The New Hire

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Lilly had been divorced for a few years, and with her good looks and body she could attract and seduce almost any man she wanted, but her taste in men was very discriminate, and she needed a man with confidence, and stamina as her sex drive had only increased since her separation. She spent a lot of time fantasizing and then heading home, spending time reading and pleasuring herself with her collection of vibrators, dildos and her fingers.

She still went out with the girls; even fucked a few guys she had decided were worthy of her, but no one that she seriously wanted to fuck long term.

Then it happened. She had finally seen the new hire.

He had only been employed with the company for 3 months. He was hired as a purchaser and he had to deal often with the women in accounting as part of his job. As Lilly’s luck would have it, he was eventually handed the job of contract services, the accounts that she was responsible for and she was looking forward to having to look at, and deal with him on a daily basis.

Lilly noticed he was about 5’10, salt and pepper hair, sort of an Anderson Cooper look to him. A little older than her, he carried himself with a confidence some might consider arrogant, but when looking into his eyes, it was more just a comfort in who he was at this stage of his life. Lilly had noticed the bulge in his pants as he tended to wear tighter casual slacks. She loved to imagine what his cock looked like. Was it thick and fat, long? Was he circumcised, and did the pre cum drip off the end, she was a slut, she loved to lick precum. Did he like getting blowjobs (her specialty), and when he fucked, what positions. She shook her head and told herself to quit it, get back to work, he was probably married anyways, although…. He did not wear a wedding ring.

Within a week of working together, they had exchanged flirtatious glances back and forth and one could see the chemistry and sexual tension starting to build, and he slowly loosened up. The company had a strict Diversity policy and sexual harassment was highly frowned upon, and in fact, just cause for dismissal, so most men were leery of joking or flirting in the workplace, yet he seemed almost oblivious to it, in fact maybe intentionally pushing the limits to see how far Lilly would go.

Lilly was the senior person in accounting and the luxury came with having her own office, total privacy when needed. Well, on one particular Friday late in the day, he came into the office with an invoice he thought should be disputed, and he boldly went behind her desk as she brought up the invoice in question. As she nervously scanned through it, she felt his hand on her shoulder as he leaned down to look closer. Was it casual, was it a message? Avcılar Escort She was not sure, but the scent of his cologne was making her moist, and she shivered a little. She looked sideways looking at the lines around his blue eyes and mouth. Damn, this is work she thought but…..

The phone rang, and he pulled back. It was her grown daughter on the phone and he went to excuse himself to allow her some privacy, but she told him to stay, but to close the door so her conversation with her daughter did not distract the other women in the outer office.

After the door was closed he returned to stand beside her and they looked at the invoice on the screen together, and as she talked to her daughter he made his move. He placed his hand over her shoulder and casually let it drop down the front of her open blouse, his hand stopping on her upper chest, just before the start of her now heaving cleavage. She stopped talking for a minute, a pause that was not lost on her daughter and Lilly quickly gave her an excuse about dropping her pen. He left his hand there and Lilly made no move to remove it, and then he slid it down, sliding his finger into the cleft between her tits.

Lilly tensed up and her eyes closed and he pushed deeper, tracing the lace on the top of her powder blue demi cut bra. He loved women that dressed sensuously and he was not going to be disappointed by Lilly.

Lilly’s head rolled back, and he reached in and cupped her one breast, feeling the weight of it, rolling her thick nipple between his thumb and finger. Just as she started to moan softly, he rolled it, twisting it sideways like a rubber band causing her exquisite pain throughout her entire breast. Her hand reached up and grabbed his through her blouse and squeezed it, giving him permission to continue. He took the sign, and pulled her back, spinning her chair around, and he pushed her thighs open. Her eyes gave him a quizzical look, wondering what the hell he was up to. He knelt down on the floor, opening her legs wider and he ran his hands down her calves, slowly removing her heels. Taking her stoking feet in his hands he massaged her ankles, working his way up one calf, then the other foot, alternating, rubbing her. Slowly he worked his way up her legs, under her knees, driving her slowly mad.

Finally he made his way up her shapely thighs, and when he reached up to the top of the stockings, he found her garter, and he playfully snapped it.

She gave him a dirty look and tried hard to continue the conversation with her daughter, but he could tell her mind was now elsewhere.

He unhooked her garter and reached for her panties and slowly rolled then over her thighs and down Beylikdüzü Escort her legs. He then did the garter back up, raising her skirt slightly to allow him access to her bottom, and lifting her ass with both hands; he dipped his head between her legs and inhaled the fragrance that was her cunt. He allowed his tongue to part her nether lips, tasting her nectar. Her labia slowly opened revealing her pinkness, glistening with wetness from her obvious excitement. Her hips pushed forward, wanting him to begin his oral assault on her sex. He licked at her pussy, like a cat licks its food, little nibbles, teasing. He pulled her closer and waited for the hood of her clit to pull back on its own and he was not disappointed, and soon the little red nub was shiny wet, and he allowed his tongue to flick over it. It was at that point he heard her make some excuse to her daughter about having to go, and when she hung up; she grabbed his hair and drove it in deeper. He began to lap at her womanhood, sucking on her clit, alternately licking her now wantonly open pussy lips.

He pushed her back, and stood up, and made sure he was close enough that she knew what he wanted. Lilly did not disappoint him, and she reached for the zipper, slowly taking it down, deliberately making him wait, and teasing him, like he did her. Revenge was and is sweet Lilly thought. She pulled his cock out, larger and thicker than her ex-husband’s prick was, and she was going to enjoy it. She looked up and he placed his hand on her head, curling her hair in his fingers letting her know that he was going to be in charge, and she felt her cunt gush at the mere thought of being submissive to this man.

He pulled her face forward, his foreskin still covering the gland as he was almost 6 inches long and only semi erect. It was her job to make him completely hard and she relished it.

Her glossy red lips slid over the cock pushing back the skin to allow her tongue access to the purple head. Her first taste of his pre-cum was like sinfully delicious chocolate to her. She greedily swallowed as much as she could, her hand stroking around the shaft as she sucked. Lilly took her free hand and cupped his balls, squeezing them gently, allowing her finger to trace the cleft of his ass. He pushed forward and she was so glad that he was not prudish about his body like a lot of men. She pulled her finger back saving it for another day, that item stored in her memory bank. She licked the head, sucking deep, him holding her hair tight thrusting his hips, each stroke gagging her as he went deeper and deeper.

Finally he lifted her to her feet, spun her around and pushed her forward onto her desk. He placed his hands Esenyurt Escort between her shoulders holding her down and lifted her shirt with his other hand. He then grabbed his cock and ran it up and down her slit, coating it with his pre-cum and her saliva. He heard her gasp for breath, anticipating his ramming it home, but he held off. He leaned down and told her to ask for it. Shocked she said nothing, so he pulled her hair hard and told her to ask for it, “Ask for my cock in your cunt”.

Lilly told him, “Please; please fuck me with your cock”. And then he pushed it in slowly, not hard and fast like she wanted, instead agonizingly slow. Her hips bucked back, trying to swallow his hard cock. She had cunt muscles of a teenager and she gripped it, sucking him in without effort. He reached around and tried to undo her buttons to her tits but all he did was clumsily fumble around with the buttons, so she helped him. She had worn a bra that unclasped at the front and she undid it, her tits spilling out onto the papers on her desk.

Her tits swayed as he fucked her, her nipples dragging across the papers, he reached around and again twisted them, causing her to emit a deep moan. His hands trailed from her breasts to her hips, where he pulled on her, bringing her deeper onto his cock. He thrusted harder and faster and was seemingly wanting to fuck right through her. It had been a long time since someone had fucked her that hard and desired her that deeply.

She had had good fucks but none that said, you are the best slut around, and she was enjoying this animalistic desire he had for her. Suddenly he stopped, and pulled her back, turning her around. He pushed the papers to the side, lifted her up and sat her on the desk. He pushed her thighs open with his legs and entered her again.

Her thighs circled his buttocks holding him in tight and he grinded against her mound.

Lilly looked into his eyes, and he pulled her face to him, and then they had their first kiss. Hot, passionate, searching, the sound of two set of lips meeting, tongues sucking.

Her breasts flat against his chest, her nipples burning into his shirt. Her first orgasm hit her, her head rolled back, eyes shut tight. He felt her thighs begin to quake and the second wave hit. She reached up and clenched her small fists in his shirt drawing him tight to her, and as he piledrived her cunt, he finally let loose with his own explosion of lust. His white hot spunk flew up into Lilly like a bullet, and just as quickly it began to leak past the two of them down his cock and over his sac and dripped on her office carpet.

Once they pulled apart and cleaned up, they exchanged a knowing look and a kiss. He smiled at her and asked her if she was free tonight for dinner? She laughed and said no, it was her shopping night with the girls but tomorrow night would be great.

He asked her for her address and said he would be picking her up at 7, and by the way, her ass, would be his next conquest. Lilly loved his boldness and smiled as he left her office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32