The Minister’s Wife (Improved and revised)

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When Darrel, our Youth minister, first arrived at our he brought along his beautiful wife, Autumn, I must admit I had an instant crush on her. She’s so genuine, kind, and loving, everything a man could want in a personality. She is about 5’7” golden brown hair, hazel eyes and a gorgeous body. Since then she has had two kids but maintained a gorgeous figure, a very trim waist, and since she doesn’t believe in breast feeding she has maintained healthy 38D breasts, and a plump ass. I was in a relationship with a girl named Hailey and she was wonderful, and bore a striking resemblance to Autumn, granted smaller breasts and a tinier butt, maybe they looked so similar because Hailey was her niece.

Recently Darrel went out of town with his kids to spend some alone time with him. Two days ago Autumn called me and asked me to come over she had been cleaning and there were some boxes and bags she needed me to move to the street. When I came over the door was open but the glass screen door was closed, this was a universal sign at their house to come on in. So I did. I walked down their hallway and opened their bedroom door.

“Hey Matt, how are you?” she said smiling at me.

“I’m alright, where is the stuff I need to move?”

“Kind of all over, I’ll show you, oh hang on…” she bent over and picked up something, I don’t know what it was because I was to focused on her ass, it was gorgeous. Perfectly curved, sloping into her incredible thighs. Prior to that moment I’d never thought of her sexually, I had noticed her sure but the idea of actually having sex with her was a very new one and in that moment all I knew was that I wanted that ass for myself.

She turned and caught me staring she smiled, “heh,” she laughed to herself, “so there isn’t much to move but its too heavy for me, here they are,” she directed me to a pile of boxes and I lifted the first, a little heavy, but I could see why she couldn’t carry them herself..

“Hey,” she called out, “I’m going to go take a shower I’ll be right out, there’s a pizza on the way.”

“I’ll keep an ear out for it,” I yelled back, as I continued moving things out of the house to the curb I began to think of her in the shower water streaming over her breathtaking body, water cascading through her hair down her back, past her slim waist and over her glorious ass… No I can’t think of her that way she’s the wife of my minister. But the image was there and it wasn’t going anywhere just like the hard on forming in my pants.

I came back inside with one box left, the water had stopped running, she was probably drying herself off, slowly gently rubbing the water off of her perfect breasts, down her tight abs and around clit… No this was wrong it was terrible of me to think these things she was a mother, the aunt of my girlfriend, and a wife, the wife of my minister!!! But it didn’t matter what I thought its not going to happen even if I tried she is a woman of strong morals.

I grabbed the last box, and took it to the street, as I did the pizza arrived I paid the guy and took the pizza inside. Taking off my socks and shoes to make myself feel more at home. She had gotten dressed, in a sleeveless top and tight short shorts, and come out of her room, “oh, great the pizza’s here just set it on the table I’ll get some plates and cups, she went to the cupboard and reached up (in futility) “Matt, can you grab the pizza tray for me?”

“Sure,” I said as I came up behind her still semi-erect from thoughts of her I inadvertently pressed myself into her ass I reached over her for the tray passing it down to her. “Mmm” she moaned slightly as I started to pull away. I held there for a moment my dick poking her lower back. I could smell her scent I leaned in to her hair to take the intoxicating smell in, running my hand through her hair onto her neck and down her side resting at her waist, she turned over one shoulder and we caught each other in a gaze as we tilted our heads like lovers going for the first kiss…

CRASH!!! the pizza tray had slipped from her hand and crashed into the floor, breaking us from our trance. We sat and slowly ate in awkward silence neither of us acknowledging what had happened between us. When we finished she rose from her seat.

“I- I’m going to do some dishes“ she collected the dishes from the table and headed for the sink.

“I’ll help you,” I rose up I knew that she didn’t need help, but I wanted to see if this might go anywhere, minister’s wife or not I needed to know.

I came up behind her and as I started to reach around her I felt her tense up but as I wrapped my hands around her waist and pressed my fully erect 8-inch dick into the crack of her ass, “MMmmmm” she moaned lightly, releasing the dish she held in her hand placing her hands on top of mine and lacing our fingers. She began to look up at me as we gently grinded into one another, “oh, this is so wrong,” she breathed as our lips reached out and touched tenderly at first and as we continued to press into one another at the hips and at the lips. I felt her hand run though my hair as our tongues became entangled, exploring each other’s mouths.

Suddenly she pulled away. “No this is wrong, I’m married, with two kids, and your girlfriend is my…” I pressed into her, “oh but it feels so…” she leaned in and we kissed again, more intensely than before. Our hands began to explore one another’s bodies. My hands came to rest on her luscious ass, and I squeezed it tightly, and she let out an intense moan into my mouth

I pulled her up and rested her on the counter, as I reached down I pulled on her top, bringing it up, she fought it pushing her shirt down, I reached my hand up onto her breast through her shirt and bra, “Uuhhhh” she moaned.

We continued to make out, as I massaged her breast I kept a hand on the hem of her shirt, and her hand rested there fending me off but then I found her erect nipple sikiş izle through her bra and shirt and pinched it, “Uunnnhhh” she groaned into my mouth. Then she pushed away. “Listen,” she said, “Matt, I’m… Flattered by your…enthusiasm, believe me I haven’t been kissed like this in years, but I’m married, you’re in a relationship. This has to stop .”

“Fine Autumn, I’ll leave and never mention this again, if you can resist this,” I said leaning in to kiss her, but not on the lips on her hand, a trick that was what melted her niece Hailey, when she had moral protests about going “too far”. Then I worked my way up her forearm, past her elbow, planting a kiss every few inches, then I met the nape of her neck, I sucked lightly, leaving my mark on her. As I did her delicate fingers worked their way into my hair, as a slight moan escaped her lips. I lifted my head her hands falling around my neck, her fingers lacing. I leaned in and met her lips with mine, a gentle kiss. As I pulled away I started to ask, “So, What do you thi-“

Her lips were on mine again. She let her tongue pass her lips, and mine is there to greet hers, they wrestled with one another, in an illicit dance. Her hands still held my head, mine began to move south from hers. I pulled at the hem of her tightly fitting top as it rose we broke our kiss and as I looked into her beautiful greenish-brown hazel eyes, the lust that filled her eyes along with the rest of her face was like nothing I had ever seen in a woman. She broke the stare looking down at her now barely covered breasts.

They were two perfect handfuls held back by her bra, I reached out and slid away the tops of her straps, as she reached behind to undo her bra. I quickly grasped her breasts and she groaned incredibly. I just took one of her nipples, her perfect quarter-sized areolas, into my mouth, “Ah,” she gasped. Those beautiful pink nipples were amazing, and as I changed from one to the other, soft moans came from her lips. I began using my free hand to pull her shorts away, she was so focused on my tongue swirling around her nipple that she simply lifted herself to my tugging.

Now she was almost completely naked on the counter in their kitchen when I realized that there were windows and if we were caught I would never have another chance at this, but I needed to seal the deal before I worried about the logistics of getting caught. I pulled her panties off and began to massage her glorious mound, as I did I slid a single finger in to her snatch and groaned. I pushed two more fingers in and began to finger her rapidly, Suddenly, she erupted in cries of pleasure, her first orgasm rocked through her. She pulled my head into her breast as she exploded.

“OH MY GOD, MATT!” My hand was soaked in her juices. “Its never been like that I’ve never cum before.”

“Mmm,” I said tasting her juices on my fingers, “I’m not done either,” I smiled.

“Your damn right your not” she moaned through her sighs of pleasure.

I lifted her up, I knew we needed to move to a more private area, her marital bed.

I laid her gently on the bed, her legs hanging off the end, I knew she would need more convincing if I was to make love to her. I began to lick at her moist mound, working my tongue around her clit, as she continued to moan,

“YES matt just like that oh my God I’ve never had it this good before!

I began to slowly work my fingers in and our of her snatch I started over with one, she moaned lightly, then two, groans began to escape her lips, and finally three, and as I began to reach and touch her g spot, I could hear her revving up. Then I used my free hand and slid a finger into the crack of her asshole,

“HOLY SHIT!!!” she cried as her second orgasm came over her “Oh my God, this is so wrong but… OH,,, don’t stop, I don’t care if every one finds out I want you inside me. I want that dick in me NOW”

“You’ll have it soon enough,” I said testing my influence, “but lets not start with you pussy.,”

“OH MY GOD Anything!!! Anything you want, just say it,”

“Its only fair, that since you were in my mouth…”

“How selfish of me!” she smiled lustfully, she rose to her knees, and walked on them to the edge of her bed, stepping off, she walked around me and pushed me towards the bed. I sat down there. As she pulled at my belt, I pulled my shirt off, and as she ripped down my pants and boxers past my knees and ankles I wondered what I had awakened in this once innocent Christian wife, aunt, and mother. As her fingers wrapped around my hard on I closed my eyes as I felt her warm breath fall over my erection.

With little hesitation she began to work me into her mouth 1-inch, 2, before I knew it all 8-inches of my cock were in her mouth and down her throat her tongue was working around my length head to base again and again. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, this was the best blowjob I’d ever had, and from my minister’s wife no less!

“Au-Autumn I- I’m going to,” I stammered.

“Mmm,” she hummed on my dick, and that’s all it took.

“Ugh,” I grabbed her head pulled it down and erupted, down her throat jet after jet of cum, and she drained me dry.

“Mmm, I’ve only ever done that with Darrel, and I’ve never swallowed it before,” she said reflecting on what we had just done as she stood up, “but… God! You are at least twice his size!”

“Really, only with Darrel?” I said holding her around her waist and pulling her close, “Because you were amazing,” I leaned in and kissed her. “I bet other parts of you are just as amazing,” with that I squeezed her ass. “How about it? Hailey likes it. I know, you will,” I grinned.

“Oh well I can’t let her show me up now can I?” Autumn said playfully, “but be gentle I’ve never had it this way before.” I grabbed a bottle of massage oil from her dresser as she bent over on the bed presenting herself to me. I lubed brazzers up my member, and pored some between her cheeks then I spread them and pressed my way in, slowly, carefully.

“Oh God Matt!” she said as I reached the halfway point, “That’s fucking amazing!” I’d never heard her swear, but this was probably the best context for that. “Aaah yeah!” she moaned as I bottomed out in her tight asshole. I pulled myself out some and began to go back in, “Oh God Matt! Harder please harder!” I obliged.

“OH! OH!” she called out in increasing speed, “OH! OH!” each one as I bottomed out. She began to push back against me in time with my thrusts, “Oh God Matt Do me harder! Like an Animal!” I couldn’t believe this me and Autumn, ass-fucking in her bed, where her children had once been conceived. Her moans grew louder as I pushed tried to stimulate her g-spot on the other side. I don’t know if I hit it but something sure happened.

“Oh Fuck!” She squealed as I felt her body tremble and hot juices pored down my leg, I began to cum soo I couldn’t hold back any more. As we continued going the passion was too much for me, I began slap her ass “Oh fuck!” SLAP! “Oh shit!” SLAP! “God Damn! I love your cock, Matt! God Damn I love your cock.” SLAP! “Fuck me harder!” SLAP! Oh! its so fucking thick and-” SLAP! “so long I can’t-” SLAP! “Yes hit me like that fuck me like the bitch I am! AAHHH!”

Slurp, I pulled out of her climbed to her place on the bed and, called gently to her, “Autumn,”

She woke up, “Oh God Matt, you mean Hailey has experienced that?”

“No,” I smiled, “I’ve never been so turned on in my life.”

“Me either, Matt, I’m so glad you popped my ass cherry,” she smiled as she sat up on the end of the bed. I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else.

“I’m glad you feel that way,” I said, “I’ll never feel that with anyone other than you,” with that I leaned in and kissed her.

“Mmm,” She looked up at me, “Soo, what now Matt? Its getting late shouldn’t you be heading home?”

“Not necessarily,” I placed another kiss on her lips, “When is Darrel back in town?”

She furrowed her brow suddenly reminded of her life outside of this night. “Sunday Night so late tomorrow night”

“Well then I’m definitely not heading home,” I smiled. “I want to spend every possible moment with you. I love you.”

“Matt…don’t say things like that,” she said sternly as that beautiful smile left her face.

“What why not?” I asked

“”Matt what we’ve done is wrong, I’ve cheated on my husband, with one of his youth group, who was cheating on his girlfriend my niece!” Tears welled in her eyes. “I can’t believe how out of control I became, I’m a horrible person.”

“For what Autumn?” I said, “For allowing yourself to feel real pleasure? For repaying that pleasure?”

“Matt, its sinful, and its wrong, your with Hailey, and I’m married to Darrel, I love Darrel!” tears now streamed down her cheeks.

“Well I love you Autumn, I always have, since I met you, you’ve been so wonderful to me,” I said, ” I knew I loved you for certain, last month when we were on that trip with the youth group when I passed out from dehydration and I woke up to find you sitting next to my bed, watching me so vigilantly, .”

“Matt, You can’t love me, We both have other people we love!” She exclaimed sobbingly.

“I can’t love you?” I said angrily, “or you cant have me love you. I know how I feel about you Autumn and that won’t change. Why can’t you admit that what happened between us tonight… that was a real, passionate expression of our love. You said so yourself you’ve done things with me that you wouldn’t dream of doing with Darrel.”

“Matt I think you should leave,” She said arms folded, her eyes avoiding my own.

“Fine, Autumn, but know that this doesn’t change anything,” I walked up to her lifted her chin so that she saw me and I placed a kiss on her forehead.

I drove home, not sure of what had happened or what to make of it. I laid it all out there and she rejected me. It hurt. I knew that I would never feel the same way for a woman, as I did for her. No woman’s taste, smell or touch would ever compare to hers, Hailey and I had done all the same things but never had I smelled anything more intoxicating than Autumn’s scent.

I finally arrived home my parents asking what took so long. The truth was that I had stopped off at a friends to wash up, and clean my clothes, my parents aren’t stupid (though I doubt they would guess my partner). I headed to my room my mind swirling with the lost possibilities.

I woke the next morning to a text message on my phone it was Autumn it read “Matt, it might be wise for us to keep some distance at church for the next few weeks, its for the best.” I sighed got up cleaned up and headed to church by myself, I drove myself there since my parents were both feeling ill. When I got there I saw Autumn in a radiant sundress, her breasts straining against her bra, I realized that this was the first time I had seen her clothed since our encounter and I no longer wondered what she might look like under that dress, I knew. that was little consolation for the rejection I was feeling.

About Midway through the service I knew she would have to leave (as she often does) to help prepare the snacks for the children. so I got up when I realized it was close to that time, and headed her off in the lobby.

“Matt!” She said startled, “I thought I- did you get my message?”

“I did that’s what I want to talk to you about,” I grabbed her by her shoulders, “but lets go somewhere that we can talk without risking being over heard.”

“Like where?” she asked.

“The third floor,” I suggested. the Third floor of our church was a relatively unknown area to the majority of the members, it was essentially a storage room. And off to the side of this room was an apartment fake taxi porno for youth interns that was currently unused. As we entered the studio apartment style room. She sat on the couch, and I followed suit.

“Matt, we have nothing to talk about, last night was a one time thing,” she said, then she turned her face away, “I’m so ashamed of it.”

“Are you really? Autumn why did you invite me to your house last night?” she started to open her mouth, “and don’t tell me it was because of some stupid boxes needing to be moved. Those could have waited 24 hours for your husband to show up what’s the real reason? Was it that you knew how I felt? I can’t say I did everything to hide it, was it that you heard about me from Hailey? what was it?”

“I knew how you felt about me, Matt,” she said, tears in her eyes, “I’d seen the way you looked at me and It was like I was the only woman in the world worth looking at, even when we had you and Hailey over for dinner I felt your eyes caressing me as if we were the only ones there. No one has ever looked at me with so much passion and tenderness all at once. Lately I’ve felt bad about myself, Darrel seems uninterested in me lately, and I knew if I had you over you’d look at me that way. I just wanted a little boost, but I never intended to- to-” she stopped her eyes overflowing with tears her lips shaking and her glance down at the ground

“To what Autumn?” I asked softly, “say it.”

“To find love, Matt, I love you,” she cried, “and I wanted to avoid you hoping that I could forget how you made me feel. How soft your touch was, how passionate your kiss, how I even loved to…” she stopped her gaze dropping to my erection.

“But why? Why forget that Autumn?” I asked.

“Because, I know we can never be together, I can’t leave my children even for you,” her crying began to subside.

“I know how you feel I would never ask that of you Autumn, your children are wonderful, and they deserve you as a mom,” I said earnestly, wrapping my arm around her as she leaned on my shoulder.

“What are we going to do Matt?” she said still tears in her eyes, “I cant live without you!” she looked up at me and I kissed her, we continued to kiss the passionate kisses we had shared before couldn’t compare to this one, none in my life could. It might be our last and we knew it. She began to unbutton my shirt as I pulled her dress down and off her ankles, taking her heels off, too. she wore matching a silk pink bra and thong, but there was little time to appreciate them as we soon had them on the floor next to us I felt her tug at my belt, I kicked off my shoes and socks as she stood up and crouched down taking my pants with her. As she rose again, she caught my eyes, there we each stood naked and full of lust. I took her in my arms toward the bedroom, which was closer to the stairs. In that moment of silence, as we crossed the threshold her in my arms, we heard words echo through the room, the preacher’s words crossed between us.

“Let sin not tempt you, brothers and sisters,” He called out, ” not to greed, not to violence, and not to sexual immorality.”

With that I kissed her, how could what we feel be immoral? It was love, true love!

We began to kiss again, more words flew from the preachers mouth to our ears but none were headed. We wasted no time we each knew what we truly wanted. To consummate our secret forbidden marriage, on our undeclared marital bed. She bit her lip as I pulled her legs toward me lifting her ankles over my shoulders she grabbed the headboard behind her, and I pressed slowly into her.

It was ecstasy she was warm and inviting, tight from a years lack of use and as I bottomed out I felt my dick rest at her cervix. “Ah,” she moaned, “Perfect Fit,” she smiled and I knew she was mine now until eternity, she would be mine. Her eyes lit up as she said, “Now fuck me, make me truly yours,” and I was all to willing to do so with that I began to fuck her as hard as I could quick thrusts into her tight wet pussy, “Ah fuck yes! Ah Matt, Ah! Fuck me! Fuck me Lover! my true, husband! Ah! I belong to you, Matt, Ah! All to you, not to Darrel not to anyone! That’s right fuck your minister’s wife fuck me in this church! Make me See God! Ooh Matt! Show me that you are my sex God!”

I was beginning to feel myself lose control, “Will you have any others before me?”

“NO,” she cried out, “You’re my only lord my master the only one I will worship! Oh my Sex God!”

“That’s right your mine and belong to no one else!” I proclaimed.

“Oh make me yours!” she cried out, “Plant your seed in me let me bear your fruit!” at that I couldn’t hold it anymore, I came. I buried myself deep into her feeling my cum shoot at the base of her cervix. She was mine, I was hers. We were one body, and one flesh, I was in her literally and metaphorically our hearts belonging to one another. We both lay there as we recovered from the most intense passionate session either of us have ever had.

I turned to her, taking in my secret wife’s beautiful body, “Did you really mean what you said about bearing my fruit?”

“I meant all of it, Matt,” she smiled taking my hand and placing on her heart, “I’ve never loved like this. You’ve redefined what love is for me, and what passion means and feels like. I love the children I have but to have another by you, my true husband, would bring me so much joy.” Her eyes moved around the room. “Oh my gosh, we just made love in a church,” she laughed.

“No we’ve just consummated our marriage, our true love for one another, here,” I said running my fingers through her hair and planting a kiss on her lips. “This is our marital bed, our Honeymoon suite. Were our first child has been conceived.” I rested a hand on her stomach.

“God, I hope so, Matt,” she rested her hand on mine.

And it was, our first child Mattie was born 9 months later. Every Sunday since that day we’ve met up in that third room apartment. and even sometimes throughout the week. We’re in love and a silly thing like her already being married won’t be getting in the way

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32