The Next Morning

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The sequel to “Friday”.

Enjoy and as always any feedback is welcome.

* * * * *

Megan was the first to wake the next morning. Her eyes slowly opening to adjust to the light in the room, her body feeling Jeff’s closeness still snuggled to her. His hard cock nestled between her ass checks rubbing slightly against her wet pussy. Feeling his cock throb with the pulse of his heart, sending bolts of energy through her body.

Remembering the events of the night before, igniting her bodies need to have him back inside her pussy. Slowly she intertwined herself from his, pushing him on to his back. Briefly sitting back to admire his handsome body and massive cock pointing straight up.

Megan’s hands slowly encircled Jeff’s cock, stroking it lightly bringing a slight moan to Jeff’s mouth. Megan checking quickly to make sure he was still asleep. She wanted to wake him up in a special way.

Jeff’s mind was deeply emerged in an erotic dream about Megan. She was between his legs stroking his cock as her tongue danced across his crown, licking all around his head, and taking him into her hot mouth. Swirling her tongue around his cock paying special attention to his sensitive glands.


Now she was taking his entire cock down her tight throat. Feeling her nose lightly rubbing against his pubic hair. God it felt so good. It was unlike any dream he could ever remember. Feeling so real.

Megan couldn’t wait any longer. She needed Jeff’s cock buried deeply inside her pussy to extinguish the fire burning there. Releasing his cock she made her way up his body. Carefully and slowly straddling his body, as to not wake him till the last moment possible, lowering her dripping pussy onto his cock. With each inch entering her body Megan let out a low moan.

Mmmmmmmmmm, Yesssssssssssss.

Feeling Jeff’s dick slide further and further into her body. Every muscle in her pussy getting the tightest grip possible on his cock. Sucking him further and further inside. Finally easing the last inch into her now filled pussy. Megan slowly began to rock her hips back and forth, grinding her clit into Jeff’s pubic bone.

Jeff’s hands slowly began to come alive, pulling in towards their bodies making contact first with Megan’s legs. Next moving up her thighs to finally come to rest on her hips. Squeezing Megan’s hips Jeff started helping Megan rock harder and faster on his cock.

Another moan escaped Jeff’s mouth just as his eyes started to flutter open. His first images were of Megan staring down at him. Her eyes locking with his, a wicked smile across her face. “Good morning baby” came from her lips.

Jeff’s bodies senses all came online immediately. sex hikayeleri Feeling his cock buried in his lover’s sweet pussy. Her muscles clamping down on his cock as it throbbed deep inside her. His eyes taking in her exquisite beauty, her sexy breasts hanging in front of him, his hands reaching up to take them into his palms. His fingers lightly massaging and pinching her hard nipples before running his hands all over her warm body. It wasn’t a dream, and the best way to wake up ever.

Making sure not to break her rhythm, Megan slowly leaned over to give her lover a good morning kiss. As her lips touched Jeff’s, what felt like an electric shock passed through her body and went straight to her pussy causing her first orgasm of the morning. Her moans were passed into Jeff’s mouth, Jeff feeling her pussy convulsing on his cock as her juices came flooding out.

Breaking the kiss Megan slowly started to raise her body off of Jeff’s. Jeff quickly reached up to stop her, but Megan told him she had something else in mind. Upon rolling off of top of him, she told him that she was too raw from last night’s passionate sex to continue. Jeff was immediately disappointed thinking the morning’s events were over.

Megan had something else in mind though. Rolling out of the bed only to return immediately from the bathroom with a bottle of astroglide heating lube. Megan passed the bottle to Jeff as she climbed back onto the bed. Stuffing several pillows under her stomach to take some of the weight off of her knees she got on all fours.

Looking devilishly over at Jeff she told him she wanted him in her ass. Jeff’s eyes lit up immediately. Megan told Jeff her pussy may be too raw now, but her ass was waiting for him.

Jeff quickly climbed behind Megan holding the bottle of lube in his hands. Jeff could tell Megan really wanted it and now! Jeff however decided to take a minute to make it more enjoyable for her. Placing a hand on each cheek he slowly parted her sexy ass giving way to his ultimate goal. Slowly he started caressing her ass, and running his tongue up her thigh, across her dripping wet slit, and towards her puckered hole.

Jeff knew Megan enjoyed a little rimming and he aimed to please. Slowly working his tongue around her asshole, taking in its musky taste and feel. Finally bringing his tongue in direct contact with her puckered hole. Swirling his tongue around and around before starting to spear it directly into her tight hole. Taking several fingers he lightly dipped into her soaked pussy for some juice. Bringing his middle finger to her puckered hole, slowly working its way inside.

Megan let out a low moan as Jeff’s finger slowly invaded her ass. Sending adult hikayeler chills up her spine and goose bumps across her body. It had been a long time since she had had anal sex. The memories of the powerful orgasms it gave her came flooding back to her as Jeff’s fingers started as one and progressed to two. As his fingers dipped further in her tight hole her sphincter muscle started loosening more and more, awaiting his large cock.

As Jeff started to loosen her asshole up he used his other hand to squirt some lube on her asshole massaging it inside of her to make his entry as painless as possible. Megan started to push her ass back against Jeff’s fingers trying to suck them in deeper. Jeff was enjoying watching his fingers delve deeper and deeper as Megan fucked her ass back against him. He knew she was ready, and got to his knees behind her. Taking his cock in his hand he applied some more lube and massaged it all over. Rubbing his cock around her hole he finally lined up to where he wanted to be.

Megan was becoming impatient, wanting to feel Jeff in her most secretive place. All his teasing was driving her crazy. His fingers had felt so good massaging her ass, she wanted to feel something bigger and deeper. Megan finally felt what she wanted, Jeff’s cock pressed against her tight hole. Instinctively she started pushing out to make his cock slip in easier and with her free hand started rubbing her clit.

Jeff grasped his cock with one hand, while his other squeezed one of Megan’s sweet ass cheeks. Damn she was tight, he watched as his head slowly started to part her asshole as her sphincter muscle expanded to take his large member. Ahhhhh, his head popped in, holding it there to allow Megan to get used to his size. The feeling of her ass squeezing him so tightly, god it felt so good.


Megan felt Jeff’s cock finally make its way inside her ass. The little pain quickly turned to pleasure as she felt his cock stretching her ass wider and wider, her free hand continued to rub her hard clit. Thankfully Jeff was remaining still allowing her ass to loosen up enough to take more of him inside. After several minutes Megan let Jeff know she was ready by pushing her ass back onto his invading cock.

Jeff felt Megan start pushing back on his cock, watching several more inches disappearing into her dark depths. The feeling was unlike any other he had ever felt. Her ass was so tight, unlike her sweet pussy, it clamped down on every possible inch. Squeezing him so tightly, her sphincter muscle grasping him trying to suck more of his cock in. After getting about half way into her ass, Jeff pulled almost all the way out before driving back in, adding sex hikayelerin another inch or two.

Megan let out a loud animalistic moan as she felt Jeff drive back into her. Her body was going crazy, the heat from the lube felt incredible, her ass was automatically pumping back to meet Jeff’s thrusts. Trying to draw him deeper inside, he was filling her fuller than she had ever felt. Her orgasm was rapidly building, her fingers had slowed their ministrations on her clit to try and postpone it as long as possible to allow it to grow bigger. Finally she felt Jeff’s body press into hers, his cock buried as deep as it would go. Her ass fully filled of his thick cock. Ahhhhhhhh, “fuck me baby, fuck me hard, now” Megan screamed to Jeff.

Upon hearing this Jeff knew Megan was close as he was too. Her ass was just so damn tight and felt so good. Now being fully buried in her sweet ass, Jeff grabbed on to both of her hips pulling almost all the way out before slamming back into her. Hearing their bodies slap together with each new thrust. Watching his cock withdraw from her asshole, the sight was so erotic, before he rammed it back in. Her ass swaying from his thrusts, god that always drove Jeff crazy.

That did it, Jeff’s thrust finally brought Megan over the edge. Her whole body started to shake slightly, her ass muscles clamping down so tightly on Jeff’s cock. Making it much harder for him to withdraw, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that’s it here I cum” Megan screamed out in pleasure to Jeff.

Jeff wasn’t far behind her, feeling her muscles milking the cum out of his cock. Jeff finally let go himself. Feeling his cum rush from his balls emptying deep into her bowels.

Gooooddddddddddddddddddd, yessssssssssssssssssssssss.

Jeff kept pumping his cock in and out of her tight ass which was now loosening up more and more from his cum coating her inner walls.

Megan’s body was now lost in an enormous orgasm. Her body shaking and pushing back on Jeff’s cock all at the same time. As her orgasm started to subside Megan couldn’t take Jeff’s cock anymore, now in any hole, and started to pull away from him. Ever so slowly his cock started to withdraw from her ass, as she felt his large head coming to the opening she ever so slowly continued her withdrawl.

Jeff’s cock was now starting to soften as his orgasm passed. Feeling Megan slowly pull her ass away from him, watching his cock slide from her ass. Now only his head was left in her ass. Ever so slowly Megan pulled the last of his cock from her ass. Watching her sphincter muscle stretch slightly for the last time as the last of his cock fell from her ass.

Megan collapsed on the bed, exhausted, a small stream of cum leaking from her ass running down over her soaked pussy before collecting on the sheets.

Jeff sat back on his knees staring at his lover, thinking that was the best way to wake up ever. “How would she ever top that” Jeff thought.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32