The Office Hottie Ch. 11

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My morning into work was wonderful, everything seemed to happen with purpose and good timing. Traffic into the office was light, I managed to hit all the green lights, there was an empty parking space close to the entrance, even the coffee pot had just finished brewing when I went for a cup.

My thoughts of Julie and the previous evening were constantly with me throughout my day. Our goodbye hug this morning was warm and affectionate, and I could still feel her body and smell her scent. If I closed my eyes, I could even feel her presence with me. Such a sweet, loving girl had entered my life, giving my soul a purpose and a warm feeling in my heart.

A couple of the girls in the office noticed my mood and commented that I seemed to be in good spirits. A bit before lunch, Sasha, my office bestie, finally couldn’t take it anymore and cornered me at my desk, most likely on a mission for the rest of the girls.

“Ok,” she said, placing her hands on my desk and leaning over me with a wondering smile. “Out with it.”

“Out with what?” I replied with genuine curiosity.

“Who is he?” she pried.

“Who is who?” I frowned.

“You’re seeing someone, now who is he? C’mon, details!” she ordered with a come-hither wave of her hand.

Damn, I felt like I’d been busted with my hand in the cookie jar and I tried not to flush.

“Oh Sasha, c’mon. I’m not seeing anyone,” I said with a nonchalant wave of my hand and tried to go back to my work.

Sasha eyed me, trying to bore a hole down into my soul. She looked around, sat down on the edge of my desk and said quietly, “C’mon, you can tell me, you know I’ll keep it to myself. Is it someone around here?”

I looked up at her under one raised eyebrow, “One of the cavemen? Are you serious?” I said in a hard tone.

“Is it Roc?” she asked with raised eyebrows and a half leer, referring to our GQ caveman. “I’ve seen him stare at your ass. You’d make a cute couple,” she said with a smile.

That did have a certain appeal to it, I had to admit, but I didn’t need that rumor floating around here.

“Come on, no,” I insisted.

“A guy from another department? I saw you chatting with Sam from accounting last week.”

“What? No, we were just chatting.” I said with indifference. “Besides, he’s engaged.”

“Someone outside of work?”

“Sorry, no,” I shook my head.

“Lori, please! Who is he?” she begged.

“Sash, I’m not seeing any guy, I swear,” I said truthfully, then realized I just dropped a hint.

“Bullshit. You have that same look about you when you started seeing-—”

“Don’t even go there!” I said, with a warning look in my eye.

“You’re disappointing me,” Sasha pouted.

“Sash, come on,” I tried to console her. “If I was dating anyone, you’d be the first to know.”

“I better be,” she threatened with a pointed finger. “If I hear from someone else who you’re dating, your ass is grass.”

I saw the bait and looked her dead in the eye, “Sash, I’m not dating anyone.”

“Well, you should be,” she sighed as she stood up. “It’s been how long now since you dumped his ass?”

“Not long enough,” I said half to myself. “Sash, please. I’ve got work to do, go pester someone else.”

Sasha left in half a huff but with an I’ve-got-my-eye-on-you air about her. I turned back to my work and tried my best to give a there’s-nothing-going-on-over-here air of my own, but looking at her out of the corner of my eye I didn’t think she was buying it. I needed to settle down and be careful.

Damnation, I thought to myself. She’s a good girl, a good friend, and knows me well. Technically speaking, I suppose, Julie and I aren’t dating, we’d only met in public one time and it was just a get together. Still, I felt like I was lying to her, but this wasn’t something I wanted known to the world. I wasn’t even sure where Julie and I were going, in fact this was probably just a temporary thing between us. We’re getting our rocks off, we’d get over it, and move on with our lives.

But, thinking about Julie and I together gave me the most warm and wonderful feeling in the world. It felt so good, I was enjoying it and, I had to admit, I yearned to tell someone but had to keep it to myself. In a way it was torturous, and it was difficult to hide it. I’d have to be careful around Sasha.

I picked up my phone to text Julie when I saw I’d received a text from her already.

[They’re on to us.] [Yeah, I just got cornered by a coworker. ]

[She thinks I’m dating some guy,
I must be glowing or something.]
[Yeah, same here. What did you tell her?] [I told her I wasn’t seeing anyone but
I don’t think she bought it.]

[Relax, nobody knows anything.]
[I know, it just caught me off guard.] [Same here]
[I miss you. :-)]

[I wish we didn’t have to work today.

I could spend the whole day şişli escort with you.] [I miss you too, Little One!]

[We’ll have some fun this weekend :-)] We texted a bit more before she said she had to go. I put the phone down and couldn’t help thinking about what a sweet girl my Little Julie was. So warm, so fun and sexy. I realized I was daydreaming and staring into space with a silly smile on my face.

I shook it off and looked around, half expecting Sasha to “ah-hah!” around a corner at me. No one appeared to notice, and I buried my nose in my work. But I couldn’t keep my Julie, her sweet body and her tease last night, off my mind. I felt a tingle down below and thought, maybe that’s what I need. A little finger action to put my mind at ease.

I worked a while longer until I got to a good breaking point and headed for the ladies room. I normally would have started pleasing myself at my desk or in the supply room, but I felt like I wanted to keep this feeling, this pleasure, all to myself and not share it with the world. I wanted a nice private session I could satisfy myself while thinking about Julie.

The ladies room was busy but I didn’t care. My favorite stall on the far wall was the only one empty and I went inside, closed the door and calmly proceeded to undress like I was in a Walmart dressing room. Girls were coming and going, chattering and gossiping, and in the hubbub I sat down, naked, spread my knees with my eyes closed and began to stroke myself.

I had pics of Julie on my phone but I didn’t need them. The memories of our love making last night were still vivid in my mind. The image of her slender, sweet body wearing the red and black corset made my pussy so wet, my fingers silently danced in and out of me with ease. The look of lust and desire on her face as she played with herself and teased me sent my arousal so high. I could see her stripping off her lace corset and panties, I could still taste her kiss, I could still feel her warm, soft body, her little tits rubbing against mine, I could still feel her shudder into an orgasm. I came very soon not even desiring to try and edge it. A sweet, quiet orgasm full of warmth, lust, and longing.

My body quieted from my orgasm and I realized I was crying. Julie and I had been together for only a couple of days and I felt like we were bonded, so close like lovers should be. I missed her. I wanted to go home, and I wanted Julie to be there. I wiped my eyes and cleaned my fingers, stood up and got dressed.

As I washed my hands, I noticed one of the other girls eyeing me with a look of concerned on her face.

“What?” I asked.

“You ok?” She said.

Damn, more fodder for the office gossip. All of the girls here were aware of the hard breakup from my ex and the difficulties I had dealing with it, I certainly didn’t want that fed back into the gossip circle. I pushed Julie far out of my mind and gently put my hand on her arm.

“I’m fine, really,” I smiled.

I hurried back to my desk and began working. I paused for a moment, picked up my phone, and texted Julie a single red heart knowing that would speak volumes to her. I set the phone down and concentrated on getting work done. My phone buzzed a short time later and I knew it was a reply from her but I ignored it and did my best not to think about it, or her.

Lunch time came and I ate at my desk as I usually do. I checked my phone and, sure enough, Julie had replied with a single red heart of her own. I wanted to text her back and almost did, but I thought maybe it was a good idea to chill for a while. We were moving pretty fast, if we weren’t careful someone was going to get hurt. I didn’t want it to be me or her. Instead I texted a couple of friends just to say hi and catch up. One girlfriend invited me to the movies this weekend to which I gave a firm maybe. I finished up my lunch and went to the break room to pour a fresh cup of coffee.

Kelly was there and was just setting up a fresh pot. We chatted while it brewed, and I realized I felt so comfortable around her now. So comfortable that I almost took her into my confidence. She’s a smart girl, open minded, never took part in any of the office gossip, and I knew I could trust her to keep things to herself. But I wasn’t ready to share my story yet. One day perhaps, but not yet.

I went back to my desk with my mind full of thoughts and I realized the best thing to do was devote my time, energy, and mind to my work. Take things one day at a time, don’t dwell on it, let things happen on their own

Julie must have been having the same thoughts, about midafternoon she texted me.

[Hi Sweet Girl! Hope you’re having
a great day! :-)] [I am Little One, hope you are, too!][I am. :-)]
[I’ll be thinking about you tonight. :-)]

I was saddened but thought maybe it’s a good thing mköy escort we took a little break from each other. Slowed things down a bit. I texted her a red heart and got one in return.

The rest of the afternoon passed relatively quick and quitting time came before I knew it. On the way out to my car I remembered that today was the day my cock was to come in. That thought got me excited and when I got inside my car, I checked the status of my order. I pulled up the email, tapped the tracking number and waited for it to load. Out for delivery, it showed!

That was it, I was so eager to be home! Traffic was backed up and I must have hit every freakin’ red light on the way back to the apartment. I was incredibly patient, but the anticipation was high. I pulled into the parking lot and raced inside to the mailboxes. I inserted my key and opened it only to find the box empty except for a piece of junk mail and a pink slip from the post office.

I was disappointed but realized I should have known the box would have been too big for my little mailbox. I’d have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up. Dejectedly, I went upstairs to my apartment. Julie was still in my mind and lifted my spirits. I was thinking of her and somewhere, wherever she was, I knew she was thinking if me.

The rest of the evening was rather mundane, a quick semi-healthy dinner, cuddle time with Kisa, a little TV, and then bed. For some reason I wasn’t in a self-pleasure mood like I usually would have been. I laid awake thinking about Julie and what she was doing but I did fall asleep relatively quick.
= = = = = = = = = =
The next morning got me into work in good spirits. The day went by quickly, Julie and I texted a few times, we missed each other and said rude, provocative things we’d like to do to each other. It was getting me excited throughout the day and a couple times I wanted to self-pleasure myself but decided to wait until tonight when we could be together. At mid-afternoon I texted her.

[Hey Sweetie, would love to see
you tonight! :-)] [I’m sorry Lori, I have something

I need to take care of.]

OK, I thought, curious about what she had to take care of. But, I didn’t want to pry. [OK, tomorrow?][Yes! :-)]

Well, I was disappointed, but that will give me some private time with my new cock. The more I thought about it the more excited I got. Quitting time was not very far away but time seemed to drag to a crawl. Finally, it came, and I raced as best as I could to the post office. The line was mercifully short, I got my package and dashed out to the car.

On the way to my apartment I kept looking at the box. I was so tempted to open it right there in my car. My pussy seemed to know what was inside and was drawn towards it like a magnet, the closer I got to home the more aroused I got. Once I pulled into the parking lot, I decided to check my sexual desire for self-pleasure and slow things down. I wanted to savor the anticipation I was feeling.

I calmly walked upstairs with my purse under one arm and the box under the other. Kisa was a furry tripping hazard as she greeted me at the door with her where-the-hell-have-you-been meows. I dropped my purse and the box on the counter, took off my jacket and hung it in the closet. Her I’m-starving meow was pathetic as ever and non-stop while I opened a can and scooped it into a bowl.

I stripped down, took my bra off and changed into a T-shirt and shorts. A glass of wine helped the mood, I took out a knife and cut open the packing box. I removed the cock from its packing, held it in my hand and stared at it. Damn, this thing looked huge! I checked the packing slip and verified it was what I ordered but damn, if the thing didn’t look like it’d come off a horse. It had been a while since I’d held a cock in my hand, but holy crap!

Well, it is what it is, and my pussy tingled at the thought of riding this beast. I’d almost forgot about the nipple clamps and I pulled them out of the box. They were a nice size with a little weight to them and looked like I’d be able to wear them under a thick bra without them showing. I couldn’t wait to try them on, I stripped off my T-shirt and caressed my naked boobs. The vice-style clamps were easy to adjust and create the right amount of pressure. They had little teeth on them and even at a light setting they stayed on my nipples without having to worry about them slipping off. Much better and easier than using paper clips.

I was very horny, and I took one and screwed the clamp down hard. Fuck!, the pain was exquisite! I could feel the white-hot heat lancing through my nipple, into by breast and travel down to my belly. My breathing became shallow as I endured the pain and reached over to adjust the other. I frowned and hissed as I sucked in my breath from the delightful sensation. Fuck, such sweet, delicious pain in my nipples! güngören escort My pussy was throbbing from the sensation and I restrained from fingering myself.

I took off my shorts and stood in just my panties as I grabbed my cock and went to the kitchen to wash it. My tits jostled with each step and the clamps sent jolts through my nipples with each bounce. Warm water and mild soap; I rubbed the cock up and down which made my tits jiggle which sent more jolts through my nipples, which sent more pleasure thrills down to my pussy. The physical sensation of stroking the cock up and down with my hands as I cleaned it intensified my arousal. I slowed my stroking and began polishing the soapy head, turning my hand upside down and stroked the sudsy shaft. Polish the head and stroke. Polish the head and stroke. It felt good to have a cock in my hands again, I thought as I rinsed off the soap. I dried it and reached down, my panties were damp already and I knew I was ready.

For lube I took a jar of coconut oil out of the cupboard and took the lid off, grabbed the cock, went into the living room and placed them on the coffee table. I went back into the kitchen to retrieve my wine and thought to grab a towel to sit on and another one for cleanup. I laid the towel in the couch then stripped off my panties, wincing as the clamps made my nipples suffer from the jiggling of my tits.

I sat naked on the towel and took a big swing of wine. I laid back, closed my eyes and caressed my breasts. The clamps felt so good on my nipples, one was a little too tight and the other a little loose. Adjusting them was easy and I set them to the right amount of tension, the right amount of delicious pain in my nipples. I licked my fingertips and slid them over the tips of my nipples sending little needles of joy through them. The clamps were intense, and I tugged at them, pulling my nipples, and moaned at the sensation that drove through my breasts, down my belly and into my pussy. I squeezed my tits and massaged them, forcing the clamps to send different sensations through my nipples.

My pussy couldn’t take it anymore and I reached a finger down, shuddering as I made contact and slid my finger up and down my wet slit. I slipped a finger inside me and felt my wetness, I certainly wouldn’t need any coconut oil. I reached over and grabbed the cock, settled back and rubbed it up and down on my slit. I anticipated the penetration of the cock and I had to slow myself. I let the head penetrate my labia and I rubbed it against my clit, wetting the head and the rest of the shaft. I brought it up to my mouth, nibbled the head with my lips, tasting my wetness and slid the cock inside my mouth. It was big, but not much bigger than cocks I’d sucked before.

I slid the cock in and out of my mouth, wiping my juices from it with my lips and my tongue, relishing the feel of a cock inside my mouth. It felt different than a real cock but the physical sensation as I rolled my tongue around it was undeniable. One hand was on my clit as I slid the cock in and out of my mouth. I took in as much as I could until I started to gag. I closed my eyes as I pushed it in deep and pulled it out. The sensation of the cock fucking my mouth amped my excitement, I needed it in my soaked pussy. The head penetrated my outer lips and it went in with no resistance.

I automatically threw my head back and hissed a deep breath at the sudden pleasurous feeling that flowed through my body and I let out a load moan. Oh God, oh fuck, it felt so good inside me. So long since I’d had a cock inside my pussy. I pulled it out and slowly pushed it back in. Fuck, the sensation of the cock filling me, stretching me, the shaft gliding along the walls of my vagina was so wonderful. My eyes were closed, and I laid my head back as I moaned and concentrated on the sensation of the cock sliding in and out. I pushed it in as far as it would go, my pussy eagerly devouring it, my Kegels pulsating as I held it in.

I pulled it out and pushed it back in deep, in and out, in and out until I came unexpectedly. My belly and my hips shuddering as my orgasm passed through me. God, it felt so good to be fucked again. I pulled the cock out of my pussy and sucked my juice off. No way was I done yet, I wanted to ride this thing.

I got up, walked into the kitchen and kneeled on the floor. I slid the suction cup at the base of the cock along my wetness to get it good and wet, set the cup in the floor and pushed, forcing all the air out. The cock stayed in place and bobbed a little, I grabbed it and pulled, it slid a bit but wouldn’t easily come off the floor. I raised up and knee walked over it, positioned myself and settled my pussy on top of it.

Fuck, the sensation of the cock inside me was glorious. I raised up and down on it, pushing my arms against the floor. Up and down, in and out. I sat up and rode the cock in my kitchen, grinding my pussy on it, forcing it deep inside me. I rode up and down, fucking it as I squeezed my tits. I gave each clamp another turn on the screws, Oh Fuck!, what a sensation! I threw my head back at the delicious pain which made me grind the cock that much harder.

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