The Obscene Call Ch. 02

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Elaine told me she was going to call Heidi to book her for the weekend. I had told her my weekend would be filled with meetings with the sales and marketing divisions in anticipation of a new product launch and she was headed back to Toronto. By the time I got home Elaine was chatting with not only Heidi but also another girl I didn’t recognize.

“Oh here’s Andy now. Andy this young lady is Nancy Gates.” I went over and shook her hand as Elaine continued, “Heidi’s come up with what I think is a great idea. Since her schedule is filling up with bookings and the fact that her college classes will be starting before too long she suggested that we start getting Andy comfortable with Nancy just in case we can’t use her. Hopefully we’ll never be forced to use a stranger to be with him at times when Heidi’s booked.”

“What about that other girl that Andy seems so fond of.” I turned toward Heidi. “Was her name Cat or Kate or…”

“Yes dear, her name is Kate but she’ll be starting her classes this fall right along with Heidi. Nancy wants to work one year to accumulate some extra money for school expenses. Heidi’s going to help her in that department too!”

While I was speaking I was smiling inside thinking about how many hard dicks Heidi would arrange to be stuffed into Nancy’s various orifices. “Well then I think that it’s a great idea too. Actually I don’t mind paying the both of you to be with Andy this weekend. That way she won’t be as much of a stranger to him. She’ll be Heidi’s friend.”

I stayed to watch Elaine’s plane take off and then drove straight back to my house. I could hear the girls upstairs putting my son to bed so I went up to kiss him goodnight. When the three of us came back downstairs Heidi was bubbling over with enthusiasm. “Oh Mr. Reynolds I really think Nancy’s going to fit in beautifully in our little business. She’s already got three families that she’s been sitting for and two of the Dads in those families have sort of hinted that if she was interested in earning some extra money she should just let her know but she’s too afraid to follow them up. Andy just adores her so all I need to do is help her feel more comfortable with sex stuff.”

I just sat on the sofa and let Heidi sell this delightful raven haired beauty to me. I was already getting very hard, very fast. “Well Nancy you certainly are quite lovely and as I’m sure Heidi’s already told you we’ll do everything we can to help you boost your earnings. You should be very proud that you’re taking the initiative to earn your school expenses.”

Heidi again took over, “Come on Nance, I’ll show you the proper way to fix Mr. R’s drinks for him.” I sat silent as the scotch bottle came out, three fingers were poured in a short crystal glass and the three ice cubes added. “Now presentation counts for a lot too so take all your clothes off.”

Nancy’s eyes became saucers but seeing the determination on Heidi’s face she began by pulling her top up and over her lacy lavender bra and tossed it aside. The pile of discarded clothes grew until Nancy finally drew a deep breath and pushed her matching panties down her thighs, down her legs and toe flipped the garment onto the pile. Heidi handed her the tray with my drink on it and patted the girl’s ass to start her on her mission.

Nancy bent forward to serve me my drink and her large breasts swung only slightly forward despite their impressive weight. Those tits only had had a nodding introduction to gravity and its cumulative effects. I reached up and began rubbing the pencil eraser sized nipples which quickly responded to my touch. I couldn’t help noticing that the more her nipples grew, the more tightly she began squeezing her thighs together; moisture perhaps? I patted the seat beside me. “Please, allow me to properly thank you.”

She sat with her arms raised and just flowed into my arms. I leaned in to kiss her only to find her waiting open mouthed with her tongue prepared to wrestle mine. Whatever Nancy lacked in experience she made up for with boundless enthusiasm. I thought I might experiment a little, “What do you think Nance? Do you exist this evening strictly for my pleasure or should I share your lovely body with Heidi?”

I could see her confusion displayed in the tilt of her eyebrows, the open lips, abbreviated breaths but mostly in the unvoiced questions which were sent from her mind, went across her vocal cords yet died on her lips. I decided to answer her questions. “Heidi, I’m going to lap up some of the sweet nectar Nancy’s producing. I want you to welcome her to our little business by showering her with kisses and paying these magnificent tits some of the attention they deserve.”

“Yes Andy, that sounds like fun.”

Judging by the look on Nancy’s face she was more apprehensive about being kissed by Heidi than eaten by me. I hooked her legs over my shoulders and crossed my arms under her ass and began to dine. Her passion hit a flash point in no Afyon Escort time at all and what started as her using a classic wrestler’s bridge to thrust herself harder against my tongue spread to her upper body quickly. Her arms, hands and lips having no other targets than Heidi changed her from pacivity to aggression. Heidi had become her prey and Nancy mauled her as my tongue curled around her clit.

Still kneeling before Nancy I pulled her onto the carpet beside me. I pulled her hips into my lap as I positioned the head of my cock inside of her. “Nancy I think it’s time you thanked Heidi for letting you abuse her as you’ve been doing.”

I held my hand up for Heidi to take and join us and positioned her on her knees facing me. As she leaned forward for my kiss her pussy was a mere two inches above Nancy’s mouth. As soon as our lips met and tongues began to dance I thrust my cock fully into Nancy’s pussy.

As my strokes began finding their well lubricated rhythm Nancy’s head was thrashing side to side as if attempting to avoid her inevitable future. Her lips had come to rest against the inside of Heidi’s thigh and she began kissing the tender flesh before her. Her first orgasm was rapidly approaching and when it hit her Nancy grabbed Heidi’s hips and pulled her pussy down to receive her waiting tongue.

Anyone looking at the pile of seemingly disassociated body parts on the carpet could finally see a pattern as Nancy untangled herself and went into the kitchen. She returned with a tray containing a bowl and silver ice tongs. Putting two cubes in my glass she handed the drink to me simply saying, “Your ice had melted.”

“Welcome to our little family Nancy. Trust me when I say that you’ll be able to earn as much as you want; for school, for whatever.” I stroked the side of her face.

“Will you need any help moving your stuff here?”

She smiled a rather coy smile. “No thank you Mr. Reynolds. Heidi and I have that covered. After she and I talked to my parents about my moving in here she had me call Mr. Maldonado, the dad of one of the kids I sit. He and his brother are going to help with the grunt work.”

I laughed. “Oh I can easily imagine they’ll be spending quite a bit of time grunting.”

“Heidi’s helping me with a new mindset. It’s interesting; before I would have tried to get friends to pitch in and help with the moving. Failing in that I’d have to hire someone to help. Now we’ve got two guys paying us five hundred dollars each, which we can give you toward the rent, to spend an afternoon helping carry stuff and help us christen my bed in its new bedroom. They’re paying us to move my furniture!”

I leaned my back against the sofa and held my arms open. Both girls nestled themselves against me, their shoulders under each arm, faces against my clavicle and at least ten pounds of tit flesh constricting my breathing.

As the summer progressed Elaine broke the news that she wanted to divorce me to live with her Toronto client. Strangely she wanted Andy to grow up an American so she didn’t contest custody. Even more strangely she apparently didn’t have a clue about my relations with my harem of babysitters which had grown to five girls in residence in the Bayside house and a few others who still lived at home with their folks. Since Elaine was feeling guilty about both her affaire and her abandonment of Andy she asked for nothing in the divorce. Since my side business was now clearing over seventy thousand dollars each month I was magnanimous in court and let Elaine just walk away.

It was early August and as I got home from work Heidi met me at the door with my drink as she was want to do. The fact that she was naked told me that Andy wasn’t home at the time. I went upstairs to get changed but she cornered me in the bedroom. She pushed me onto my back so she could cuddle against me and I was content. She began speaking against my chest, “I need to ask you something.” I nodded. “Remember my mentioning that I fixed May up with Jack Hodgens’ son? Well she really did great and he called her today asking her to entertain at a bachelor party he’s arranging. He’s allocated a budget of $2,500 for the dancer or dancers.”

I kissed her. “Sounds great. What’s the question?”

“She wanted to do the party solo and I told her it was impossible. Finally she backed off and suggested I work it with her. I don’t think she knows what she’s gotten herself into.”

“How many guys are expected?”

“Somewhere between twenty and twenty five.”

I stroked her hair. “Call her now and tell her to turn it down.”

“She’ll be pissed. That represents a lot of money to her.”

“Fine, is she booked for tonight?”

“No, not tonight. Should I call her to come over?” I nodded yes.

When May arrived and saw me her face lit up. “Mr. R.! Did Heidi tell you? I’m going to earn us a lot of money next week.”

She kneeled on the sofa next to me and I took Afyon Escort Bayan her in my arms. “I’m not so sure sweetheart. Remember when you first joined our little association I told you that my biggest job was to protect you?” She nodded. “Well it’s for that reason I’m telling you to call the client and cancel this hurtful and insulting deal.

Twenty five hundred for twenty four guys to get laid and played with all night long? I don’t think so!

First of all partyers would begin to get bored if they’re twenty fifth in line. They wouldn’t get their rocks off ’til sometime tomorrow so you’d need a minimum of three girls to service that group although I think four or five would be better.

The money part’s all wrong, too, no potential employer will ever touch any of our girls for less than $350 and three fifty times twenty five employers is $8,750. If we want to offer a volume discount we could price the job out at $7,500 so each girl would at least earn $1,500 for her night’s work and believe me she’d earn every penny of it.

If you girls want to be masochistic and take on eight cocks each your pay would jump to $2,500 but I’d guarantee you that all three of your holes will be in constant use. Sound like fun?”

She kept staring at her fingers. “Sound’s like Bonnie was right. I’m just a stupid child. I was sooo excited when I showed Jack what he said was the best sex he’d ever had I guess I was bragging a little. When he called about the bachelor party and I booked it Bonnie gave me a picture of a cock she’d downloaded saying I should keep it in case I forgot what they looked like.” She buried her face against my shirt. “I just kept thinking that if I took on that many guys it would make me the second to most experienced whore in the house behind Heidi. Then it wouldn’t matter what Bonnie said.”

I kissed the top of her head and dialed my cell. “Mrs. Rush? Hi, it’s Andy Reynolds how’ve you been? Oh really? That must make you so proud. Actually that’s why I was calling. My boss wants me to give an eight a.m. presentation at the inner harbor Marriott and Heidi normally sits for little Andy on these last minute things but I can’t find her. Is May free tonight? She’s not? Oh that’s great. I’ll be on my cell.”

I looked at May. “Your phone’s about to ring.”

May answered her phone and told her mother she’d be right home to pack a few overnight things and that she’d call me.

“Looks like I’m sitting for you tonight. I’d better get home and grab a few things. I’ll see you back here in an hour.”

“No, you’d better go to my house. Your Mom doesn’t know anything about this place so I’ll bring him back to my house and wait for you there.”

She pecked my cheek and headed for her car. Heidi came over, pulled down her top and sat on my lap. As I fondled her nipples she said, “That’s why I love you, boss.”

I snorted. “I just told her the truth!”

“Oh that part was fine, too, but what I meant is that by nine o’clock tonight all the girls, including Bonnie, will be aware who’ll be sharing your pillow with tonight. For the rest of the week she’ll be walking a couple of inches off the floor with the pride from tonight oozing out of every pore.”

Another snort and then, “Oh and I’m that much better a fuck than the next guy?”

Heidi shifted position so she was facing me. “Yes, you are. You are better because the very best fucks depend more on what’s between your ears than what’s between your legs.

I already know how the rest of the evening is going to play out. After you put Andy to bed the two of you will head straight to your bedroom. Her ego has already received a major boost simply by being chosen to be there but you’re not going to fuck her quickly. Lust will definitely not be in the driver’s seat. Instead you’re going to spend hours paying homage to her gymnast’s body. Kissing, licking, sucking and caressing is what you’ll be doing until long after I’ve shut my eyes, alone in my little bed.”

I used my final snort of the conversation. “But I will get fucked at some point, right?”

She pulled her tits from my wandering digits, pulled up her top and headed up the stairs talking to the walls. “Jesus! You try to pay a guy a compliment and he turns it into a joke! All men are inherently defective!”

I waited at the base of the stairs for the storm to pass before I made my speech to the same walls. “And that’s why I love her so much!” I went up the stairs and found Heidi standing at the top holding my still sleeping son. She gently passed him to me, kissed my lips and left for her room without saying another word.

I’d already put Andy to bed when May arrived. Her body bespoke her passion for gymnastics having been described as lithe so often it had almost been annexed to her name, lithe May Arnold. She reminded me of the Russian gymnast Julia Lipnitskaia. I vividly remember the first time she undressed for me. I was sitting on Escort Afyon the foot of the mattress, my mouth agape at the loveliness before it when she raised her left leg, held it straight as the proverbial arrow, and licked her own knee.

When I heard her ascending the stairs I was reading a novel on my iPad. I heard Andy’s door hinge betray the fact that May was looking in to check on him. When she came into my room she kicked off her flats and began to unbutton her top. “Sorry I’ve acted like a baby lately.”

I looked up, “Why be sorry about learning? Babies certainly do it and so do I. Start pitying those who refuse to learn. Turn toward me please, I want to look at your tits.”

She laughed. “My skeeterbites? That’s what my Dad called them. Not much to look at Mister. I finally wound up tossing the last of my A-cup bras. They had died from lack of use.”

“That’s all part of what I love to look at. Two tiny mounds of flesh supporting shotglass sized puffy nipples crowned by eraser sized buds. I can’t wait to begin sucking on them.”

She stepped out of her jeans. “That’s my line and they’re waiting for you just as eagerly.” She leaned over the bed and offered each nipple, in turn, for my tongue’s delight. She then proceeded to undress me. She started lowering her face to suck my cock but I quickly slipped my hands around her and pulled her up to kiss her lips.

As I kissed her nose I said, “I want to cuddle and make out with you a while.” So we cuddled. We talked for literally hours about her youth, school friends, boys she had liked as opposed to those who liked her and what the differences between the two groups might mean.

I discovered that she was a National Merit Scholar and had already accumulated enough special course work to translate into nine college credits the moment she walked in the door to the school of her choice. She was a lettered gymnast. She had taken every AP course offered and was knowledgeable about such disparate fields as biochemistry, marine biology, astrophysics and forestry. Her interests were legion but she desperately wanted recognition as an accomplished whore.

I avoided direct confrontation on the subject but we danced around it both aware of the topic which was lying on the table.

She was drawing imaginary pictures with her index finger across my chest. “You were trying to make me feel good before, weren’t you?”

“I always want you to feel good but I’ll never lie to you to accomplish that end; but what are we talking about; trying to make you feel good when?”

“When you said you liked my tits.”

I took her by the jaw and turned her face to mine. “May I want you to look at me and remember what I said about not lying to you.” She blinked. “You have an extraordinary body, an athlete’s body without being angular or chiseled. Your tits aren’t just beautiful because I’ve always been a fan of puffies but because they’re perfectly in sync with the rest of you. Your body is a disciplined tool which performs exactly what you demand of it.

Trust me when I say it would profoundly disappoint me if you ever added C cups to deface the perfection which is part of what makes you you.” I took her right nipple between my teeth and began yanking it from side to side. Her heat, which had been resting in deep background, leapt to the forefront of her brain and rapidly stoked her deep bed of coals. I looked down to see fluid seeping from her pussy to dampen my sheets.

Heidi was certainly wrong about what happened next because the sex was fueled by pure lust on both our parts. Thrusting, grabbing and screaming, I could see blood on May’s left hand which had been raking my back and I could see more a half inch above her right nipple where I must have gotten a bit too eager. I guessed that this was the result of three hours of verbal foreplay.

The sun was high in the sky when my eyes started sending messages to my befuddled brain. “I heard sounds coming from downstairs and looked with horror at the open door to my room. I calmed a little when I saw that a comforter had been taken from the armoire and covered our sleeping forms. I looked over and saw that May was still dead to the world. I grabbed my jeans and threw on a Harley Davidson T shirt and descended the stairs to check on my son.

Andy was seated at the kitchen table wolfing down some hot oatmeal with cinnamon sugar sprinkled atop just as he liked it. Heidi was squeezing him some grapefruit juice and all seemed well with the world.

“Hey Andy I told you the smell of the oatmeal would wake Lazybones up.”

“Good morning Daddy.”

“Hey Sport.” I looked up at Heidi. “When did you get here?”

“I don’t know, an hour ago? I figured you might want to sleep in so I woke Andy and brought him down for breakfast. Do you want some now or should I keep it warm until you shower, hint hint?”

“Yeah Dad, you’re P-U smelly.”

“Okay, I can take the hint. I’ll be back in two shakes.”

I went upstairs and turned down the covers in the guest room. Going into my room I picked up May’s still sleeping form and re-deposited it the clean bed. She began to waken and I whispered, “Go back to sleep. Andy’ll probably wake you in a half hour.”

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