie’s panties on the bed beside them, “I won’t leave you… high and dry.” She reached toward Dan’s erect cock, which rose a little higher in response to her advancing fingers, but she stopped right before her fingertips touched his skin. “That is if you’re okay with the less attractive sister doing it instead of her.”

“Fuck yes.”

Tiffany grinned and wrapped her hand around him. She hummed in delight from the contact, giving the stiff member a gentle squeeze, taking a moment to savor the warm feeling of it, the weight of its thickness, before she began to stroke it back and forth in fast, steady beats. Dan groaned, gaze drifting down to enjoy the sight of his cock in Tiffany’s hand before shifting back up to look at her cute face twisted into one of mischievous joy. She turned her head toward the bed, and he followed the motion to Maddie’s panties laying on top of the sheets.

“Were you imagining Maddie in those while you were doing this on your own?” Tiffany asked breathily. She pumped her hand faster, working the entire shaft in her clasped fist. “Were you picturing how she’d look in front of you, her virgin pussy just barely visible under the lace? I bet she has a hairy bush. A virtuous girl like her doesn’t shave. Is that what you were thinking about while you stroked your dick like this?”

“Yes,” Dan hissed, his hips jerking automatically as his orgasm built up, Tiffany priming his pump with her piston-like pace on his cock. “But now I’m thinking about what kind of panties you’re wearing.”

Tiffany inhaled a sharp intake of breath, her lips parting from a jolt of passion running down her body and culminating between her legs. She sped up her pumping even more, her hand a near blur on Dan’s cock, slick sounds emanating from the rapid action. “Mine are also lace but so much skimpier than hers. Higher cut to show my sexier butt… and more sheer…” she leaned closer to him, both of them eyeing Maddie’s panties on the bed, “so you can better see my hot… trimmed… snatch.”

“Unnghhhuugghh!” Dan closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he came, ropes of his cum shooting out from his tip. Tiffany experienced a small orgasm of her own, shivering and rubbing her thighs together not just from the feeling of Dan’s thick shaft expanding in her hand but from witnessing stream after stream of cum arc into the air and rain down onto Maddie’s panties and all over her bedsheets in soft, extended patters. Dan must have been rather pent up — blue-balled from Maddie’s lack of tension release — and fired off 8 to 10 shots before he was finished. When it was over, damp lines ran across the white sheets and green panties. Panting, Dan finally came to his senses and his eyes went wide over the mess they made. “Shit. She’ll be back any minute. We gotta—”

“Relax,” Tiffany said almost nonchalantly. She wiped her sticky cum covered hand onto the sheets, figuring she needed to clean her hand, her sister’s bed was there, and what was a little more to the already wet mess. “Go wait for her in the living room. I’ll take care of this.”

Dan tidied himself up and left the room, pausing before exiting to say, “That was… incredible. You’re incredible.”

“Thanks,” Tiffany said, picking up Maddie’s panties. “Any time.”

Using porno hikayeleri the garment, Tiffany went to work wiping up as much jizz from the sheets as possible, mopping up any sticky excess so the rest could dry quickly. Once she was done, Maddie’s panties were nearly soaked in cum. Tiffany thought for a moment. She could throw them into the wash, maybe do a load of laundry that night and take care of her sister’s as well hers to “be nice.” Instead, she rolled the panties around in her hand, rubbing and scrubbing quickly in between her palms, making sure to spread everything all over evenly and letting it all dry into the material and her own palms. Satisfied, she placed the panties back into her sister’s drawer.

The front door opened and closed, and she heard Maddie greeting Dan in the living room, her bright, happy, and oblivious voice making Tiffany’s heartbeat speed up. Tiffany’s own hands were coated in a layer of dried cum. Not having a lot of time, she quickly spit into her palms a few times to remoisten them and then used Maddie’s pillow to wipe them clean. Outside the door, coming down the hall, she heard Dan saying that he was hungry, and they should head out to dinner now. Tiffany quickly darted over to Maddie’s desk and turned on the printer. A confused Maddie opened the door just as the printer kicked in and caught her attention.

“Hey!” Tiffany said brightly. “Sorry, I needed to print something for class.”

“No problem,” Maddie said, the conversation keeping her eyes on Tiffany and nowhere near the bed. She reached into her closet and pulled out a cardigan. “I just wanted to grab something since it was getting a little chilly out there. Dan and I are going out to dinner. Want me to bring you back anything?”

“No thanks. I’m pretty satisfied,” Tiffany said, grabbing the printouts and following them out the room. She gave a wink at Dan who glanced back at her as he and Maddie headed back toward the living room and out the door. “Have fun!”

Later that night, while Maddie slept in the bed that Tiffany had jerked her boyfriend off onto, her perfect pale skin unknowingly pressed against cum-dried sheets, Tiffany was lying awake on her own mattress, hand down underneath her sleeping shorts and playing between the slick, wet lips of her pussy. She stifled a groan, biting her bottom lip as her fingers slipped rapidly between her folds, her palm rubbing and massaging her clit. She was turned on beyond all comprehension, to the point that she couldn’t formulate single thoughts in her mind, just a rush of ideas and feelings.

Maddie’s boyfriend complimenting her, cumming to the thought of her over her sister. Dan cumming all over Maddie’s panties and sheets, Tiffany defiling her sister’s things with her boyfriend’s cum. Tiffany’s digs at Maddie, the fact that it turned her on somehow turning her on as well. For once, Tiffany dominated her sister, got the attention over her, and from Maddie’s own boyfriend at that. Grabbing her pillow, Tiffany smothered her face to muffle her cries as she came, hips bucking off the bed, body tensing and releasing, her walls spasming around her fingers.

Laying there, breathing into her pillow in a post-orgasmic bliss, Tiffany knew two things: she had never, ever in her life experienced an orgasm quite like that, and she need more.

Three days later, she got her chance.

Over the last few days, Tiffany had masturbated herself to sleep every night and on at least two occasions during her morning showers. The memory of her forbidden and taboo encounter with her sister’s boyfriend brought her to a powerful orgasm every time, but it wasn’t even about him. She barely thought about his cock or his face as she came. Instead, it was always about the twistedness of the events, of the act of pulling attention away from her sister and toward herself, and deep down inside, in a place she would have never willfully uncovered, of degrading her prude of a sister, her sister that always came in first… except for now.

So, when Dan approached her while Maddie was in the bathroom one night and said he’d been thinking about what they did and that he wanted to do it again, Tiffany was more than ready and made plans for another night of debauchery. They waited until the next day. Dan was going to see Maddie for a date later that night and came by beforehand to meet up with Tiffany while Maddie was still in class.

“Come on, let’s raid my sister’s panty drawer,” she said. The sneakiness of the situation already had her dripping and after she let him in, she tugged him toward the hallway leading to her and Maddie’s rooms, barely able to contain her excitement. “I want to see what other naughty pairs she has in there.”

“Actually,” Dan started, a slight note of hesitation in his voice worrying Tiffany that he might have changed his mind. “I was hoping this time we might do it with one of your panties.”

Tiffany let go of the doorknob to Maddie’s bedroom and turned to face him with wide, lust-crazed eyes. Her sister’s boyfriend was actively choosing her over her sister in that moment. He didn’t want to bother with her sister’s panties. He wanted hers. He’d rather blow his load all over her panties than Maddie’s, the one he was actually dating. Tiffany let out a heated breath and said, “Yes.”

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