The Milkmaid’s Tail Ch. 01

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Author’s note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


The sun disappeared beneath the horizon as she gazed at me in my old farmhouse bedroom, her eyelids halfway closed and her lips slightly parted. Motes of dust danced in the last of the sunlight that leaked through the dusty window.

“I’ve never done this before,” I spoke under my breath, my heart beating so hard in my chest that I could barely hear my own confession.

“It’s okay,” she said, “We’ll take it slow.” A sly smile spread across her elfin face. She was wearing a blue nightie that revealed just a sliver of her smooth belly. I stared hard at her red bikini panties and my eyes rose to the dark plunge of her cleavage. Every curve of her was holy and unknowable, a swelling of skin and flesh that left my mouth dry. I felt my cock twitch in my boxer briefs. She looked down at my bulge and smiled.

“Come here.” Her voice was soft, like a gentle spring rain. I grew hard in anticipation as I stepped barefoot across the room. She lifted her right hand and Bostancı Escort ran it down my belly, cupping my cock and balls as my breath grew ragged and my mind dull.

“You are mine.”

I was hers. My whole body shuddered as she spit on her left hand and plunged it into my shorts, grasping onto my hard shaft with a suddenness that excited me. She loosened her grip and began to pump my cock with swift, sure strokes. Precum spurted involuntarily from my hard penis, and the sensation weakened my knees.

“Sit down and lay back.”

She owned me, my cock, balls, and everything else that was mine, and her words were like scripture to me.

She followed me down to the wooden floor. I lay on my back, the floor cool underneath my wide shoulders.

“Stay still.”

Her fingernails grazed my thighs as she pulled down my black cotton briefs, my cock springing to attention, her hand gently wrapping around it, taking possession. My balls grew heavy and ached for release. I reached for her pale heavy thighs and felt her soft skin and strong muscle Anadolu Yakası Escort on my fingertips. My manhood was like a rod of steel running all through my body, an electric sensation begging for more. The whole of my being wanted to plunge into her softness. Her touch gave me permission to feel pleasure, and my young body was inundated with satisfaction.

She moved up my thighs to straddle me, my cock pulsing in her hand as she pushed its head gently against her lower belly. I slid my hands around her hips and grabbed onto her round rump. She put her right hand on my chest and arched her back. She threw her head back, cheeks flushed and eyes heavy, the tip of her tongue resting on her full lower lip, her teeth gleaming in the dark. Her left hand pumped my cock, lubricated with her spit and my precum. Her hand twisted and turned around the spongy head of my shaft until I was about to burst. She felt me losing my control and gripped down harder onto my rod.

“Fuck.” I grunted and squirmed, fighting the urge to lose control and cover her delicate Pendik Escort hand with my cum.

She lowered her head down to her hand, blond hair cascading in sheets, and I felt my hardness enter into the hot wet hole of her mouth.

“Fuck!” I groaned as I felt my my balls grow huge and heavy like water balloons about to burst, and then I felt her lips wrapping around my cock head and I couldn’t hold back any longer. Like a river bursting through a dam, my hot spunk surged from my straining cock, past her soft lips, spilling onto her tongue and down her throat. Wave after wave of white cream spurted from my pulsating cock as groans of ecstasy came thundering out of my throat. I heard her struggle to swallow it all, my eyes closed in ecstasy as my hips bucked up from the hardwood floor. I saw red and black, and felt the stars come out in the night sky.

When I regained consciousness, I opened my eyes. She still hovered over me, straddling my legs, and I felt heat radiating from the small triangle of fabric that covered her smooth pussy lips. In the fading light, I could just make out the whites of her eyes as she ran a delicate hand down the front of her belly into the junction between her glowing thighs. Two dribbles of my cum ran out the sides of her mouth, dribbling down to frame her petite chin.

“We’re not even close to done, honey.”

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