The New Deal Ch. 01

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Diana slowly opened her eyes. She felt a weight across her shoulders as well as something hard pressing against her back.

She let the sleep fog drift out of her head as she reached a hand out to feel the smooth arm draped across her. She looked to her left at the soft brown hair and peaceful sleeping face of Gwendolyn.

She burst into a smile.

Her wife.

She looked at her left hand and the smooth gold ring that had been placed on her third finger next to her diamond engagement ring less than twenty-four hours ago by the woman sleeping next to her.

She quietly shifted her head to see the back of her sleeping son pressed against her, the smooth white arm of Cindy was draped over his shoulder much like Gwen’s on her.


Matt’s wife.

Her smile grew brighter.

After the wonderful ceremony with the Justice of the Peace, the four newlyweds left their friends to briefly return to Diana and Gwen’s house to change clothes and have a very private ceremony of their own.

She glanced at the gold bracelet around her left wrist. It was a simple gold bracelet with the initials gdmc engraved on the front of it. She remembered back to just yesterday opening the box that had contained her bracelet plus three identical ones. It had been Gwen’s idea.

The four pledged their bodies, hearts, souls and very lives to each other and together put on the bracelets adorned with their initials, never to be taken off.

The four rejoined their friends for an amazing night of joy at a private party at Tony’s, a wedding gift from the owner to Cindy as well as a farewell party for her, before returning to Gwen and Diana’s for a wonderful night of passion, thoroughly consummating their marriages multiple times.

Diana smiled at the new memories as she rubbed her bracelet.

Diana felt a slight stirring next to her. She watched as Gwen opened her eyes. Her heart burst as the face before her suddenly shone in recognition.

Gwendolyn gently brought a hand up to cup Diana’s chin and cheek, caressing her softly.

Di watched silently as water pooled in the corner of Gwen’s eyes.

Gwen whispered, “This is the sight I’m going to see every morning when I wake, the beautiful face of my wife.”

“I love you so much,” Diana whispered back as she leaned in to kiss the smiling, crying woman.

As the two kissed, Diana felt the bed moving behind her.

As Diana turned, she and Gwen leaned up to see the beaming face of Cindy looking at them over Matt’s bare shoulder.

“Good morning Mrs. and Mrs. Hollister-Hughes,” the smiling girl whispered.

Diana chuckled when both she and Gwen answered, “Good morning Mrs. Hughes.”

Cindy purred in delight as she looked at her rings and bracelet. Her purr turned into a very happy moan when she felt Matt’s arms reach around her and pull her tightly into his body.

Diana laughed as Matt twisted to push Cindy flat on her back as he climbed on top of her. He looked over at the two smiling women lying next to him.

“Good morning mom, and gee, mom.”

Diana and Gwen burst into laughter.

Di leaned up and kissed her son, “Good morning my love.”

She dropped back as Gwen leaned up to kiss him, “Good morning, my son.”

Matt laughed.

He looked down at the beaming woman below him clutching his arms, “Good morning, my gorgeous wife.”

“Fuck me right now, wonderful husband of mine,” was her answer that brought even more laughter from the bed full.

Diana howled in glee as her wife pushed her back down and straddled her.

Diana looked up at the smiling face above her.

“I like how our daughter thinks,” Gwen told her.

Diana could feel the bed shake as Matt thrust into Cindy. She watched as Gwen’s muscular thighs swung around so Di’s head was between them.

She looked up eagerly into the open sex of the woman she was going to spend the rest of her life with and pushed her face forward, tongue darting out as she felt Gwen’s fingers spread her open wide as her tongue pressed into her own folds.

As Diana and Gwen had already spent so much time pleasuring each other for well over a year, both knew instinctively just the right places and rhythms to use so in just minutes both were wailing their orgasms into each other’s bodies.

They stilled and relaxed to the rocking of the bed from the two lovers next to them.

Slowly and gently Gwen shifted around to hug Diana as the two watched Matt and Cindy.

Both smiled as they heard Cindy start to huff her breaths, a clear signal her release was coming. Matt knew his wife’s tell as well and thrust harder and quicker into her as she clutched his arms tight.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Ooooooooo,” Cindy wailed as her body spasmed triggering Matt’s own release as he pumped his fluid into her.

When the two finally stopped shaking, Matt slid over beside his panting wife to the edge of the bed.

“Oh my God, that was the first time you have ever come in me without a condom,” Cindy purred. “That felt sooooooooo nice.”

Diana looked up with gaziantep bayan escort a gleam in her eyes, “Are you two planning on starting a family now?”

Matt and Cindy grinned at both of the women next to them.

“Not just yet, but we wouldn’t be upset if it happened, okay with you, Grandmoms,”Matt answered.

Gwen gasped, “Holy fuck, that makes me feel so old.”

Diana laughed as she leaned over to kiss the startled woman, “Oh no my love, we are going to have lots and lots of years to spend together.”

It was Gwen’s turn to purr, “I love the sound of that.”

After the kiss ended, Gwen shimmied her body over Diana’s then stopped briefly on top of Cindy to kiss the smiling girl.

Gwen leaned up to look at the young woman beneath her, “You smell like sex. It smells good on you.”

As Cindy laughed, Gwen continued to slide over her to end up on top of Matt. Gwen leaned down to kiss him.

She leaned up, “You taste like Cindy. That tastes great.”

Matt wrapped his arms around Gwen, “Why thanks mom.”

Diana burst out in giggles and rolled over on top of Cindy.

“So how does it feel to be Mrs. Hughes?” Diana asked the beaming girl.

As Cindy wrapped her arms around Diana she answered, “As great as it does being Mrs. Hollister-Hughes I bet.”

“Good bet,” Diana said as she leaned down to kiss the happy girl.

The four continued to cuddle for a very long time.

Eventually, Diana and Gwen went to shower off all the activities from the night before as well as the morning as Matt and Cindy did the same in the spare bathroom.

Soon the two nude couples met in the kitchen as they toweled themselves dry. The four cooked a hearty late breakfast together.

After the kitchen was cleaned Gwen watched as Cindy walked into the living room to look out at the quiet neighborhood sipping her coffee that she clutched in both her hands.

Gwen got a gleam in her eye and signaled for Matt to join her in the hall.

Diana looked up from her cup of coffee curious as to what the two mischief makers could be up to.

After a laugh from Matt, both went into the master bedroom together, Diana was dying of curiosity.

In moment the two came grinning back into the kitchen. Matt walked by as Gwen held her hand out to Diana. Diana took it and got up out of the chair. She had learned long ago that her new wife had a huge mischievous streak that often led to a lot of fun for everybody so she completely trusted her.

Diana let Gwen lead her next to Cindy. Matt handed Cindy her clamps and chain as Gwen gave Diana’s to her.

Diana laughed as Gwen spun her so both Cindy and Diana had their hands on the window. The two behind them waited as Cindy and Diana pinched their nipples to attach the clamps.

Once their hands were back on the window Matt grasped Cindy’s hips and thrust into her as Gwen dropped to her knees behind Diana and used her hands to spread her legs as her face plunged into the space between.

Diana and Cindy moaned and pushed back at their lovers.

Cindy looked over at the moaning woman next to her, “You know what I think? I think they want to show off their new wives to the whole world.”

“I just hope this window is strong enough, Oh fuck!”

Moans, licks, the slaps of flesh hitting together and the soft clink of metal hitting the glass pane filled the room.

Matt had his hands firmly placed on Cindy’s curvy hips the two thrusting and bumping hard into each other.

Gwen knelt between Diana’s long spread legs. Her tongue swirled and curled, bathing the soft, yet full flesh of Diana’s sex. Gwen added two fingers that sawed up and down making squishing sounds from the steady flow of liquid that was pouring out of Diana’s body. Gwen leaned in to lap up the bittersweet juice.

It wasn’t long before the two wives gladly showed the whole world how pleasured they were by their mates as the window did indeed hold up albeit quite fogged.

It was a day and night filled with lots of laughter, moans, licks, and the sounds of flesh hitting together. And much to the joy of each other no one wore any clothes for the entire day, as they all knew that they’d only get in the way or be removed before too long anyways.


The next morning Diana and Gwen had an arm wrapped around the back of each other holding them together side by side in the open front door as they waved to Matt and Cindy as the young couple walked hand in hand down the sidewalk back to their own house.

Diana and Gwen laughed as they watched Sue Lynn open her door, give a loud wolf whistle and wave at the two walking by her house. Sue pranced down her sidewalk and bear hugged the laughing couple.

Diana and Gwen continued to watch as the three split up with Matt and Cindy again holding hands and continuing to their own house while Sue turned to see them in the doorway. A huge grin spread across her face, and she practically ran towards Diana and Gwen.

Diana and Gwen stepped back gaziantep escort bayan as Sue plowed into them laughing.

“Jeff and I were thinking about having a bet on how long it would be before you four emerged from the bedroom. He made me promise to leave you alone until I saw you first”

Diana and Gwen laughed and returned the hard hug.

“You’re a married woman again, Di. It’s so hard to believe, let me see that wedding ring of yours again, Mrs. Hollister-Hughes.”

Sue stepped back and grabbed Diana’s left hand turning it to see the rings on her fingers.

“Hey, wait a minute,” she said as she touched the gold bracelet on Diana’s wrist. She turned to Gwen and looked down at her left arm and at the bracelet on her own wrist.

“I just saw one just like these on Matt’s wrist,” Sue responded as she turned the bracelet stopping when the four letters appeared over the side.

“GDMC?…GD…Gwen, Diana, Matt and Cindy,” Sue slowly spoke. “I bet Cindy is wearing one of these as well, huh?”

Diana laughed, “It was Gwen’s idea, and we all loved it.”

Sue hugged them in tight again, “You guys are incredible.”

Gwen chuckled, “Would you like some coffee?”

Sue beamed, “Only if it comes with a healthy dose of girl talk.”

“Of course,” laughed Diana clapping her hands.

She turned and held out her hand which Gwen eagerly took as the two started back into the kitchen.

Sue leaned over to pull off her slippers.

Diana chuckled as she watched her best friend pull her t-shirt over her head exposing her bare breasts.

Gwen put a hand on Sue’s arm as she started to push her sweats and panties down, “Oh, Sue, you don’t have to do that. We can easily put robes on.”

Sue laughed, “Oh no, I’m very happily getting into the proper native attire here. Puh-lease. Clothes should be banned until you’ve been married for at least seventy-two hours.”

Diana and Gwen certainly couldn’t argue with that logic.

Once the coffee was made, it was a very healthy dose of girl talk.


Several days later Diana and Gwen drove into the empty parking lot of the vacant store. They stood together holding hands as Cindy with Matt came off the street to park next to them. Shortly, Jeff Lynn’s truck, Sue waving from the passenger seat, and Kim Hamilton’s Subaru parked next to the others with Kim, Adam and Chip all climbing out.

Soon the four couples and Chip all stood in the large, empty store.

Jeff looked at Diana, “What’s first, boss?”

Diana beamed, “Today is unload the truck and clean the space day.”

Everyone laughed when Sue responded, “I knew I should have worn my French maid outfit today.”

Diana shook her head and pointed at huge, long rolls of brown paper lying on the floor near the windows, “Jeff, can you and Adam put the paper up on the street level windows giving us privacy. Later we’d like you to build a privacy wall separating Dreamlands from the rest of the store.”

Diana continued, “Matt? Can you and Chip start unloading the truck? You have a loading dock and everything should fit easily in that ginormous backroom. Don’t strain yourselves. We can work together getting the heavier, bigger stuff out together later, same way we loaded it in Connecticut just in reverse.”

Diana turned to Cindy, “Cindy, do you want help with cleaning your café’ area?”

Cindy beamed, “I’d love it, Kim or Sue?”

Sue looked at Gwen, “Do you want help with your side of things, Gwen?”

Gwen smiled, “I’d love some.”

Sue smirked, “As much as I love coffee, I really, really want to play with Dreamlands stuff.”

Everybody laughed as Jeff added, “Oh please do.”

Gwen hugged Sue, “Remember, I haven’t taken anything out of the old location yet.”

Sue laughed, “Just staking my claim upfront.”

Kim looked at Cindy, “Well then, I guess you have me Cindy.”

Cindy smiled and put her arm around Kim, “Perfect.”

Soon the gang was off working on their separate projects. It wasn’t long before Matt had hooked up a boom box and the songs from a local rock radio station were filling the room.

A little later, Diana looked up from cleaning her cash wrap area to look around at all her loved ones working away. She beamed a huge smile. She never imagined life could be as wonderful as this.

She shook her head and turned as she heard a tapping on the glass window near her. Diana walked to the front door and looked out to see Beth Andrews, her old teller from the bank, waving with a smile.

Diana turned the knob unlocking the door and opened it.

“Beth!” Diana exclaimed as she hugged the smiling woman.

“When I saw all the cars I figured you might be here. I read in the paper how you bought this and were turning it into a new bookstore,” Beth exclaimed.

“Yep,” Diana beamed a content smile. “I’ve been meaning to thank you so much for your testimony at the trial. It helped a lot.”

Beth waved a hand, “Those jerks totally deserved what they got. escort gaziantep bayan I will never work for a bank again.”

“Come on in,” Diana opened the door and escorted Beth into the store.

Beth looked around, “Wow.”

Diana laughed, “I know, right? Say, Beth, I’m about to order lunch for the workforce. Can you join us?”

Beth’s smile came back on her face. “I’d love to.”

Gwen came over wiping her hands on a white hand towel.

“Hi, I remember you. You were that nice girl who helped at the trial, Beth, right?”

Beth nodded her head, “Hi Miss Hollister.”

Gwen beamed and held up her left hand showing the ring on her finger, “Mrs. Hollister-Hughes, I’m very happy to say, but please call me Gwen.”

Beth swiveled to Diana, “You got married? That’s fantastic! Congratulations!”

Beth dove in and bear-hugged Diana who burst into laughter hugging back.

When the two broke apart Diana looked at Gwen, “I’m about to order lunch for the gang. Subs from Quinn’s sound good?”

Gwen smiled, “Sounds perfect. Beth, can you join us?”

Beth smiled more, “Your lovely wife already invited me, and I gladly accepted.”

Diana looked at Beth, “So anything special brings you out?”

Beth looked at Diana, “Actually I wanted to talk to you.”


“I wasn’t kidding when I told you that you were the best boss I ever worked for. I’m working temp over at Riverside Nursing home but I was wondering if you are hiring here. I love books and I loved working for you.”

Diana laughed, “What do you like to read?”

Beth blushed slightly, “I love horror novels like Stephen King, Clive Barker and Dean Koontz, but I also have a guilty pleasure with true crime novels.”

Diana clapped her hands, “Perfect! None of us read those, you can help us stock those departments. When can you start?”

Beth slammed herself back into Diana, “Any time. The sooner, the better. Honestly, I’m free now.”

Diana looked at Gwen then Beth, “I don’t have all the paperwork finalized yet for being able to hire. It should be done within the week. I’ll have to call my accountant.”

Gwen reached out a hand to Beth, “I can hire her right now through Dreamlands for the time being.”

Diana laughed and kissed Gwen before looking back at Beth, “How’s right now sound for sooner?”

Beth smiled and nodded her head.

Diana looked at Gwen, “Why don’t you take Beth around to meet everybody and get their food orders while I check with Matt and Chip in the back about food and how they are progressing on getting the truck cleared.”

Soon Beth was unwrapping plastic off of some new tables Diana had bought as well as wiping them down with a rag.

“Food’s here,” called Diana as she came in through the back with Matt and Chip with boxes and bags of food.

Diana and the boys came over and placed the food down on the table by Beth. Beth after crawling out from cleaning the bottom shelf was startled to find a man standing right next to her. She dropped her rag and sat back on her butt hard.

“Oh, you startled me,” she exclaimed.

Chip looked down at the cute redhead sprawled on the ground in front of him.

“I’m so sorry, here,” he responded as he bent to pick up the rag.

Beth leaned forward at the same time to get the rag and the two collided heads.

“Ow!” they both exclaimed and rubbed their heads before looking at each other, Beth from the ground and Chip from standing above her, and then both burst out in laughter.

“Chip, er, my name. It’s Chip.” Chip said as he held a hand out to her to help her up.

Beth took the hand and let him guide her up, “I’m Beth. I use to work for Diana. Wait, I still do! Now. Here.”

Diana and Matt watched the exchange and smirked.

Soon everyone was seated in the café area enjoying lunch. Diana smiled at the sight of Beth and Chip sitting near each other talking.

Kim next to Diana noticed her smile and leaned over whispering, “So, as Chip’s mother. Beth?”

Diana smiled, “Beth worked for me at the bank for the last year I was there, right after she graduated from the community college. She is great. Honestly, my favorite worker.”

“Okay,” Kim nodded watching her son laugh, accidently spitting some food out of his mouth to his embarrassment and the giggles of Beth.

Cindy also smiling, leaned over from the other side, “They are so adorkably cute.”

Kim laughed, “Yep, that’s my son in full bloom.”

Soon everyone was back to work.

Both Kim and Diana noticed how Beth went to join Chip and Matt to get the fixtures off the truck after her tables were all cleaned.

Diana and Gwen with the input of Kim and Sue figured out the layout of the main store and had the men and Beth bring the book cases in and set them up in an open pattern which clearly showed separation for the different genres of books. Smaller book cases and low tables and chairs were put together near the café for a children’s area in the front corner of the store. A plush rug and rocking chair were added to complete the feel. Kim and Sue volunteered to, at a later point, go shopping for stuffed animals to put in the area.

Once all the book cases were placed around the store and everyone agreed on the placement Matt, Chip and Beth brought boxes of books and placed them near their designated new homes. It would be the work for another day to unpack the books and place them on their shelves.

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