The Monsters

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HEY ITS MY AGEN the person you all think have bad English. and yes i have i try the best i can to do a story here….so stop say that I’m bad at English i know!!!!


Hello I’m Lisa and I’m going to tell you an story that is horrible that happened for 4 years ago when i was 24. in a little town i cant say name of but at that place something happened. All started when i was outside walking whit my friend kyle that is 2´7 years old one day. We were going to the shop in our little town it toke 5 minutes to walk. We were walking to the shop to meet Casandra She is 21 youngest of us 3.She were waiting there on us we arrived and talked a little bit then we walkd in to the shop and were going to buy some candy and and and popcorn and, a movie to see.when we were standing there talking and laughing

. and waiting waiting on a old lady front of us it toke long time for her to shop. after like 5 minutes she was done and where walking out. Then an explosion toke room and the windows to the shop chrasd i falld down to the ground Casandra in to the wall and kyle over a desk whit free papers.
The old lady were no more.i remember kyle where fainted but cassandra were awake and we were looking out from the store and could see what happened. we looked out and a like 17 red big monsters that was like 2 and a half meters hige running around outside in the town. I was like omg! And cassandra was -_-*? we didn’t know what it was but we did know we need to hide from that tings so we crowd to kyle that just have waked up. we told him to crawl back tuzla escort in to the store and out of the back side

. We were all 3 crawling when we heard that one of the monsters where in the store. cassandra started to crie me too. we hide behind one of the desk. But where was kyle?. He crawled to the main desk that you pays at and walked back and find a pistol he looked if it was loaded and it was because he started to shot at the monster!. We could see that he got hit but noting happend. The monster just starts to go at kyle.Then i and Casandra throwd some cans at that ting.The monster picked kyle up and throwd him out of the shop. then that ting turned around and it was then i did see that big cock it havd and it i could see that it was horny because the cock were standing up!.
i think Casandra did see it to but in 2 seconds we were running out from the back side of the store whit the monster after us. we rund over the street and followed the way. We could see that one house where some people in and they were firing out at the monsters we rund so fast we could to it. i looked back at Casandra you could see the tiers from her coming. we were almost there when a car flipped over and fald at least 2 meters in front of my!.i stopped at ones but Casandra run in to my we both falld down. i wher fast up again and starts running at the house they havde seen us they open a door for us.

i run whit tiers because i know Casandra were still left at the car!. i nearly jumped in to the house they closed the door and i was looking out from an window. i could see the big monster just arrived to Casandra that tuzla escort bayan were at the car.She were screaming when she looked at monster. The big monster pushed her down and ripped her pants of and pull her legs at the side and pick her up and pulled his cock in to her.

His cock were amazing big! and did nearly didn’t get in to her she were screaming and tiers were coming like a river. That ting fucked her harder and harder and it was screaming some weird stuff.
it where fucking her faster and faster! it was like sucking on her boobies.She was fucked up and down faster and slower…. she wasn’t crying any more she was moaning at moste.

The monster fucked her really really really fast now she wasn’t moaning any more she was screaming!!!. then it spermd in to her you could see it that all of it didn’t stay in her it spurted out much to. the monster laid her down. and walk to the house. That ting fucked her fast and hard i could feel in my panties that i was a little bit wet and she lookd to enjoin it. The monsters were now in the house i rund whit some Oder people up stairs to an window that we could crawl over to next house.

i was last on at the window i just got the middle of my body over when i felled that something or some one was holding my legs i screamed all i could the persons at the Oder house was trying to pull my over to their house but that ting behind my were to strong…. and pulled my in to the house now i could see it was one of that red monsters. i could see that it had an amazing big cock and before i know it the monster turn my around and stops his cock in to escort tuzla my ass at first it was hurting my it really was and he wasn’t slowly from the beginning he was fast all just go up and down up and down.i was fucked by an alien/monster and people from the Oder house could see it. the monster were fucking my so hard i was bleeding and screaming!!!.

the monster turned my around pulld my over to stomach and pushed his big cock in to my little pussy i screamed loud!. he fucked my fast and faster. one of his hands where playing whit my boobies. Oder one hold my head in to the ground then i was like enjoining all of it. i started to moan a little bit i didn’t want them i the next house to hear that i like to get fucked by an alien/ monster. then it gummed inside my and i feeld all that hot in me. He left my their i was a little chocked and walkd to the window and crawled over to the Oder humans.They asked my hove i did feel and if i need anything i told them that i was fine and i maybe need some paper to dry away all sperms on my. When i was standing there i could look out from a window and see Casandra and she was not feeling o good. she was pregnant and the baby was coming out now!.

something red was coming out it was an alien/monster -i think I’m gonna call them aliens.
the alien was like big as we are. when it come out and were standing up and walkd around in like 5 minutes it walkd to Casandra and pushed its cock in to her mouth!. that alien where fucking her mouth. i thinkd OMG!!! whats happening if i pregnant will my baby fuck my to?. started to feel dizzy..

The end

i know i know its bad English and if you did read everything and did understand it i say good work!!!

i will make a continue one this storie.

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