The Mr. Larry Chronicles: Goldie

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Big Tits

Everyone is over 18


Goldie first took a man’s cock in her ass just before she left for college. At her request, her sweet older neighbor down the lane from her parents house opened and filled her. He had been delighted to comply. She was initially surprised and intrigued by how much she enjoyed it. Soon she was entranced. He taught her to appreciate the fullness and stretch of a long, smooth pole sliding inside her, slowly filling her darker hole.

He was not her last.

Her most recent anal partner had been an acquaintance in college. He had a shy smile and engaging manner and worked in the cafe below the dining hall. He was a frequent attendee of the parties thrown by Goldie and her roommates, often sitting outside on the porch with Goldie while the louder party raged inside. After they spent more time together, Goldie found he had a darker, more commanding side that she loved. His attentions taught her to crave a power exchange and to have her boundaries pushed. He also taught her to love his cum. Whether in her mouth or deep inside her anus, it was her ultimate reward.


Goldie moved several time zones from home a few years after graduating college. She found the most darling apartment soon after arriving in town. It was listed as a charming 780 sq. ft. Congress Park 1+ bedroom and included parking and access to a common courtyard. It was small, but the location was perfect for Goldie.

She was shown the place by the on-site manager who referred to himself as, “Mr. Larry.” His his Olympicly-large tattoo-covered frame combined with his quiet manner and deep voice felt somehow comforting to Goldie. Enough so to overlook some–perhaps–less than appealing aspects of the big, thick man who seemed to have a barely passing acquaintance with soap. Although she introduced herself as, ‘Goldie’, he immediately called her “Babygirl” as though one word.

Toward the end of the short tour, he was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and back “bedroom”, a bonus room with access to the courtyard Goldie intended to use as a possible guest room and office. Mr. Larry gestured toward the back door with its door to the outside. Goldie needed to scooch by Mr. Larry who was standing in the doorway to look. As she turned her body to get past him through the tight doorway, her bubbly butt lightly brushed his crotch. Her sensitive buttocks registered having made contact with something sizable beneath his shorts. She couldn’t decide whether Mr. Larry positioned himself just so on purpose or not, but she felt a flush of embarrassment for enjoying the sensation of her cheeks brushing a, presumably, thick cock.

Goldie shivered and walked to the window to look outside. She bent to look out and the pretty rectangular grassy area. Her movement arched her back slightly, rotating her pelvis up. She was unaware that Mr. Larry quirked an eyebrow while getting good view of her rounded behind. She turned back to Mr. Larry and glanced down to note some additional tumescence down the inside of his right leg. She blushed and dropped her gaze to the floor. She heard his rumbly chuckle and looked back up to a smirking Mr. Larry. She felt suddenly shy in his presence.

In his low tones he told her, “I think you’ll do fine here, Babygirl. You’ll fit in just fine.” He explained he lived on-site, just across from the laundry room in the basement to take care of “any needs” while she was a tenant. Goldie squeaked out her thanks and left feeling exhilarated.

By the following weekend, she moved her things into the apartment, excited to begin her new life. In time she met her neighbors and established routines. Her neighbors mostly seemed welcoming, if not remaining somewhat private. An upstairs neighbor flirted with her aggressively, but when he caught sight of Mr. Larry looming–a frequent happening–he’d scuttle away.

Goldie soon became comfortable in her neat little place and soon began to take care of herself and her personal needs in the ways she had established after college. Although she’d had not yet had opportunity to look for another partner, she remained hopeful.


Wash day. She always waited until her laundry was out of control before doing it. It was her bad habit, but not one she cared about enough to change. The only thing that made it bearable was making a sexy game out of it by keeping herself–well, her bottom–full and herself on constant edge while venturing to and from the laundry room with her multiple loads. It was her delicious secret.

As she passed by the manager’s apartment, Mr. Larry peeked around his slightly opened door to see who had been using the laundry room, happy to see Goldie. He appreciated the view. She looked so cute in her short swing dress and long bare legs when she walked by with her load of laundry. He smirked – her heavy tits and pokey nipples were easy to discern through the thin material of her dress and unconfined by a bra – reasonable, he thought, Mersin Escort for wash day. Although her dress was nearly tent-like on her curvy frame, not only her breasts, but the roundness of her buttocks was noticeable.

Mr. Larry began to wonder how he would make Goldie a true Babygirl like he had all the others. It was merely a matter of time – Mr.Larry’s success rate over the years was 100%. Mr. Larry looked forward to spreading that bubble-butt to spear her rosebud with his chocolate pole. As he watched her movements, he started imagining how he’d slowly pull her toward him, watching his cock slowly disappear in her tight hole until that bubble butt was squashed firmly under his belly. Would she resist and need persuading? Would she take time to stretch out to fully accept him inside? Would she be worshipful? Would she beg to swallow him? There had been so many situations and scenarios in his time as a manager and trainer of Babygirls, he wondered into what category she’d fall.

He smirked, lost in his thoughts, and watched Goldie load the washer with its new load. Then she bent and crouched to get to her knees to take her last load from the dryer.

When she reached deep in the dryer, Goldie’s short little swing dress slid up over her bottom. From where he was partly hidden, Mr. Larry could see not just her cute unconfined globes, but something else in between her cheeks. It was red and rectangular in shape, roughly two inches wide and four long. As Goldie reached deeper in the dryer for the clothes to put in her basket, her back arched and hips pushed out. As Mr. Larry watched, the rectangular shape seemed to suck in and push out in time with her movements.

Mr. Larry realized that rectangle was the base of a butt plug. If the size of the base was any indication, it wasn’t small. Her little pink crinkle was stuffed. Full. He raised his eyebrows. This was a delightful surprise!

In that moment, his cock rapidly filled, becoming fully erect in an instant, sticking straight out, tenting his shorts. This Babygirl already had a taste for back door action! A quiet moan escaped his lips in anticipation of an easy conversion.

As Goldie continued to pull her clothes from the dryer, Mr. Larry caressed the shaft of his cock in time to her movements and fingered the bottle of lube he perpetually carried at the ready in his shorts pocket. He groaned quietly as she began to stand, bending over once more to pick up her laundry basket with her filled bottom facing him. This movement caused the rectangular shape to push out slightly with her bending movement. It then sucked right back in as she straightened out, clothes basket in hand.

Now standing, her head cocked to the side as though in consideration. She bent down with her basket again and once again straightened. Goldie repeated the movement. And again. And again. Each time causing the plug to slip in and back out. He heard her moan as she arched her back, thighs quivering below. This Babygirl, he realized, was allowing the plug to fuck her asshole in the middle of the laundry room. She continued the cycle at least ten more times, Mr. Larry as her unseen and rapt audience.

The insides of her thighs were now visibly wet. Mr. Larry groaned quietly again as he watched, now allowing himself to thrust the head and the underside of his dick against the door. Any lingering concern he had about bringing her into the fold and teaching her to take him inside utterly evaporated.

Goldie stopped, shook her head as though coming back to herself and realizing her location and turned fully toward the exit of the laundry room with her full basket in hand. Her nipples were very, very erect through her dress and appeared barely able to keep from slicing it open.

Approaching the doorway, she caught sight of Mr. Larry standing in his doorway, half covered by the door. Like a rabbit, she froze.

He watched as color stained her face, moving down her neck toward her breasts and sharp, pointed nipples. She was realizing the likelihood of his having watched as she fucked herself in the ass with her plug.

He wanted her to know what her lascivious activities had caused and opened his door. Her eyes immediately flicked down, taking in his shorts tented by his throbbing pole.

Goldie shivered and tightened her body responding to her increased arousal.

He moved from his doorway and started across the hall toward her position in the laundry room. She saw the apex of the tent in his shorts was more than halfway down his leg. It bobbed back and forth as he walked towards her. Her pulse raced. Her mind formed the word, ‘huge’. She nodded as though in agreement and shivered again. She could not look away.

He entered the laundry room coming close to her, stopping on her right side positioned as though making a “T” with their bodies.

“You got sumpin’ up in your starfish, Babygirl. Don’t you, Babygirl?”, he growled out in a near whisper inches from her ear.

She shivered Mersin Escort Bayan again and nodded, arching her back. Her painfully erect nipples poked through the thin cloth of her dress while desire slammed through her lithe frame. His cock jumped.

“You in here fuckin’ you little starfish and every time you do your little up and down dance”, his hand moved to his clothed cock and grasped it, “Making this happen”, shaking his cock at her.

“You need to see what you done,” he said and pulled the elastic waistband of his basketball shorts over and down, way down, below his pole and heavy balls.

She looked. Fire exploded in her body.

His hard penis stuck out from him, engorged and straining under its own weight. Thick. It was so thick – from just behind the bulging head to its base it became progressively thicker. Her mouth dropped open. Even his balls looked thick, hanging heavily between his thighs as though terrifically full.

“This is what your little show done to me,” he said taking his cock in his hand to show her. He rubbed it against her unclothed thigh. She felt the wetness from his pre-cum on her skin.

Her anus and rectum gripped and pulsed pulsed around her plug in hopeful, eager anticipation.

“You like havin’ something filling your cute little bottom, Starfish?” He said, ‘Starfish’ like a new name, replacing ‘Babygirl’, “Like it moving in…” his left hand reached out to touch the base of her plug and he pushed in, “…and out?” He let the plug slide out a bit.

Her legs nearly buckled at the sensation of him fucking her ass with her own plug and she groaned long, and loud as her head fell back. She reached out to put a hand on his shoulder to not completely collapse.

He repeated the movement. Push…release…and again. Two, three times…push…release…

“I ask you a question, Starfish; you like that hole filled and fucked?”

“Yessssss,” she groaned out. “Soooo much!” She moaned.

“Mmm hm. That’s what Mr. Larry think!” he smirked, pushing in the plug yet again but with more force. “Mr. Larry give you what you need. Fill you. Fuck you,” he growled in her ear. “Drop that basket, Starfish,” she responded as swiftly as the command was given dropping her basket to the floor to the side, “Move those feet apart.”

Goldie shuffled her drenched thighs to near shoulder width, shivering with excitement responding to his commands. She needed this. There was only so much her dildos and plugs could do and for too long she had needed to be filled with real cock.

She felt the sausage-like fingers of his index an middle fingers of his right hand begin stroking her slick clit. She let out a little scream of pleasure.

“You got a juicy pussy, Starfish, an yo clit is fat, pokin’ out for Mr. Larry’s fingers.”

She started jerking her hips in time with the thrusts of the plug in her ass and his huge fingers on her clit. She could not keep quiet.


“That’s it, Starfish. Do you need to cum? You gonna cum for Mr. Larry? You gonna cum on Mr. Larry’s fingers?”

She had been edging for hours and desperately needed to cum. “Please…oh, please, Mr. Larry…I need to cum…I need to cum on your fingers!” She started shaking, getting closer and closer.

“Hmmm…I think maybe…No.”

Suddenly the pressure on her clit, anus, and the walls in her rectum began to change.

“Nooooo!!!” She felt great pressure at her full hole as the plug was pulled from her. Her nether ring expanded and expanded as Mr. Larry pulled, pausing to rest the plug in position at the apex of its girth leaving Goldie gaped open. Mr. Larry pulsed it several times, then it was gone. There was a thwack sound as it was dropped to the floor between her feet.

“That a big plug, Starfish!” he said admiringly, but then changed his tone to one that was darker when he said, “but Mr. Larry is bigger.” She blushed and moaned knowing the plug was more than seven inches in circumference, and closed her eyes. It typically took about a half hour to work it inside.

She felt fingers now moving in through the lips of her pussy from behind gathering her slick vaginal juices. At the same time she heard a click of a plastic cap being opened. Suddenly the fingers were removed backward and there was a pause with a squeezing sound and then pressure on her loosened furl. Her anus was once again opened and stretched with two heavily-lubed banana-sized fingers entering and sinking deeply inside.

He thrust and her hole just sucked his superlative digits inside. “Yeah, Starfish! You greedy hole takin’ my fingers so good!” Thrust, thrust. Two of his long, fat fingers together were of much similar girth to that of her plug, maybe a bit bigger? She could feel his fingers moving in and out and around, separating and stretching inside and coming back together while they pulled out.

“You need more, Starfish?” She moaned and nodded her head loving the way he filled her. The next time his fingers Escort Mersin moved out, they were entirely removed. She felt pressure again at her gasping pucker and when they pushed back in the stretch was greater and she felt a burn with the stretch! He had three fingers inside her now. It felt so full – fuller than she felt even with any toys. So deep.This was definitely exceeding the circumference of her plug or of any other cocks she’d had inside…with just his fingers.

“You a greedy Starfish, sucking my fingers in like that. Mr. Larry got to get you ready… that plug good, but you needin’ a bit more…” the three fingers were working in and out, opening her hole wider and wider. She loved feeling of being opened, gaping, getting ready for his meaty schlong. “You ready for more, ain’t ya?” A fourth finger swiftly joined in the games before she could even respond, sinking deeply in Goldie’s dark chamber to spelunk in, slip out, delve back in as far as they could reach, and out again. The cycle repeated again and again to Goldie’s delirious delight. Her knees were weak. She felt deliciously open to Mr. Larry. The incessant thrust and stretch driving her to new heights of pleasure.

“You know what comin’ next, ain’t that right?” He purred and thrust his fingers as deep as he could deep, deep deep…only to once again slip out.

“Oh, yes, please!” Goldie was almost out of her mind with need to finally have her ass filled with that wide, long cock. It has been at least two years since her friend from college last bent her over to stuff his pretty brown pole inside her. She couldn’t wait to be full, filled and stretched by Mr. Larry.

His fingers massaged her open hole keeping her soft and waiting. “Starfish, I know what you want…What you need…You know it too…Tell me what you need…Tell Mr. Larry.”

“FFffffuck…ffffffuck…fuck me!!” She stuttered as the screamed.

“Fuck you where, Starfish?”

“My ass. Fuck my ass with your massive cock!”

He stepped behind Goldie, moving her to the wall, putting her hands against it. She felt contact. It felt huge and rounded, putting an encompassing pressure on the opening of her anus…and just like that, he pushed in, breaching her hole. So. Very. Slowly. With barely a popping sensation on her relaxed ring, the heavy crown of his cockhead slipped inside her plug and finger-widened hole. Her body shook with near-orgasm adjusting to the invader.

Mr. Larry paused in her tight, slick heat feeling her hips jerk in spasm and a long deep moan ground out of his throat.

Determined to give her no quarter and have her become utterly lost to his great fullness, he continued a slow, arduous ascent, bit by bit, his slick girth filling her.

He had been entering her for some time and she could feel as every inch of his long, thick appendage sinking into her. The stretch was absolutely remarkable. Intense. So, so good. Nothing had ever felt like this before. She felt so owned. So invaded. So conquered.

Goldie was having a near transcendental experience. She was breathing to relax and pushing out to allow Mr. Larry’s deeper passage inside her rectum. With each moment that passed she could feel her anus stretching wider and wider.

Animal like sounds filled the room as they tore from her throat. She didn’t know it, but tears were pouring down her face. She was wrecked.

A great long groan from Goldie followed his progress. Mr. Larry smirked and looked down at his dick disappearing into her pink depths. She felt so good. She didn’t squeeze too hard, but she was still tight, surrounding him with a wet velvet-like sensation.

“You never feel a stretch like this before, have you Starfish?” She shook head no, not capable of being able to answer him. Suddenly Goldie felt her ass firmly pressed against Mr. Larry’s stomach. He had bottomed out. Mr. Larry groaned. He was in her up to his balls. His cock was completely encased in her body. “Nobody ever take me so fast, so deep, so easy. Not like you, Starfish. You just suck me in. You made to take Mr. Larry, wasn’t you?” She nodded, her head dropping forward to the wall. She was so open she could barely concentrate on breathing much less holding her head up.

“Mr. Larry inside you now, Starfish. He balls deep. It’s time for Mr. Larry to fuck you. Mr. Larry gonna deep dick you, long and hard. Mr. Larry gonna empty his balls in you ass. You hear? Mr. Larry gonna nut you greedy hole. You gonna cum for Mr. Larry. You gonna cum hard. You ready?”

“GOD, please, yes!”

She almost cried in relief from being filled. “So empty…for so long

His hands changed position. Fingers of his right hand stroked her clit and the left pulled on her nipples. It was amazing. Pleasure thus far unrealized overtook her. She could feel every inch of him stretching her as he started to fuck. It was better than anything she could possibly imagine. He moved outward, pulling his cock from inside her. She moaned wanting him back inside. NOW.

As though reading her mind, he thrust fast and deep, smacking her ass with his stomach and her pussy with his heavy balls. This started a pattern: removing his cock very slowly and then trusting back in as deeply and fast as he could, balls deep. She wanted more. She wanted his all.

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