The Morning After

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After a little fight, we end up going out to a club with Lucy and Jim like we planned. It’s fun but I can tell you’re still a little upset. We crash at Lucy’s dorm room for the night. I can’t help but wonder what you were thinking as we lay more than a foot apart on her floor trying to sleep. I felt throughout the evening that despite our argument you still wanted something to happen between us. But whenever I made any kind of move, you’d push me away.

The next morning we’re the first to rise. You tell me you want to go for a walk. So we decide to walk to my dorm since you didn’t get to see my room last night.

We head over, not really talking on the way. We make our way upstairs to my room.

I start to turn my dorm key when you stop me.

“Wait. I don’t want to go in there if your roommates are asleep.”

“Angela, it’s 10 in the morning on a Saturday. Of course they’re gonna be asleep.”

“Then I don’t wanna go in there, Jay.”

I look at you and know there’s no way you’re going to change your mind. “Fine.” We go downstairs and sit in front of the television. It feels like we’re the only ones in the building, eventhough I can hear people milling around behind us. I purposely sat really close to you. That way, I can feel the warmth of your body and smell your perfume. I catch myself looking at you. I can tell you know that I am, but you pretend not to notice. I slowly draw my eyes downward. Your legs, eventhough a night old, still look smooth and soft. I wanna touch them, but I don’t dare. I look into your face again and I can tell you’re sleepy.

“Jay, lets go back to Kerr.”

“I need to change first. I reek of smoke.”


We go back up to my room. You’re still hesitant about going inside, but this time I convince you that it would be okay. We go in and sneak past my roommates who are sound asleep. You sit on my bed, worried that they’ll wake up.

“Just lie down and I’ll open the closet door. You can’t really see the bed if I do that.”

You lie down and I open the closet door. You seem a little more at ease now that you’re partly sheltered. I retrieve some shorts and a T-shirt from closet and begin to undress. As I unzip my pants, I notice that your eyes are closed. A part of me is glad that they are. I feared that my now long, but still soft, cock would be visible coming out from my small boxers. But then again, another part of me wishes that your eyes aren’t really closed. That they’re slightly open hoping to catch a glimpse of my cock. Something that you’ve fantasized about seeing again ever since the first time it was revealed to you.

I finish changing and begin to tell you that we can leave, but you have fallen asleep. I know that you should be getting back to Kerr, but I really don’t want to wake you. I gently crawl into the small bed along side you. There is hardly any room to breathe. I spoon up to you, really having no choice but not really feeling like I’m doing anything I don’t want to do. The warmth of your body is much more intense now. Which oddly does not bother me even with Anadolu Yakası Escort the heat of the morning sun pouring in through the window.

I lay so close to you that I can smell the shampoo in your hair. I can feel my heart start to beat faster. I begin to stoke your hair. It’s so soft. Much like how I imagine the rest of your body to feel. I feel a surge of bravery. I place my hand on your back hoping to feel your heart beating as fast as mine. I feel nothing. How can you tease me even when you’re asleep?

I begin to move my hand along your spine. I feel that you have no bra on. A part of me starts to grow hard. We’re so close together that I worry that you can feel it starting to press against you. I want you to turn around. I want you to look at me and tell me without words that you want what I want too so I won’t have to worry anymore….

That’s when I feel your hand take mine. You place it on your thigh. I’m confused. It seemed like up until then you didn’t want anything to happen. So many opportunities in the past were passed by. But now this. I don’t want to push my luck, so I cautiously begin to move my hand in small circles on your leg. You don’t stop me. I even more cautiously move my hand up pushing back your shorts. You don’t stop me. I can feel that you’re not wearing any panties. Just these little shorts. I become more excited. I still can’t believe that you haven’t stopped me yet. I keep thinking that you will. But even as I move my hand deeper into your shorts, you remain quiet. I can feel your hair how, and the recently shaven area around it. I run my finger tips on the lips of your pussy. It feels so warm and moist.

I start to kiss your neck. I can smell your hair as I do it. But you still lie motionless. Like you’re pretending to be sleeping. It somewhat annoys me. I want you to show me that you’re liking what I’m doing. So I take my hand away. I pull my body away from yours so that I’m no longer touching you. It hurts to do so. My cock is bursting through my shorts. But I won’t let you play games with me. So I push myself against the wall, trying not to touch you. Each second feels like an eternity. But I won’t give in. I won’t give in. I won’t give in….You turn around.

“Have I ever told you, you’re the worst pussy tease I’ve ever known?”

I smile at you. You turn your back on me. I spoon up against you again only this time having no fears. I press my big cock hard up against you and run my hand under your shirt. Your skin is so soft. I run my hand up and cradle your right breast. Your nipple is so hard. I start to play with it. Teasing it. I kiss your neck. You begin to move. You start to rub your body against mine. Your ass stroking my cock, making it bigger and harder. You move your hand into your shorts and start playing with your clit. I kiss your neck again. I move my hand to your other breast and begin teasing that nipple. You let out a little moan.

I look at the closet door in front of us knowing my roommates are on the other side. But I don’t care. It somehow makes what we’re doing even more exciting. You turn your head slightly and shoot me a look. As to say that you’re thinking the same thing. I kiss your lips. You taste so sweet. Like raspberries.

I roll you over on top of me. I know that you can feel my cock now. You start to rub yourself against me even harder. We kiss and kiss. I can feel your tongue against mine and it sends a chill down my body. You stop kissing me and sit up, peering down at me. You take your hands and run them under my shirt. You feel my stomach and my chest. My heart pounding. Then you run your hand down. I think you’re going to undo my pants but you go past my belt. Another tease. You start to stoke the now very large bulge protruding from my jeans. You run your hands back up and finally undo my buckle. You slowly unzip my jeans and allow my cock more room to grow. But it still strains against the fabric of my small blue boxers. You reach for the top of my boxers and slowly start to pull them down. My cock explodes out into the open gasping for air. It’s so swollen. I look down at you and see you looking right back at me. You’re shooting me another look. Like as to say “good boy.”

You take your hand and wrap it around my cock. You can barely get your hand around it because it’s so thick. You begin to jack me off slowly. It feels so good. That’s when you start to kiss the head of my cock. Slow, deep kisses. Like as if you were tasting a peach. My cock begins to throb as your kisses get deeper and deeper. Soon you have my whole cock in your mouth. I don’t know how you did it. I thought my cock was too big. But you did it. You start to suck on my cock, making it longer. Getting me to a size only you can get me to. Your tongue feels so good against my cock. I can feel it running from top to bottom. You’re so good. I can already tell that I’m going to cum hard. But I don’t want this to end right now. I’m enjoying it too much. So I fight not to cum. I grab the sides of the bed. My back arches. I know that you can feel all the pleasure I’m getting.

You stop sucking my cock. I look down. You sit up again and pull your shirt off. Then you pull my pants all the way off. You go back down, this time putting my cock in between your breasts. You start to rub them up and down, tit fucking me. I can hardly take it anymore. I don’t know how I’ve been able to keep from cumming. But I don’t want to take any chances. So I put my hand on your cheek, motioning for you to stop. I maneuver you so that I’m now on top of you.

I kiss your lips again. Enjoying the taste. I kiss you more and more each time getting lower and lower. I kiss your neck. I kiss your nipples. I kiss your stomach. I kiss your thighs. I kiss your legs and your feet and back up to your thighs. I take the top of your shorts in my teeth and slowly pull them off. You open your legs wide. I take off my shirt make my way in between them. I can see your clit. It’s hurting for pleasure. I take my finger and rub it. You react right away. But that was just a test to see how sensitive it is. Now it’s time to really give you pleasure. I take my tongue and begin to tease your clit. It tastes just as sweet as the rest of you. I can feel your muscles flexing. I really start to tease it now. Making little circles with the tip of my tongue. I run my hands on your thighs then reach up and play with your rock hard nipples as I continue to play with your clit. Kissing it. Licking it. I then take my tongue and put it inside you. You moan. I start to thrust it in and out, making you feel some of what I’ll do with my cock in a minute. You moan louder. I almost want to check to see if my roommates are still asleep, but at this point I don’t care if they’re listening or even getting excited themselves. For a moment I think of how much you would enjoy that. Making three guys hard at one time, pleasuring one and teasing the other two. But my mind quickly focuses back to the task at hand…er, tongue.

“I wanna feel you inside me.”

I look up at you. Your back is arched and your muscles are tense. I sit up and move in further between your legs. I put my cock on your clit and start to tease you.

“Put it in. Please.”

I can’t stand hearing you suffer. I take my cock and slowly put it inside you. You’re so tight that I can barely move in and out. But the longer I’m inside you the easier it becomes. You’re so wet that I start to glide pleasurably in and out of you. I can’t believe that you can take my huge cock. You’re wrapped so tightly around it, you make it feel like it’s a foot long. It start to go faster. Your legs start to tighten around me. Squeezing me so I can’t breathe. You whisper “Deeper.”

I position myself so that I can turn you over. Now you’re on top again. My cock is now deeper inside you. You bounce on top of me hard. Almost hurting me, but in that good way. I put my hand on the side of your face then touch your lips. You begin to suck on my finger. It arouses us both. You start sliding up and down on my cock harder and faster.

“Jay, you have such a huge cock.” I almost lose it. “Are you ready to cum?”


“I want you to cum inside me right now.”

You jump on my cock and I start to cum. I can feel my heart pounding against my chest. You start to moan loudly. I can feel that you’re cumming too. You fall down on me. We’re both so hot and sweaty. I gasp for air and I can feel your chest moving against mine as you look for air too. You look up at me. I kiss your lips…raspberries.

“And to think you weren’t happy to see me last night.”

I look at you and smile.

You slide off my cock and lay next to me. I still hold you close. I take a peak past the closet door. My roommates are still sound asleep. I smile thinking how we got away with it. You roll onto your side again and I spoon up against you. I pull the blanket out from underneath me and cover us. I feel a great sense of relaxation go over my body. I close my eyes and pull you closer.




I open my eyes.

“Wake up, Jay. We have to get to Kerr.”

I look at down. We’re fully clothed. I can’t believe it. It was just a…

“Are you awake, now?”

I look at your no longer naked body.




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