The New Girl

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There was a knock at the screen door.

“Just a minute!” yelled Arthur. He came downstairs, eyeing the small figure shadowing the doorway.


“Hi, is Sandy home?”

“No, she’s gone to the store. My name’s Arthur. What’s up?”

“Nothin’ much, I just wanted to see her.”

“Hey, you’re Kim, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, and, oh yeah, she told me about you.”

Their eyes fixed on each other: the tall, dark, and lean man with the serious look and the slim-hipped, short-haired girl with the pale blue eyes, freckled button nose, and pouty lips.

“Well, why don’t you come in and wait for her.”


Arthur opened the door and she brushed by, stumbling on the doorjamb.

“Whoops, watch it there, Kim,” Arthur caught her; their eyes met, his arms wrapped around her, and they kissed, his tongue sliding quickly about her small mouth.

“Oh, that’s why,” Kim exclaimed when they broke off.

“Why what?” said Arthur as he began unbuttoning her blouse.

“I don’t see Sandy much.”

Arthur ran his hands over the smooth tanned skin of her ribs and worked on the release of her bra as they kissed again.

“If this is what you want to see her about,” he said, unhooking the clasp and pulling bra and blouse up over her head, her arms caught in the tangle of straps and fabric, “then you’re welcome any time.”

He held her skinny wrists with one hand and kissed her again, the other hand sliding over and under her shorts. Kim gave herself to him, the nipples on her tiny breasts sharpening to hard points. The tingling of her crotch increased as he unsnapped the waistband and pulled her zipper down, down, down, revealing her polka-dotted panties underneath. Arthur began backing her up the stairs, stopping midway up.

“You’re a beauty,” he murmured, kissing her nipples. He sucked hard on the points, drawing each one between his teeth and rolling them about as his tongue flicked over the tips. Kim’s head fell back as she sighed and shivered. Arthur let go of her wrists and stepped down to kiss her flat, tanned belly now covered in goose bumps despite the August heat. He held her sides as he drew his nose down to her panty line.

“Mmm, you smell sweet, so fresh,” he drew his nose down the middle of her slightly rounded crotch, inhaling through his nostrils and breathing out through his mouth on her pussy. Kim’s breath quickened in response as she looked down on the man’s head nuzzling her groin. She dropped her hands on her head and grew impatient.

“So, are we gonna do it here?”

Arthur straightened up, took her jaw in one hand and ass in the other and kissed her hard and deep, his tongue diving to the back of her mouth.

“Getting antsy, huh? What’s your hurry, li’l Kim? Right, this way.”

He hooked her tangled wrists over a light fixture and kissed her again, his hand between her legs, palm pressing rhythmically on her mound, middle finger pushing through the cloth on the button of her anus. When she soaked her panties Arthur pulled them down and off. He kissed her again, unzipping his own shorts.

“We don’t want to disturb the neighbors, do we?”

“Umm,” said Kim, her mouth half open, aroused and looking at the smiling intense face of the man before her.

“Exactly. Open wide.” And he jammed the pungent ball of wet cotton in her mouth, grabbed the cheeks of her ass, positioned the tip of his hardened cock at her small, moist gap, and thrust up, deep in her cunt, driving her against the wall.

“MMMPH!” Sandy exclaimed, stunned with the suddenness of his attack, her helplessness, and by the feeling of unexpected fullness between her hips. Nonetheless she threw her legs around his waist as Arthur pulled back. THUMP! He slammed forward ankara rus escort again, banging her back against the staircase wall and loosening the grip of her thighs and calves around his middle.

“C’mon, Kim, hold on,” he smiled and thrust again with equal force before she had time to respond.

The impact kept her from gagging on her panties. The boys who’d fucked her before did so with equal force but this was different. Arthur had control, of her, of himself, and she could let herself go in that knowledge as he staked her against the wall once again.

THUMP! Kim now had her ankles locked together behind his back and the ball of heat expanded at the contact of her clit to his cock.

THUMP! Arthur jammed inside her wonderfully tight slit again, his fingers prying her ass apart and reaching for the bud between them. So deep, so tight, so hot, so wet . . . he glanced at her straining face, eyes now closed, sweat beading on her forehead, cheeks flushing, her face expressing the orgasm coming on.

THUMP! Kim spasmed in his grasp, on his member.

THUMP! Arthur pulled back to his knob and banged her again. She shook violently and came, her slim body vibrating as he took her with short, quick, equally hard thrusts. He let himself go, not that he had much choice and came himself, the spurts of sperm pulsing deep within her.

Arthur collapsed against her, thrusting his shrinking prick in her now-gently spasming cunt.

“Is that what you came here for?” he whispered, pulling the panties from her mouth. Kim opened her eyes, gasping, as he did so.

“God, yeah, thanks!”

“Kimmy, we’re not done yet.” And he unhooked her wrists, threw her over his shoulder and carried the stunned girl to Sandy’s bedroom. He put her down at the doorway and moved behind her as she took in the bed with the straps hanging off the frame. Arthur caressed her tingling breasts and kissed her ears and neck from behind. His hand dropped over her belly to cup her crotch.

He pressed his middle finger on her slit.

Kim leaned her head back and craned her neck to face him. “Uhh, yeah.”

Arthur leaned in to kiss her softly, stroking her slit until he could feel the mix of sperm and her cum sliding out. He slid in two fingers and scooped a bit of the goo while their tongues slid over one another. His fingers replaced his tongue and penetrated her mouth; she gulped on the juices of their sex. Arthur bent in again to suck the come from her mouth into his while Kim swooned, twisting her sweating, unclothed body toward her master.

Arthur hugged her tightly, his slippery middle finger prodding and passing her puckered anus. Another cold sweat overtook Kim. He half carried her to the bed and bound her wrists to the posts of the headboard. He looked her over, her body slowly writhing as he caressed and stroked her belly, thighs, and pussy. Kim was groaning when he stopped and started slipped her panties on and up her legs before splitting them with ties to the corners.

“Wh-what are you doing? Aren’t you gonna do me again?”

“What’s your hurry?” Her crotch outlined with the wet panties, Arthur started caressing her trembling frame. He rolled her tautened, pea-sized nipples between his fingers as she writhed.

“Are you scared?” he whispered as he kissed her face.

“No-o, Sandy told me you were so great with her–and I wanted to find out. The guys at work . . . Uhhhh.”

Arthur had been gently stroking her ribs, the pads of his fingers brushing over the stretched, warm, now dry skin. He circled her belly, the span of his hand nearly reaching from one side to the other. And then he reached the line of her panty, skipped over it and circled the patch of cloth covering ankara türbanlı escort her pussy. She shivered with anticipation as his finger pulled on her waistband. He looked down as the center of the panties stretched in a vee before he released the band and it snapped back in place, her pussy still covered.

“Hey! What are doing?” Arthur got off the bed.

“Don’t sweat it, Kim, I’m going to fuck you again like there’s no tomorrow. But I need Sandy’s help. So I’m going downstairs until she gets back.”

“You bastard! Let me go!” Kim struggled against her binds, her breasts jiggling on her chest.

“Relax. Man, you look even better lying down than you do standing up.” Arthur stood back, arms folded, admiring the lines of Kim’s squirming body. “But look, since I don’t know when Sandy’s returning, I’ll give you something to keep from getting bored.”

He reached into the drawer and took out a small disc-shaped vibrator. Flipping it on low speed, he ran over her tits, her belly, and then slipped it under her panties.

Kim groaned almost immediately with the new sensation gently pulsing over her crotch. The disc sat on her mons and the rhythmic vibrations ran down to her clit and the moistened walls of her cunt. With Arthur’s earlier caresses, it didn’t take long before she started quaking and crying, her hips bouncing lightly on the mattress.

“That’s the spirit, Kim, you enjoy yourself.” Arthur left the room, closing the door behind him.

Kim tried not to freak out. It was her friend’s house and boyfriend, after all, but she had no idea what the endless stimulation would do to her. It was very gentle, but with nothing else to focus on, it didn’t take long for another orgasm to levitate her. And then another, and another . . .

Arthur and Sandy entered about twenty minutes later to find the exhausted, sweating girl. Her hair was matted, eyes and lips half open, panties soaked.

“I had no idea you had neighbors like this, Princess, are they all this horny?” He rubbed Sandy’s braless breasts over her tee shirt, hardening her nipples.

“Only the younger ones. Hi Kim, see how good he is?” She leant over to kiss her friend and reached into Kim’s panty to remove the vibrator.

“Jesus, Sandy, is that what he does to you? Shit, I could’ve done this at home.”

“But would you have? Besides, we’re not finished yet.” And Sandy turned to her lover, whose hands had been undoing the drawstring on her shorts. She pulled down his in turn to reveal his rising tool, and knelt briefly to suck him to purple hardness. Sandy climbed on the bed, straddling her friend and sucked on Kim’s nipples.

Arthur had gone to the drawer again to pull out a cock ring. He got on the bed behind Sandy, also straddling the exhausted teen, and as Sandy moved forward to grip the bedframe, he kissed the cheeks of her ass, moving down past the button of her anus to the fuzzy lips of her pussy. But he was too excited to spend long there and rose to move up and bring his dripping cock to Sandy’s slit, right over Kim’s face.

“Now you can see what he’s like up close and personal,” said Sandy as she cocked her hips, ducked her head, and watched Arthur slide his cock between her lips. Arthur drove his tool deep and forcefully up Sandy’s cunt. “AH Yesss,” murmured Sandy.

Kim was entranced by the penetration happening before her eyes. Arthur’s prick, cleanshaven and a darkening purple, bound by the black leather cockring, emerged slowly from Sandy’s closeshaven pussy, wet with her juices. Inch after inch his vein-gorged tool slid out past Sandy’s clinging labia until only his tip was still lodged in her notch. Then he drove forward again, his cock powering perfectly within bahçelievler escort the folds of her cunt. Sandy pushed back, tilting her hips up to meet Arthur’s thrusts. In and out, back and forth went cock and cunt over Kim’s face. Arthur’s hands appeared, one sliding up to Sandy’s tits, the other pressing Sandy’s mons and hooded clit down as his prick slid into her.

The movements increased in tempo as Sandy started breathing faster and dropped her head on Kim’s panty-covered crotch to watch Kim watching Sandy’s pussy come. Arthur slammed forward again, the boiling in his balls restrained by the cockring’s binds, but he felt the contractions anyway as he humped his woman. Sandy grunted loudly, her head coming up as if to bay at the moon. The waves rippled through her body as she came and cried, Arthur now clenched to her body, his prick deep in her hot folds, his thrusts now short, quick spasms inside.

Kim watched enthralled as they came to a sweaty halt, their privates dipping toward her face. Her own pussy was vibrating in envy and frustration at the lack of something to fill it.

“Can I have some of that?” she asked eagerly.

Arthur and Sandy pulled away from each other, Sandy moving to the side and undoing Kim’s wrists and retying them behind her, while Arthur moved down to release her ankles.

“You bet, now open up,” he ordered, pulling her panties down, over her lightly furred mons, her puckering slit, her thighs, her knees, calves, until she lay there completely naked. Arthur lifted her slim, coltish legs as he moved between them, almost folding Kim in two. He held himself over her, her heels pressing up against his shoulders while Sandy placed the tip of his cock at Kim’s cunt. Arthur pushed forward, feeling how tight she was.

“Come on, fuck me,” she urged him, “I’m big enough.”

He pressed forward, sliding slowly into the exquisitely tight, glovelike sleeve of Kim’s pussy. He paused to pulse his knob back and forth past her lips, teasing her to distraction. Her legs, folded back, left her unable to push up at him and she trembled with anticipation. She could feel the hardness separating her entrance and wanted more.

“Fill me, goddamit!” Arthur slid in, firmly and relentlessly, setting Kim off on another spasm. He gripped the small firm cheeks of her ass and stabbed deeply, his knob bouncing lightly off her cervix. He kissed her brow and let her legs down.

“Warmed up yet?” he asked.

“You’ve got more?” Her hands stroked the wiry hairs on his chest. “Sure.”

“Roll over, bee-atch, we’re going to the dog pound. Stick your butt out like you just don’t care.”

Kim awkwardly did as she was told with her hands still bound behind her, while Sandy strapped on her double-ended dildo, sliding one up her cunt. Arthur got behind Kim’s grapefruit-sized cheeks and stroked her pussy’s distended lips while Sandy got behind him. He bent over the girl and kissed her as their hands guided the head of his prick between the folds of her pussy. As Arthur crouched, his hands grasping Kims’s tits and mons, Sandy pointed the lubricated tip of her cock at his anus. She prodded gently, spreading the lube over the dildo as he began moving back and forth. As he slid back, she slid forward, driving him back into Kim’s tight but soaking cunt.

“It’s called a daisy chain, Kim, ever make one of these in school?”

“No, but this is cool! Give me more!”

Arthur cheerfully complied, sliding back on Sandy’s dildo as it filled his ass only to have her ram him deep up Kim’s tightness. He unsnapped the cockring as they went back and forth on the swaying bed until Arthur’s balls began boiling. They slapped against Kim’s pussy as he began to pant.

“Here. . . I . . . Come–oh yeah! Oh Yeah, Yeah, YEEAAAAH!”

He slammed up the full length of her vagina, sperm shooting against her cervix. Kim and Sandy joined in, grunting in sweaty pleasure before all three collapsed on the bed.

“The teacher is spent,” muttered Arthur to the gently heaving females embracing him. “Take ten for the second lesson.”

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