The Meeting

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Time had been passing slowly, but now it seemed I had only a short while to wait until I met Annie and Suzie. While taking a shower, I thought about what had taken place earlier during our webcam meeting, and I still had trouble believing it had actually happened! How many times do two young bisexual girls instantly fall head over heels for a 57-year old man? And even if they do, how likely is it that they’ll put on a show for him and tell him what they want him to do to them when they meet in person? That doesn’t even happen in porn! (Well, maybe it does happen, but I haven’t seen that one.)

Once out of the shower, I wondered if I should shave my cock and balls, or just go as I was. I opted for the shave. I also shaved around my goatee and moustache, dried my hair and then moved on to deciding what to wear. This could be tricky. I didn’t want to appear too eager, but I didn’t want to wear something that would be difficult to get out of. Boxers or briefs? Or nothing underneath? Tight pants or comfy ones? Button up the front shirt or pull over? I decided on comfy jeans with boxers, a button down oxford cloth shirt, dark socks and loafers. I removed all but one credit card from my wallet and carried what cash I thought I could stand to lose. Just to be on the safe side, I packed a few condoms. That didn’t work out well with Annie’s comment that Suzie wanted to be filled with cum, but just in case their STD reports weren’t on the up-and-up, I wanted to be prepared.

As luck would have it, their condo was only a few miles away from my house. It would only take about 10 minutes to get there, but I was ready ahead of time and decided to leave early. I arrived 30 minutes earlier than we’d agreed on, but I noticed lights on in their unit. Should I take a chance, or wait to show how punctual I am? What could it hurt if I showed up early and they were taking a bath or shower? After remembering what I’d seen during our webcam meeting, I decided to go ahead and try early.

When I got to their door I could hear them talking and giggling. I rang the doorbell. Their talking stopped abruptly, then after a pause, I could hear one of them saying, “But I’m not ready yet!” A second later the door opened. Annie, with her long red hair, stood in the doorway, blocking my view of Suzie who hid behind her. Annie was tall, maybe 5’10”, wearing a plaid micro-mini-skirt and a white long-sleeved shirt that buttoned down the front. The top few buttons were not fastened, revealing her cleavage. When her nipples hardened, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her legs were bare and she wasn’t wearing any shoes. She apologized for not changing out of her work clothes, but smiled really big and said that Suzie had already started görükle escort bayan to change, and was in fact standing naked behind her.

Dumbfounded, I simply said that anything was fine with me, that I was pleased to meet them, and if they wanted a few minutes to get ready, that was okay with me. Annie said it would only take her a minute, and in about 20 seconds, she was naked, too. Suzie emerged from the background, also tall, blonde, smiling, and asked if I remembered what she wanted. I grinned and said I thought it had something to do with me filling her up so Annie could lick her clean. She nodded “yes,” reached out, took my hand, and led me into their bedroom where I saw the doctor-signed STD reports waiting on the nightstand.

“How do you want us, Uncle Johnny?” asked Suzie.

“I want Annie crossways on the bed on her back with you over her in a 69. Keep your ass as close to the edge of the bed as you can. Annie can get you warmed up while I’m undressing. I may even watch you two a while before I start fucking you.”

Annie hopped up onto the bed and waited for Suzie to get into position over her. I remembered that Annie’s pussy was hairless from earlier, but hadn’t been able to see much of Suzie on webcam. When she climbed onto the bed and got into position, I saw, up close and personal, a slight wisp of blonde hair just above her pussy. It didn’t matter to me, but I still thought to myself how nice to have a natural blonde. As I began removing my clothes I watched both of the girls start licking the other’s pussy. I almost wanted to join them in the lick fest, but remembered what I was going to be doing in just a little bit. Once I’d removed all my clothes, I walked around the bed to see how Suzie was doing with Annie’s pussy. Without stopping, she looked up at me, winked, and then sucked Annie’s clit into her mouth and bit it. Annie squealed but didn’t seem to object. (Note to self: Annie likes it rough.) I walked back around to the other side of the bed and saw that Annie had Suzie’s pussy glistening.

I asked in a loud voice, “Suzie… you want it in your pussy or your ass first?”

Annie answered first. “Ass! Fuck her in the ass! I’ll get her ready for you!”

I asked again, “Suzie… you want it in your pussy or your ass?”

This time Suzie paused her licking long enough to answer, “Fuck your naughty slut in the ass.”

Hearing that, Annie immediately raised her head and starting licking Suzie’s asshole. Don’t get me wrong – I like to watch two girls licking each other’s pussy, but there’s something extra tantalizing about watching a girl rim another girl. If I wasn’t hard before, I definitely was now! I gave bursa otele gelen escort Annie a slight nudge to get her to take a break. I decided to put my cock in Suzie’s pussy first to get a little extra lubrication. Annie thought I goofed because she was telling me that was the wrong hole. I laughed and told her I knew what I was doing. After several deep thrusts, I pulled out and placed the head of my cock on the rim of Suzie’s asshole. I leaned forward and pushed slowly inside her. Annie was chanting, “Fuck her! Fuck her!” Suzie was echoing the chant to fuck her hard. I got caught up in the moment and pushed all the way in with one firm thrust and then started pounding her ass harder with each stroke. Suzie started pushing back towards me with each thrust I made while Annie licked whatever she could reach. I gripped Suzie’s asscheeks, spread them wide and plunged in harder. Both girls were getting more and more vocal, with Annie urging me to show no mercy and Suzie begging Uncle Johnny to fuck her raw.

Between all the encouragement I was hearing and the snug little butt squeezing all around my cock, I was feeling pretty damned good! However, the inevitable happened – Suzie’s asshole started to get dry! If I kept fucking her, not only would I fuck her raw, but myself as well. I told Annie to open her mouth and I backed out of Suzie’s ass long enough to slide my cock into Annie’s mouth a few times, and then pushed back into Suzie’s butt. It felt better, but I wanted a little more wetness. I backed out again and pushed my cock back into Annie’s mouth. When I pulled out, I told her to spit on it. She did, and I slid my saliva coated cock back into Suzie’s backdoor. It felt good. It also felt like I was going to cum fairly soon.

As I felt myself getting closer to cumming, I asked Suzie, “Are you ready to get filled with Uncle Johnny’s cum? Are you going to let Annie lick it out of you, or are you going to sit on her face and let it ooze onto her? What’s it going to be, slut?”

Suzie replied, “Cum in your slut’s ass! And after that nasty slut Annie licks it all out, give her ass a hard spanking!”

If I’d had more time to think about it, I might’ve wondered if this was planned, or if this was some sort of payback. I didn’t really care right then because I was about to shoot my load inside one of the sweetest looking sluts I’d ever seen, and then I would be treated to another girl licking it all out of her, and would then be spanking her ass for doing so. (Not really, but that was the reasoning for the moment.)

With perspiration beading on my face, I finally reached the magic moment and shot my load of cum into Suzie’s ass. I concentrated bursa escort bayan on not going too deeply so Annie would be able to get to it easily. As I pulled out, I wiped my cock over Annie’s face and mouth and told her to get busy. She licked my cock quickly then moved out from under Suzie and kneeled behind her, licking and tonguing her asshole. Cum started dribbling out, and Annie quickly licked it into her mouth and swallowed it.

I wanted to continue watching, but decided to walk around to the other side of the bed where I could see Suzie’s face. Her eyes were closed and had a look of both pain and pleasure. I tapped my cock against her mouth and asked how she was doing. She smiled and told me she really needed that, that she needed to have her holes used hard like that more often, and that she hoped I’d let her be my nasty fuck slut. I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Meanwhile, Annie was still slurping up the cum as it oozed out of Suzie’s ass. I went back to that side of the bed and told Annie she was a naughty girl for wanting to lick cum from a girl’s ass, and I intended to spank her. She stopped licking, looked up at me, smiled and asked if maybe a paddle or a belt might be a better way of disciplining her. I told her I thought a paddle would be good for her ass, but the belt would be good for her pussy. She agreed, gave Suzie’s asshole one more deep lick, and then waited on the bed for instructions.

I told Suzie to bring me my toy bag and then lie on her back with her legs spread. I told Annie to rest her elbows on the bed in between Suzie’s legs, and to spread her own legs wide. After pulling the oak paddle out of my toy bag, I then instructed Suzie to scoot down enough to put her pussy right at Annie’s mouth, and told Annie she had to lick Suzie’s pussy while I paddled her. She had to stop licking after each swat and give the count. If she lost count or didn’t answer quickly, I’d start over. I planned to give her 25 swats, but after reaching 15, she miscounted and I started over at 1. This time she only made it to 10 before messing up. I started over again.

Her asscheeks were really bright red now. I asked if they had to work tomorrow and Suzie said they had the next 2 days off. Poor Annie. She was going to be very sore! When I reached 10 swats again I saw that Suzie was holding Annie’s head down in her pussy so she couldn’t call out the count. I asked Suzie if she wanted to be included in the swats. She apologized and said she’d be good. I gave Annie a lighter swat, but she couldn’t remember the count. I asked her if she thought it might be eleven. Defiantly, she said, “Fuck no!” so I gave her a full backswing swat and said, “One!” I gave her another hard swat and she continued the count. This time, after 25 full strength swats, she’d made the count correctly after each one. Her asscheeks had taken a real beating. I knew she was going to be bruised tomorrow.

As I paused to lightly rub my hand over her fiery hot ass, she grinned and reminded me that I was supposed to belt her pussy, too.

Ah, yes…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32