The Moment of Truth

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The day had finally arrived and Julie found herself wet from the sheer anticipation of finally meeting Tom. They had met online and had shared as much of each other as two intimate strangers could via the internet and those stolen moments on the phone. They had talked about meeting many times but it had never happened, but she told him that she had to be with him, to feel him. He wasn’t hard to convince, he wanted her too, so badly it ached at times. She had it all planned out, this was going to be an incredible night for them both, she would make absolutely sure of that.

She told him to meet her at an old roadside park that was no longer in use and completely secluded. What made this particular spot special was that is was right along an incredible stretch of beach. It was a place that provided an escape for her and many times she would come down, skinny dip and lay in the sun, completely naked, loving the feel of the warm sun on her sexy body. This was going to be the first time she shared it with anyone, but she was going to do more than share this place, she was going to share of herself in a way she had never shared with a man before. Julie went to take a shower and to get ready to meet him.

She stripped off all her clothes and stepped into the steamy shower. As she closed her eyes, her thoughts drifted to Tom, he was never far from her thoughts. Her soapy hand began to caress all the parts of her body that thoughts of him made tingle. Her breasts tingled and her nipples were rocked hard, as she pinched them between to sudsy fingers. Her hands traveled lower, over her firm stomach, down the soft furry patch between her legs. Ah, that one last special step before she continued this shower, she was going to shave this intimate spot between her legs.

She parted her legs and gently shaved the this part of her before she let her fingers enter the slippery wetness. She leaned into the shower wall, and fingered herself, stroking her clit, as the water from the shower cascaded down over her body. She had pleasured herself many times with thoughts of Tom or while talking to him over the phone, so he could hear what he did to her. But this time was so much more intense because she knew that in just a couple of hours he would be the one tantalizing her body in the flesh. She wanted it to be baby soft and bare for him as she had teased him with so many times. It was that thought that put her over the edge and she began a long, intense, self induced orgasm that made her melt down the shower wall, until she collapsed with a secret little smile on her lips.

She dressed in exactly what she had planned, a black thong bikini, with a sheer white lace cover up, that accentuated her tan body. She took extra time to make sure she smelled absolutely edible and looked the part too. She put an old but soft comforter in the car, she knew it would get cold on the beach even though now just the thoughts were like heat to her. She was more than ready for the drive to her special rendezvous. She climbed into her Mustang convertible, turned up the stereo and pulled out of her drive, she was on her way.

When she pulled up she parked her car out of sight and got out. He would be here soon and she couldn’t waste any time if her plan was to work as she hoped. She needed to get out and walk a bit anyway, to calm her nerves, though she was so ready for this night, she was nervous too, they had never met in person and she so wanted this to be the first perfect night of many to come. She walked down the hill toward the beach, as the sun was just beginning to make it’s decent in the evening sky, it was exquisite. She walked along the water’s edge, her bare feet splashing the water up onto her long, slender legs. She had just gotten herself relaxed, when she heard his car pull up.

Tom got out of his car and looked around but didn’t see her car there, he was hoping she hadn’t gotten cold feet and decided not to show up, but he was a few minutes early. He couldn’t wait to see her finally, to hold her, but more so to have her. She had gotten to him in a way that no other woman ever had and he had never even met her. Tom crawled up on the hood of his car, to wait impatiently, when he caught a glimpse of something. He wasn’t sure if it was her Adana Escort or not, it was a lone woman but with the sun in his eyes he couldn’t be sure.

He saw her slowly removing the lacy white cover up that hid the amazing body underneath, she tossed it aside, the wind catching it. He moved to the edge of his car hood and sat mesmerized by the sight laid out below on the beach. He was almost certain it was her, but something held him for approaching her yet. Julie was beautiful dressed in the black bikini that scantily covered her tanned body. He saw her arms reach behind her as if to stretch but when her she brought her arms back down, the bikini top came with it and she dropped it in the sand behind her as she continued towards him on the beach. He moved closer but never said a word while watching this private showing.

She reached up and cupped her breasts, they were very full and her nipples were large and rock hard. Her hands continued to move lower and she stopped, turned toward the water. He noticed the revealing bikini was a thong and as she bent over to splash water on her bare breasts, all he could think was how badly he wanted to run his tongue where that thong was laying in the middle of her tight ass. She next grabbed the sides of the thong and seductively removed it, teasingly pulling it down her long legs and then tossing it behind her. He was rock hard now and it was everything he could do not to run done there and devour her, but he had a feeling this private showing was not over.

Julie knew he was there watching her and she was hoping that this “for his eyes only” showing was having it’s desired effect. She felt confident it was because she could almost feel him, even though he was several feet away. She laid down in the sand, just at the water’s edge so that it lapped up and over her body. The sun glistened off her soft skin and her body felt so completely alive. Her hands moved down over her body in a seductive trail, grazing her rock hard nipples and then moving lower, one hand disappearing between her legs. The other hand reached down and scooped up some of the frothy ocean water and she splashed it across her chest. The water droplets slowly making their own exploratory paths downs each of her succulent breasts. Her hand gently caressed each breast, teasing and touching it, while her other hand became lost in the soft, moist part between her legs.

Her hand began to trace the pouty lips of her hot pussy as the cool water lapped up the juices that were already beginning to seep from her. She was so aroused, by her touch, the water and just knowing that he was there watching her she didn’t realize that Tom was just a few feet away now, moving towards her. When his body made a shadow over hers, she looked up and for the first time their eyes locked. For that moment they were lost in each other, the ocean, the sun, nothing in the world around them existed. Tom’s eyes finally left hers and moved down to take in the body that had entranced him from a distance.

She could feel his eyes devouring every inch of her and she so enjoyed the feeling. She stood and reached for his hand just before she pressed her damp body into his and kissed him for the first time. It started slow and lingering, but the hunger inside her took over, she parted his lips and slipped her tongue pasted them to taste him. Tom tasted like more and she knew she would have more of him, she would taste all of him. Her kisses became more urgent, as if she had waited to taste his mouth her whole life. When she pulled away they were both breathless, he started to speak, but she quieted him with another kiss.

Her hands began to explore the rest of him, with her lips and mouth following closely behind. She moved to his neck, kissing and nibbling on him, while her hands pulled off his shirt. Her eyes took him in, as she began to undress him, wanting to etch him into her mind. His chest was incredible and she loved to touch it and press her erect nipples into it while she kissed his neck and down toward his chest. She let him know how good he tasted but uttering little moans between nibbles and he responded to her with his own sounds of pleasure. Her hands moved lower, as her lips teased his chest, licking his nipples Adana Escort Bayan that were just as hard as her own. She gently nibbled and suckled all the way down his chest until she caught up to her hands that were removing his pants. As she slid his pants down his legs, she lowered herself to her knees and began to kiss a tantalizing trail down one of his thighs and back up the other thigh.

She could not get enough of him. She pulled him down to the sand with her and laid him back in the moistly packed down sand where she had been laying just minutes before. Again her mouth found his, kissing him so hungrily, so breathlessly. Her mouth again began its assault down his body, this time her hands caressing and trying to touch every inch of him that her lips could not. The tip of her tongue traced a line around each of his nipples and then lower over his stomach. Tom’s stomach sank in and quivered when her tongue trailed over it, in anticipation of where it was heading next. When her chin hit the head of his incredible cock, she stopped and looked at him and then down over his body. He was so worth the wait, he was incredible to look at. He was everything she had hoped for and more.

With an intoxicating little smile on her lips, she went down on him, her tongue moving up and down his throbbing shaft. Then she took the head of his cock into her mouth and savored it before eagerly sliding her lips the rest of the way down him. He gasped when she had him in as far as she could take him. Julie let her tongue dance around the soft skin covering this intense hardness, while her mouth moved up and down him in a slow, deliberate rhythm.

Her own moans were muffled by the fullness of his cock in her mouth but she could hear him moan and heavily breath her name into the ocean breeze. Her hands caressed his body and one moved lower to cup his swollen sac, her fingers gently teased the soft skin, while her mouth continued to move up and down his cock. She could feel his strong legs tense and knew he was close, so she increased the rhythm and began to move her mouth up and down him faster until he finally began to cum and fill her mouth with his warm, sweet juices. She lapped them up just as the water was lapping up against the very part of her that was now physically aching for his attention.

She moved her head back up and laid it against his chest, feeling his heart hammering against her cheek as he was coming down from the intense orgasm. She moved to lay down beside him and mold herself up against him while he recovered from the intense pleasure. It wasn’t long before Tom was more than ready to get his fill of her, he too wanted to taste her and to memorize the taste of her. He looked in to her eyes and kissed him, without words telling her that he wanted to give to her all that she had just given to him and she knew that he would. His mouth was so eager and warm on her damp skin as it moved toward her neck.

Tom kissed a fiery trail down her neck and then between her ample breasts. She arched toward him, craving more and more of his attention. His hands cupped her breasts and he began to massage and knead them with his fingers and palms. He then squeezed them together and guided his hands up to frame in her dark rose colored nipples. His mouth lowered and she shuddered as he took first one and then the other nipple and suckled it like a ripe, juicy strawberry. It was freeing to know that she could completely let go out here, with only the ocean breeze to hear her. Julie’s moans and cries of pure ecstasy were only heard by her and the man who was bringing her such intense pleasure. Just when she thought felt she was about to experience her first orgasm from him expertly titillating her breasts and nipples, he moved lower still.

Her tummy trembled inside as his soft breath moved over her lower until he stopped. She could feel his heavy breathing pick up when he saw the special treasure waiting for him between her legs. Tom ravished her with his eyes first, she had promised to be freshly shaved and beautifully bare down there but here it was in front of him, his for the taking. He loved the way it looked and didn’t take long to run his tongue along the folds of her moist pussy lips. His tongue set Escort Adana her on fire as it traced a very distinctive line down her slit, parting it for an even deeper taste. His hands moved lower, pulling her legs farther apart as he settled between them.

He fingers gingerly pulled apart her soft folds and then he moved in to sample the small erect bud her clit offered to him. His tongue toyed with it, lashing at it and she heard herself scream out his name. His tongue began a rhythm of flicking her clit and then sliding lower to enter her, in and out. The feeling was almost overwhelming, she found herself having a hard time breathing. He was feeding on her like a hungry child and with the same enthusiasm. She found herself swaying her hips toward his wanting mouth, as he plunged his tongue deep into her drenched pussy. Her breasts were gently bouncing with each thrust and she reached up and cupped them, pinching her nipples and begging Tom to never stop.

Without warning the most incredible orgasm she had experienced began to wash over her like a huge tidal wave from the ocean. She lost complete control and let it carry her away. Her juices flowed into Tom’s waiting mouth and he eagerly savored each drop of her. He softly kissed his way back to her mouth and kissed her with her own juices still fresh on his lips. He rolled over to her side and as she opened her eyes, he was looking down at her. It was such an intense look between them that she felt she could loose himself in him and never find her way back.

They lay there, their moist bodies bathed in the ocean water and their own pleasure juices, for a long time, just watching the sun set and enjoying the feel of each other’s naked body snuggly pressed together. The sun had gone down and that was chill surrounding the heat they had created together. She slipped away from him long enough to run playfully and naked to her car to get the comfy old blanket from her car. When she returned he wrapped them in the blanket, their bodies molded together and they kissed for what seemed an eternity. Their bodies came alive again in the confines of that old blanket and they both knew that this night was not complete.

She leaned into him, kissed his ear and whispered softly “I want to feel you inside me, Tom, I want to make love with you and to you”. Julie covered her mouth with his and that was all she needed. She spread the blanket out on the soft beach sand and lowered him back on it. She moved over him and straddled him, her soft, bare pussy gently kneading his firm cock. She kissed all over his chest and then back up to his mouth, her tongue exploring him over and over. She moved forward and grazed her rock hard nipples over his lips, as he nipped at them. She then lowered her body, so that his cock entered her slowly and she took every enticing inch he had to offer her.

She lay against him, just absorbing all the sensations of finally having his cock buried deep inside her. She then began to thrust her hot pussy up and down his shaft. With each up stroke she would tighten down and then ram him back upside her. Mmmm, it felt so good. She loved the way he filled her insides. Her rhythm picked up and she leaned towards him so that her nipples danced up and down his chest. That only added to the intensity, Tom placed his hands on her hips and guided her down onto him, adding to the force, as if he couldn’t get into her deep enough.

She responded by moving faster, her pussy began to contract around him and he could feel it. Within a few seconds they were both carried into a second orgasm that night that would seem to last for minutes. They rode it out, Julie sliding her drenched pussy up and done his shaft until they both came with such intensity that their warm juices mixed and cascaded down over his thighs. She collapsed on top of him, with his cock still tucked inside her. She didn’t want him to pull out and loose the feeling of him being inside her. They laid there the longest time, then he rolled her over wrapping himself around her, pulling the blanket around them both.

The watched the stars until the both dozed off. They hadn’t talked much but they knew this night would be about being with each other physically, to spend the sexual energy that had been building between them for weeks. They felt they knew each other from all they had shared up to this point and now they knew each other in a way they never dreamed possible.

This was to be the first incredible sexual encounter between them, but not the last.

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