The Nurse

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Co-written by Akedren.

I slowly carefully opened my eyes, I couldn’t see much at first the light was bright enough to almost hurt. After my eyes had adjusted, I took a look around the room, it was white and very sterile, and looked just like so many of the hospital rooms I had been in before, I could see a door leading to the connecting bathroom. Looking around again, I took note that it was a private room, and not very large. The window caught my attention as I scanned the room, looking out side it was quite dark, a street light shone down into the street below.

I wondered just what I had been doing that I ended up in the hospital this time, my memory was a bit faint as I tried to remember. I closed my eyes and tried to remember, I started by flexing some of my muscles, and as I did so they felt stiff and sore. I could feel I was wearing little more then a hospital gown, and the blanket, which covered me.

The last thing I could remember was driving down a narrow road, after visiting the strip club again, and looking at the women I could never have. I was driving home and saw a deer in my lane, and I swerved to avoid it, and hit a patch of ice, sending my car into a spin, I ended up in the ditch and slammed passenger side first into a tree. I remember my head snapping back and hitting hard on something, and then darkness took me.

I heard the door handle turn, as I lay in bed remembering how I got here. I glanced over and saw a nurse walk in, dressed in one of those short skirt and blouse uniforms, wearing one of those little hats that never seems to fall off in a porno movie. She apparently thought I was still sleeping, as she walked over to check on something on the other side of the room. I watched her as she bent over to look at it, making that short skirt of hers rise up and give me a nice new of her tight ass. I heard something fall as she bent over even more, making the skirt ride up even farther, well beyond what modesty would allow, letting me see up it, I saw that she was wearing a very small black thong.

She didn’t take long to stand up straight again and pull her skirt back down, at which point she turned and walked towards the bed, while she read over a chart. I looked her up and down, she couldn’t have been more then 5’10” tall, the pearl white uniform a contrast to her brown hair, and eyes. Her chest stood well out, almost threatening to burst from her uniform, which looked to be at least a size too small. She was studying a chart as she lightly sucked on a pen between her lush red lips, almost as if she was teasing me.

Her inadvertent show before, had gotten my attention and started my cock stirring, now watching her suck on the pen and her ample chest, had my full attention, and my cock was showing just how much I was enjoying it. I could feel my cock pushing the blanket up forming a lump, then I noticed her eyes look down and lock onto it, I thought I saw her smile…

I saw him stir as I sucked on the pen cap, I glanced up and down the length of his body, seeing the slight bulge under the blanket, I knew he wasn’t asleep and blushed a bit, knowing just how much I showed off when I picked up the cup that had fallen earlier. I tried not to let him know that I knew, but I was kind of excited, knowing that what little he could have seen excited him. I looked back down at the chart, putting it aside, turning to pick up another blanket from the low dresser, knowing my skirt was riding up again, I stayed that way for a few, acting as if I was rearranging the drawing, giving him a show.

I pulled another blanket out, standing back up but not pulling my skirt down this time, I turned back towards the bed, knowing the front had ridden up as well, letting him see more of my thighs and even a slight glimpse of what the front of what my thong was covering. I spread the blanket across his bed, stretching across his body to smooth it, my breasts pressing lightly against the bulge that had grown beneath the thin blanket. I wiggled a bit, intentionally trying to excite him more, smiling as I felt him harden more.

I straightened up, pulling my skirt down as I sat on the edge of his bed, brushing the hair out of his face, stroking his cheek gently. I slid my fingers lightly down his chest, then slipping under the blanket, finding the bulge, wrapping my tecavüz hikayeleri fingers around it, stroking him lightly, squeezing just enough to make him harder. I sat there like that for what seemed like forever, fingers wrapped around his hard cock, wondering why I was so drawn to him…

I gasped lightly; I wasn’t really sure what was going on anymore. I was admiring the view this tight little nurse was giving me. First her ass as she bent over to get a blanket, then a nice look at her thong covered pussy, which was right at eye level. Now, she had bent over and rubbed her large tits along my already stiff cock, which got me even hotter, and she didn’t stop there, she reached down and wrapped her soft fingers around me.

I groaned, and opened my eyes catching hers; she looked distant as she ran her fingers up and down my cock, like she was trying to figure something out. One of her fingers caught me just so, and I moaned loudly which seemed to snap her out of it. She smiled softly and said “Nice to see your up”, and continued to stroke my cock. I really didn’t know what to say so I replied “Nice to be up, feels like I’ve been in bed all week, I could use a bit of exercise.”

She flashed me a predatory grin, still keeping her hand on my hard cock, “Well, our physio therapy programs are only open during the day, but I’m sure we can find something to work up a sweat tonight.”…

I pulled back slightly but he reached out and grabbed me, pulling me to him, whispering, “How about right now?” I was shocked for a second, then glanced around. “Uhm, give me 20 minutes to finish my shift.” I squeezed him again and slipped off the edge of the bed, pulling my skirt down, slipping quickly out of the room.

I went back to the nurse’s station, picked up the phone and called to cancel the hair appointment I had made for after work. I finished checking on my patients, clocked out then slipped into the break room, finding my locker quickly. I pulled out my clothes and changed, pulling a short white skirt on, tugging it down to make sure it looked appropriate to anyone whom should see. I quickly pulled my short white halter-top on, reaching underneath to unhook the bra, removing it and tossing it into my bag. I released my hair from its ponytail and shook it out. I slipped a pair of low sandals on my feet, closed my locker, tossed my bag over my shoulder and walked back out, as if I was leaving.

I slipped into his room, glancing at his sleeping form, noticing there was still quite a bulge under the blanket, wondering if he was dreaming of me. I dropped my bag into his chair and put up the “Patient wishes not to be disturbed” sign on the door, locking it, knowing that all the duty nurses would obey the sign, being as we often had patients who locked themselves in to get rest. I walked over to the edge of the bed and sat quietly on the edge of the bed, as I had earlier, stroking his cheek lightly, leaning down to kiss him softly, watching him sleep, knowing she had plenty of time to be with him….

I opened my eyes again, I guess I had dozed off, I saw her sitting on the edge of my bed, she had changed out her nurses uniform and into some street cloths, they hid her figure even less then the uniform did. I look at her, and she seemed to be staring off into space again, I coughed lightly, she turned to me looking a little nervous, and smiled.

My cock was still stiff from the last time she was here, and looking at her street cloths made it stand at attention again, her top showed her breasts off very nicely, and the way she was sitting gave me a pretty good look up her skirt.

She looked back down at my cock, and smiled. “Looks like your up again, are you ready for that work out?” She didn’t wait for my answer as she straddled my lap, sinking down, sitting just in front of my cock, just so I could feel it rub against her ass. She lent down and kissed me hard on the lips, running her tongue into my mouth.

I squirmed a bit, settling down straddling him, wriggling until I could feel his cock against my ass. I slid my tongue into his mouth, settling against him, fingers exploring his body as I felt his hands finding me. I closed my eyes, enjoying kissing him as his hands explore my body, then he inadvertently tickled me, making me squirm some against his cock. He moans sex hikayeleri and I do it again.

He slides his hands up my back, pushing my top up, so I sit up, breaking the kiss, reaching to pull the top over my head, dropping it along side the bed. He reaches out for me, taking hold of my nipples, pinching them as they harden. I moan out softly, whimpering a bit, leaning back till his cock is pressing against my ass again. I wiggle against him, hearing him moan; I rise up to my knees, grinning as my eyes lock with his. I pull the zipper to my skirt down, pushing it slowly down as far as possible, I stand up on the bed, letting it pool around my ankles, kicking it off carefully and wink at him. He reaches up, tracing his finger along the narrow fabric covering my pussy. I groan, knees trembling slightly as he hooks his finger in them, pulling the thong down till it pools around my ankles as well. I step free of them, dropping back to my knees, straddling his chest this time so he can have better access to my body…

I watch as she slides back down, naked this time, I can see her large firm tits stand up, and her perfectly shaved pussy is right in front of me. I slide my hands around and grab her ass, caressing it lightly as I pull her forward, my tongue sliding up her pussy, making her wetter then before. She started to moan and writhe while I slowly licked her wet pussy, kept my hands firm on her ass to keep her somewhat still.

She was panting heavily now, and reached up and started to fondle her own tits, rubbing and kneading them between her fingers. Moaning now and then, thinking it’s a good thing they sound proof these hospital rooms. I slide my tongue into her pussy, making her groan loudly.

I was writhing over his mouth, grinding my pussy against his lips, silently begging him to fuck me with his tongue. And he did, he shoved his tongue deep into my pussy, making me shudder from head to toe, orgasming harder than I had in a long long time. I shivered as he moved his tongue inside of me, my pussy impulsively clamping down on it. I groaned again as he took my clit into his mouth, suckling it even more. I closed my eyes, playing with my nipples as he made me writhe even more. He finally looked up at me, smiling as he licked his lips clean.

I leaned down, kissing him, rubbing my hard nipples against his chest as I slid down his body, nibbling and kissing down over his stomach. I find my way to his throbbing cock, kissing the tip lightly before licking softly around the tip, taking it between my lips, sucking him slowly into my mouth. I take him deep into my throat, glancing up at him, enjoying the look of pleasure on his face, wondering what he was really thinking.

It had been so long since I had gotten a blowjob, and this little vixen had read my mind. I looked down at her, not believing how much of my rock hard cock as was taking down her throat, it felt so good. My eyes locked with hers for a second, they seemed to sparkle for a second before, and she turned her head and started to bob up and down on my cock quickly. She moved one of her hands up to fondle my balls as she moved her mouth rapidly up and down, sucking me in farther then I thought possible.

I felt her moan into my hard cock, as she sucked and fondled me, I wasn’t sure where her other hand was but I didn’t think about it that much. I groaned as she assaulted my cock, just then she flicked her tongue in a way I hadn’t felt before, and I instantly came hard right her hot mouth. She quickly drank it all, and only the smallest amount trickled out of the corner of her mouth, I could hear her purring lightly as she make very sure my cock was clean of my cum. She gave it one more long lick, and then looked at me, smiling…

I slid my finger out of my pussy, then trailed my wet finger over his softening cock, pondering what to do next. I look him up and down, smiling as I slide up his body, curling up beside him, kissing him softly, and tracing my fingers up and down his chest. “Feel better yet?” “Mmm a bit, yes, you?” “Most definitely” They lay there in silence, her fingers tracing patterns on his skin, his fingers trailing up and down my back, making me squirm against him.

I suddenly jump a bit, looking into your eyes, he looks over at me and I just smile, kissing him softly before whispering, sex hikaye “I don’t even know your name.” But before he can answer, I climb atop him, settling my ass against his cock, wiggling a bit to get comfortable. I gently massage his chest, nails biting lightly into his flesh a bit. I feel his cock start to harden some against my ass and I squirm a bit, waiting to see what he is going to do next

I feel her slide back to rest her ass against my cock; I can feel her soaking wet pussy against my stomach as she wiggles around to get comfortable. I felt her fingers slide along my chest, one was utterly soaked in her juices as she traced it along.

I realized that I had no idea what her name was ether, I had been focused on other things when she had her named tag on, and I had simply assumed my name would be on my chart. “Chris, is my name”, I said softly, “you’ll have to tell me what yours is, is you can find the time between moans”. I grabbed her ass, and lifted her up; she didn’t even resist for a second, as I brought her to kneel above me. I slid up slightly so my cock was directly below her pussy, as I slowly pushed her back down till she was sitting just on the tip of my cock.

I gasp, unable to resist him, allowing him to do with me as he pleases. I wriggle a bit as he settles me on his cock, groaning softly, whispering, “My name is Jessa”. I settled down on to his cock, groaning as he slid into me. He was bigger than my last boyfriend was, so he was stretching me more than any other had. I groaned, tilting my head back as he pushed up into me, filling me completely. I squeezed his cock once he was all the way inside me and I could feel him throbbing, hardening more inside of me.

I closed my eyes, grinding against his cock, squeezing down on him as I slid up and down his length, fingers finding their way to my nipples as I groan, finally getting accustomed to his cock inside me…

I moaned as she slide down my cock, her pussy was like a velvet vice around my cock, she was so tight, I wasn’t sure she would able to take my cock all the way, but she did, groaning the whole time. It took awhile before my whole shaft was inside her tight pussy, but it felt so good going in, I felt her squeeze around my cock, and I would have cum right then if I hadn’t just a few minutes before.

I watched as she started to fondle her breasts again, groaning at any shift in our bodies. She started to slide up and down my cock slowly I could feel her squeeze every time she switched directions, which caused me to moan deeply. She couldn’t go much faster because of how tight she was, she was moaning and groaning almost constantly as she slide up and down. She started to speed up her pace, then she slide her hands down from her chest took my hands and pinned them above my head. Her eyes locked with mine I saw hers sparkle again, as she started to slide up and down my cock faster and faster, throwing her head back as she moaned loudly. I couldn’t do much more then watch her tits bounce and try to keep pace with her.

She was riding my cock for all it was worth now, and moaning like a total whore while doing it. Her pussy felt divine as it slide up and down my cock, I could feel myself getting so close, and then she came hard, clamping down like a vice around my cock, causing me to cum deep inside her tight wet pussy. She kept the pressure around my cock for what seemed like an age while I kept cumming, her pussy milking it all out of me. When she did relax she kneeled back down, keeping my softening cock inside her wet warm pussy, with my hands still pined above my head, not that I had struggled much, and she looked into my eyes.

I squeezed his cock gently again, feeling him soften inside me. I leaned down, kissing him hard, sliding my tongue into his mouth, still keeping his hands pinned over his head, I laid atop him, eyes locked with his, kissing him deeper. I finally released his hands and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling him against him, rolling us onto our sides, and looking deep into my eyes.

He kissed me, the look in his eyes showing that he was trying to gather the strength or courage to say something, or ask me something, but I wasn’t sure what. As the kiss broke, I smiled and whispered, “I don’t have a boyfriend, nor a girlfriend. I’d like to see you again, after you’re released. Nurse you back to health with a special touch.”

I slid my hands over her body some more, “Mmm, I’d like that, I don’t know how long I’ll be in here” I said “But, I’d love to have you take care of my body.”

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