The Meeting Place

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I am anxiously awaiting your arrival. We haven’t seen each other in … I don’t know…. 2 days, and I know my body is aching for yours.

We decide to meet in a shopping center parking lot. My phone rings, and It’s you, telling me you’re almost here. My stomach lurches with anticipation, and I can already feel the wetness between my legs. I want to give in and rub myself until you arrive, but I hold off. I want you to be the one to satisfy me.

I see you then, coming around the corner in your Charger. My hands are shaking as you pull up and flash me that mischievous smile: the one that tells me that I am in so much trouble!

I do my best at staying calm as I climb out of my car and walk around to the door. You pop the door for me, and I slide into the passenger seat. You smile and say hello… and begin to drive us away from the center. Suddenly, you stop, pull me close to you and say you meant to do something. You kiss me with such force that I simply melt!

You peel out onto the highway, and I ask you where we are going? You just look over at me and smile not answering my question. I settle into the seat, enjoying the ride and your company. You, however, have other ideas. You take your hand and immediately shove it up my dress, knowing all too well I am going to be drenched already from the want I have for you. There’s a special move you have with your fingers when you diddle my clit, and it makes me hunch against your hand, I try my best to hold off coming, wanting to save it for later, when you have your cock buried deep inside me. I let myself go a little, allowing little tremors of release while you are driving ever faster to our destination. Adana Escort My hand finally rests on your bulge, and I just know that if my hand was in your pants, you would already have a bead of pre cum glistening the head of your cock.

You take your hand out from under my dress and let me lick my wetness from your fingers. Tasting myself on you, any part of you, is such a rush for me! You pull your hand away just long enough to maneuver the car into the parking lot of a hotel that you already reserved for us.

It only takes a moment before we are both out of the car and you have me pinned against the passenger side, turning me around and pressing yourself against me. You waste no time in wrapping your arms around me and kissing me with such force that it almost takes my breathe away… I lean over and stand on my toes so you can get better access. I close my eyes to take in all the sensations I am feeling right now. You place your hands on my hips and guide me so I can feel your hard cock hiding behind your dress slacks. You know that I love a man in dress pants and a dress shirt (where the sleeves are rolled slightly to expose the strong forearms…sexy)As you glide your perfect cock against me, all I can think is. Oh, my God!!! It feels even better than I remembered! Already I can feel the start of a tremendous orgasm, as my pussy is starting to quiver and I feel my clit swelling with each stroke.

You can tell I am getting closer too. If it wasn’t my body giving it away, it would have to be my moans, sighs, and my breathy “Oh God” over and over that lets you know. Your respond by saying “Oh, yeah! Come on, baby! That’s Adana Escort Bayan all it takes for me to let loose with such force that I nearly lose my balance! My knees go weak and I feel like the world is fading and spinning as I enjoy wave after wave of the most incredible feeling that only you know just how to give.

I recover long enough for you to let me go and guide me to the hotel where you have a room set up for us…Your hand in mine, we slowly walk into the hotel lobby, both excited and anxious knowing that in a matter of minutes, we will be secluded in a room alone for the first time just waiting to experience each other completely and fully. The anticipation of what is about to happen is building and I can hardly wait…trying to control my emotions as I want the moment to last, and yet…I want it to begin. The need to have you inside me is driving me crazy.

We arrive at our door…you fumble with the damn key card, finally we hear the infamous little “click” of the lock and you open the door and guide me inside. Once the door closes, you remember to place the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door and lock it. With a smile of delight, you come to me slowly, and slowly caress my face, give me a simple soft kiss on the lips and then move over to pour us a glass of wine from the wine that you brought to the room earlier. You ask me to light the candles that are scattered around the room. You bring me a glass of wine and make A toast to the many blessings and feasts we have to look forward to tonight, and we drink a sip…only a sip as you take my glass away and place it on the desk.

We both look at each other with expectations Escort Adana and wanting and can no longer hold back…you reach for me and in a matter of moments, I am down to my bra and panties…this shocks you as you know that I dont normally wear any…but it excites you none the less.

We move to the bed and I lay over it, holding my legs open for you so you can get a good look at it. You waste no time in filling me up with your mouth and tongue, sliding in and out of me. You know just where to hit it, and soon I am having a mind blowing orgasm, shivers all over me and my legs so weak.

Next, You take my legs and put them over your shoulders, and grind into me slowly. I grab onto the edge of the bed and push myself as far onto you as I can, feeling my clit swell more each time you push into me. I begin to dig my legs into your shoulders as I feel myself giving way again, all the while moaning and begging you to make me come. Of course, you are too willing to give me what I want, as a very knowing look comes over your face. Your eyes are focused on me, half closed, and you have this smile….. The kind that speaks volumes: That you know just what you are doing to me, and you know that you, and only you, can give me just what I need.

By now you are getting close too. You have held off and given me countless spasms, but now it’s time to get your release. With more force than I knew was in you, you thrust one more time, your body rigid as you explode and shoot your wad so far into me, I think I can feel it in my throat! That sends me into one more powerful orgasm, our sex filling the air, pulsating against each other, draining each other and we become perfection for one another, shutting out everything else and feeling we are the only two people in the world who have ever had this feeling, this perfect feeling.

I knew we were horny for each other, but I never expected anything like this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32