The New Recruit Pt. 04

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Author note: I have decided, with this installment, to switch from a second-person perspective, to a third-person perspective. It’s much easier to write consistently.

Several weeks have passed since C.J. took up residence in the living room of my two-bedroom apartment. He has settled in well. My roommate Daryl is now spending more and more time with his girlfriend Donna than in his room. I fully expect Daryl to move out soon, opening up space for C.J. to move in for good.

C.J. was making great progress coming to terms with his budding sexuality. Because of his repressive childhood, so many things I’ve always taken for granted are brand new to him, even given his social awakening in college. I’ve taken him to gay bars and clubs, introduced him to many of my friends, and even encouraged him to date some of my single friends. He was now a full member of the gang, hanging out for unbridled sex in my basement play space. He’s been a quick study, developing his own technique for rimming and sucking cock.

It’s now Thursday night, just six weeks since C.J. reappeared at our door. Eric and his big bear husband Donny have invited him over for dinner on Saturday night, and C.J. is eagerly looking forward to it. I have my own plans that night, with a very hairy 20-year-old college student who has a thing for “older” men like me. I fully anticipate playing Daddy for an evening.

C.J. and I are sitting shirtless on the couch, watching some dumb reality television show. “Must See TV,” it definitely isn’t. C.J. is snuggled into my armpit, head on my chest. I run my fingers through his hair, and trace his now fully grown-in beard.

He turns his face toward me. “This show is stupid,” he says, reflecting my own feelings. I lean over and kiss him, because I can. We start making out, and I have a feeling we’re going to end up fucking before the evening is over.

I don’t have to wait long. Before I know it, C.J. is on his knees, opening my fly, and pulling my stiffening cock out. He gently licks the head, nabbing the first drop of precum that’s leaking out even before I’m hard. He expertly swirls his tongue around the ridge of my cock, before taking it fully into his mouth. His nose buried in my pubic hair, he massages the head of my dick with his proficient throat. I groan uncontrollably. The sight of his moustache mingling with my bush turns me on like little else can.

C.J. has learned to read my sexual response, and adjusts his technique to maximize my pleasure. Periodically, he stops sucking and starts stroking, concentrating on the base. Or he’ll start licking my balls. This prolongs the pleasure for both of us.

I raise my hips to allow C.J. to pull my pants off. His saliva drips down my dick while he starts licking my taint, and teasing my asshole.

I push C.J. to the floor, on his back, while I quickly remove his pants. His dick is stiff and throbbing. I take it fully into my mouth, eliciting a loud groan from him. I savor the now familiar flavor of my friend’s cock, relishing the sensation of the head pounding against the back of my throat.

We sixty-nine for a few minutes, remaining on the living room floor, C.J. on his back and me straddling him. I push a couple of fingers into C.J.’s ass, eliciting another groan from him. I move on, positioning myself to give C.J. the rimming of a lifetime. His ass is so beautiful and so responsive. As I probe his hole with my tongue, I feel his sphincter attempt to clamp down on it. He groans even louder. I know that before long, I’m going to be fucking him. I relish the thought of feeling his silky smooth rectum enveloping my cock.

Abruptly, C.J. flips the script. He wiggles out from underneath me, moves behind me, and plants his tongue firmly on my hole. I yelp with pleasure. His beard feels magnificent rubbing on my ass, and I’m now starting to drip precum. He reaches between my legs and grabs my cock, pulling it hard. His reward is a handful of precum. He grabs my balls, soaking my hairy sack with my own fluid.

“You want it bad, don’t you, Jake?” C.J.’s voice has a surprisingly sinister undertone. I’m startled.

He wraps his arms around my torso, leans on my back, claps a hand over my mouth, and whispers in my ear. “Listen, Jake, I’m going to fuck your ass without mercy. I’m going to pound you like you’ve never been pounded before. You’re gonna feel my cock deeper in your ass than anything you’ve ever felt before. Your ass is gonna be so sore that you’ll walk funny for the next week.” There’s something about having someone whispering in your ear that makes it more exciting.

I can’t respond with his hand over my mouth, but the intensity of C.J.’s whispered words thrill me. They also frighten me a little. I realize that perhaps he’s replaying the night we met, more or less, when the four of us scared him. I’m thrilled by the prospect of my young student taking charge and fully dominating me for the first time.

I porno 64 nod. It’s the only response I can make.

C.J. enters me roughly. Even the best rim job couldn’t prepare me for the sudden, unforgiving fuck he’s delivering. C.J. is like a madman, filling me with his cock, slapping my ass, and pushing my face into the carpet. “Take it you fucking bitch,” he says, repeatedly. “Take my big fucking cock in your pussy.” I wonder if he might be taking out some of his anger at his ex-girlfriend Jenny, the fucking shrew.

C.J.’s intensity is a huge turn-on for me. I desperately want to grab my cock, but he’s holding my arms firmly on the floor. The pounding is giving me rug burn on my chest and the side of my face. The feeling of his cock relentlessly pushing in and out of my ass is like nothing I’d felt in a long time.

Without warning, C.J. cums. His entire body shakes as he plunges his cock as far as he can up my ass. His shouts of ecstasy ring in my ears as I feel his prick throbbing in my battered hole.

C.J. collapses on top of me. His sweaty body and heaving chest are fully pressed against my back, and I’m still unable to move. I feel his dick soften, finally slipping out of my ass.

After a few minutes, C.J. rolls off me. I immediately get up on my knees and start jacking my dick inches from his face. He smiles broadly. “You liked that, didn’t you, Jake?”

I can’t respond, because I’m reaching my own orgasm and am too busy groaning. C.J. opens his mouth, but my aim is not perfect. I got some in his mouth, but the bulk lands on his bearded cheeks and chin. It’s a healthy load, so it’s flowing down the sides of his face.

I lean over to kiss my friend. My own beard becomes soaked with my cum.

“Yeah, I liked it,” I finally reply.


Before I know it, it’s Saturday afternoon. C.J. and I each prepare ourselves for our separate dates that evening, mostly by cleaning out our asses and making sure our pits, cocks, and taints smelled as masculine as possible without stinking. Smelling each other’s musk threatens to lead to us having sex again, but I think we each want to “save” ourselves for some likely action later.

C.J. looks fantastic when I drop him off at Eric and Donny’s place. Bearing a nice bottle of wine, he’s wearing jeans that are so tight that they appear to be painted on, and a casual shirt open halfway down, revealing his hairy chest. “Have fun!” I yell as C.J. climbs the steps to the porch. Both Eric and Donny flash thumbs-up signs as I wave.

My date, who goes by Bobby, is waiting for me as I pull up in front of his frat house. He is probably five-foot-six, reddish blonde hair, and a chunky muscular build. He has a full beard, thick and wiry, cut short. He shows the signs of early male pattern baldness, with a notable widow’s peak. His flannel shirt is open almost to his belly, revealing a thick carpet of curly reddish blond chest hair. His black leather suspenders hold up a tight pair of 501s with a pleasant bulge in the front. His black work boots complete the ensemble.

“Hey, Jake,” he says as he climbs into the passenger seat. Since we’re in front of his frat house and several men are playing frisbee on the front lawn, he does not lean over to kiss me. That’s OK. There will be plenty of time for that later.

“Burgers?” I ask as we drive away, “Or Pizza?”

“Burgers,” he replies, reaching over and grabbing my crotch with his very hairy hand.

“You got it,” I say, driving to a burger place on the outskirts of town, not frequented by the college crowd.

Over burgers, fries, and milkshakes, Bobby updates me on life in his frat, and how he’s had to keep up appearances, bringing home a different girl every weekend and loudly fucking her so his “brothers” would know that he wasn’t queer.

“I’m twenty years old. I can get off in just about any hole, but it really helps me to think about older daddies like you while I’m fucking a chick.”

“I’m only seven years older than you, boy!” I say in mock reproach. I can’t keep a straight face and soon we’re both laughing.

I haven’t seen Bobby since C.J.’s return to our play space and subsequent relocation to my place. I update him on the state of affairs.

“Wait, is this guy making a move for my man?” Bobby asks.

I adopt a stern, daddy-like demeanor. “You know, I told you that I could never be exclusive with you. You’re a hot-as-fuck plaything and a lot of fun to hang around with, but I’m not forgoing another piece of ass just for you. I’ve got a lot of fuck-buddies and friends with benefits, and I’m going to keep seeing them as long as I’m able.”

Bobby pretends to pout, but then laughs. “Well, I’d gladly give up the college girls to be with you,” he says. There’s a slight reproachful sting to his words, but I know he speaks from starry-eyed youthful inexperience.

We finish our dinner and head over to my play space. Bobby has been here before, porno izle though never with anyone else from the gang. Unless one of his frat bros is fucking him, I’m the only man he’s been with other than boys he played doctor with years ago.

“Strip!” I command, as we reach the bottom of the stairs.

“Sir, yes Sir,” he replies, pulling the suspenders off his shoulders and opening the remaining buttons on his flannel shirt. He wiggles out of it.

“Wait, what’s that?” I say, noticing a flash of sliver on his left nipple.

“I got it pierced a few weeks ago,” Bobby replies with a grin. “Like it?”

“What’s more important is whether you like it,” I reply.

Bobby moves nearer, grabs my hand, and puts it on his chest. I start to play with his tender nipple. “Yeah, I like it,” he purrs.

We kiss. Bobby is what I call an all-or-nothing kisser. He immediately has his mouth wide open and is jamming his tongue in my mouth. I tend to like more subtle kisses, but the feeling of his beard and mine mingling together gets me hot regardless.

I pull back. “Keep stripping,” I say, sternly.

Bobby carefully removes his boots while standing. Then he slowly unbuttons his jeans, teasing me with glimpses of his thick curly bush at each turn. He’s clearly gone commando, and, damn, I like that. His jeans fall to the floor, and he steps out of them.

He quickly removes his socks and stands before me, stark naked. His profuse body hair glistens in the sparse light of the basement. His nicely proportioned uncut cock is soft, but clearly starting to swell just slightly.

Bobby moves near again, and slowly unbuttons my shirt, pulling it off. He raises my arm and buries his nose in my fragrant armpit. This clearly turns him on as his dick gets a bit harder as he licks my musk. I pull his face to mine so I can smell and taste myself on his lips. Damn, I smell good!

While we’re nuzzling, Bobby has unfastened my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and let them drop to the floor. I, too, went commando this evening, and my dick is definitely showing signs of life.

Bobby kneels before me and begins nuzzling my cock and balls. He inhales my crotch deeply, and the feeling of his bearded face on my dick makes it rapidly get harder. He pops it in his mouth, running his tongue all over my glans, making me gasp. A bobs his head ever so slightly before grabbing my bare ass and pulling my cock all the way into his throat, his nose buried in my pubes.

Much as he is an all-or-nothing kisser, Bobby is an all-or-nothing cocksucker. He begins to vigorously suck my dick, keeping a steady pace and hardly varying his technique. I’m glad that he has a very nice technique, and I begin to feel myself ready to cum very soon, while I run my fingers through the thinning hair on his head.

“I’m cumming,” I say, just as I start to shoot. Bobby takes my load like a champ, swallowing every drop. He looks up at me like a puppy wondering if he’s done good. I pull him to his feet and kiss him again, tasting myself on his lips. His now rigid cock is poking on my leg, smearing it with drippy precum.

I remove my shoes and socks, and step out of my jeans. I push the boy onto his back on the bed. Without hesitation, I fully engulf his hard dick into my willing mouth. The taste is powerful, as is the musky smell of his bush. I feel my beard brushing against his balls, and after just a few strokes, my right hand is feeling its way through his hairy taint, seeking the magic entrance to his ass.

“Daddy, please fuck me,” Bobby moans.

“All in good time, boy. Daddy needs to recover from that blowjob you gave him.”

I decide that now would be a good time to make out with Bobby, giving myself an opportunity to recharge my batteries. I move next to him on the bed, and begin gently stroking every hairy inch of his body. His magnificent beard. His hairy chest and shoulders. I take advantage of the chance to inhale the masculine musk of his armpits.

I play with his nipples, both the pierced one and the intact one. His cock throbs each time I touch them. I tease his navel with my finger, before moving my hand down to his crotch. I run my fingers through his thick bush, then grab and start stroking his achingly hard dick. I move between his legs and start sucking his uncut beauty, gently running my tongue under his foreskin and feeling him tremble in response. I take his cock as far as I can down my throat, and he groans loudly.

I’m kneeling on the floor between Bobby’s legs when he grabs his knees and pulls his legs up nearly to his chest. His magnificently hairy taint and ass are spread wide for me to see and explore. I bury my face in this forested wonderland, which smells and tastes just like a man should. I brush my beard against his pink hole, setting it a-quiver.

I proceed to tease Bobby’s hole with my nose, lips, and tongue. He moans loudly and constantly. “Please, please, please! sex izle Fuck me!” he cries. But I’m not quite ready to give him what he wants.

I stand up with his legs resting on my shoulders. I look down at his compact, hairy body beneath me. His eyes are pleading, but I’m overwhelmed by how beautiful this boy is.

Finally, my dick has found its backbone, and I gently tease Bobby’s hole with it. He squirms and groans. And then, I push myself inside.

We both gasp as I breach his sphincter. It had been a while, and I’d nearly forgotten just how tight Bobby’s ass could be upon initial entry. I feel like there’s a shrinking tube surrounding my cock, threatening to pop it right out, possibly sending me reeling backwards from the force. But a little patience goes a long way, and before long, Bobby’s ass has relaxed enough for each of us to enjoy a good solid fuck.

I establish a decent rhythm, managing to mix things up enough to keep Bobby guessing. Deep, shallow, straight on, from the side, direct hits to his prostate, and so on. The fuck lasts a good long time, since I stop moving completely each time I feel an orgasm coming on. Bobby is in a blissful state, eyes closed, mouth open, groans and moans emanating from him. His cock is soft but distended, sprawled on his thick bush. His balls are drawn tightly up against his body, jiggling slightly each time I go balls-deep.

Finally, I can stand it no more. I start fucking Bobby with determination and drive. His eyes snap open and lock onto mine. It’s as if I’m looking into his soul and vice versa. My orgasm crashes over me, and I fill Bobby’s rectum with hot cum.

I’m panting and sweating as my cock shrivels in Bobby’s stretched ass. His face seems frozen in that expression of amazement, and he’s still staring at me. My dick finally slips out of him, and a stream of cum flows out and onto the bed.

I collapse next to him. With his still amazed expression, he gently passes his hand over various parts of my body. He touches my chest, my arm, my ear, my nose, my lips. He leans over and kisses me. For the first time, it’s a gentle, subtle kiss; the kind I like most.

Breathing normally, I say to Bobby, “I know you do plenty of fucking and not much being fucked, but I really want to feel your dick inside of me. I want you to fuck me.”

His expression changes to a different kind of amazement. He’s been fondling his dick on and off since I rolled next to him, and I know he’ll have no trouble getting hard relatively quickly. I reach over and grab his cock, and within seconds, it’s very stiff.

I decide I’m going to mount him rather than doing it missionary or doggy style. That way I can still watch his face as we fuck while still controlling the speed and depth. So I straddle young Bobby, grab his cock with one hand, and slowly lower myself onto his erection.

The entry is easy, even though I’m a bit tight. I swear I can feel his foreskin sliding backward as he breaches my sphincter, and the surprised expression on his face tells me I’m right.

“I’ve never done anal before,” Bobby says. “Now I know why guys brag about fucking their girlfriends in the ass! You’re so tight!”

I’m enjoying my ride far too much to bother thinking about his frat bro’s efforts to get their girlfriends to let them do anal. I’ll bet it happens a tenth as often as is claimed, if that.

I vary the depth and angle of Bobby’s cock in my ass, surprising him from time to time with an unexpected sensation. After several minutes, my thighs are starting to get sore, so I reach over and touch the freshly pierced nipple. The reaction is almost instantaneous; Bobby throws his head back and I can feel his cock explode inside of me. I feel a jolt much like an electric shock travel through me. It’s a kind of dry orgasm, since I don’t ejaculate and my dick doesn’t even get hard, and yet the sensation of a climax overwhelms me. I don’t remember that ever happening before.

I throw my leg over Bobby’s torso and once again collapse next to him. We kiss and cuddle for a good half hour, not really saying anything.

It’s getting late, and Bobby needs to get back to the frat house.

“Do you want to shower first?” I ask.

“Hell no!” he replies. “I got to fuck an asshole! I’m going to tell everyone and let them smell the stink on me! I’ll have bragging rights for the next week, at least!”

“Just don’t let them look at YOUR asshole,” I say with a chuckle. “It’s pretty wrecked!”

We dress and I drive Bobby back to his frat house. We don’t kiss when we get there, as there are a bunch of his brothers on the lawn. “I tell them you’re my cousin,” he says as he gets out of the car. “We’re definitely not ‘kissing cousins’!”

With a laugh, I watch Bobby enter his frat house. Before I leave, I check my phone. Not surprisingly, I have a text from C.J. telling me that he’s going to spend the night with Eric and Donny, so I don’t have to pick him up. I text him back telling him to let me know when he’s ready for me to come get him in the morning.

And so I drive home, imagining the stories that the three of them will have for me!

To be continued…

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