The Meeting of Two Queens

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So after I submitted two previous stories; The Latex Queen and The Anal Queen, I received a request to whether I could write a story involving both characters. This request really got my mind working and what follows is the story of two very kinky queens meeting in a fetish club.

I didn’t notice her walk in at first. It was only when I saw people turning their heads to look that I did the same to see what they were all looking at. The first thing I noticed about her was her height as she glided through the door to the bar. Even though I was wearing ridiculously high platform stripper heels in her boots she would tower over me. Then there was the outfit, the all latex ensemble that was just jaw dropping. A tight made to measure black catsuit hugged every contour of her body and was shined to perfection, the lights of club reflecting off it.

Wrapped around her waist was a red latex corset pulled in tightly to accentuate her already impressive cleavage.

Six suspender straps stretched from her corset to some near transparent red latex stockings. The red seam lines and matching band at the top of the stockings provided a striking contrast to the black latex corset.

To match her red corset she wore deep red latex gloves up to her shoulders. It already felt that those red covered hands would be very prominent in what was due to happen.

The centrepiece of her outfit as always was her hood. Black to match the catsuit it was shined to perfection and made to perfectly fit her features. Her dark red lips were perfectly framed by the latex and her eyes burned deep from with the recess her hood. Sat upon the top of the hood was a long fake ponytail, bright deep red to match the gloves and corset.

I had no idea how she could stand the heat of being in multiple layers of latex as even wearing very little I was hot and sweaty. I must admit part of this was as much down to excitement and anticipation of what was about to happen for me. My outfit in comparison to the Latex Queen’s headturning ensemble was nowhere near as impressive! To go with my high stripper platform heels I wore a pair of hold up black fishnet stockings and then a pvc peephole bra and matching short black PVC skirt that left everything on show. After all being the Anal Queen I had to have my arse on show! To finish off my outfit I wore a simple black collar around my neck.

She walked past me and stopped. Suddenly she turned around, stared at me and slowly walked back to until she had stopped directly on front of me. She was imposing and intimidating looking down at me like a headmistress would a naughty pupil. My heart beat faster and I felt myself get very nervous all of a sudden.

“Are you the one they call the Anal Queen?” She asked without a hint of a smile or emotion from behind her latex hood.

“Erm yes Mistress, that’s what they call me.” I replied nervously now aware that some people had turned to look at us.

“Good….that’s a bold claim…let’s test this shall we. Come with me.”

I couldn’t answer, I could only look up at her and smile. Not only had she spoken to me she had also chosen me to play with. From the stories I had heard and what I had seen on other nights myself I knew that getting more than a few words out of her was a miracle in itself! I also knew that to be chosen by her to be played with was a privilege and I knew I was going to be in for a very kinky and intense experience.

She took hold of my hand and pulled it firmly to motion me to follow her. I held on to her latex covered hand feeling how smooth and firm it was. She proceeded at pace through the club with people quickly getting out of the way for her. I would have marveled at the way she moved so quickly through the crowd in her high boots but I was desperately trying to keep up with her without falling over in my own high heels.

She dragged me through the crowd to a small platform in the corner of the club. She turned around and clasped her hands either of my kurtköy escort face. I could smell the latex of her gloves as she stared into my eyes.

“I’m going to play with you tonight, but before we start you must know I’m going to really push you and be very kinky with you. Do you understand?”

My heartbeat quickened again and my pussy tingled, I was more than up to the challenge and to be picked by this latex goddess to put on a show really excited me.

“Yes Mistress, I’m up for any challenge!” I replied full of excitement.

With that she clipped a shiny metal leash on my collar and pulled hard on it. Wearing a collar is erotic but having a leash attached to it and pulled tightly to make you do something is an entirely different feeling especially if it is done by a hooded dominant. My body shivered in excitement and my pussy tingled as she pulled me over to a leather covered play bench.

She manoeuvred me around to face the bench and her gloved hand firmly pushed my back to bend me over. She walked around to the front to face me and delicately but quickly tied my wrists down. Without speaking or showing any emotion she took hold of her bag and took out a harness which she placed around her waist. I knew what was coming next and knew all this was being done very deliberately in front of me but it was still a surprise to see the size of the dildo she took out of the bag. I caught at couple of people gasping at the size of it but I knew deep down I could take it something this big and it excited me that I was in no position to not take it.

She attached the strap on to her harness and stood in front of me just inches from my face. It was huge and imposing. Lifelike veins bulged on the fake cock which must have been 15 inches long. The girth of it was impressive but I knew deep down I could definitely take it in my pussy and secretly confident I could take it in my arse.

The lights of the club glistened off the black plastic of the strap on as she took a step forward and presented the oversized head to my lips. I opened my mouth as wide to take it in. I sucked my lips around it as she slowly pushed it in and out. I had only got a few inches inside my mouth when she withdrew it, the act of feeding it into my mouth appeared to be more for the watching audience than for either of us two.

She walked around to stand behind me. I was excited for her to take me with this strap on in front of all the watching people. Her hands gripped my hips firmly and I took a deep breath.

I felt the head of her strap on push against my pussy lips and slip inside me. I moaned in pleasure as she pushed further inside me and pulled back and pushed again. With a couple of similar thrusts she had managed to fully push her strap on all the way in my pussy. She proceeded to fuck my pussy with her strap on building up the intensity until she was violently pounding it in me. I screamed and moaned out in pleasure at her using me like this enjoying every moment of her strap on filling me and the gathering audience watching us. I didn’t realise at the time until someone who had been watching that they had watched the latex queen have a mini orgasm from the strap on rubbing against her crotch as she violently fucked my pussy.

Suddenly she slowed down her pounding on my pussy to a gentle rhythm. I suddenly felt her gloved finger on my other hole. I smiled to myself knowing that this is what she really wanted to do me and what I really wanted from her aswell. I felt her tugged on the butt plug embedded in my arse and moaned as she slowly removed it. Immediately I felt her finger around the rim of my bum hole and then pushed in. I gasped enjoying the sensation of her latex gloved finger probing inside of me.

She removed her finger briefly and then I felt it again only this time it was covered in lube. This time she slipped in two lubed fingers easily inside of me and worked them in and out lubing my arse. With her strap on still fully inside aydıntepe escort my pussy and two fingers in my arse I was starting to feel wonderfully full but I knew I could be stretched even more and she knew it aswell. I moaned louder as she worked a third finger into my arse and started to finger fuck my arse slowly in time with her strap on fucking of my pussy. I moaned and screamed in pleasure getting closer to orgasm. She sensed this and as my thighs began to tremble she suddenly stopped, pulled her fingers out of my arse and followed by the strap on out of my pussy. I moaned in disappointment and frustration as I felt her give my cheeks a few quick spanks with her gloved hands. She was playing with me and knew exactly what she was doing to me.

Both my holes felt open and exposed and it was only a few more seconds until I felt more lube around the entrance to my arse. I then moaned as I felt the cold hard head of her strap on against my arse. She pushed in hard and once past the initial muscles the strap on slipped in easily. I looked up to see a lot of people watching and some of them wide eyed at how easily it hard slipped in. I felt full and stretched as it pushed in but knew I could take it.

I continued to breath deeply and regularly as I felt her hands take hold of my hips. As soon as she had a grip on my hips she pulled the strap on back and then pushed back in hard. I screamed out as she then proceeded to fuck my arse like she had fucked my pussy. The faster and harder she pounded my arse the more I pushed back though, after all I was the anal queen and loved putting on a show! I was hoping she was impressed at my capabilities.

I panted and moaned out loudly at the fucking I was getting and enjoying every moment. The latex queen showed no emotion though, no sound, nothing at all as she held on to my hips tightly and pounded rhythmically away in my arse with her large strap on. She slowed down her pounding off my arse and without warning slowly slipped the strap on out of me. I groaned at the sudden feeling of emptiness as she moved around me and unclipped my cuffs.

“Stand up and turn around.”

I stood up as she took her strap on off and rearranged the bench, adding two extensions to turn it in a chair. She turned towards me and her eyes stared at me intently as she motioned for me to sit back in the chair.

I settled into the chair with my legs wide open and my holes obscenely on show to everyone look at me. Even though she had not cuffed me this time I couldn’t move a great deal. She showed no emotion in her eyes or mouth behind her hood as she stepped in front of me. She methodically covered her left hand with a generous covering of lube making sure every finger was even fully covered, the red glove now glistening prominently. It was all rather deliberate and for me waiting patiently I found the anticipation of it all rather a turn on.

She stepped forward and slipped two fingers easily into my arse. I moaned at the sensation, relaxed and regulated my breathing as she worked a third finger inside me again. After taking her large strap on three fingers fitted nice and snug inside my arse and I was now ready to be truly filled and stretched.

Again she said nothing, she didn’t need to, she obviously knew what she was doing and she knew I could take what she had planned for me. Slowly her fourth little latex covered finger pushed into me stretching my anal ring open even more. She pushed her fingers in further making me squirm a little and then back out again. She pushed again as I relaxed and breathed out my muscle relaxing to let he stretch me. She did this a few times opening me up a little bit more everytime until very slowly she folded her fingers into a ball.

I suddenly felt very full, stretched, sore and most of all turned on. I took another quick sniff on a bottle of poppers and relaxed my body as her whole fist pushed deeper into my arse. I briefly caught sight of some people gasping tuzla içmeler escort as the latex queen pushed more of her fist in my arse. She pulled back and then pushed deeper. I gasped myself, my head now a whirl of the heady mixture of pleasure and pain.

I tried to keep my breathing steady as my anal muscles contracted around her fist. I fell so full, so tight and so turned on. I gasped loudly as she pulled her fist back a little and pushed in again which made scream out in that delightful mix of pain and pleasure. With each cycle of pulling her fist back and then in again she pushed further.

I screamed out in pleasure as she worked and pushed her fist deeper into my arse than anyone else ever had before. She was really giving my tight hole a working over and I was hoping she was enjoying this as much as I was!

She held her fist deep in my arse and the next sensation I felt was her other latex gloved hand on my pussy lips. I moaned as she ran her fingers over my clit and then between my soaking wet open pussy lips. I felt her slip two fingers into my pussy with ease, followed by a third. She quickly worked these three fingers in and out of my pussy before slipping a fourth finger and finally her thumb into my pussy. I screamed out in ecstasy as her hand made a fist inside inside of my pussy, I was finally being double fisted as she started to move her fist in and out of my pussy.

I only wished I could have watched the scene everyone else was looking at! The sight of me laid back legs up and apart for the world to see and then this latex queen’s hands inside of me. One in my arse and in my pussy fisting me deep and hard. I was sweating profusely and screaming out in pleasure as she double fisted my holes.

I had never felt so full, stretched and turned on. The fact that this mysterious, faceless latex queen was double fisting me in front of an audience was making it even more of a turn on. My pussy was dripping wet, my nipples rock hard and my whole body quivering in excitement.

The suddenly she stopped, holding her fists wrist deep in my holes. I wondered what was going on as I was desperate to cum. I was on the edge of my orgasm and now left frustrated and confused. Then I felt something on my clit and opening my eyes I saw her head between my legs, her tongue was on my clit. She began flicking her tongue hard and quick over my clit. That was the moment of no return for me and my orgasm ripped through me. I screamed out so loud the whole club probably heard me as my body shook all over. I thrashed around on her fists as she never let up on my clit during my orgasm. I have never cum like this ever before. This was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced and for only the second time ever I squirted as I came. I let out a final guttural roar as I squirted all over her latex covered face.

I eventually came back down to earth from my euphoric orgasm just as she slowly pulled her fists out of each of my holes. I immediately felt a heady mix of relief and emptiness as both holes contracted a little and I felt the cool air hit them. I slowly felt the feeling return to my legs and I took some deep breaths.

I stood up gingerly feeling exposed and exhausted. My pussy was sore and still soaking wet. My arse was even more sore and my rosebud exposed to the cool fresh air. I could feel it slowly contracting in as I took in some deep slow breaths.

As I sorted myself out I watched her methodically gather up her stuff into her bag. Suddenly she turned around, took a step towards me and took hold of my face tightly with her hands on either cheek. Her lips met mine and her tongue forcefully made it’s way into my mouth. She passionately kissed me as our tongues intertwined. And then just as soon as she had started kissing me she suddenly stopped and pulled away sharply.

“Well done. I enjoyed that. I think you proved yourself as the Anal Queen.” She said with the vague hint of a smile behind her hooded face.

“Thank you.” I replied as I looked up at her towering over me.

“Next time you should wear some latex though.”

“Yes Miss.” I replied blushing as she suddenly turned, stepped off the platform and strode through the club now she was finished with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32