The Mountain Cabin Getaway Ch. 02

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They were so at peace, standing there by the sink in the kitchen, holding each other close, feeling the warmth flowing from their bodies. They had just finished making love right there in the kitchen after a delicious fish dinner. Just standing there, enjoying each other with the rain poring down outside. Rosana suddenly got a chill from the cool night air as the cabin was not insulated very well. Besides, they were still in their birthday suits. “Dan, let’s go sit by the fire in the living room.”. They quickly cleaned the sticky cum off their bodies and finished tidying up the kitchen.

They grabbed their clothes and hurried off. Rosana found robes in the bedroom and brought them back. She and Dan put on the robes. Dan had opened another bottle of wine and pored a couple of drinks. He handed her the glass and put a couple more logs on the fire. The old cabin was cozy, not too big, not too small; but just right for the two of them. It was almost rustic, but did have modern conveniences, like running water, bathroom, and a shower. Although sparsely furnished, there were a couple of lamps and wooden tables, and a comfortable couch facing the fireplace. They settled down in it together and sipped their wine. They were shoulder to shoulder, legs touching through the robes.

The rain was getting even stronger now. The wind was picking up as the heart of the storm was approaching. They had made it up just in time. The mountain roads were no fun to drive on in rain and wind. They just enjoyed the fire crackling and the wind whipping the flames around, and the closeness of each other. Relaxing and talking for a while. “Are you glad we came up here for the weekend, Ros?”

“Oh yes, Dan. Thanks for planning this and making it happen. We have been so busy that we both needed this retreat very badly. It is so good to get away and just unwind and relax for a change. And I AM very relaxed after you taking care of me there in the kitchen. It was just what I needed to take the edge off.”

“My pleasure, babe.” And he turned to kiss her on those full, moist lips. She turned to meet his lips. They pressed their lips together, moving slightly, and he touched her face with his big strong hand, caressing it ever so gently. He kissed her cheeks, her eyes, then to her ear lobes. “Umm, that’s nice. Feels good” she said.

She placed a hand on his thigh, feeling his strong muscles there. She kissed his ear, then his eyelids, then back to his mouth. This time, their tongues searched out each other’s and met between their moistened lips, barely touching Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir at first, then pressing harder, and now moving around, more and more, fighting for position like a bull fighter. Stabbing, retreating, around and in the side of the mouth, then full on, attacking, their firm muscles seemingly going for the kill. His other hand was on her thigh now, feeling her strong, though soft leg through the cotton robe.

Somewhere off in the distance the first lighting bolt struck. They did not see it, however, the following crack of thunder jolted them both. Instantly realizing what it was, they felt safe, and pressed even closer together for protection and comfort from the storm. His hand was rubbing up her leg now, and she followed, up and down his leg. Still kissing, he trailed his lips over to her ear and neck, little lip trails and gentle sucking up and down from her ear to her shoulder. “Ummm, That’s good. Keep it up.”

The hand that was on her face went lower now, touching her neck, her shoulder, the chest above her cleavage. She had her other hand on his arms now, then feeling his strong chest as his breathing was increasing while he kissed her face and neck. His hand found the opening at the top of the robe and his fingertips trailed a path inside to her gently rising breast. He moved around it, circling it, making up for the urgency in the kitchen earlier, taking his time. She showed her acceptance by moving her hand further up his leg until it touched his penis. It was much smaller and softer than a while ago, but her touch was definitely not lost on his senses. He responded by touching her large, dark brown aureole, then her nipple. It was already half firm from the expectation. It rose up even more, getting hard as a pencil eraser as he tweaked it between his thumb and fingers. The feel of her breast and her hand rubbing on his crotch had a positive effect. He was getting aroused again, as was she.

The hand on her leg went under the robe, feeling her soft skin as he moved it up and down her thigh. She found the opening in his robe and rubbed his leg also, up until she felt the tip of his penis. It spasmed as she touched it. She liked that he responded so much to her touch. She felt herself getting wet again as she held it in her hand now. He let his hand go up until it reached her upper leg, feeling the softness in her inner thighs, then touched her pubic hair just above her clit. She didn’t have much, just a light tuft of fine hair, kind of like many Asians have. She moaned now and opened her legs slightly, allowing him access to explore as he pleased. And he did. She tingled as his finger touched her wet clitty. It slid down İstanbul Escort into the soft folds of her pussy lips and into her crack with ease, like it was a magnet, pulling him in. She had him aroused now too. His cock was getting hard and long in her hand. She was pulling and squeezing it now, the robes having fallen away from them both.

He leaned over and engulfed one boob in his mouth while continuing to caress the other one with his hand, feeling her hard nipple on his tongue, sending excitement straight down to where her hand was busy pumping harder now on his ever increasing shaft. They had to have each other again soon. “Lean back sweetie. It’s my turn now.” moaned Rosana.

“OK, I’m ready for you.” He said excitedly.

She pushed him back on the couch, still seated, but half-reclining, then threw off her robe and swung a leg over his to come to a seated position on his legs. She leaned forward to kiss him, making his hard cock press into her belly. She rubbed her pussy against his balls while hugging him tightly and kissing him hard on the lips; tongues darting in and out, chest rubbing chest. He held her tightly around the waist and back, feeling her naked body pressing against him. As she broke the kiss and leaned back slightly, it afforded him the opportunity to rub and caress both her breasts, which he did with a new-found urgency, squeezing harder, tweaking both nipples in his fingers, weighing them, and now, kissing each one in turn.

“Ohhh, That’s so good. I’m so wet and ready for you. Relax. I’ll do all the ‘work’ this time.” she groaned in her most sultry voice. “Lean back baby. Let me put it in me.”

As he leaned back on the couch she held his long, hard cock in her hand and lifted herself up. She rubbed the head around her wet lips, and over her aroused clit, getting him lubricated and ready for her. She sat up straight and held the head of his penis to her vagina, then sat down slowly until just the tip entered into her. “Ohh, MMM, Ahhh” they both groaned.

She pressed a little more of her weight down on him and another inch entered her. Then another and another until about half of it was up her love canal. She was shivering already from the contact and the feel of his hard cock spreading her out, inching slowly up inside her. Just then, the lightning and thunder bolted out of the dark night with such a force that she practically dove down all the way onto his cock. He suddenly thrust up when the lightning flashed too, so she was filled to the brim. The sudden shock of the lightning and thunder, along with the sudden fullness in her vagina caused her to scream out with fear and joy at the same time Their hearts raced from Escort İstanbul the double excitement. She had never felt him this far up her before, and it was a new and thrilling sensation. They stayed this way for a while, just savoring the feeling, not wanting to move.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good inside me. I could just sit here like this forever.”

But, she didn’t. She started to rise up, about half way, then lower herself down onto him. Each time was a new thrill with sharp sensations of lust building each time. His hands had found her hips now, and were helping her lift up and slide down around his totem pole. Being on top was so good for her, controlling the pace, kissing his face, feeling his chest. And now, rotating her hips in a pelvic thrust to impale herself on him with each downward motion. Squeezing her muscles inside to milk him and make him even bigger. They continued fucking each other, him pushing his hips up to meet hers while pulling on her hips at the same time; her milking him and throwing herself down onto his hard pole, harder and harder. Pounding, slurping sounds coming from the wet juices slapping against his balls. He reached for her clit and rubbed it up and down, left and right with his fingers.

“Ohhhhhh, that’s it. Do it. Rub my clit. Make me cum all over your hard cock!”

He could feel his cock going in and out of her, her lips folding around it. Her clit was standing right out now. The sensations were driving them both to ecstasy.

“YES, YES. Fuck me hard. Make me cum inside you. I want you to cum all over my cock. Will you do that? “

“Oh, yes, I will. Soon. Keep rubbing my clit, yes, like THAT! And play with my boobs. Keep it up.”

He grabbed her butt and helped her pound on him, harder, more, deeper. They had never felt these feelings with each other before. Everything was tingling, starting to vibrate. Still, the climax was building slowly considering the intensity they were feeling. More and more, harder and louder they fucked.

“Uuuuh, make me cum, lover. I’m getting so close. You are so hard tonight. It’s never been like this before. Oh, Oh, Mmmmmm. Suddenly, the thunder and lightning struck out again with a deafening roar, seemingly all around them. It was all they needed. She started cumming hard and shook violently all over him, cum running down his penis. She was almost screaming now, with the deep feelings and the huge climax rattling around inside her. It set him off too. His semen shot up inside her making her spasm even more and cum again on his firm member, milking it out. Another lightning bolt, and another squirt of cum from both. It filled her up and ran out of her, over his penis and all around her thighs. They slowed their motions. The spasms subsided in her. They hugged each other close and kissed for a long time, holding and caressing one another until all the climax had finished and their hearts had returned to close to normal.

“Wow, that was intense”

“Yes, it certainly WAS!”

Continued in Chapter

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