The Morning After

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He awoke with the usual morning hard on, yet there was something different about this. He didn’t feel the urge to get up and head straight to the bathroom, like he did every other morning. That’s when he realized the cause for his awakened manhood: me.

Still reeling from the night before, I awoke with such a hunger for his passion I couldn’t control myself. I was startled to discover that I was sliding softly across the sheets so as not wake him before I had that manhood in my power, rendering him helpless to resist me. Obtaining my prize, I drew my lips around the head of his limp cock (still tasting of last night’s pleasure), and was delightfully surprised at just how quickly he returned to life. It took only a few licks around his crown before the rest of his body caught up with what was happening. I looked up at him from between his legs just as he opened his eyes. The emotions I saw in his eyes forced the juices inside my already throbbing pussy to escape my swollen lips and run down the inside of my thigh, which in turn caused a low moan to escape from my throat just as I swallowed his manhood further. Feeling the vibrations of my throat against his sensitive skin brought him immediately to a full mast. His crown swelled so hard and so fast that it closed off my air passage, which only made me want him further down my throat.

My eyes still locked with his, I grabbed for his hands and placed them forcefully on the back of my head, willing him to hear my unspoken request. When he grabbed a fist-full of my hair in each hand, I knew he understood my plea and was silently thrilled not to be disappointed. He drew himself deep down my canlı bahis şirketaleri throat and was rewarded with hot rivulets of saliva all over his shaft. “God yes!” he gasped with pleasure, “Suck that cock baby!” and it was my pleasure to ride his cock with my hot mouth for as long as he could stand it.

I was deliciously wet with desire, the insides of my thighs sticking together as I moved my hips forward with each stroke of my mouth. My gags and moans grew in volume and intensity as I lost myself in the pleasurable sensations, before I abruptly paused in my ministrations.

After last night’s wonderful lovemaking I wanted this to be raw, wild, and hotter than anything either one of us had ever experienced. So I reached between my legs with both hands, dipping the first two fingers from each into my pussy, drenched with my juices from sucking his engorged cock. With raised eyebrows I offered one hand to him as I placed the fingers of the other on my lips and enjoyed the sweet nectar of my passionate core. Seeing this erotic display before him, he grabbed my fingers and cleaned them of all they had to offer, like a starving man at his first meal in days. I did not expect his reaction and did not want to relinquish my control over him. I was completely unprepared for what happened next.

With a loud grunt he grabbed the hair at the back of my neck and had me flipped onto my back before I could stop him. I struggled momentarily, which seemed to only reinforce his determination. Forcing my head into the pillow, he both bent my knees and pushed them apart, exposing my wet hole and ass to his gaze. He plunged his mouth hard canlı kaçak iddaa into my ass and thrust three fingers deep into my tight fucking cunt. The sudden pain was nearly unbearable. Immediately, the pain turned to ecstasy as he fucked both of my holes with abandon. I came so hard the juices oozed from around his fingers and down his hands. I could hear him breathing and moaning heavily, and I knew I was in for the fuck of a lifetime.

“Is this what you wanted baby?” he panted heavily. I was so close to the edge I couldn’t answer until his slap on my ass brought me back around again.

“Yes” I begged, “Please fuck me hard and deep!” I waited for him to respond, and was rewarded with more silence. He moved suddenly. Still holding the back of my head, he twisted me around to his face and plunged his tongue into my mouth, mixing together both our saliva and the taste of my pussy. With his taste about to push me over the edge I had been teetering on, he withdrew his mouth and shoved mine down onto his now trembling fuck-stick, his veins throbbing against the inside of my mouth. Balls deep, he held me there until I thought I would pass out. Relenting and allowing me air again, saliva from deep in my throat spewing everywhere, I gasped and gulped down a few breaths before he thrust me back down again, face fucking me with his hard cock until I couldn’t take any more.

Sensing this, he pulled me off again and guided my body around so I faced away from him, and then threw me on my back. He again began fucking my pussy with his mouth and tongue, spitting my juices down the crack of my ass before taking a finger and ramming it deep canlı kaçak bahis into my asshole. This sent me to a pinnacle of pleasure I’d never known before – and it appeared he hadn’t either – as he was suddenly on top of me and fucking me so hard and deep with his swollen cock all I could do was scream as my orgasm hit me, ripping the air out of my lungs. I arched my hips towards him, meeting his every thrust, thrashed my head back and forth, and wondered if the noise of pleasure buried inside me was ever going to escape.

He withdrew himself from my honey pot and thrust deeply into my ass. The pain sent a wave of panic through me, constricting the words in my throat before I was finally able to voice them. Except it wasn’t words of pain I voiced. Instead, I heard myself tell him, “Yes baby, that’s the fucking I wanted from you today! Please fuck my ass hard, deep, and as fast as you can! I want to feel your cock swell inside my ass before unleashing the load of cum I know is waiting to explode from you huge, heavy balls.” He responded by picking up his pace to one I’d never had from him before, and he was sweating, moaning, and grunting loudly and uncontrollably. I reached between my legs and began to pleasure my clit, so swollen it stuck out from between the lips that were meant to protect it. It didn’t take long until the rush of another orgasm hit me so hard I thought I was going to pass out. He chose that moment to stick his fingers inside me, fucking my g-spot so well I came over and over.

As I started heading towards unconsciousness I heard him moan, “Oh God yes baby, here’s my cum for you!” As that hot, huge load of cum spewed deep inside my ass I felt my fingers clench the sheets tightly. I heard him moan in pleasure once more and felt him go limp inside me as our sweaty bodies fell together in an exhausted heap.

(I’d like to thank my editor, who wishes to remain anonymous)

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