The Naughty ‘Lil Darlin Ch. 01

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Lynn didn’t quite know what to do with herself. Here it was the middle of March and they were calling for a heavy downpour of snow. She figured there would at least be 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground by morning. She had no intention of driving to work in that mess, so she went ahead and warned them that she may not be coming in.

Thankfully, the kids were visiting their grandmother for Spring Break, so at least she didn’t have to deal with them all day. With any luck this would be the opportune time to spend some quality lovemaking time with her husband. It seems that between his work and the kids they just never got alone time anymore. She hoped that tomorrow would prove to be different, besides she had a wonderfully large new toy she wanted to try out too.

Lynn’s husband works 3rd shift, so she finds herself with a lot of free time to chat online and explore her “naughty” side. She quickly found that there was no end of men on the internet ready and willing to assist her in this exploration. She knew that her flirtatious nature and being open to sexual adventure allowed her to bring men to their knees begging to spend some “quality” time with her.

Lynn had just gotten out of the shower and was talking to a fella she had met online. The satin purple robe felt good against her bare skin, and the fabric was tickling her highly sensitive hard nipples. The conversation she was having centered on her getting double, even triple, penetrated and this guy had absolutely no idea what the very image it did to her. The idea of being stuffed by so many cocks at once was deliciously fabulous.

Just when things were getting good with the guy she was talking to, he had to drop offline unexpectedly. ‘Great’, she thought, ‘just when the shit starts getting good, I’m left sexually frustrated!’

She got up from the computer and stood before the full-length mirror in her bedroom. There was no doubt in her mind that she could handle two, or three, men at one time. In fact, she would probably end up wearing all of them out! After all, it is a known fact that women can far outlast any man in the sexual arena.

Lynn pulled the belt loose and let her robe fall open, admiring her own naked reflection in the mirror. Yep, she was definitely built for action. She stands at 5’11 with long shapely legs that ended in a nice firm ass. She kept her pubic mound neatly trimmed into what men like to refer to as a “landing strip”. She could easily picture herself wrapping those long legs around her husband while another guy stuck his cock in her mouth.

In her imagination she could see her husband pumping away deep inside of her while she tried her best to swallow a huge cock waiving before her face. The stranger was kneading her d-cup breasts, and pinching her eraser like nipples, making her squeal with pleasure. She could imagine feeling so full…

Lynn felt herself get flushed at the mere thought of that happening. Sliding her hand down her taut stomach she raked her fingers through her pubic hair and lightly bakırköy escort grazed her pussy lips. Damn, she was wet!

Seeing no other option handy, she retrieved her new toy from the nightstand. It was a large purple cock shaped dildo, 9 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. ‘Yep,’ she thought, ‘this will do the trick…for now.’

Lynn pulled off her purple robe and lay back on the purple satin sheets. She loved how smooth the sheets felt against her bare skin. Making love on them was a terrific experience. Each thrust of her husbands cock causing her to slide along the slick fabric inch by precious inch. ‘Gawd,’ she thought, ‘I need to do something quickly!’

Lynn spread her legs and began rubbing the dildo up and down her moist pussy lips, getting it nice and slick so she could push it deep inside of her. The feeling was wonderful as the hard knob tickled her sensitive clit. Delighting in the feeling of the cock-like head sliding up and down her exposed pussy lips, she let herself slip deep into her vivid imagination filled with her husband and that damned storyteller fella…


She was straddling AC’s head, her pussy pressed hard against his open mouth. She could feel his tongue sliding deep inside of her moist opening, wiggling inside of her, sucking and licking up her sweet juices. He was supporting her with his hands pressed against her ass, spreading her cheeks while he slid his tongue deftly between her legs.

Lynn moaned softly as she felt his tongue slide out of her moist canal and around her exposed anus. God, it felt great to have his tongue sliding around her rosebud. He alternated between the two holes, perfectly reaming her with his tongue and exploring her with his fingers.

Lynn leaned forward and positioned her mouth directly over AC’s thick cock. She eyed it carefully, like she was considering the best approach to take with it. She stuck out her tongue and ran it over the tip of his bulbous cockhead. Then spreading her lips she slowly pulled it into her mouth.

She loved the feeling of a cock sliding between her lips, the silky smooth flesh penetrating her mouth and gliding across her tongue. She used her tongue expertly, letting it circle the cockhead as she pulled the thick cock deeper into her throat. Lynn felt, more than heard, AC’s moan of approval as he continued to suck and lick at her pussy.

Lynn began slowly sucking on AC’s cock, using long slow strokes, savoring every inch of the manhood between her lips. She felt some movement on the bed, and sighed as AC stopped licking at her wet pussy. Removing her mouth from his cock, she looked over her shoulder to see her husband approaching her from behind.

He had the new toy in one hand and some KY jelly in the other. His hard cock was sticking straight out before him, like it was ready to impale her on the spot. He slid up behind her, placed the objects on the bed, and began running his cock up and down her moist slit.

Lynn başakşehir escort returned her attention to AC’s cock, pulling the thick shaft back into her mouth. The feeling was intense; having her husband slid his cock up and down her slit while she had this stranger’s cock firmly between her lips. She knew that her husbands balls had to be rubbing AC on the forehead, and the whole idea of it made her moan in delight.

She felt her husband’s slightly penetrate her moist opening, and then slowly push between her pussy lips. Keeping her lips firmly around AC’s shaft, she moaned as her husband slowly filled her pussy with his cock. Once he was all the way in she felt so full, a thick hard cock buried to the hilt in her pussy and another buried in her throat.

Her husband began slowly pumping his cock in and out her pussy. He pulled almost all the way out and then pushed all the way back in. Soon they were in a rhythm, each time her husband stroked his cock forward she was swallowing AC’s cock. When her husband pulled out, she pulled back her lips to AC’s cockhead.

They went like this for a while, her husband steadily fucking her pussy while she sucked on AC’s cock. Lynn felt something slide over her clit when her husband pulled his cock back. It took a second to realize that AC was flicking his tongue back and forth over her sensitive nub.

Lynn thought she was going to lose her mind. She was beginning to think that AC had forgotten this was what she wanted the most. Having a man licking her clit while another man fucked her pussy was sooo intensely wonderful. Now here she was, impaled at both ends and she was getting her wish.

AC sucked and nibbled at the clit before his eyes. He was hesitant at first, not wanting to have contact with the cock inches above his face. However, he couldn’t resist himself as Lynn’s clit popped into view. The hard sensitive little nub was just begging for some special attention.

Lynn moaned louder when she felt a dollop of jelly hit her exposed anus. Her husband began working the jelly into her anal ring with his index finger. He wiggled one finger inside of her nether region, and then began working another digit inside. Once two fingers were buried to the knuckle in her ass, he began slowly fucking her with his fingers.

Lynn paused with her mouth gripped tightly around AC’s cock when her husband’s fingers slid all the way into her ass. Her mouth and pussy were filled with thick meat, and the fingers in her ass just added a heightened sensation to her feelings of completeness. She didn’t think it could get any better than this.

She resumed sucking on AC’s cock, tasting his pre-cum as it began to ooze from his cockhead. The salty yet sweet taste rolling over her tongue, reminding her that she was about to be filled at both ends with the white sticky fluid.

Her husband pulled his cock back to where only the cockhead stayed penetrated between her pussy lips. AC was really going bayrampaşa escort to town on her clit, sucking and licking it. It was driving her absolutely crazy when she felt a hard thick object press against her stretched anal ring.

“Oh God!” she yelled letting AC’s cock fall from her lips, “Fill me up with that fucking thing!”

AC kept sucking at her clit, allowing her body to relax as her husband began slowly pushing the dildo into her ass. She felt the cock-like head penetrate her anal ring, and slowly begin sliding deep into her ass. Her asshole stretched to accept the girth of the toy, the jelly acting as the perfect lubricant.

Once the toy was buried fully in her ass, Lynn’s husband slid his cock deep inside of her. She pulled AC’s cock back into her mouth, moaning as her husband alternated between fucking her ass with the toy and fucking her pussy with his cock. Once again she found a nice steady rhythm, all of her holes filled with something thick and hard.

Lynn knew she was getting close, and was surprised when she felt the toy slide out of her ass and the cock slide out of her pussy. She moaned at the loss of the feeling, but was quickly rewarded with her husbands cock pushing into her asshole. He pushed himself in with one quick thrust, burying himself to the hilt.

AC must have grabbed the toy, because she felt the cock-like head penetrating her pussy lips and sliding into her moist opening. Once again she found all of her holes filled. She felt stretched and full to capacity.

Her husband began vigorously attacking her ass, his cock sliding in and out hard and fast. AC matched her husband stroke for stroke, sliding the thick toy in and out in alternating thrusts. Lynn pulled AC’s cock back into her mouth and gripped it with her right hand, stroking it hard and fast.

Lynn felt an orgasm building from deep within her. She knew that she was about to slip over the edge into bliss. She had never felt so full in her life, and couldn’t imagine why she had it like this before.

She could feel AC’s cock swelling even larger between her lips, his pre-cum oozing freely from his cockhead. Her husband seemed to be getting increasingly larger in her asshole as well, and she knew her two lovers were about to cum.

AC pulled the toy out of her slick pussy, and attacked her clit and pussy folds with his tongue. His licking and sucking pushed her over the edge as the most intense orgasm ever washed over her senses. She moaned loudly, gripping AC’s cock hard between her lips, her asshole clenching around her husbands shaft and her juices literally shooting out of her spasming pussy.

The feeling must have been too much for her lovers too, because her husband slid his cock deep into her ass one last time and exploded, filling her nether region with his hot white fluids. At almost the same time, AC exploded in her mouth and she gulped to try and swallow his huge load as it splashed against the back of her throat. Lynn swallowed hard, trying to get it all down all the while experiencing her own orgasmic bliss…


Lynn was shaken from her vivid fantasy as she began to cum in real life, the thick dildo buried deep inside of her. She longed for the feeling that she had only imagined in her fantasy, and ached for the imaginary loss. ‘Maybe someday’, she thought, ‘I can really show my naughty side…’

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