The Night Before Graduation

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“I want to share my body with you!” Penny whispered in my ear, and even she giggled at how trite it sounded. “We’re both adults now, aren’t we?” She locked the door and kicked off her shoes. “What better way to top off our friendship?” she asked as she floated across the room in her stocking feet and put her arms around me.

“Are you sure?” I asked, thrilling to the press of her breasts up against me.

“Yes,” she said. “And it feels like you are, too, if you don’t mind my saying so.” She wiggled her hips to rub herself playfully against my erection.

“Oh, I am!” I admitted. “But I figured you…”

“Come on, Jay, just because I go to church doesn’t mean I’m not a woman with urges!” she said. Then she laughed again. “Woman…it still sounds like I’m talking about my mother. But we’re eighteen, aren’t we? Adults? And haven’t you always been curious about what we might be like together?”

“Ever since the first time you wore that plaid skirt to school,” I admitted.

“Oh, stop!” she laughed, hugging Afyon Escort me again. “I was such a nerd then!”

“Smart is sexy,” I said. “Then and now.” I looked down at her current ensemble — blue top, flowered skirt — from the honors dinner that afternoon, and flicked playfully at her long raven hair.

“Thank you,” she said. “Just don’t assume I’m Miss Innocence anymore.”

“Jimmy from math club?” I asked.

“None of your business! And what about Katie from French class?”

“None of your business.” And we laughed together, which answered both questions. “They always say the first time is no good…”

“Then isn’t it great to be each other’s second?” With that, she leaned in and my lips met hers.

Half a lifetime of friendship exploded in long-forbidden passion as our tongues played tag with one another. Her arms stayed tight around my back, and I rubbed hers with a gentle touch, firm enough to feel the thrill of her bra straps through the fabric. She was right — I always Afyon Escort Bayan had been curious about them, and even more so if her olive skin and dark hair meant she had a big bush. My pants bulged tighter than ever at the anticipation.

“I think we’d better let that out!” she teased, and she undid my belt buckle. I followed suit by lifting her skirt up very slowly on both sides. She looked up at me and giggled as her calves, thighs and finally her panties came into view. My pants were down around my ankles now, and she pushed my boxers down with them and squeezed my cock with a gentle touch no virgin would know to use. I unzipped her skirt and pulled her panties down along with it, and a years-long mystery was solved with the sight of a full, wild bush.

“Like it?” she asked.

“Love it!” I ran my fingers through the dark curls, delighted as they disappeared in the forest and she wiggled with my touch.

I kissed her again and reached one daring finger all the way inside. “Ohmygod!” Escort Afyon she exhaled as I stroked her warm, wet flesh. Then she grunted in frustration as I drew it out — but only until she saw my hands heading for the top button of her blouse.

She returned the favor on my shirt, and a moment later we were both naked except for her bra, which she undid in a hurry rather than waiting for me to fumble with it. “You can’t imagine how good that feels to take off!” she said with a grin as it hit the floor.

My best friend had beautiful plump nipples. I should’ve known.

Skin on skin is delicious. Skin on skin with your best friend is amazing. Pushing gently into your best friend’s vagina is beyond words. Penny seemed to feel the same, because there were no words as we started making love. Only moans, beautiful moans, nothing like I’d heard the first time. Her eyes were wide as she gazed up at me. “So good!” she whispered. “Faster!”

Now, as I flailed, she spoke. “Make me feel it! Make me come! Hard!” And a lot more I never imagined from my demure friend. She came with a scream and pulled me down onto her, and I followed her lead with a grunt.

She kissed my cheek as I lay my head on her breasts. “I guess our friendship is over,” she said.

“Thank God!” I agreed.

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