The Model

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I was in my final year at university and, like all students, was always strapped for cash. To make up my grant, I did life modeling for art sessions at schools and art clubs. Much of it is standard work such as standing in a room of spotty teenagers whist wearing a thirties style outfit with silly hats and heavy coats. There was an art society based in a village hall just out of town where I did some nude modeling for a bunch of mostly old ladies, all pretty bland.

One of younger ladies, Lucia, who is in her late twenties was a part time teacher at the art college in town and asked me if I would do a nude session next week for £50. I couldn’t really afford to say no so agreed to be there at the specified time. I knew I may have to put up with a load of 17 and 18 year old boys looking me over but for £50 I felt I could cope, besides, I have no problems with showing off my body. I have always been told that I am sexy looking with a firm 36C-24-34 figure and natural tan (my dad is half Italian).

I arrived with good time to prepare myself and was shown to where I could get myself ready by Lucia. About twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door and Lucia said that they were ready. As I walked out into the room I was confronted by her art class, the majority of whom were girls to my relief. I dropped my robe and got into the pose they wanted. After about an hour we had a break and the class started talking and generally relaxing. Lucia then brought me a cup of tea and we started chatting.

After some small talk she asked if at the end of the session I was interested in her doing a small photo session for her so that she could do some extra drawings at home. I didn’t see any harm so I agreed; and besides, she offered me an extra £20. The rest of the session Flew by and it wasn’t long before it was just myself, Lucia and two of her students, Ian and Emma. Lucia explained that they were her best students (she later mentioned that they were also a couple) and asked if I minded if they took a few pictures. I didn’t mind, but the thought of Ian taking photos of me was beginning to turn me on.

The set was ready, a simple pale blue background and a low stool, and I sat down with my robe just hanging down while Lucia explained what I should do, “Just let yourself go,” she said, “just do as many poses as you can so that kızılay escort I can get a good selection from which to choose.”

At first I was a little unsure of what to do as I didn’t want to be too open but I didn’t want to hide myself. As the session went on I got into the feel of it and was soon enjoying myself. I kept noticing how Ian was trying to get a good view of my pussy without being too unsubtle and although I was unsure at first I got more daring. At one point Lucia went to get some more film so I sat forward on the stool and opened my legs as wide as I could. I then noticed Emma wink at me and give me a telling smile which made my cunt juices begin to boil; I also noticed a bulge forming in Ian’s jeans.

Lucia returned so I repositioned myself to hide how wet my cunt was. She said that she was out of film and that if Ian was finished we could call it a day. Ian shrugged and began to pack away. As I was getting dressed later Lucia came in to pay me and I noticed that she was looking at my rock hard nipples. “Does it turn you on doing nude modeling?” she asked. I told her that it was just the cold but I’m sure she saw my blushes. When I got home that night I had the best wank ever, my vibrator bringing me off several times, at one point I thought I was going to wake up my flat-mates with my screams of pleasure.

I thought that would be it, but a few days later I bumped into Emma in town. She thanked me for making Ian so horny, she had got a good seeing to that night. As we walked around the shops together we became very friendly and she asked me if I fancied doing another shoot, this time at her flat. She said that she could afford it as her father was rich and gave her more than enough money to survive. “If it leads to a fuck as good as the last time you modeled for Ian it will be £50 well spent.”

After my orgasms last time I wasn’t going to turn this opportunity down and we agreed to get together that night. I went straight home and got myself ready, deciding it would be nice to give my pussy a fresh shave so that Ian and Emma would get a better view of my hole. I left a small tuft of short brown hair just above my slit but the rest was completely shaved, showing off my pussy lips to perfection. I put on my sexiest summer dress, high heels and kolej escort nothing else; packed a small bag with some sexy underwear, a micro-bikini and my vibrator in case I got the chance to sneak a quick session.

I arrived slightly early and caught Emma in just her dressing-gown. She didn’t seem too worried and invited me in. She showed me the set she had made at the end of the lounge. The set was identical to the one I had used at the college, even the stall was the same, and there was also what looked like expensive camera equipment set up. Emma told me that Ian was in the bathroom and that I could use it to change when he came out. Emma went off to get changed so I hung around waiting for Ian, sexy thoughts going through my head the whole time.

After about five or ten minutes Ian wasn’t out so I presumed he wasn’t in the bathroom after all. I tried the door, which wasn’t locked, and walked in to find Ian sitting on the edge of the bath, trousers around his ankles, wanking his seven inches over the picture of me with my legs open, it was a close-up, the cheeky bugger had put his zoom at maximum. When he saw me he went bright red, pulled his trousers up and ran out of the room. This turned me on even more and my pussy was dripping wet already. I decided to put my orange micro-bikini on for the start of the shoot, as it doesn’t cover much and is easy to remove.

I came out of the bathroom to find them chatting about what they wanted and was invited to make my way onto the set. “I thought it would be nice if we started with a few bikini shots,” I said, and they both agreed but Ian refrained from looking me in the eye. Emma was wearing a short summer dress similar to mine and she sat to one side on the sofa.

I saw Ian had plenty of film and told him I was ready. Ian snapped away as Emma told me what to do and what positions to take. After Ian had taken a few shots of me in my bikini I started to take it off. It fastens with strings and as I undid them first my tits came into view then my shaven pussy. I looked over to where Emma was sitting and she had her legs wide open so that I could see straight up her dress at her completely shaven pussy. She saw me looking and hitched up her dress to give me a better view.

“Look,” she said to Ian, “She’s shaved her maltepe escort pussy just for us, aren’t we lucky.” I saw that Ian was grinning from ear to ear and that there was a huge erection under his trousers. All the time I was doing more poses and Ian now had control of me. I did exactly as he ordered and his orders were getting bolder. “Bend right over!” he said, and I did, giving him a great view of my rear. Next I lay on the floor and spread my legs.

At this point Ian took the camera off the tripod and moved in closer, “Spread your cunt lips!” he said, and I spread them wide for him, the zoom of his lens only inches from my now aching pussy. I looked over to see Emma in the throws of orgasm, three fingers working in and out of her at break neck speed.

When she recovered she looked me in the eye and said, “mind if I join you, give Ian some pics of us together?” and before I could say yes she lifted her summer dress over her head, walked over to me and pushed her face against my pussy.

The second her tongue hit my clit I was in heaven as an orgasm went straight through me. I then forgot about the camera as Emma and I started licking and sucking each other for all we were worth. Just as a second orgasm was building she stopped and ran out of the room. I lay there rubbing myself as I watched Ian who was now stroking his cock through his trousers, “This is unfair,” I said to Ian. “Emma and me are starkers and your still fully dressed!”

At this he started to strip off in front of me, I didn’t notice Emma return for a moment, but I soon realized where she had gone. She was wearing a huge strap on cock, “Time for you to get a proper shafting,” she said as she ordered me to bend over, ready to take it from behind. I was so wet that the 8″ fake cock slid straight in to the hilt, followed by Emma giving me long hard strokes. The orgasm that had faded when she left was now growing again and I soon lost control as I came for the second time. Then, without asking me first, she ordered Ian to lick me out whist she rode his cock. Ian lay on the floor and Emma told me to sit on his face. Ian’s tongue was probing me as Emma sat straight onto his cock and started to ride him.

We kissed as she rode his cock and it wasn’t long before all three of us were orgasming one after the other. Emma then stood up and ordered me to suck Ian’s come from her pussy. As I did Ian slid a condom over his dick and rammed it inside me in one single thrust.

After I sucked Emma to another orgasm she got up, got the camera and started taking photos of Ian pumping away at my pussy. Once Ian and I had come again we all decided to spend the rest of the night in bed together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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