The Order: Training Lyla Pt. 03

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Chapter 5: Training with the Girls


After I’d recovered, Daddy and Uncle Peter left me alone with Nikki, saying that I needed to spend the day training before my punishment later that night. I was scared to be punished. I knew I shouldn’t have fought Daddy when he’d pushed his cock down my throat, but it was so big I was gagging. I couldn’t help it; it was a reaction to try and push him off. But Nikki said it didn’t matter. She said that a good Order woman learns to control her reactions so that she never offends a man.

We met up with Anna in the kitchen where she was making something called a mimosa. She said it was to toast my first day of training. We sat around the kitchen table, drinking and Anna started talking about how to give a proper blowjob. She even grabbed a cucumber from the fridge and used it for an example.

“Watch your teeth,” she’d said as she pushed the cucumber into her mouth. “If you tilt you head back, you can get the whole cock down your throat. You just have to learn to control your gag reflex as best as you can. The men like to hear you gag some, but not the whole time you’re on their dick. Sometimes, if you don’t gag for a while, they’ll start thrusting and pounding really hard to try and make you gag. Pay attention and give them what they want. Above all else, never try to push them off. You’ll get punished for that.”

“She knows,” Nikki said. “She scratched Max today while his was face fucking her. She’s being punished tonight.”

“Oh it’s too bad he didn’t wait until after you trained with me and Nikki to make you suck him,” Anna said sympathetically. “It’ll be okay though. Max will take that into consideration when punishing you. It won’t be too bad.”

“And don’t worry, Lyla,” Nikki said. “We’re going to practice with the cucumber until you get the hang of it.”

“Actually we’ll be practicing a lot of things today,” Anna said. “You’re dad wants you to know all the basics.”

“Basics?” I asked.

“Yep, and since you two already came this morning, I get to go first!” Anna said, downing her drink before propping herself up on the table. She pulled off her tank top and her DDs bounced free. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Leaning back against the table top, she spread her legs. The black skirt she wore fell away to expose her bare pussy. “Max wants you to learn how to eat pussy so you can have group sex with other girls. You’re first lesson will be to make me cum.”

“I’m supposed to… to lick your…” I stammered.

“Her cunt, hon,” Nikki finished.

“Just like I ate yours last night,” Anna added. “You’ll use your fingers too. And hell, you can even use the cucumber on me. Just hearing you guys getting pounded in the next room had my pussy dripping. After we’re done with this, we’ll blow the cucumber.”

“No need for a cucumber. I’ll go get the toy chest. We should practice with dildos; they’re at least shaped like a cock,” Nikki said. “Last, we’ll cover etiquette.”

“Etiquette?” I asked.

“It covers how to behave when a man walks into a room or when a group of men walk into a room. And what to do when you visit another Order member’s house, you know, that kind of stuff. Everything you need to know about being a proper Order woman,” Nikki replied.

“But first we’re going to learn how to eat pussy, so get over here,” Anna said impatiently, already rubbing her nipple.

I spent an hour with my face between Anna’s legs, learning to flick my tongue across her clit, push my tongue into her cunt, and even how to eat her asshole. Nikki had even knelt between my legs to show me what everything felt like, so I knew exactly what my tongue was making Anna feel. When I pushed my finger into Anna’s pussy while licking her clit, Anna moaned and writhed at my touch.

I felt powerful; I was making her feel this way. Her hole gripped my finger tightly, but I wanted to give her more. Without being told, I pushed a second finger into her cunt and Anna rolled her hips up and down.

“She’s close to cumming,” Nikki said, looking down. “Push your thumb up her ass.” I did and Anna went crazy. She bucked her hips then cried out.

When Anna finally stood, she went to the wooden chest Nikki had retrieved earlier and took out a long, thick, purple colored object that resembled a penis. Smiling, Anna pushed a button on the end and it started to shake and buzz in Anna’s hand.

“This chest holds all the sex toys you could ever want. Your dad keeps one like it under each bed in the house. This toy is a vibrator, and it can be your best friend,” Anna grinned. “I’m going to show you what it looks like to fuck a pussy with it. It’s shaped to be similar to a man’s cock, but with the added bonus of the vibrations.”

“I—I don’t—I’ve never,” I stammered, afraid that Anna plans to push that thing up my pussy.

“Don’t worry, Lyla,” Anna says with a laugh. “We aren’t going to fuck you with it. Hell, your dad would kill us if we took your virginity. It’s Nikki’s kolej escort turn to be the show and tell.”

“Let’s move out by the pool. It feels great out there and the lounge chairs are much more comfortable than a breakfast table,” Nikki said, bending down to pick up the wooden chest.

We followed Nikki outside and placed the chest on small table between a row of lounge chairs. Nikki pushed her skirt off and pulled her shirt over her head, dropping it on the ground beside the chair. She was completely naked in my family backyard. Anyone on the grounds could see her, but she was unashamed. She lay down on the lounge chair and spread her legs, looking from Anna to me.

“Alright girls, I need a good hard fuck,” she said, glancing at the chest on the table beside her. “Use me however you like.”

Anna grinned. “See how willing she is to be used? That is how an Order woman should be. Ready and willing. Horny enough to take any kinky game a man wants to play; slutty enough to take any cock that’s thrust in her direction.”

Anna opened the lid of the chest and Lyla looked inside. Strapped to the underside of the lid were several bottle of liquid. Inside the chest were rows of penis shaped objects, made from different colors and materials, and lengths and girths. Some looked to be glass; others were hard plastic. Some looked like flesh, cream colored or dark chocolate, others were pink or blue or purple. Some had a penis shaped head on both ends. Some had straps attached to them. There were beads and cone shaped objects, even clamps with thin chains. Scarves and a riding crop, handcuffs, and rope.

Anna spent a several minutes picking up different objects and telling her what they were called and what they were used for. Dildos and vibrators, double sided dongs, rabbits, strap-ons, a strap on venus butterfly—one with and one without a dong—, butt plugs, anal beads, ball gags, a paddle, bondage cuffs, and a few things that I couldn’t remember.

“For this exercise, pretend that every dildo and vibrator is a man’s cock,” Anna said, pulling out a veined, flesh colored dong and a very thick, cream-colored strap-on. She set it on an empty lounge chair beside the purple vibrator she’d pulled out in the kitchen. Next, she retrieved a bottle of liquid strapped to the chest’s lid. “We may need lube a little later. Better to be prepared and have it ready.”

“Hurry up, Anna,” Nikki complained. “I’m horny as hell from watching you get off ten times in the kitchen.”

Anna laughed. “Alright Lyla. Get on top and start kissing her, playing with her tits. You want to turn her on and get her pussy juices flowing.”

Yesterday I would have hesitated, but today was different. I had become closer to these two women than I had with anyone at school. I knelt down, half beside Nikki and half on top of her and brushed my lips across hers, touching my tongue to her lips for the first time. She lips were smaller than Anna’s but softer. Her tongue touched mine lightly, the tip as soft as a paintbrush.

Where Anna was plump lips, big tits, and round ass, Nikkis was slender elegance. Her tits were maybe a C cup, the nipples hard and beaded. Her tiny waist led to hips that begged to be held and long legs that parted as our kiss deepened and my hand found its way to her breast.

Our kiss was different from the one I had shared with Anna. With Anna, it had been a frenzy of passion and obedience. My father had instructed us to kiss and we had. We’d enjoyed it. But Nikki’s kiss was tender and deep, a kiss of our own making and not of my father’s.

I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and Nikki moaned in her throat. I left her mouth and went to her nipple, tasting it with my tongue before pulling it into my mouth. One hand fondled her breast while the other slid down her waist and to her mound, finding her clit and rubbing small circles around it. A few minutes later, my mouth followed and my tongue flicked against her pink flesh. She sucked in hair and widened her legs for me. I swirled my tongue over her clit and down to her pussy hole. Beads of cream dotted the entrance to her cunt and I licked it up and around, smearing it over her swollen flesh. Before I could push my tongue into her slit, Anna pulled me away.

“Good job, Lyla. She’s ready. Now remember, each of these vibrators is a man’s cock,” Anna said, picking up the purple vibrator and placing it was Nikki’s hole. After turning the vibrations on, Anna slowly pushed the purple tip into Nikki’s parted cunt. Within seconds, the vibrator was deep inside her. Anna withdrew the pushed it back inside, using steady thrusts. Nikki groaned, her eyes now closed, her body adjusting to the objects inside her.

“Oh that’s good,” Nikki breathed.

Anna picked up the pace, pulling out further and pushing in deeper. “Who’s fucking you Nikki? Who’s cock is in your pussy?”

“Hmm, Max. He’s got a great cock,” Nikki maltepe escort said, not opening her eyes.

Anna continued to fuck her pussy for a few more minutes before taking my hand and placing it on the vibrator, gesturing for me to take over. I pulled the vibrator from Nikki’s cunt, watching as her muscles gripped it, trying to pull it back inside. When I pushed it back into her, a little harder than before, Nikki moaned in pleasure. I wet my finger with juices around her hole and began to rub her swollen clit as I slid the cock into her again, harder than the last time.

I looked up to see Anna holding the veined dong up near Nikki’s face. “Nikki,” Anna said. “There a cock here that needs to be sucked.”

Nikki’s eyes parted and she reached for it, pulling the dong to her lips and taking it into her mouth, sucking it in and out.

Anna moved back beside me, whispering, “You always have to be prepared to please more than one man at the same time. If one hole is occupied, they’ll find another. You must be open and willing to do whatever they want. Relax, and let yourself enjoy it.

“But you can’t always enjoy it,” I can’t help but say. “There are so many men in the Order. And if they want you, you have to please then, right?”

“Well yes, depending on their place within the Order and your husband or father. You’re family is very high up in the ranks so you won’t have to sleep with most of the people we have to,” she said, gesturing to herself and Nikki, “unless your father tells you to, of course. But you’re right, we don’t always enjoy it. Sometimes, you have to fake it—both for them and for yourself. The more orgasms you have the more you will enjoy sex. Even if they don’t want to use you everyday, make yourself orgasm at least once a day to keep your sex drive up.”

“Everyday?” I ask, pausing in my strokes.

“Don’t stop,” Nikki groaned past the dong in her mouth. I was impressed, she sucked it like it was a real cock. I thrust the vibrator back into her and Nikki relaxed.

“Everyday, though you probably won’t have to worry about that for several years,” Anna said, reaching for the strap on beside her. She pulled my skirt down then fitted the straps around my legs and waist. The dong jutted straight out.

“Perfect,” Anna said, taking the vibrator from my hand. She gave a few quick thrusts before looking to me. “I know you were awake last night. You heard your father fuck me.”

I thought about lying but knew it wouldn’t matter. “Yes. He…stuck it in your ass.”

“That’s right, and they’ll want to fuck your ass too,” she said, then looked back to where she pumped the vibrator in and out of Nikki’s pussy. As she pulled out the cock, Nikki’s juices covered its length and her pussy hole gaped open, wanting more. Anna pushed the tip down so that it pressed against Nikki’s puckered anus. When she pushed harder, the vibrator sank into Nikki’s asshole, the skin stretching to accommodate the thick shaft.

Nikki made a sound in her throat, not quite pleasure not quite pain, and shifted to allow the cock to sink into her further—all the while sucking on the dong in her mouth. When Anna had pushed the vibrator in as far as it would go, she pulled out until only the tip remained inside, then pushed it back in, making Nikki groan. Each thrust was faster than the last until Anna’s arms was pumping furiously back and forth. Nikki squirmed against the cushion, moaning desperately as the dong slid further and further down her throat and up her ass.

“Alright, Lyla,” Anna said. She pushed the vibrator up Nikki’s ass and left it there, holding it in place with her hand as she moved aside to give me space. “Get down and push the tip of the strap-on into her cunt. It’s bigger around than the vibrator so it’s going to be a tight fit. Go slowly, rocking in and out until the whole shaft is inside of her. Once you sink it all the way inside, fuck her hard and fast. I won’t move the vibrator that’s up her ass until you’re driving that cock in and out of her fuckhole, okay?”

I nodded, looking down at the blunt tip of the strap-on that’s attached around my waist. Anna was right, this cock was bigger than the other one. So thick in fact that I doubted I could close my hand around it and still feel my fingers.

“Here, lube it up,” Anna said, handing me the bottle of lubricant. “Once there’s a cock in both holes, she won’t be able to keep from cumming. Just keep fucking her, even after she cums. We’ll keep going and make her cum again.”

I nodded, even as I squirted the slippery liquid onto my hand and slid it around the dong, making sure it was covered. Anna pushed Nikki’s legs further apart and nodded for me to begin.

Lowering myself to the cushions, I rubbed the tip of the cock along Nikki’s swollen slit, staring because even though there was a thick vibrator shoved up her anus, her pussy hole was still trying to suck in the head of the other mamak escort dong—a fatter dong than the one she had already taken.

“Go on,” Anna whispered to me. “Push it up her fuckhole. Don’t you want that fat cock rammed up your cunt, Nikki? Do it, Lyla, fuck her hard.”

The dirty words sent a jolt through me. My pussy started throbbing again and I wished that Anna would touch between my legs. I pushed the dong into the parted slit, watching as her pussylips it stretched around the cock. But I felt resistance as I tried to push further; the cock was too big. Nikki whined low in her throat and squirmed at the pressure in both her ass and pussy.

“Don’t stop,” Anna said. “It’ll fit. Just keep going. Look at her squirm around it; she needs it inside of her.”

I actually thought Nikki was squirming to get away from the monster dong that was stretching her hole, but I didn’t say anything. Instead, I did as I was told and pushed harder, leaning forward to let gravity help sink the head of the cock into Nikki’s tight pussy.

Nikki moaned as the head finally sank inside of her. I pulled out, just barely, then plunged back into her, harder than before and going deeper. In and out, I thrust, slowly burying the shaft into her cunt, making her whine with every movement.

“Almost there,” Anna said with a smile. “Keep going, a little faster now.”

I did as she said until the whole shaft was buried into of Nikki’s pussy. Now was when the fucking began. I pulled out quickly then plunged back inside, over and over and again, fucking just as hard as Anna had told me to. Anna began to move the vibrator in small circles, and Nikki began to writh and moan like I’d never seen her do before. I knew she was close, so I put my finger back to her clit and rubbed while Anna reached up and smacked Nikki’s tit.

“She’s close,” Anna whispered. “It doesn’t take long when you’re being used like this. Nikki, do you like being fucked by three cocks?”

Nikki moaned something around the dong in her mouth that sounded like a yes, even and she rolled her hips to the cocks inside her cunt and ass.

“Faster Lyla, fuck her faster and sink it in deep,” Anna coached, jerking the vibrator back and forth inside Nikki’s asshole. “Now say something Lyla, something dirty. Men like it when you talk dirty.”

I wasn’t exactly comfortable talking dirty but I tried my best, “Do you like that cock up your ass, Nikki?” I asked, feeling deliciously naughty. “And this fat dick slamming into your cunt?”

“Mmm,” Nikki moaned. “Mmm.”

“Here, take this and move it in sharp turns,” Anna said, placing my hand on the vibrator and moving away. I watched as she stripped off her clothes then moved to straddle Nikki’s face. She pulled the dong from Nikki’s mouth and lowed herself. Nikki grabbed on and pulled Anna’s down so that she was sitting on her mouth. I couldn’t see, but I knew from the look on Anna’s face that she was getting her pussy eaten for a second time this morning.

Jealously flared inside of me. I wanted to orgasm. They both used each other and made me pleasure them, but no one was licking my pussy or pushing dildos up my hole.

I looked back down and slammed the dong so hard into Nikki’s cunt that I thought I might have hurt her. I looked up and saw Anna playing with Nikki’s nipples. I slammed into her again and Anna nodded for me to keep going. I rammed again and again, stretching Nikki’s hole wide as I began shoving the vibrator in and out of her ass just as hard. Nikki began to shake and buck against the invasion and I kept going, faster than I thought I could move. Suddenly, Nikki erupted, a clear liquid squirting from her cunt and covering the dongs, the cushions, and my legs.

“Oh yeah, squirt for Lyla. She fucked you so good,” Anna purred. “Pull the vibrator out and try fucking her ass with the strap-on.”

I pulled the purple vibrator from her rear and tossed it on the chair beside me, then withdrew the thick dong from her cunt and squirted more lube on it. If it barely fit in her cunt, how would it fit in her ass? I didn’t much care. I was horny from watching them cum all morning and wanted someone to make me orgasm. I pushed Nikki’s leg back and threw myself—and the strap-on—hard against her gaping asshole, forcing it inside and shoving it in as far as it would go.

Nikki must have screamed because I heard a muffled shriek from beneath Anna’s ass, but Anna pushed herself down further onto Nikki’s face. She slapped Nikki’s tit hard enough to leave a mark and grinned up at me.

“You like it rough, do you Lyla?” she said. “Well go on, let’s fuck her rough.” Then she pinched Nikki’s nipple and smacked her breast again. “Take that cock, Nikki,” Anna ordered. “Take it all the way up your shit hole.”

Spurred on by Anna’s encouragement, I slammed into Nikki’s ass harder and harder, faster and faster.

“Oh God,” Anna groaned. “Oh fuck…I’m cumming.” As she rolled her pussy back and forth over Nikki’s face with her orgasm, I reached down shoved two of my fingers into Nikki’s pussy, then rubbed my thumb over her clit, all the while pounding the dong in and out of her ass. A few moments later, Nikki bucked and I slammed the cock inside her one last time, holding it still while she impaled herself on it and cum squirted from her cunt and covered me again.

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