The Meeting

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The hotel clerk watched her from behind the desk, the middle aged woman seated quietly on the couch in the lobby. She was obviously waiting for someone. His eyes swept over her again, taking in her figure in the elegant red dress, hair falling softly over her bare shoulders, a simple strand of pearls nestled around her neck, her face subtly made up, sweeping down to the legs beneath it ending in those marvelous black heels. Her long fingers rested on her lap, tapered fingers polished a nice dark red. He glanced at her feet again, not surprised when he saw the little glints of red on her toes.

His cock was making its presence felt as his thoughts turned to what it would be like to feel her beneath him, those luscious breasts moving against his chest as he drove himself into her. He could almost feel the softness of her lips….and the wetness of her pussy.

But as he continued to watch her, he noticed the little things…her foot jiggling at times, her fingers twitching. She’s nervous, he thought. Boy, would he like to calm those nerves, perhaps with a nice glass of wine, some soft music…and then…

“Are you ever going to check me in???” the guest asked at the desk. Jolted back to reality, the clerk carefully tucked away the image of the woman, keeping them on reserve for later.

And Serissa was nervous. ‘What if he doesn’t like me?’ she was thinking. ‘What if we just don’t hit it off?’

‘Oh hush, Seri,’ she told herself, ‘you have been waiting for this moment for months.’

She looked up every time someone entered the hotel. People in suits coming and going for business, families coming through on vacation, the bellhops carrying bags. Occasionally someone would smile at her and she would smile back. ‘Boy, I hope I recognize him,’ she said to herself.

Then the world stopped as Sam walked in. She watched him cross the lobby toward the desk, willing him to see her, wanting him to keep on going. He stopped and turned, just as she stood up, their eyes locking. Someplace in the middle they met, her hands moving to his face, just touching, checking to make sure he was real.

“Is that you sweetness?” she breathed.

“Hey baby girl,” he said. “It’s me. You made it.”

“I wouldn’t have missed this…we’ve waited too long.”

They stood silently, just looking at each other. Then they both kind of chuckled. “I don’t know what to say,” she said. “I can’t believe we’re really here together.”

“Well, let’s check in…I’m sure we’ll think of something,” Sam said. “We always seem to have plenty to say. Where is your bag?”

“Oh, the bellhop has it. And yes, let’s check in.”

Sam walked over to the desk to register, while Seri stood back and watched. Sexy erotik hikaye buns, she would tease him, and she was glad to see that she was right.

Sam came back with the key and her bag in hand. “Ready, hun?”


They rode up in the elevator quietly. Then both started talking at once.

“How was your trip?”

“I see you found it ok…”

They stopped, once again silent. Seri laughed a bit again.

“As long as we’ve been chatting online, you’d think we could fill the silence.” Sam grinned back. “But then, talking isn’t exactly what I have in mind,” he said.

Seri smiled back. “Hmmmm, you mean you were looking for this instead?”

She leaned over to him, looking into his eyes, her lips parting slightly as they softly touched his, her tongue gently reaching for his. Sam grabbed her hard then, his kiss devouring her as she clung to him.

“Oh yes, baby…that is exactly what I was looking for!”

“Hmmmm. Thought you might like that.”

The elevator dinged as the door opened. “Our floor,” Sam said as he grabbed the bags. Seri headed out the door, knowing he was watching her as she walked in front of him. “Oh, most definitely,” she said.

She waited for Sam to open the door, and then walked inside to turn on the lights. “Oh baby, they brought champagne! Want some?” She went over to the desk to pour some.

“Only if it’s on you,” Sam answered back.

Seri chuckled again. “Later hun…at least try to act civilized for a moment.” Damn, she thought, I am nervous; it’s been way too long.

Sam walked over to her and took the glasses, setting them on the desk. “I have waited too long for this baby…I want you…now.” He brought his hand up to her face. “All those afternoons waiting to talk to you, all those evenings chatting, all those nights dreaming I was with you. No more waiting.”

He moved toward her, gathering her in his arms his lips covering hers, gently at first, then harder as hunger took over for both of them. She could feel the hardness of his cock swelling through his pants, her own nipples responding to the passion she felt. “I want you Sam. Please?”

“Oh, me too, baby.”

His hands reached behind her as his kiss got deeper, pulling down the zipper of her dress. Her hands had their own business to take care of as she unfastened his pants, giving his cock even more room. “Mmmmm,” he groaned as his tongue continued to ravish hers.

Her dress fell to the floor, his pants quickly following. Sam stopped and pulled back, enjoying the sight of her. His eyes took in the dark blue bra, highlighting her breasts. Her tummy may not have been flat as it once had been, but was still slender and smooth to the touch. Her matching adult sikiş hikaye panties fit snuggly along her hips, highlighting her silhouette. Her stockings were silky, with her feet held so elegantly in her black heels.

“Oh baby, you are as sexy as I always pictured,” he whispered.

“Thanks babe…I was hoping you’d think that.”

More gently this time he gathered her in his arms and started kissing her again, his hands holding her close. But the hunger soon overtook them again as he unhooked her bra, as she unbuttoned his shirt, as clothes were left scattered on the floor.

“Please, Sam, I don’t want to wait any longer,” Seri said.

“With pleasure.”

Sam laid her on the bed, his cock brushing against her, hard and throbbing. His hands moved down to her breast, playing with her nipples until they were perky and begging for more. He continued to kiss her deep and hard, enjoying exploring her mouth, savoring the taste of her.

His hands moved down her stomach, reaching between her legs. He could feel her stomach quiver as she moaned, arching her back, asking for more. He chuckled a little.

“Is this what you want” he asked as his fingers glided along her clit, moving inside her just a little.

“Oh yes, baby, please?” she said.

Sam took a breast in his mouth, sucking as his tongue swirled along her nipple. His fingers started moving faster along her clit, her wetness begging for more. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as he moved faster, her breath catching as he teased her faster and harder, his tongue mimicking his fingers.

“Oh god,” she breathed, “don’t stop now…”

He trailed kisses long her stomach, then Seri felt his tongue moving along her clit, licking slowing along her neatly trimmed pussy, finding each exquisite spot of torture. Her hands grabbing for the headboard, she wrapped her legs around Sam, pulling him in tighter, as his tongue continue to work magic against her, his fingers now reaching deep inside her, hunting for her G-spot. Seri’s moans grew louder as his tongue and fingers moved faster, until she could stand it no more, her back arching, her breath catching as waves of pleasure rolled through her, as Sam lapped up every drop of moisture she offered him.

“Oh my god baby, you taste so good,” Sam said as he trailed kisses back up her stomach, stopping for a few moments at her breasts, only to kiss her again.

“Mmmm,” she said,” I love the taste of me on you.”

She could feel Sam’s cock against her, harder and thicker than before. She reached down and wrapped her hands around it, smiling as a shudder ran through him. “But now I think it’s your turn, sweetness,” she said.

Seri rolled Sam over on his back, kissing him long erotik hikaye and deep, her hand still wrapped around his cock, stroking it slightly. She could feel his balls tightening, and that little drop of pre-cum wetting the tip of him, his breath catching as she moved her finger around the hole of the tip, spreading his wetness around.

Seri quickly straddled him, guiding him deep inside her, gripping him tight as she lowered herself until the full length of him was buried. She could feel him pulsing inside her, and watched as his eyes closed and his lips parted. “You like this?” she asked. Sam nodded. She reached over, her fingers rubbing along his nipples, now hard and perky. His breath caught and she felt him thicken inside her.

Seri started to move along the length of him, slowly at first, up the shaft of his cock until just the tip was left inside her own hot wetness, then easing back down. He picked up the rhythm, raising his hips to meet her as she moved, slowly at first, then faster as the feelings washed over them. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of him buried deep, then realized that he was watching her ride him, his hands once again reaching for her breasts and playing with her nipples. Their eyes locked as they moved faster.

Suddenly Seri stopped, with him nestled firmly inside her. “Be still baby,” she said. “Just let me feel you inside me.” Sam started to move. “Uh-uh, hun…stop…don’t move,” she warned. Sam stopped, feeling his cock begin to throb inside her, harder, the tension building. She was smiling at him as she felt him start to squirm, until he didn’t think he’d last much longer. Then she started riding him again, moving up and down the length of him, her fingers tweaking his nipples, until she knew he was ready to cum at any moment.

Sam flipped her over so he was on top now, fucking her hard and deep, his balls slapping against her until she was ready to cum again. “No more teasing baby,” he whispered, moving deeper inside her as he filled her with cum, his juices shooting inside her, his cock spilling every last drop as she gripped him tight, feeling his orgasm running through him and into her as her own exploded.

Sam lay there, cushioned against her, feeling her arms around him, her breasts nestled against his chest. Seri could still feel his cock throbbing quietly inside her, content to just listen to him breath against her, to feel their wetness mingling between her legs. His fingers played with her hair, his breath against her shoulder where his head rested.

“Hi Sam, I’m Seri,” she said to him, laughing quietly. “It’s good to finally meet you…I have missed you.”

“Oh me too, babe. Now, how would you like to spend the next two days?”

“Oh, I’m sure we could think of something,” she said, as her fingers gently brushed along his back. “In fact, I’m positive we can keep ourselves occupied,” she added as she felt his cock once again start to stir.

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