The Naked Cleaning Company Ch. 06

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Tony wasn’t a gambling man, but he occasionally enjoyed a flutter on the horses. There was always a bit of banter around the gym: the latest tip, or a favoured nag in an upcoming race. And in racing there’s a well known saying to go ‘through the card’. Back the winner in every race and you’ve gone ‘through the card’. Occasionally, the favourite in every race wins, as punters go through the card and the bookmakers suffer. And only one jockey has ever gone through the card, by winning every race at Royal Ascot in 1996. A magnificent performance by a legendary jockey and one of the worst days for bookmakers in racing history!

Tony also went ‘through the card’ is his own special way!


Rachel was in a rush. She knew Tony had a small office, but had never been there before, preferring to avoid the testosterone-laden atmosphere of the gym. She was more of a cardio-workout-in-front-of-the-telly kind of girl. Nobody sees you sweat that way!

The receptionist pointed to the door at the back and Rachel marched across, knocked and popped her head around the door.

“Hello there. Looking for a cleaner?” said Mike from the desk.

“I’m Tony’s fiance, Rachel. Is he here?”

“On the job. I mean, a cleaning job. Should be back any minute.”

She strolled around the office, admiring the array of cleaning equipment and overalls hanging in the corner.

“I don’t see much of him these days. With the business and everything,” she muttered absentmindedly. “Do I… know you from somewhere?”

Mike was hesitant. “Not sure, M’am. I don’t think so. I’m Mike.”

Rachel frowned for a moment. A rather dashing black guy with big shoulders. He had a faux hawk fade and twisted curls, a very distinctive hairstyle. She was sure she’d seen that face somewhere. ‘Maybe just in a naughty fantasy,’ she mused, grinning to herself, then shrugged it off.

“This is all very professional. Are you a cleaner too?”

“Yep. It’s a small team. I’m guessing YOU don’t need a cleaner though,” he grinned. She eye’d his ripped torso and solid arms appreciatively.

“Sadly not,” she sighed. “Tony keeps the house pretty spotless these days.”

Tony barrelled into the room, grinning.

“Well, that was intense…” He stopped himself as he spotted Rachel. “Oh, hi, babe. What are you doing here?” He walked over and gave her a peck on the cheek, glancing at Mike enquiringly to say WTF? Mike just shrugged.

“You look flustered. Urgh, and sweaty,” said Rachel suspiciously.

“Deep clean. Hot work. And messy.”

There was a pregnant pause, but Rachel bought the explanation.

“It’s Mum. It’s Dad’s anniversary today and she’s a bit upset, and I’ve got an important meeting this afternoon. Can you drop in on her? Check she’s OK?”

Tony hesitated. He disliked the old Nişantaşı Escort hag, but she was his future Mother-In-Law. “Sure. No problem,” he sighed.

“Thank you, baby. You’re a hero.” She started to leave, but looked back.

“Maybe tidy up the place a little for her? Just a quick clean around? It’ll take the pressure off. Please?”

Tony wanted to object but she’d gone.


Jane had clearly been drinking. She was nursing a glass of wine as she peered at him from the door.

“Bill?” she said drunkenly.

“It’s Tony. Rachel asked me to drop by.”

“Oh, so it is,” she said squinting and let him in. Tony spotted an empty wine bottle in the kitchen and there was a half opened bottle on the coffee table.

“You wanna drink?” she slurred.

“Er, no thanks. I’m working. Are you Ok?

Jane took a big swig and lay back on the sofa.

“I’m missin’ my man. He was a good man. Big, strong, broad. I always liked a big man. Looked after me, he did.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” muttered Tony awkwardly. “Can I get you a coffee or something?” But Jane was half asleep, mumbling to herself.

Tony swept the floors and ran some polish lazily around the visible surfaces. He washed the dishes and headed upstairs. He replaced the towels and changed the bed linen. As he was shaking out the duvet, a pair of arms reach around him and grabbed his chest.

“Oh. You’re a big man, Bill. Wanna mess around?” mumbled Jane from behind him.

“I’m not Bill,” he said as he turned. She gazed, slightly bewildered, into his eyes.

“You sure look like Bill,” she groaned, squinting. She was pulling at his overalls and had managed to unbutton them. He was momentarily impressed by her dexterity, given her inebriated state.

“I forgot just how big and strong you are,” she mumbled, then promptly pulled down the overalls and stumbled on to her knees. All of this had happened in just a few seconds. Tony was still in shock at being groped but tried to lean forward to pick her up, stumbling on the overalls. He regained his balance. Jane had her hands on his crotch, her fingers brushing his penis. Tony was surprised that his johnson twitched and started growing. ‘Down boy!,’ he thought. ‘Bad idea!’

“It’s been a while but I think I remember…” mumbled Jane, sliding her fingers into his boxers. Tony grappled with her hands, trying not to hurt her, but she managed to pull out his cock, which sprang into view.

“No, you’ve got the wrong…” he started to say, but at that moment her mouth closed around his dick and she started sucking.

“Oh! Wow!” groaned Tony.


The phone buzzed just as Tony got back to the car.

“You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago!” said Tammy, sharply.

“Sorry,” Pendik Escort said Tony. “Would you believe me if I said I was cleaning your Mother’s house?”

There was a long pause at the other end of the line.

“Normally I’d call bullshit, but that’s just too ridiculous to be a lie,” she said eventually. “So when you say ‘cleaning’?”

“It’s a long story,” Tony cut in. “Tell you when I get there.”

“10 minutes, or I call in the big, black guy. I’m sure he can show me a good time!”

Tony knocked nine minutes, thirty seconds later. Tammy swung open the door.

“Please tell me you didn’t fuck my Mother.”

“I didn’t fuck your Mother!” Tony was feeling slightly guilty about Jane. She’d fellated him shamelessly and for a woman in her 70s she’d been surprisingly skilful. ‘Child of the sixties, I suppose,’ he’d mused as she slurped on his manhood. He’d berated himself for allowing it to continue, but her ministrations had been too good to pass up. She’d collapsed on the bed immediately afterwards and fallen asleep.

“She was drunk, so I tucked her up in bed. And I cleaned her fucking house.” He omitted the part about leaving her with a tummy full of semen.

Tammy looked impressed, then frowned. “Sorry,” she murmured. “I should have done that. Rachel left a message earlier. I was at the tennis club. I guess I should have called her back.”

“Damn right!” said Tony with a hint of frustration. “I know it’s your Dad’s anniversary but she’s your Mother. You ladies need to sort it out.”

Tammy looked apologetic and he softened.

“Can I make it up to you,” she whispered, nibbling his neck and stroking the bulge in his trousers. She didn’t wait for an answer, dropping to her knees and adeptly unbuttoning his jeans. Tony realised that a long-standing Mother-Daughter fantasy was about to come true, but not with the women he had ever imagined it would. ‘Life’s full of surprises, eh?’ he smiled to himself as Tammy’s lips enclosed his cock.


It was past nine when Tony finally crept into the house, later than he’d hoped. He was knackered. Tammy had used him mercilessly most of the afternoon. He needed food and a bath, but was happy to settle for a soft bed. The main house lights were out so he guessed Rachel must have got an early night.

“Hey, hero!” came a sultry voice from the living room as he passed the door to the living room.

“Oh, hi babe,” he replied popping his head around the door. “Thought you must have gone up to…oh, wow!”

The room was adorned with candles. The table was laid and wine had been opened. Soft music played low in the background. Rachel lounged across the sofa, wine glass in hand, a black and scarlet silk chemise loosely enveloping Rus Escort her naked body. It was the one he’d bought her for Christmas on an impulse and she’d said it was just too silly for a woman of her age to wear! She’d done her hair up and painted some deep shade of red over her lips. ‘Fuck me,’ thought Tony as his johnson stirred.

“Fuck me!” he repeated out loud.

“That is the plan,” she purred and winked. “But dinner first, and then you can have your ‘thank you’ for taking care of Mum today.”

Tony groaned inwardly. He was actually exhausted, but Rachel looked too delicious to turn down, so he showered as fast as he could, threw on some pyjamas and a tee and plonked himself down at the dining table. She served him morsels of fine food and they chatted about silly stuff. Every time he caught a whiff of her perfume his cock hardened a little more. And every time she mentioned her mother or sister, it shrank a little with guilty shame.

At one point a thought crossed his mind. ‘Going through the card. Isn’t that what the boys carp on about? Does sexual antics with two sisters AND their Mother, on the same day, get some kind of award?’ He grinned. ‘I wonder what odds I would have been given for this feat?’

“You look amused,” said Rachel, breaking him from his reverie. “Has a boob fallen out of this thing or something?” They giggled.

“You look stunning,” said Tony. “But I should warn you, I’m really tired. I may not be much use to you tonight.”

She gazed at him for a moment, then smiled. “That’s OK, honey. You work hard. I understand.” Tony shuddered with guilt. ‘If she ever finds out, I’m a dead man,’ he thought with a shiver.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the sofa,” she cooed gently, guiding him across the room. She stood in front of him and smiled seductively. She slowly pulled the shoulder string down from one arm and let the corner of the chemise fall. Her left boob popped into view and Tony was convinced it was quivering in time with the music. She repeated the move on the other side, showing off her magnificent tits. And then she shimmed out of the chemise and it fell to the floor at her feet. Tony swallowed at the sight of her naked body. They’d been together for nearly 4 years and he still found her utterly breathtaking.

“Let me top up your glass,” said Rachel seductively. “Then you can lie back and enjoy the music while I give you your little ‘thank you’.”

Rachel turned and sashayed across to the dining table. She was enjoying playing the temptress, even though she’d waited over two hours for him to get home. Admittedly, visions of that sexy, black cleaner, Mike, had popped into her head few times during the afternoon, which got her a little flustered. But she desperately wanted to rekindle the intimacy between her and her fiance. ‘Shame he’s so tired,’ she thought as she grabbed the bottle of wine. ‘Maybe just a slow, sexy blow job for tonight.’ He’d never turned down a blow job before, and she actually found it quite exhilarating herself, playing the whore on her knees for him.

But when she turned to face him, Tony was fast asleep across the sofa.

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