The Morrisons Ch. 09

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A million thanks to BffseOhio for editing. Please Enjoy!

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**Author’s Note: This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapters. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of The Morrisons, I suggest you click on my name to go to my story list and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the actions of characters in this chapter. I have added a list of the main story characters to the end of the chapter which was suggested by one of the readers. I hope you enjoy this chapter! ………

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For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!

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From – Chapter 8

Ted looked at me before asking, “Special uniform? What special uniform are you talking about?”

I smiled at Ted saying, “Maybe if you are a nice guy, and you get here bright and early in the morning, you may be privileged to see their special uniform.”

Ted smiled asking, “What time should I arrive?”

Mary said, “Tomorrow is Sunday, and we may sleep in, so I can guarantee it won’t be before eight o’clock in the morning.”

We walked Ted and Marion to the door and watched them leave before I closed the door and locked it. Mary walked with me as I went out on the deck and checked everything and then came back inside and locked the sliding glass doors. It had been a long day so I turned off the lights and all of us walked up the stairs together and went to our separate rooms.

Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day because Kim, Jenna, Terri, Mary and Shelly decided to go visit Hanna in the hospital and I would have the house to myself for awhile.


Chapter 9

When we went to bed Terri was between Kim and I and they were passionately kissing while I spooned against Terri with my cock nestled between her thighs at the base of her lovely ass cheeks. A few hours later, as I awakened from my comatose sleep realizing Terri was no longer in bed with us and I was spooned up against my lovely wife. A few minutes after I started to stir, Kim moaned and rolled on her back and turned her head in my direction, blinked her eyes a few times, before she quietly said, “Good morning handsome, I love you so much honey. Thank you for being who you are.”

I moved my face closer to my lovely wife and kissed her before replying, “Good morning to you beautiful and I love you so much too. I hope you had a wonderful time yesterday.”

Kim lay facing me with a smile on her face said, “Honey, Jenna and I shared that young man Kevin yesterday and he made love to me and filled my pussy with that wonderful cock of his. He was so good and took his time to make sure we were satisfied. It was great for all three of us.”

I smiled and said, “Baby, it makes me happy to know we are living out our dreams. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and surrounded by people who can enjoy themselves with us.”

“You know, honey, right after I get back from the bathroom I have something special for you.” I said to Kim.

Suddenly she jumped up and said, “Race ya!”

Both of us jumped up and rushed through the bathroom door and Kim edged me out when she slid sideways onto the toilet seat and sat there laughing at me with my morning wood. I stepped in front of Kim and as she started to pee she held my cock and licked her lips saying, “I would do something to this right now but I have more plans for it after you finish peeing.”

Kim pulled a piece of toilet paper off the roll and I took it from her as I kneeled in front of her and looked at her beautiful bald pussy lips as she spread her legs further apart giving me more access. With the paper in my hand I reached forward and wiped her pussy dry before dropping it in the toilet. Kim looked at me saying, “You are unlike any man I’ve ever known.”

Both of us stood up and Kim turned towards me as I stepped forward. Kim held my cock and aimed it towards the toilet bowl. It took my only seconds before I felt my pee start to move and Kim was ready to draw circles with my pee as it splashed in the water. When I was finished peeing she squeezed my cock and milked it to the end before she shook it a few times trying to make sure I was completely drained. We walked over to the shower and took a fast shower then dried each other off and like kids we raced back to the bed. Kim ended up on her back and I spread her legs wide before I leaned forward and licked her tenderly. After a few seconds I settled between her legs with my mouth on her lovely bald pussy ready to make her a complete, mumbling, bundle of ecstasy.

It didn’t take me fetiş escort long before Kim was squirming on the bed and pumping her hips up and down to match the strokes of my tongue. Soon she was rolling her head side to side and moaning with a squeal mixed in every now and then. Kim began to pant heavily as she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her crotch. Kim’s body quivered at the crescendo of her mind boggling orgasm. Kim screamed her pleasure by saying, “Oh Dan, don’t stop!……. Oh that feels so good, please, don’t stop!”

I continued to lick and suck Kim’s pussy until she settled down a little and just as I was moving up between her legs we heard, “May I help you put that in her?”

We looked up to see Mary and Shelly standing just inside our bedroom watching us. Kim smiled at them saying, “Please come over here and each of you can take a side and help.”

Mary walked with confidence while Shelly walked timidly towards the bed. Mary was talking as she walked saying, “We heard you and we came to watch both of you because Dan said this was an open house where others were welcome to watch.”

Kim smiled and continued to lay with her legs spread wide as Mary crawled onto the bed on one side and Shelly crawled on the other side when she said, “You’re absolutely correct. You can watch and offer to help anyone of us here in this house. Both of you can direct Dan’s cock into my pussy if you want to and then I would love to have you lay down here and kiss me while Dan fills my pussy with that nice hard cock of his.”

Mary and Shelly reached out and held my cock from each side as I moved forward until the tip of my cock was touching the open lips of Kim’s love tunnel. I pushed forward and buried the head of my cock inside her then the girls let go and watched as I continued to press forward until my cock was totally buried deep inside Kim. Mary was the first to lie down next to Kim and kiss her. I watched as they kissed passionately with their hands roaming over each other and cupping each other’s titties. I started pumping my cock into Kim while I reached over and cupped one of Shelly’s “C” cup titties. I rolled her nipple between my index finger and thumb causing her to moan softly. Shelly sat up and reached out and put her arms around my neck and started kissing me with a lot of tongue. Finally I asked, “Would one of you like Kim to lick your pussy while I fuck her?”

Mary broke her kiss with Kim and looked between us before she said, “I’d love to have Kim lick me.”

Kim smiled and asked, “What are you waiting for Mary? Swing your leg over and face towards Dan so I can have full access to your pussy.”

Mary didn’t waste another second as she scrambled across Kim’s body and then scooted backwards until she felt Kim’s lips on her pussy. Kim reached up and pulled Mary down until she could rim her asshole causing Mary to let out a long, loud moan of pleasure. Shelly turned and looked at me saying, “Both of you are incredible, I’ve never been exposed to such openness in a marriage.”

I looked at Shelly then at Mary before saying, “The openness we share has to go both ways to make it work. Kim and I have been this way all of our married lives. Just remember, life is far too short not to share everything life has to offer.”

Mary started to breathe raggedly as Kim licked and nibbled her clit before moving back up to ream Mary’s asshole again. Soon Mary was too far gone and began to shake as her orgasm gripped her body. Mary was like a wild woman as she churned her pussy over Kim’s lips and tongue. As her orgasm finally subsided, Mary lifted off Kim’s face and flopped down on the bed. I was still pumping into Kim’s pussy when she looked at Shelly asking, “Are you next? I would really love to taste your pussy as well.”

Shelly asked, “Are you sure you want to do that now or wait until you and Dan have finished?”

Kim smiled saying, “Come on and spread that beautiful pussy over my face so I can make you feel good first thing this morning.”

Shelly moved slower than Mary had, but when she was finally straddling Kim’s face she leaned backwards so Kim had full access to her pussy and asshole. Kim started out the same way she had with Mary and reamed Shelly’s asshole first and then moved down to lick and nibble on Shelly’s clit. I watched Shelly’s face as I continued to pump my cock into my wife. Shelly twisted her face and moaned and sat down on Kim’s face to make better contract with the tongue which was giving her so much pleasure. I leaned forward and kissed Shelly and she not only returned my kiss, she wrapped her arms around my neck again and French kissed me. Our tongues were doing battle while Kim used her tongue to light the match to Shelly’s rapid engulfing wild fire orgasm. Burning with desire and lust Shelly went wild grinding her pussy into Kim’s face as she screamed out her pleasure. After moments of heavy breathing Shelly finally rolled to the side and landed on the bed looking gaziantep fetiş escort back at Kim asking, “Are you ok?”

Kim’s face was covered with the mixed juices from Mary and Shelly but she smiled replying, “I’m fine, but the real question is, are both of you ok?”

Mary said, “Oh Kim, you’ve loaned me your husband and encouraged me to enjoy myself and then while he is making love to you, you fulfilled something which I never dreamed would happen to me and then you ask if we are ok. I hope they didn’t break the mold when you were born because there needs to be more women like you in this world.”

Kim replied, “I’m not sure about the mold but my daughters, Jenna and Terri, are open and learning to be just like us. There are no secrets in this family, we share everything and I do mean everything.”

Shelly again said, “I’ve never met people as open as you are and I love the feeling of being welcomed into your home and made to feel like I am part of the family. This is really a great feeling.”

Kim looked up at me and said, “I think we should cum so we can get cleaned up again and get downstairs for some coffee.”

I smiled and started pumping harder and faster into my wife. Surprisingly, Mary reached in and fingered Kim’s clit while Shelly leaned over Kim and started sucking on her nipples. Kim went wild from all the stimulation and began bucking her hips, very loudly expressing her love for all of us at the same time she was enjoying the ride to ecstasy. I felt my semen start to move and I told Kim, “I’m going to cum soon!”

“Let me have it, cum in me! Fill me with your hot fluids baby!” Kim screamed.

Suddenly I was there and I let it burst into Kim’s waiting pussy and yelled, “Here is cums honey, Oh fuck, that feels so great!”

Both of us pumped wildly as we tried to get the most out of our orgasms. By the time we finished, both of us were drenched in sweat and totally satisfied. Mary moved over and made room for me to lie down next to Kim then Mary moved in close to my body so she could cuddle me while on the other side of Kim, Shelly moved closer to cuddle her. After we caught our breath we all talked for a little while. Mary and Shelly asked us questions and we did our best to answer them. Finally Kim invited Mary and Shelly to shower with us and we all started moving to get off the bed. Once in the bathroom Kim asked Shelly and Mary if they had tried the bidet in their bathroom and both said they had. Kim sat down on the toilet and peed then got up to use the bidet while I stepped up to pee in the toilet. Mary followed me to the toilet and reached around me and gripped my cock saying, I want to try this. I put my arm around her and while Mary used my cock and piss to splash the water in the bowl Shelly stood off to the side laughing and saying, “I guess you do share everything here.”

When I was finished Mary shook my cock and stepped in front of me and sat down on the toilet to pee. She looked over at Kim who was douching in the bidet and asked her to leave the water running so she could douche too. I reached over a pulled a little bit of toilet paper off the roll and folded it over then squatted in front of Mary and watched as she finished peeing. When she was done I pushed her legs apart and reached in the dried her pussy. Shelly watched and finally asked, “Are you going to dry my pussy as well?”

I looked at Shelly and smiled as I reached for another piece of toilet paper. “Sure, I know how to take care of a pussy just like I know how to take care of my cock.”

I was already squatted down in front of Shelly watching her pee waiting to dry her pussy when Mary asked me, “Do you use tampons or pads?”

Kim finished the bidet and stood up as she headed for the shower while Mary sat down on the bidet and moved closer so she could douche, then Kim replied to Mary, “I am very proud to say he knows how to use both.”

Both Mary and Shelly gasped, and Mary said, “That’s way too personal and you’re telling us that he knows how to insert a tampon or put a pad in your panties?”

Kim smiled as she was adjusting the water in the shower with me standing beside her as she said, “Not just me, Jenna too.”

Shelly gasped the loudest asking, “Is there anything private in this house?”

I turned around and replied, “Maybe someday we’ll find something that’s private but for now, we share everything.”

“Holy fucking shit if I hadn’t heard this with my own ears I wouldn’t have believed it. It is hard for me to believe that a man would be willing to do that for a female.” Shelly shrieked.

Shelly finished on the bidet and joined us in the shower. It was fun taking turns washing each other and we stayed in there a little longer than necessary because of the conversation we were having. When we finished our shower Mary and Shelly went to their bathroom to finish their personal grooming while Kim and I stayed in our bathroom to do the same thing. After gaziantep fetiş escort Kim and I completed our morning routine, we left our bedroom and started down the hall towards the stairs with breakfast on our minds. As we passed Mary’s room we looked in and Mary was trying on some sexy panties. She called out to us and asked, “Do you like these panties or should I wear the crotchless panties for Ted?”

I looked at Mary before asking her to model the crotchless panties. Kim and I watched as Mary slid her panties down her legs and let them pool at her feet. She picked up a pair of sexy pink, mesh panties with a slit opening with black trim for contrast detail. Mary said, “I ordered these panties from a web page named Yandy. They have a wide variety of sexy panties and some are very reasonable. I only paid three dollars for these panties.”

Kim walked over to Mary and inspected the panties and said she liked how they were split all the way from the waist band through the crotch all the way up to the back waist band. Mary pointed out the split could be closed by pulling the sides together and lapping them over each other. Mary pointed out she loved to wear these type of panties when she wore a skirt because she felt almost pantyless. Kim said, “I think if you are going to wear panties this morning, you should wear these because your lovely bald pussy can be seen through the slit.”

Shelly walked out of the bathroom in a pair of ChesleyMinx white mesh hipster thongs and asked Kim, “Do you like these?”

Kim looked and saw Shelly’s pussy was visible behind the white mesh. She said, “Those are very cute too and Ted will love seeing you two in panties like those.”

Mary asked Shelly if she was ready to head downstairs and Shelly said, “All I need to get is my pistol belt and I’m ready.”

All four of us walked down the hall and at the head of the stairs we were all greeted with the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee. As we descended the stairs I told Mary and Shelly how Terri is always the first one in the kitchen and makes the coffee for us. We walked into the kitchen where Terri had towels laid out on all the chairs so all we did was select a chair and sit down. Terri smiled at all of us and said, “Good morning, I thought you were going to stay in bed all morning.”

I looked up at the clock and said, “What do you mean all morning? It’s only quarter after eight and this is a Sunday morning so I think we are up early.”

Terri smiled and said, “Oh I know you were up early alright, I heard mom, Mary and Shelly screaming with pleasure so I know all of you have been awake for awhile. If you remember I said, I thought you were going to stay in bed all morning. I didn’t say anything about sleeping.” Terri finished with a huge smile on her face.

Kim smiled and said, “That’s my girl! I guess we can’t pull one over on you.”

As Terri was walking back to the breakfast counter with four cups of coffee she said with a grin on her face, “I will admit I cheated a little, because I didn’t hear you until I went back up to my room to get something.”

Terri set some pastries on the counter with some small paper plates. Everyone took one of the pastries and settled back to enjoy their coffee. About eight thirty the door bell rang and Terri and Shelly got up to answer the door. When they returned Ashley and Debbie followed them. Terri poured two more cups of coffee and everyone shuffled their chairs around to make room for the newcomers.

Immediately after getting settled Ashley turned to Kim and me and said, “I want to thank both of you and everyone else who was involved in putting together yesterday’s party. I talked to my brother and Sarah when we got home last night and all of us agreed we have never been to a party and felt as comfortable as we did yesterday. Not to mention all of us had a load of fun with all of you.”

Debbie excitedly started talking when Ashley finished saying, “We had an excellent time yesterday as well. My dad couldn’t stop raving to my mom how much fun we had and how much all of you share here. Of course Joe, Abby, dad and me stayed completely naked from the time we left here. When we got home we walked into the house naked and I thought mom would faint but after we all talked to her she settled down. Last night was the first time mom stripped down to her bra and panties with all of us there.”

Kim smiled saying, “We are very glad that all of you had a great time yesterday and we’ll have to do it again sometime.”

Terri refilled everyone’s coffee and just as she was ready to sit down the doorbell rang again. Terri looked at the clock and saw that it was almost nine o’clock and said, “This might be Ted and Marion.”

Mary and Shelly jumped up and grabbed their pistol belts to put on. Terri waiting until both of them was ready, and then all three of them walked towards the front door. I told Kim, “I’ve got to see this.” I jumped up out of my seat and walked so I could see the front door.

Both Mary and Shelly stood behind Terri as she opened the door and sure enough Ted and Marion stood on the porch looking in. Suddenly Ted burst out laughing and said, “The next time we do roll call I want to see both of you come in dressed like you are now. I love your panties and both of you look great. I am so glad I assigned both of you to this duty, you have made my day.”

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